Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e32 Episode Script

Labor Day

"Labor Day" Titans! Today is the first Monday in September, and you know what that means.
Labor Day! - Three-day weekend, yo! - All right! - I like days off.
- Yay! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Labor Day isn't just a day off.
- It's a day to appreciate "labor.
" - Yo's, nobody respects what them pregnant ladies go through more than me.
I'm not talking about pregnant ladies! I'm talking about the hard work that goes into the creation of nearly everything that you probably take for granted.
- Like what? - Like, uh, this shirt, for instance.
Think about how much work it took to make it.
To simply get the cotton, a farmer had to build a farm, till the soil, plant seeds, water them daily, and harvest the mature plant.
And that's just the beginning! Someone had to make the raw cotton into fabric! Someone had to dye the white cotton different colors! Someone had to make a thread and a needle to sew it all together! Someone had to build a store and rack and a hanger to hang the shirt on! You purchased the superhero costume at the store? The point is hundreds of people were involved in the creation of this single garment! Hard to believe it took that many people to make a shirt that ugly.
Robin made a good point.
I'd never considered the importance of Let's hit the beach! Time to get wet! Ooh! Soon we will be swimming with the peanut butter and the jelly fishes.
Let's make sure we have everything we need for a day of fun in the sun while being fully protected from its deadly radiation.
- Sunglasses.
- Check.
- Sunscreen.
- Check.
Beach umbrella? Who forgot the beach umbrella? I can't tell no lies, son.
That was me.
Now, we'll have no shade.
Oh, we are doomed to do the frying in the sun.
What we are gonna do? What if we just made our own beach umbrella? - What, you crazy? - That sounds like a lot of work.
Exactly! An appropriate way to celebrate Labor Day! Wouldn't you say? Yeah, Robin's right.
How hard could it be? Okay, Titans.
Everyone clear on their jobs? Cut and sculpt wood for the pole.
Create the screws and hinges.
The gluing together of the palm fronds for the canopy.
What are you going to use for glue? Tree sap.
Looks like everything is in order.
Titans, build! - We made an umbrella, y'all! - Take that, the sun! I'm proud of us, Titans.
With a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, we built something with our bare hands.
Now, back to check list.
Beach umbrella? Check.
- Beach ball? - Check.
Tortilla chips.
Who forgot the chips? I can't tell no lies, son.
That was me, too.
No, the chips? The beach day is the ruined without the chips! What are we gonna do? You're forgetting that today is Labor Day! We'll make our own chips.
Yeah, Robin's right.
How hard could it be? To make tortilla chips, the first things we are going to need are corn and wheat.
Titans, grow! Ah! What a bountiful harvest.
Now, we'll need to mix the corn and wheat - with water and lime to make masa dough.
- What's masa dough, yo? It's a mixture of corn, and wheat, and water, and limes.
Now, start! I need more lime for the masa, yo.
Starfire, can you get the lime dude on the phone? He's currently on the strike over the dispute of the labors.
Our entire production will be delayed and we'll never get to the beach.
We need those limes! Did someone say limes? But, how? The lime guy is on strike.
Let's just say "they fell off a truck.
" Get that dough onto the conveyor belt.
Mmm - Ah! - No tasting the merchandise.
Ah Ah We made chips, y'all! We're not done yet.
These chips need to be packaged.
Ah Yeah! Wow! I never realized all the work that went into some dumb chips.
- Can we eat some now? - No! It's Labor Day! We are going to enjoy the fruits of our labor in leisure at the beach.
- What's happening? - We're out of gas.
We are never going to make it to the beach now! Yes, we will! By making our own gasoline.
Oh, you've gotta be kidding! I'm already so tired, brah! What's a little fatigue compared to the mastery we will feel when tapping into one of Earth's most powerful natural resources.
The first step to making gasoline is finding a deposit of oil.
Titans, dig! Sorry, dude.
There ain't no oil down there.
Just a bunch of giant fruit and a fire breathing monster.
Hmm, that's too bad.
I guess we'll have to make our own oil! Beast Boy, turn yourself into a dinosaur.
You gots it! Great! Cyborg, whip up a time machine.
I don't know where you're going with this, but okay.
Boo-ya! Okay, Beast Boy.
It's time to go on a magical adventure.
Goodbye, my friend.
I'll see you in 65 million years and two minutes.
Um, hello? Anybody here? Oh, what up? Robin, where is the friend Beast Boy? If my calculations are correct, he should be right about here! I turned into oil, yo! - Yeah! Whoo-hoo! - Yeah, boy! Let us feed it to the car, so that we may continue on to the beach.
This is just crude oil.
We need to refine it to make gasoline.
- More labor? - But, I'm so tired.
We are so close, we must toil on.
My arms can toil no the longer.
Hard work is what gives us purpose.
Muscles aching to work, minds aching to create, this is man! Also, if you don't do it, I'll take away your pensions, your health insurance, and your company tote bags.
Okay, you monster, we'll do it.
Nothing's ever gonna tear us apart, baby.
Well, Titans, we have a lot to be proud of this Labor Day.
You know, I used to think that labor was just for them pregnant ladies.
But, now, having experienced the back breaking work that goes into the creation of the everyday items which we take for granted, we have the deeper understanding of the work ethic that makes our nation, and, indeed, the entire human race, truly the great.
- You can say that again.
- We have the deeper And, now, we can finally enjoy our super fun day at The beach! I can't believe this! We spent so much time making stuff it's not even Labor Day anymore.
- It's winter.
- That's it.
I'm outta here.
Way to go, Robin.
That's how it is, huh? You're all just gonna quit.
Well, I'm taking away your tote bags! Keep it!