Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e27 Episode Script

The Day the Night Stopped... - Chapter 1 - I Saw You Dance

1 "The Day the Night Stopped" [OPENING THEME PLAYING] [GROANING] - Nothing to do.
- What's this feeling, yo? It is as though the good times have fled, never to do the returning.
Yeah, it's really just like, whatever.
Oh, no.
It's happening! What's happening, bro? The Blahs! They're back! [ALL GASP] Not the Blahs! He's right.
We've got the Blahs! [PANTING] The Blahs.
They's inside me, mama! Trying to be upbeat, but Blahs too strong.
How can we fight back against these Blahs? We need the fun activity, set to the music! - [GROANS] Like a dance party? - Did someone say "dance party"? [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] - I did.
- I know.
That's why I said, "Did somebody say 'dance party'?" [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] It was the Beast Boy who said it.
I hear you, girl.
That's why I said, "Did somebody say 'dance party'?" [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] - [YELLS] They already told you Beast Boy said it! - Guys, come on.
When I was like, "Did someone say 'dance party'?" You were all supposed to be like, "Dance party!" And then, you know, we have a dance party.
- Oh.
- I gets it.
- All right, all right.
- Of course.
So, did someone say "dance party"? ALL: Dance party! [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Whoa, whoa, whoa! This is not the music we are looking for.
What are you talking about? This is some good music.
Not good enough.
Play the song, bro.
- Of what song do you speak? - Come on.
You know.
- Do I? - Yes.
- You know.
- Give me a hint.
- The greatest song ever written? - Hmm.
- Gets you pumped up! - Uh A musical arrangement written and performed by Carl Burnett, Franklin Enea and William J.
Regan, also known as B.
, that resides magically in your soul and can transport the listener to an alternate dimension, inspired by the album art of the 1980s.
Maybe sing it for me.
That might help.
[VOCALIZING] [VOCALIZING] [VOCALIZING] I saw you dance Mmm-hmm? From the corner - # I caught # - Oh, okay.
Your - # Name # - That's starting to ring a bell.
In a conversation Playing hard to get Whoo! ALL: # I can't understand # When I look at you ROBIN: # I see the story in your eyes # When we're dancing The night begins to shine [THE NIGHT BEGINS TO SHINE PLAYING] [ENGINE REVVING] MAN: # I saw you dance # From the corner I caught your name In a conversation [GROWLS] Playing hard to get I can't understand When I look at you I see the story in your eyes When we're dancing The night begins to shine Night begins to shine The night begins to shine This place is so sick, yo.
[BIRD SCREECHES] Why don't we look like this all the time? Because it's too rad, Robin.
Too rad.
Cyborg, I have been wondering.
What exactly is this world of the eternal shining nights? It's a mystery.
All I know is, this song is the key to this reality.
MALE VOICE: Indeed it is.
ALL: Whoa.
And for that reason, you will give the song to me.
- Who are you? - And why do you desire the song? All you need to know is the song belongs to me.
Now, hand it over.
- No! - You can't owns music, yo.
It belongs to everyone.
I won't ask again, little machine man.
I won't give it away.
It's a part of me.
Then I will pull it from your metal bones.
Titans, roll out.
- Give the song to me! - No.
[WOLF HOWLING] [LAUGHING] There is no escape, metal man.
Soon the night will shine no more.
- But where's Cyborg? - [GASPS] He must be trapped in the dimension of the night shines.
We gots to go back for him! But the only way in is through the power of the song.
Then we'll sing our way in.
When I look at you [NO MUSIC] I see the story in your eyes When you're dancing [CRYING] The night begins to shine The night begins to shine [CRYING] [CRYING] # The night begins to shine # - Oh, please, Beast Boy.
- Why isn't it working? Probably because you sing like garbage.
The song was made for magic and the magic is the key to that land.
Without that little miracle created by B.
- the dimension is closed to us forever.
- Not necessarily.
We might not be able to recreate the magic, but I bet if we turn to some of the biggest artists in music today, - they could help us.
- Why? Why would they do that? Because there's nothing famous musicians love more than fulfilling the weird requests of random fans.
[CROWD CHEERING] [MAN VOCALIZING] [VOCALIZING] CeeLo! CeeLo Green in the hizzouse! Goodie Mob, Dungeon Fam.
What, what, what? - Up top, CeeLo.
- Um, who let you back here? CeeLo.
May I call you the CeeHi? Or How High the C? Or the High C That You Hit Which Is Not Low At All? [GIGGLING] [GROWLS] Look, CeeLo, I know this sounds crazy.
Get it? [LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] Who let you back here? [CONTINUES LAUGHING] Anyway, we need you to perform a magical song to open a door to an alternate dimension so we can save our friend from a dragon.
Yeah, yeah, all right.
Who let you back here? [BEEP] [BARKS] All right, Fall Out Boy.
Ready when you are.
[TUNING UP] Oh, yeah! I'm totes feeling that.
[LAUGHING] That was so [STUTTERING] Fresh.
Fall Out Boy's killing it! - Fall Out Boy! - Uh, who let you back Before you ask who let us back here, hear us out.
My best bro is trapped in another world by this dragon, but there's a magic song.
- A magic song? - We realize it sounds the cray-cray.
I knew it! I told you magic songs were real.
[SIGHS] Pete's always talking about magic songs.
- Don't encourage him.
- There is one for reals! And if you guys play this magic song, you guys could turn into a giant robot or something and help us save our friend.
A magic song that can turn us into a giant robot?! I want to turn into a giant robot.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He said, "A giant robot or something.
" I know we're asking a lot, but the Teen Titans need you.
- Is Batman involved? - Do you want him to be involved? - Oh, yeah.
- [LAUGHS] Well It's It's very likely that he will probably make an appearance.
I don't think Batman's involved, Joe.
Guys, we gotta do it.
Magic song? Giant robot? This will be cool.
I promise.
I'm sorry, Titans.
It just doesn't work like that.
We can only make our own magic.
The way every band does.
- So, that's a no? - Oh, definitely a no.
- No way.
- Nah-uh.
Come on, guys.
Let's get out of here.
Why am I the only one that ever wants to play a magic song and turn into a giant robot? I saw you dance [MUSIC] From the corner I caught your name In a conversation [ROARS] Playing hard to get I can't understand When I look at you I see the story in your eyes [CYBORG GRUNTS] [MUSIC STOPS] You can run for all of eternity.
And still never outrun me.
I won't let you have this song! We shall see about that.