Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e15 Episode Script

Titan Saving Time

1 "Titan Saving Time" [OPENING THEME PLAYING.]
Ice cream.
Oh, why must we eat this vanilla bean slurry? [GROANS.]
It's so cold and gross.
Well, if you don't finish your ice cream then there will be no vegetables for any of you.
- What?! No vegetables? - [GASPS.]
You cannot do that! Vegetables are only for people who eat their ice cream.
Oh, do I have to eat the cherry? Yes, and the whipped cream, and the chocolate syrup, and the nuts too, young lady.
Every last bit.
I see what you're doing.
Pushing that ice cream around so it looks like you ate some.
- It's not gonna work.
- No fair.
I don't want any more dessert.
I want vegetables right now! No vegetables until your bowls are empty.
Simple as that.
- Ugh! - Ugh.
Ugh! Okay, let's see those bowls.
Very good.
I hope you saved room for Vegetables, vegetables sweet delicious vegetables Broccoli, cabbage collard greens Sweet potato, lima beans Cauliflower, water-crest spinach, kale, asparagus Vegetables, vegetables sweet delicious vegetables [GROANS.]
That was so good.
The collard greens were the exquisite.
And those sweet, sweet potatoes.
I do love me some good vegetables.
Titans, it's time for bed.
Bed time's not for an hour, dude.
Have you all forgotten? Tonight is daylight saving time.
Who is the dastardly villain from whom daylight must save the time? No, Star.
Daylight saving time is the completely pointless practice of adjusting our clocks one hour forward during the summer months so that the sun stays up an hour longer in the evening.
Then in the fall, we set our clocks back an hour.
Hence the terms "spring forward" and "fall back.
" Oh, man, one less hour to sleep tonight? Daylight savings time is the worst.
- It's actually "daylight saving time.
" - That's what I said.
No, you said, "Daylight savings time.
" - It's "daylight saving time.
" - I don't hear the difference.
Listen closely.
- Daylight saving time.
- Exactly as friend Cyborg said it.
No, daylight saving time.
Saving! Yeah, daylight savings time.
That's what I said.
We just keep saying the same thing.
No! You are saying "savings"! It's not "savings"! It's singular! Saving! A daylight saving time! Oh, you means dayslights saving times.
My concern remains with the lost time that must be saved by the daylights.
It's not really lost.
The clock just leaps forward between 2:00 a.
and 3:00 a.
The hour must go the somewhere, Robin.
The hour doesn't go anywhere.
It's an hour.
Yo, you know what? I bet a farmer took it.
Oh, yeah, farmers.
Wasn't daylight savings time their idea? That's a common misconception.
Farmers have nothing to do with daylight saving time.
Oh, yeah, they do.
Those dirty farmers.
You know what? They probablys wanna steal our time and ruin our sleeps because we eats up all the vegetables they grows on their farms.
Of course.
That must be why the daylight must save the time.
Because of the farmers.
Farmers are not ruining our sleep schedules because we eat their vegetables! [GASPS.]
Friends, I have just realized.
It is the night time.
And so it will be impossible for daylight to save the time.
She's right, there's no daylight at night time.
Guys, you're taking the phrase too literally.
If daylight is not here to save the time, - then I will take up the duty.
- We're with you, Star.
Ain'ts no farmers gonna get up in here.
The time is about to spring the forward.
- What? - It went from 1:59 to 3:00! - I can't believe it! - The clocked skipped of the 2:00 and went directly to the 3:00! I'm freaking out! It happened right under our noses! Guys, most clocks adjust for daylight saving time automatically.
Oh, yeah, then how do you explain this? What? A messy room? This place is always a mess.
I thoughts you was a detective, fool! This is a crime scene.
BEAST BOY: Mmm- hmm.
I thinks I sees what's going on here.
That dirty farmer came in here through that ceiling vent.
As a farmer is wont to do.
CYBORG: And that's when he grabbed my dude Two O'Clock.
Just when he was about to start his shift.
RAVEN: And it looks like Two O'Clock put up a fight.
STARFIRE: But the farmer overpowered the Two O'Clock with his pitching fork and took him away.
Or, the clock moved forward automatically.
Since daylight is not here to save the time, the burden is upon us.
You can't save something that doesn't physically exist! Those farmers about to buy the farm, yo! Let us save the Two O'Clock.
This is where we will find the lost hour.
Please don't harass some poor farmer.
Ohs, we's about to harass! What's the plan, mama? Based on my knowledge or the agrarian life styles the farmer is no doubt holding the Two O'Clock in the field of the corns.
We should really be in bed, not on some wild goose chase.
If you wanna chase that gooses, they over there.
- We's chasing time.
- The one other thing.
This farmer has the dog.
And Bingo is his name-o.
- B-I-N-G-O? - B-I-N-G-O.
- B-I-N-G-O.
- And Bingo is his name-o.
We have the one chance to save the Two O'Clock.
Follow me.
# Ooh, ooh, ooh # Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [GASPS.]
Uh-huh, huh, huh Ah, ah Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah Ah, ah, unh Ooh, ooh, ooh [GRUNTS.]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ah, ah, ah, ah Yeah, yeah [RINGING.]
Come on, yeah, yeah Look at all that good corn.
Friends, stay the focused.
The Two O'Clock is close, I can feel the it.
This is ridiculous.
And hour is not a physical object.
What would it even look like? It looks like Two O'Clock, you little goof.
2:00 doesn't look like anything! There he is! Oh.
I've been wrong this whole time.
- I can't believe - I trusted farmers! Happens to the best of us.
Who What are you doing here? Savings the time, friend.
Now let's get you back to where you belong.
Just one little ear of corns for the roads.
Well, well.
Rats in the field, eh? So, you are the farmer? That's right.
Old MacDonald's my name.
We farmers created daylight saving time to ruin everyone's sleep.
An act of revenge for eating all our vegetables.
We grow these crops.
Takes months, you know.
And then people just eat them.
It's deplorable.
We are putting an end to this cycle of hours lost.
The here and the now! [WHEEZING LAUGHTER.]
You think you can defeat me? I'm Old MacDonald, you fool.
And on this farm, I have an army.
E-I-E-I-O! With an oink, oink here.
And a moo, moo there.
Here a cluck.
There a cluck.
Everywhere a cluck, cluck.
Let's show these here intruders how we gets down on the farm! Get them! [MUSIC.]
It is the over! Give us the hour back! [CLAPS HANDS.]
What's he doing? [LAUGHS.]
He's calling his dog.
And Bingo was his name-o! [HOWLING.]
Nice try, city slickers.
But this hour is mine.
Finish them, Bingo! [GROWLS.]
I was the fool to think we could take the job of the daylight and save the time.
No! My old enemy! Oh, my gosh, it's happening.
ALL: Daylight saving time! [GIGGLES.]
What a wonderful conclusion.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you guys.
I mean, the whole thing sounded so so stupid.
But I guess at this point, I should know that the dumber something sounds, the more real it is.