Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e03 Episode Script

Booby Trap House

1 "Booby Trap House" [OPENING THEME PLAYING] Where are Starfire and Cyborg? They're going to miss my perfect packing presentation.
- Huh? - My perfect packing presentation.
Your what? [over PA] Perfect! Packing! Presentation! I'm going to show you all how to pack your bags perfectly for the big road trip tomorrow.
Bruh, we knows how to pack.
All you know is how to throw junk into a bag.
It's sloppy and dangerous.
Don't you remember what happened last year? John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt His name is my name too And yours and yours and yours Whenever we go out, the people always shout There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Fa-la-la [TIRES SCREECHING] [ALL SCREAMING] John Jacob [SCREAMS CONTINUE] Jingleheimer Schmidt His name is my name too [EXPLOSION] The doctor said we'd never walk again.
Yeah, but look at us now.
[SCREAMS] [DEVICE BEEPS] I'm done waiting for those two.
My perfect packing presentation starts now.
This better not be boring.
I think you shall find it to be quite the opposite.
[ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC PLAYING] Yo, yo, yo! What's up, Titans Tower? Y'all having a good time? I can't hear you! [COUGHS MILDLY] That's what I'm talking 'bout! Hey, you kids think packing ain't cool? Packing is for grandmas, right? [IMITATES DJ] Wrong.
Packing is the new funky fresh way to be, boy-ee! Let's open this bad boy up, and find out how to fold shirts so they can take up less space.
BOTH: Hello! [GASPS] You have found our hiding spot with your seeking.
I'm in the middle of my perfect packing presentation.
Forget that, dude.
You're the big winner! [SIGHS] ALL: Speech! Speech! Speech! I-I can't believe it.
It's finally happening.
This is such an honor.
[GIGGLING] To think I started out as just a little [SOBBING] just a little circus boy, alone and misunderstood.
[ALL LAUGHING] He thinks that trophy is real.
[GRUNTS] You two need to grow up! He does not believe we are the fully grown adult persons.
What? [SCOFFS] Please.
- Uh-huh! We are grown-ups, bro.
You don't even know.
Beast Boy.
You need to go potty, potty, potty? - I'll take you.
- The potty, potty, potty can wait! We are leaving for a road trip tomorrow at 5:00 AM sharp.
I want everyone in bed ASAP.
Bags packed perfectly, so we're ready to go in the morning.
And you two, right to bed! Show me you can be adults, okay? - You got it.
- Understood.
Tweet, tweet, tweet.
[GIGGLES] [CHUCKLING] Quack, quack, quack.
Quack, quack, quack.
[STARFIRE CHIRPING] [GRUMBLING] [CAWING] [IMITATES ROOSTER] Go to sleep! How can we? With these crazy birds making all this racket? You are making those noises! [CYBORG BARKING] Quiet down, you dog! We're trying to sleep.
[NEIGHING] Oh! Shush-shush, Mr.
[GRUMBLES] Grow up! [STARFIRE AND CYBORG GIGGLING] [ANIMAL NOISES CONTINUE] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SIGHS] [GRUMBLES] Those filthy animals kept me up all night and I overslept! We're late! Get a move on, Titans.
Up and at 'em! Come on, let's go.
[YAWNING] I just want to go back to bed.
Come on, come on, come on.
Let's get this show on the road.
Beast Boy, give me a headcount.
One, two, three, four, five.
Five heads.
Good, we're all here.
Let's get this road trip started.
We got to make up some time.
[TIRES SCREECHING] [GASPS] [YAWNS] The good morning to you.
Friend Titans? Hello? Friend Titans? [YAWNING] Cyborg, the other Titans are gone! Well, there's no way they would've forgotten us.
Perhaps they were eaten by the monsters? - [GASPS] Monsters? - Yes.
The monsters in the closet and under the beds.
CYBORG: From the shadows they crept STARFIRE: And they used their horrible monster mouths to swallow them whole.
Oh, my goodness! What are we gonna do? Friend Robin said we need to up our ages.
And prove that we can be grown-ups.
Then let us make our dearly departed friend Robin proud by protecting ourselves and the Tower from the monsters, by becoming the adults.
So, how do adults protect themselves from monsters? [FARTS] BOTH: Booby traps! [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [INADUIBLE] [BEAR GROWLING] [BARKING] Shh [CHITTERS] [BOTH READING] Adult! [ROBIN HUMMING] ROBIN: [GASPS] Oh, no! We forgot them! - You mean - Yes! We forgot the tangerines.
- The tangerines! - Tangerines! How could we overlook something so obvious? - I'm starting to panic! - I'm panicking, too.
- Tangerines! - I need some Vitamin C.
Ahhh! I think I got scurvy, yo.
[SOBBING] Tangerines.
- Oh, we'll never survive out here! - Oh.
Here they are.
[ALL CHOMPING] Dear madam, say hello to my speciality, - sweet meat lasagna.
- Ooh! The fancy.
Let us enjoy this adult-style meal in the style of the adults.
Check me out, using a napkin.
And I am using the utensils.
This is edamame.
With a fine chocolate cherry reduction.
Eba-da-mame is my favorite.
[BOTH CHOMPING] Excellent.
Here, refresh your palatay with this fizzy water.
I do enjoy the fizzy water.
- Don't ask how it got fizzy.
- How did it get fizzy? I said not to ask.
That car was smelling rank, yo.
- Whose fault was that? - [BELCHES] Oh, mine.
Beast Boy, wake up Starfire and Cyborg.
Guys? Star? Cyborg? Where you at? Bro? Huh.
They're not in the car.
What? How did you two not notice that until now? I don't know how it could've slipped by me.
They must be alone in the Tower.
We have to get home before they destroy the place or hurt themselves.
Perhaps the candied lasagna, eda-ba-mame, and the fizzy water were not the best of the ideas.
Being a grown-up is much harder than it looks.
BOTH: [GASPING] The monsters! They're going to eat us! [BOTH PANTING] [BOTH EXCLAIMING] Who are we kidding? We don't know how to be grown-ups.
Are our booby traps even gonna work? We must try, Cyborg.
It is time - To adult.
- CYBORG: Boo-ya! Come on, come on, come on Huh? [BEES BUZZING] [ALL SCREAMING] Oh, come on! [BOTH GASPING] [ALL GROANING] - You will not eat us, the monsters! - Let's get grown up.
We are truly the grown people.