Teen Titans Go! (2013) s03e41 Episode Script

Coconut Cream Pie

1 [MUSIC.]
# Yeah! The skies were clear and the water was warm # # The sun was blazing hot # # And where do we find our Titan crew # They're all up on their yacht That's right, they have a yacht It's called the Titan Yacht # It's a really big yacht # # A super dope yacht # They all set sail for a day of fun Full of dancing and good food Till it all came to a sudden stop - # When Beast Boy yelled out, - "Dude!" # # A massive wave was headed # Toward our frightened Titan crew # They tried and tried to outrun the swirl # # But there was nothing they could do # It crashed onto the Titan Yacht With the force of Poseidon's rage And it seemed that all things might be lost if the Titans aren't saved When suddenly behind a crest # A heated desert isle # - # Just then Robin yells out, - "Whoo-hoo!" # And the rest went buck wild It looks like they'll be stranded - # For more than just one day - Who-ooh.
# They're most likely to be stranded here - # For the next five whole days - Ya-aah! # No less than five whole days For certain five whole days No less than five whole days For certain five whole days No less than five whole days For certain five whole days No less than five whole days - # For certain five whole days # - Go! # [SIGHS.]
We're shipwrecked.
Is everyone okay? - Yeah, I'm good.
- I think so.
Beast Boy! That sounds like my dude.
And it's coming from overboard.
Dude overboard! I got you, bro! [GRUNTS.]
Hey, what are you doing? Let me go.
I'll never let you go! Don't you die on me! [LAUGH TRACK.]
- I am not drowning.
This is a beach.
- A beach? - Sweet.
- Beast Boy! [GROANS.]
- Ooh, that is the nice skipper hat.
- Well, you got to have some sun protection when you're out on a boat.
That's right.
We'd be blocking them harmful UV rays with hats, yo.
Well, this has been fun, but I'm getting out of here.
What? Do not worry, I shall fly and alert the rescue persons.
How strange.
It seems we're stranded on a deserted island.
- But why don't our powers work? - Because we're stranded! On a deserted island.
Which means we can't get off.
- Even with our powers.
- That seems like the logic problem.
ROBIN: And there's probably some kind of mysterious Bermuda triangle thing and that's why.
Okay? Oh.
I buy that.
That's settled.
Now, we'll have to rely on the island's natural resources for survival.
We can start by constructing a rudimentary shelter - by utilizing the indigenous flora.
- Whoa! So smart.
You's like a professor, bro.
You and Cyborg, go gather up some bamboo.
Raven, why don't you put that sturdy mid-western frame to work and get us some coconuts? Ooh, I could make coconut cream pies.
Everybody likes those.
- And what shall my task be? - "Task"? You're a star.
Yes, that is my name.
Like a movie star.
You're too glamorous for manual labor.
Why don't you go sit in the shade with them? - Who are they? - Just some millionaire and his wife that were on the boat with us.
Ow! ROBIN: It's crude, but it should keep us alive.
Coconut, put it in your mouth.
The coconuts are taking on the coconuts this weekend.
Don't miss the big Coconut Bowl Co, co, co, co, coconut, coconut [LAUGHING.]
Man, how does this TV even work? Simple science, really.
I made a rudimentary enclosure by combining coconut husks with bamboo wiring and then ionized coconut milk to project a picture.
I even had enough spare coconut to make this remote.
In other news, coconut futures are up.
President Coconut had this to say on the matter.
Less coconut [TURNS OFF TV.]
Oh, man.
I wanted to hear what President Coconut had to say.
I love that guy.
- Ow! - President Coconut is flushing this coconut country down the coconut toilet.
All right.
We need to discuss our exit strategy.
According to my calculations, there are enough raw materials on this island to construct an escape vehicle.
The only problem is, fuel.
We'll worry about fuel later.
Go down to the lagoon and gather up some bamboo and leaves, little homie.
You got it, yo.
- Coconut cream pie for the road? - Uh, no, I'm good.
Maybe later.
I'll save you a slice.
Sweet, sweet, coconut pie.
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bamboo Bam, bam, bam, bam, bamboo Bam, bam, bam, bam, bamboo Bam, bam, bam, bam, bamboo Bam, bam, bam, bam, bamboo Bam, bam, bam, bam, bamboo [SCATTING, SCREECHING.]
What's this? "Rocket foo-el.
" "Fuhhel" "Fooo-el?" Huh "Fool"? [GASPS.]
Yo! Robin said he needed fuel.
Oh, man, we're saved! You's coming with me, fool.
I love you, Coconut.
- I love you, too.
- Kiss me.
I knew they'd always end up together.
Yo, yo! Check out what I found.
- Rocket fuel? - Yup.
This is powerful enough to launch a 100-ton rocket into orbit.
You know it is! [RUMBLING.]
And you brought it the inside? That's what's up! [THUD.]
Well, you've certainly done it again, Beast Boy.
No, this is good.
This rocket fuel is extremely potent.
In fact, this single barrel is enough to get us back to Jump City.
You've done it again, Beast Boy! All we need to do now is build a rocket.
- Leave it to us.
- What do you need? Let me think.
Bamboo, yes.
Leaves, definitely.
Mmm I'm missing something Coconut cream pie.
That's it! Coconuts.
I can't believe I didn't think of that.
Now, we only have this one barrel, so we'll have to keep the rocket's weight down.
Stick to the essentials and we should be fine.
- Hello, friend, Beast Boy.
- What up, Star? I must request that you construct a wardrobe for my many movie star gowns.
I don't know.
Robin said we gots to keep the weight down.
I cannot be seen wearing the same dress twice.
- You understand.
- When did you get so "movie starry?" - [SHOUTS.]
I cannot be seen! - Okay! Okay! Okay, you got it.
Wardrobe city.
I was thinking, I need you to build an oven in here, so I can bake my world-famous coconut cream pies.
You want to be able to eat on the way home, right? Uh, I do loves to get my eat on.
I'll be sure to save you one of my pies.
Okay So, you better get out of here so I can start.
Let me guess, you want first-class seats? What's all this? Hey, Robin.
Just finishing up the first-class section, yo.
- "First-class section"? - Yeah, for the millionaire and his wife.
Do you have any idea how much those chairs weigh?! - Not half as much as Raven's oven.
- "Oven"?! [DRAWLS.]
Robin gave you one simple job and you failed! [GROANS.]
I was just trying to make everyone happy.
Coconut cream pies make people happy.
Okay, Beast Boy, get rid of all of this stuff.
Aye-aye, bro.
Then when you're done, get some lunch for everyone.
You got it.
Phew, done! Now I just gots to get the lunch.
" "Laooonch.
" La, la "Lunch"! Lunch! Sweet, a lunch button.
- All right, we're ready to go.
- Let's get this rocket cracking, yo.
Where's those lunches, little homie? Oh, they'll be here in about 10 seconds.
What are you talking about? I hit the lunch button.
And it said 10 seconds.
"Lunch button"? [LAUGH TRACK.]
There's no lunch button! That was the launch button! So, we're not getting lunch? [LAUGH TRACK.]
Beast Boy! [ALL GASPING.]
Oh! The fuel.
It must have been unstable.
If we had been on that rocket, we'd all be dead.
- You saved us, little homie.
- That's how I do.
Yes, coconut cream pie for everyone.
Hey, this is really good, yo.
Told you.