Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e50 Episode Script

Flashback (Part 2)

"Flashback, Part 2" [OPENING THEME] [SIREN BLARING] [SIGHS] This planet is more unforgiving than my own.
I have no friends, no home, and very much of the hunger.
Cats are sweet, but not to eat.
MAN: Yo, Star.
Could it be my wise-cracking, TV alien friend? MAN: Go ahead.
Eat it.
No one's gonna miss just one cat.
One plump, juicy, delicious cat.
Robin? [GASPING] [CAT MEWING] You were living amongst the rats and filth? You betcha.
[THUD] Kid Flash took the team and voted me out.
He took the tower too.
The Flash child stole the team and the home? That's no big deal.
I found this spot and it's just dandy.
What are you doing here, Raven? Well, my dad kicked me out for not enslaving the universe.
So, now I have to live on the streets.
- Just like Robin.
- Kicked off your own team? [LAUGHING] Brutal.
It's really not a big deal.
Kinda wish people would stop talking about it.
Y'all got any trash to eat or live in? - He's on hard times, yo.
- Hey, it's no-pants guy.
Why ain't you in your fancy new tower, huh? Did Kid Flash steal it along with the team or something? - Yes, and I'm fine with it! - You ains't look fine with it.
- He is not fine with it.
- Geeee willikers! [ALL GASPING] And this is all your fault.
If you guys didn't get me so worked up.
Well, at least when you get all worked up, you're not a push-over.
Maybe, if you was always worked up, you wouldn't have gotten kicked off your own team.
Getting worked up is what got me kicked off.
- Hey, we got kicked off the team too.
- So, we's all rejects.
[LAUGHS] [GASPS] Yos, I just had an idea! We should be a team.
A team of rejects? Outsiders? Underdogs? I'm in.
I am also the in with the outside underdogs.
This will really annoy my dad.
I'm in.
Uh, thanks but no thanks.
- You four bring out the worst in me.
- You are the welcome.
[YELLS] It is not a good thing! But the regular you be letting Kid Flash live up in your tower.
But the five of us together would never let that happen.
Come on, Robin.
We're getting your tower back.
[WHISPERS] Gee, whiz.
We shouldn't be here.
Kid Flash will flip his lid if he catches us.
This is your tower, remember? KID FLASH: You guys? Whatever this is about, I don't have time for it.
Somebody flushed some wet wipes and backed up the toilet.
The package said they were flushable.
You stole this man's home and clogged the plumbing? Our leader Robin has the something to say to the you.
[STAMMERING] Oh, I do? I I Yes.
I just wanted to apologize for trespassing.
Yeah, that's right, flash-in-a-pan.
- We callings you out, fool.
- No, we're not.
Robin has had the enough of your push-arounds.
- No, I haven't.
- And he's no longer the wimp he used to be.
- Yes, I am.
- This sounds like a challenge.
- Your team versus our team.
- The winners get the tower.
And the losers gots to leave Jump City, yo.
- I do not agree with these terms.
- Oh, that is so a deal.
Say goodbye to Jump City, losers.
Gee, whiz, gang.
What are you doing? We can't win against them.
They already beat you in try-outs.
That was before we had you as our leader.
But Kid Flash is right.
I'm not a leader.
Then we're just gonna have to make you one.
And our first step, get you out of those clothes.
[LAUGHING EMBARRASSEDLY] [SCRAPING] Dang, they really went to town with the wet wipes.
[KNOCKING AT DOOR] Hey! Get out of my bathroom! - This isn't your bathroom.
- You best be doing a pee-pee dance, fool.
'Cause you're gonna be holding it for a minute.
Now, let's start with the biggest problem area.
Give the man some pants.
Azarath Metrion Zinthos! And lose them little elf booties.
I wants to see some stomping boots, yo.
And the cape must cover the posterior.
Oh, much the better.
Now to do something about that hair.
- Now that's what's up, dude.
- Oh, yeah! - Much more the appealing.
