Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e44 Episode Script


# Go # Go When we say, "birthday " You say, "party" Birthday Party Birthday Party Birthday Party What is the meaning of this? We are celebrating the birthday.
Birthday [ALARM RINGS.]
# Party # - Stop that! - # Party # Birthday Cinderblock has escaped from Jump City prison.
He's sure to terrorize the city at any moment.
Until the terrorizing begins, Robin, we will do the birth celebrating! But none of you were born on this date.
It's the birthday of our friendship, bro.
- Friendships don't have birthdays.
- Uh, yeah, they do.
And the day our friendship was born was pretty sweet.
- Right, Beasty? - Bestest day of my life, bro.
I didn't like you before.
- But I do now.
- I likes you, too.
Awesome! Let's play volleyball.
Only if we can play with our shirts off.
Way ahead of you.
Bulls-eye! [UPBEAT MUSIC.]
And we's been best bro's ever since.
Fine, you're friends.
That doesn't mean you get to have a birthday party.
Only living things can have birthdays, and friendship is not a living thing.
Than what do you call this? [WHISTLES AND KISSES.]
Ah-ooh, ha-ha, where did that thing come from?! Wasn't you listening? It's our friendship, yo.
And it was born on shirtless volleyball day.
But friendships aren't literally born.
- Literally, they are.
- Observe.
Hear the friendship, friends! [POPS.]
If one of these creatures is born when a friendship is formed, then why have I never seen one before? Well, I think that'd be just the question you gotsa ask yourself, bro.
All right, y'all, let's get this birthday started! # Birthday # Party Birthday Party Birthday Party Birthday Good mornin', Starfire.
What up, Rave? Robin, my man.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Nice weather we're havin'.
- Enjoy it while it lasts.
- Cold front's movin' in.
- Oh, that's good to know.
Might be time to invest in a warm coat.
What's wrong with you guys? You are not telling of the jokes or doing of the spontaneous dancings.
Why would we do that? Yeah, it ain't like we's best friends, yo.
Actually, you are.
BOTH: Our friendship! It's probably running around here somewhere.
I'll search the tower.
I can't find it.
He must've run'd away when we was going hard on that cake.
Yes, yes, that's what must have happened.
Hey there, little guy, you wanna be pals? [TREMBLING.]
This is bad! Real bad! Perhaps if you engage in your usual telling of the jokes, you will find that your friendship is as strong as ever.
Uh, knock, knock.
- Who's there? - Me.
- Me who? - Beast Boy.
- Hi, I'm Cyborg.
- Thank you for your time.
Our friendship is really gone, yo.
We need to fix this.
Cinderblock is on the loose.
And having you two act like awkward acquaintances will be a liability on the battlefield.
Wait, if new friendships are born every day, maybe all we have to do is recreate scenarios from your shared past.
And a new friendship will be born! [GASPS.]
This idea is the genius of the lamp.
Titans, go! Recreate Cyborg and Beast Boy's friendship.
Okay, Titans, we are going to re-enact Cyborg and Beast Boy's first meeting.
Wait, Star Who are you supposed to be? I am the goose.
Attack the goose! [WINDOW PANES BREAKING.]
- Who wants to play some volleyball? - Oh, yeah! [MUSIC.]
Let's get those shirts off.
Na-uh, I ain't taking my shirt off for this dude.
- Me neither.
- Why not? He's unsafe, he's dangerous, and he's unsafe! That's right, I am, fool.
One of the cornerstones of Cyborg and Beast Boy's relationship is food.
They are sure to do the befriending while consuming of their favorite digestibles.
Uh, somethin' smells good, yo.
Sure does.
What is all this? Oh, we just whipped up some of your favorite foods.
Oh, snap, you did! Tofu lasagna, tofu hot dogs, tofu milkshake.
Wow! It's like a veggie heaven, yo.
- Uh, dig in, bro.
- Tofu? Yuck! I'm about to get down on this baby burger.
Ew, you eats meat? Nothing but.
Check it! [UPBEAT MUSIC.]
Meatball party! Who wants meatballs? Ahh! You are a monster.
Our efforts seem to have made friends Beast Boy and Cyborg care for one another even the less.
The only thing left to get them to bond over is music.
This is our last chance.
It has to work.
Uh, uh [SPITTING.]
Uh, uh [HOWLS.]
What are you doing? We are spontaneously breaking into a song about friendship.
Gimme a beat! [SCRATCHING.]
Yo, my name is Rappin' Robin and I'm here to say I enjoy friendship in a major way [PANTING.]
Come on, guys, join in.
Uh, somethin' and a guy over there And let's go have fun, you can come to my house Uh, we's people and we, uh, that's them And things that all the good, you know? - # You know what I'm sayin'? # - That was amazing! Nah-uh-uh.
This fool ain't spittin' no hot bars.
My bars are the hottest.
You're the one with the lukewarm bars.
I don't wanna say this, yo, but Maybe we was never supposed to be friends in the first place.
- Do not speak the untruth! - He's right, Star.
We just don't have anything in common.
ROBIN: Crime alert It's Cinderblock.
Can you two put your differences aside long enough to take him down? [SHRUGS.]
Titans, go! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Stay alert, Titans, Cinderblock is out here somewhere.
You found Cinderblock? No, man, we found snacks.
Mmm, Mmm.
ah Oh, man, you gotta try these, yo.
Oh yeah, yo.
- Then I know somebody - What! [GROWLS.]
Forget the snacks.
Titans, go! [GROWLS AND THUDS.]
Ah, wait a minute [SCREAMS.]
- Ah, this set, bro.
- Yeah, hold it there.
- Hold up, after this one bite.
- Hold up, I didn't try to eat [GROWLS.]
Guys, a little help? - Oh.
- Uh, do we have to? Oh, man, you gotta try these, yo.
Just get over here and move this rubble.
Aw, man, that's too much work.
And I's super tired from all these activities.
- Me too, man.
- I gives up.
Yo, how good does relaxing feel right now though? Ah, so good.
Wait, so you're just gonna sit there? - Cinderblock is getting away! - Say the something.
We just birthday'd a new friendship, yo.
- Beasty, my dude.
- I missed you so much, bro.
- Yo, you wanna take this fool down? - You know I do.
- Pizza! - My dude! [CLAPS.]
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
I guess you can't force people to be friends.
The friendship must occur on it's own like the natural gases.
And you know we's got them natural gases, yo.
Oh, man, silent but deadly.
Well, it appears the team is back at full strength, and I am honored to have been here for the birth of a new friendship.
Oh, yeah, it's your birthday, fool.
You know what that means.
- When we say "birthday" - You say, "party!" [MUSIC.]
Birthday Party Birthday Party [SHOUTS AND LAUGHTER.]
Here friendship, friendship, friendship Come here, little guy.
Here friendship, friendship, friendship Come on, who's your best friend? Who's a big guy? Come here.
Come on, let's bro out.