Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e49 Episode Script

Flashback (Part 1)

"Flashback, Part 1" [OPENING THEME] [MUSIC] Titans! I have some alarming news regarding tuna fish.
These filthy creatures are infested with mercury.
[SIREN WAILING] We'll get our Omega-3 fatty acids elsewhere, you [FABRIC RIPPING] [MUSIC] [STARFIRE HUMMING] [CYBORG CHUCKLES] [BOTH GIGGLING] Beast Boy, stop clawing the upholstery! No demons in the Tower, Raven! Cyborg, Starfire, stop drawing on the window! [PANTING] Relax, dude, the ink isn't permanent.
See? All the gone.
[GROANING] [STRAINING] [YELLING] [BOTH EXCLAIM] Ow! What's your problem, brah? [BREATHES DEEPLY] Sorry, but you guys really bring out the worst in me.
Yeah, we do! - You say that like it's a good thing.
- Oh, but it is.
Do you not remember how you were before we brought out the worst in you? Back when the Teen Titans first came to be.
Flashback, brah [ROARING] [MUSIC] Gee whillikers, I thought Gotham was crummy, but Jump City really takes the cake.
Good thing that Robin, the Boy Wonder, is on the case.
[MUSIC] [BOTH CHORTLING] Hold it right there, evildoer! [GROANS] Golly, that rung my bell.
[MONSTER GROWLING] Not so fast, you overgrown wad of chewing gum! [YELPS] Oh, daisies, what a wallop! Freeze! Halt! Cease! [EXCLAIMS] Gosh, Jump City is too rough for this wonderful boy alone.
" That's it! If I could assemble a super team of super teens like me, we could bring peace to Jump City, while bringing out the best in each other.
And we'd call ourselves "the Teen Titans.
" [YELPS] Hey there, Kid Flash.
Wanna join my superhero team? - We'll bring peace to Jump City while - Hang on.
Had to stop a bank robbery in Canada.
Whoa! I've never seen anyone beat feet like you, Kid Flash.
You've got to join.
Tryouts are tomorrow.
Ah, well, tryouts aren't really my thing.
I-It's just a formality for you.
I guarantee you'll be on the team, pal.
No foolin'.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Hot dog! I'll go get some more recruits.
- Yo, can I get one of those? - You're a superhero? No, just a regular dude named Victor.
Sorry, Vic, but the tryouts are for superheroes only.
[MUSIC] [ROBIN YELPS] [ROBIN GRUNTS] [YELPING] [GROANS] Ouch! [GRUNTS] Ah! Ow! Ouch! Ow! Stop! [SCREAMING] What? No [SCREAMS] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] [MUSIC] [BORED VOICE] Fear me, mere mortals, for I am Raven, daughter of Trigon the Terrible.
Excuse me, would you Can I just [MAN SCREAMS] Please Stop with the magic! [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] Oh, boy.
Lost my cool there.
Uh, now, what's with all the wanton destruction? Ugh, my dad is making me take over the planet.
- I know, Dad! Sheesh.
- Say, you should be using those spooky moves for good instead of evil.
A superhero, huh? My dad wouldn't like that.
Stop that! [STAMMERS] I-I mean, see you at tryouts.
- I'll take one of those.
- You've got no chance, pal.
[CAT PURRING] Here, the kitty, the kitty, the kitty.
When I was tracking an alien life-form here, I wasn't expecting to find one so beautiful.
[MUSIC] [MAN YELLS] I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
I was just attempting to recover this wonderful kitten-cat.
Don't let me stop you.
I can wait.
[CAT SCREECHES] Oh, you are the chubby one, you are the perfect.
Oh, yes, you are.
- Mmm! - Get that cat out of your mouth, now! [MEOWS] Ooh.
Sorry I blew my stack, miss, but cats aren't food.
I believe you are mistaken.
My wisecracking TV alien friend told me [MUSIC] that cats are Earth's finest delicacy.
And one does not disregard the advice of the wisecracking TV alien friend.
Get it out of your mouth! Cats are pets! [GRUNTS] Now, love it! Give it kisses! Scratch behind the ears! Do that little thing where it starts to purr! [CAT PURRS] I see now.
Oh, cats are the sweet, but not to eat.