- Are you guys pulling my leg? I've got hedgehog hair and my thighs are already hot from all this fabric.
New clothes won't make him a leader.
Nothing will.
Now, get out so I can pee! Oh, who are we kidding.
He's right.
- I'm too much of a wimp.
- Maybe you're right.
You did just let him take your team, after all.
- You don't have to rub it in.
- Only a wimp would let someone kick them out of their own home.
- That's enough, guys.
- And don't forget.
He lets that fool flush them wet wipes down his pipes.
[YELLS] Those are my wet wipes! [MUSIC] And there is no such thing as a flushable wipe! Even if it says so on the package! Everyone knows that! The voice So commanding! [MUSIC] I'll follow that voice anywhere.
[PANTING] [MUSIC] You guys really do bring out the worst in me.
And I like it.
First off, we are the Teen Titans, not them.
[HEROIC MUSIC] ALL: Sir, yes, sir! And we are gonna destroy them.
ALL: Sir, yes, sir! And how are we gonna do it? Any way we can! [SPLASH] Titans, go! Hi, thanks for coming.
So, like the try-outs, this challenge will consist of combat, problem solving and if we need a tie-breaker, - speed.
- Ooh, he stole your try-outs too? Yes, but like everything else, I made them better.
So, let's start with combat.
This is not your usual combat dummy.
This one fights back.
We're all counting on you.
I don't know, coach.
That thing looks tough.
You wanted to be a superhero.
Well, this is your chance.
[MUSIC] It's gonna destroy me.
You said you trusted me as a leader, right? Well, I promise you, at the end of this, no matter what happens, you will be a true superhero.
Let's do this.
Victor's hurt.
[SCREAMING IN PAIN] Why did I let you talk me into this? - Yeah.
That's a disqualification.
- No, no.
He's not done! We're just gonna pop over to the hospital real quick.
[MUSIC] Victor? The name's Cyborg now, 'cause the doctors had to replace my broken body parts with robot parts.
- That's cheating.
- Too bad.
[BLOWS WHISTLE] Time in! [QUACK] Dabba-de-doo! [MUSIC] Yes, short-circuited.
[CHEERING] Next challenge is a puzzle.
Only if you can't solve it.
I got this.
It's not like it's gonna explode in my face.
Ow! Ow! Oh, my eye! That was easy.
It all comes down to the tiebreaker for the tower.
Which, unfortunately for you, is the speed challenge.
A foot race around the world.
- No problem.
- Are you serious? Is he serious? Oh, but [LAUGHS] Oh, he's serious.
Okay [LAUGHS] Oh.
Oh, you'll just so never beat me.
We'll see about that, Kid Trash.
[ALL CHEERING] In your face! [CHUCKLES] Oh, boy.
Yeah, this will be fun.
[CHUCKLING] [GUNSHOT] Titans, quick.
To the tower.
! Lock 'em out! [BELL DINGING] [LAUGHING] Yes! [SCREAMING] - Nice try.
- You really are fast.
- Told you, I couldn't be beat.
- [SIGHS] I guess not.
And while the old me would have conceded the tower to you like a gentleman, this is the new me.
No, no, no.
[SCREAMING] [YELLING] [SCREAMING] That hurt so much.
Titans, take out the trash.
No, no, no.
[SCREAMING] So much longer of a drop than I thought.
[SCREAMING AND THUDDING] Now get out of the city and never come back! - Wow.
What a ruthless leader.
- Come on, guys.
We're going to the East Coast.
And that's the flashback, dude.
What a wonderful story about how you turned me from the All-American Boy Wonder into a raging control freak.
It's true.
We bring out your worst.
But your worst brings out our best.
And we can never thank you enough for that.
Oh, golly, uh, I didn't know you felt that way, gang.
[CHUCKLING] [MUSIC] He said "golly.
" [ALL LAUGHING] Stop that.
Stop that! You will not mock me! I am your leader! Your leader! Silence! [SCREAMING] Stop it! [END THEME PLAYING]