Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e48 Episode Script


"Bro-Pocalypse" [OPENING THEME] [TOGETHER] Ninety-eight [BOTH GRUNT] Ninety-nine One hundred! [ALL LAUGH TRIUMPHANTLY] We are jacked, bros.
Super jacked, bros! [BOTH YELLING] Gonna need some bro-tein after that work out sesh.
[SHUDDERS] - Ew! Use a napkin.
- No way! If this burger don't make lots of drips, it don't belong near my lips.
[SMACKS LIPS] [CHOMPS] You are so right, bro! [SIGHS] Will you be doing the brother out for much longer? Only for the rest of our lives, girl! [YELLING] BOYS: [TOGETHER] Bros, bros, bros, bros! [ALL FARTING] [ALL SNIFFING] Can you at least be bros somewhere else? It's annoying.
Is saving the world annoying? Didn't think so.
From what danger must the world be saved? [TOGETHER] The Bropocalypse! CYBORG: Every 2,000 years, the Bro God sends down an intergalactic fist bump to the top of Mount Brosuvius.
ROBIN: And the ultimate bro has to reciprocate said fist bump.
It's super sick.
CYBORG: But if the Bro God is left hanging, he will bring upon ALL: [TOGETHER] The Bropocalypse.
BEAST BOY: Backward hats, popped collars and puka shell necklaces will cease to exist.
[SHRIEKS] - Uh, good! - Oh, we look forward to the day.
Also, the world will be destroyed.
[PEOPLE SCREAMING] - You're joking.
- Do we look like we're joking? Now, if you'll excuse us, these bros have a world to save.
But first [SPITS] one last power-lift.
[EXHALES] [GRUNTING] Swole! [GRUNTS] [BONE CRACKS] [SCREAMS] [ALL SCREAM] Worst-case scenario! [PANTING] Come on, bros.
Walk it off.
[BONES CRACK] [ALL YELL] Bros, I I can't walks.
That means we won't be able to stop [TOGETHER] The Bropocalypse! Oh, darn.
I guess that's the end of all your dumb bro ways.
- No more backward hats.
- They should only be worn the front ways.
[SWISHES] - No more extreme sports.
- I prefer sports to be the mild.
And no more getting food all over your face when you eat.
- The shameful! - That ain't a world worth livin' in.
If we can't bro ourselves out of these injuries, there won't be a world to live in at all.
Oh, come on! The world isn't really gonna end because you can't "bro out " on top of a mountain.
[ALARM BLARING] [GASPS] There is a magnetic disturbance coming from above this mountain range.
That's not just any mountain, that's [TOGETHER] Mount Brosuvius.
[BONES CRACK] [ALL SCREAMING] Uh, this says "Mount San Antonio.
" BOYS: [TOGETHER] Brosuvius! If the energy from the magnetic disturbance is not dispersed, the world will be destroyed.
I can't believe this.
It'll really be [TOGETHER] The Bropocalypse.
Don't worry, ladies.
The ultimate bros will handle it.
[BELCHES] [BONES CRACK] [ALL SCREAMING] Stay down, knuckleheads.
We'll do it.
- But you ain't bros, bro! - Does one not simply need to Don Cornelius the clothing of the bros? And call each other "bro" all the time? It will take more than that to become the ultimate bro.
- Yo, bro! - Yo, the brother.
- Yo, I like your sweet chain wallet.
- What is up, the man? Hey, care to catch some waves, brah? - Ooh, the messy eating.
- Take it to the hoop.
- The pungent, pungent odor.
- [CHUCKLES] Check out that chick.
Ooh, the chickens are so nice.
Eh, it's a start, young bros.
But becoming the ultimate bro isn't as easy as popping your collar.
- Bein' a bro comes from right in here.
- This is our bro journal.
It will guide you, on your bro journey.
Good luck, young bros.
And remember [TOGETHER] A bro is no bro with no bros.
I do not know what that means.
You will, young bros.
You will.
Perhaps you could try the popping of the collar.
Whoa, my neck is fully protected from the sun's harmful rays.
Good call Bro.
No the problem, the bro.
- STARFIRE: It is the end that is dead.
- Let's see.
"To pass through the face, get it all over the place.
" [GROUND RUMBLING] [GASPS] It's the ultimate bro burger.
That is the excessive amount of the meats, cheeses and the breads.
We got this, bro.
[LINE BUSY SIGNAL] They're not answering when I try to hit 'em up, bros.
Something musta happened.
I knews them little bros wasn't up for this kind of bro thing.
Then it's up to these big bros to save them and the world.
[GROANS] If only there was a way to quickly heal our leg injuries.
Hold up, I gots it.
I seen this in a movie one time.
[ROBIN GASPS] It's working.
- My knee is feeling bro-tastic.
- Fist bump! [CRACKING] [ALL SCREAMING] "A bro is no bro with no bros.
" I still don't know what that means.
According to the journal, this is a statue of the first bro - to do the fist bumping with the bro gods - RAVEN: The ultimate bro.
Something isn't right.
I think this lion needs to chickity-check himself, bro.
- This looks extreme.
- STARFIRE: Indeed.
Not at all the mild.
"The way forward will open for the bro with the sickest jumps.
" Let us do the it Bro.
- The bike chain! - No of the worries, bro! Sick! [TIRES SCREECH] [TRIUMPHANT WHOOPING] [TOGETHER] Bros! Bros! Bros! Bros! [ALARM BLARING] We're running out of time, bros.
Ah! I can't scrub our injuries out no more! - My hands be broken.
- Are you bros forgetting that Tiger Woods won the U.
Open with a bro-ken leg and torn ACL? [TIGER WOODS SCREAMING] A true bro knows pain is all in the mind.
Get up! Let's go, bros! [ALL GRUNTING] It's workin', bros.
- Baby, I ain't feelin' no pain.
- Chest bump! [ALL MOANING] My heart.
[SOBS] [THUNDER RUMBLING] What now? STARFIRE: "A bro is no bro with no bros.
" That doesn't help.
How are we supposed to know which - one of us is the ultimate bro? - It is obviously you, bro.
You have fully annihilated the mission.
Me what? You have killed it this whole journey, bro.
How can I be the ultimate bro when you clearly have the better bro-tential? Listen, bro, there is no chance you are not the ultimate bro, bro! - All right, bro - It's cool, bro.
I'm going for it, bro! [GRUNTS] - Bro, it's not poppin' off, bro.
- I blew it, bro, we're doomed.
STARFIRE: At least we will be crushed together.
Wait, that's it.
"A bro is no bro with no bros.
" I finally understand it.
It means we are the ultimate bro, bro.
Take my hand! Bump it, bro! You know, bein' a bro isn't so bad after all, bro.
I'm proud to call you my bro, bro.
ROBIN: [SHOUTS] Hold on! [BOYS GRUNTING] - We're here.
- We made it, mama-bros! The ultimate bros are here to save the world! [TOGETHER] Bros! Bros! Bros! Bros! Hmm On second thought, being a bro is terrible.