Oh, and join my superhero team! - Now can I get one? - It would be a waste of everyone's time.
[ALARM BLARING] [MUSIC] BANK ROBBER: Good thing there's nothing out here to impede our perfect getaway.
[GRUNTS] [MUSIC] [ROBIN WHISTLES] Wow, a shape-shifter! - You gotta join my team.
- Is there gonna be lunch? Oh.
Lunch isn't provided.
Says right there on the flyer.
[MUMBLING] I can'ts read, fool.
Now, I's a vegan, so I don't eats no meats or dairies.
- Again, there is no food.
- Cool, cool, cool.
All right.
Nothing that comes from an animal, so, mostly veggies and whole grains.
[YELLS] There's no lunch! Oh, golly.
[HAIR SNAPS] W-What's gotten into me today? Probably you is irritable 'cause you gots a bad diet of meats and such things.
Thanks for the health tip.
I'll see you at tryouts.
How about now? Can I get one now? [YELLS] Okay, fine! You can try out! Are you happy now?! Jeepers.
[HAIR SNAPS] So sorry, didn't mean to snap at you.
I'm not sure what got into me.
See you at tryouts, Vic.
Welcome, everyone, to the Teen Titans tryouts.
- Especially you, Kid Flash.
- Pew-pew.
Oh, and pew-pew to you, too.
Today's tryouts will require skill and speed, combat and teamwork.
Those of you who make the cut will be full-fledged members of the Teen Titans.
And we'll live here in Titans Tower.
Now, if there aren't any questions, let's get this tryout started.
Yo, where's that lunch you promised, exactly? - I didn't - There's lunch? Cool.
I could eat.
Can we please focus on the tryouts, gang? I ain'ts trying out for nothing on an empty stomach.
Lunch! Lunch! Lunch! ALL: Lunch! Lunch! Lunch! Lunch! There's no lunch! No lunch! It says on the flyer! Wow.
You know, you just kind of lost it there.
[WHISPERS] It's not exactly a great trait for a leader.
Ah, gee whillikers.
[HAIR SNAPS] You're absolutely right.
It's just, these four really get under my skin.
[STARFIRE CRYING] Wait, so you're saying, no lunch? It is good then that I brought my own.
[MEOWS] [GULPS] Your wisecracking TV alien friend is not to be trusted! [HAIR SNAPS] Now, to the speed challenge.
[WHISTLES] You're up, Kid Flash.
On your mark, get set, proceed! Gee-whiz.
You're next, Vic.
On your mark, get set, begin! [PANTING] I just gotta get a second wind, and [VOMITING] [GROANS] Next up, combat.
- Go ahead and attack the dummy, Raven.
- Okay.
[YELLING] Please! [YELLING] - Why? No! - How was that? [CHUCKLES] For the final exercise, I'll be judging your ability to work as a team and bring out the best in each other.
You'll need to work together to solve a puzzle.
[BUGLE PLAYS] On your mark, get set, construct.
I can tell you all know that teamwork makes the dream work.
Edge pieces, man.
I need edge pieces! - Yo, mama, my mans needs the edge pieces.
- You ruined my puzzle! [IN EVIL VOICE] Now I'll ruin you! [BEAST BOY SCREAMS] Ooh, are we doing the combat portion again? Stop it! You're ruining everything.
Who behaves like this? What is wrong with you people? [STRAINING] [YELLING] Stoooooop! [GROANS] [PANTING] Did I make the team, Coach? [YELLING] No, you did not make the team! I never should have asked you in the first place! [THUDING] [CRASHING] Now, get out.
All of you! - BEAST BOY: We ain'ts even got no lunch.
- VICTOR: Oh, man RAVEN: Guess I'll go enslave the universe then.
Well, I guess that settles it.
Welcome to the team, gang.
Hey, Robin, sorry to interrupt, but can we have a quick vote? Sure thing, Kid Flash.
We live in a democracy, after all.
Thank you.
Now, during the tryouts, Robin's shown himself to have a real temper, so raise your hand if you think we should kick him off the team and I should be the leader.
[STAMMERS] B-But you were barely interested in the team in the first place.
And I was the one who put it together.
Thanks for that, buddy.
But I'll take it from here.
[SIGHS] Gee whillikers.