Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e02 Episode Script

Chicken in the Cradle

1 Go! [TITLE MUSIC] T E E N T I T A N S Teen Titans let's go [scratching] T-TEEN, T-TEE-TEEN Teen Titans, go! [PLAYING BLUES TUNE] [MEOWING] Those cats keeping you guys up, too? The meowing jolts me from my slumber.
What shall we do? Surely we must not bring them the harm.
- I got this.
- Boots? Have you never dealt with bellowing alley cats before? That's what you do, you throw your boot at them.
Well, how do you get the boot back? - Shouldn't you have foot protection? - Yeah, it's not about foot protection, it's about teaching those Ow! [GRUNTS] Who is leaving these lying around? Someone has been eating up the fish.
[CATS MEOWING] - Oh, hey, guys.
- I should've known.
Beast Boy, what are you doing up at this ungodly hour? Just trying to have some good time, Jack.
You dig? That's it! Scram, the lot of you! [ALL MEOWING] I'm sick of you using your powers to goof around.
You're keeping us up, when we have a whole world to defend from evil.
Can't a guy just turn into a cat and jam some tunes - without getting pre-stat? - This isn't a one-time thing, it's an epidemic of animalistic tomfoolery.
Today at pipe practice, you turned into a boxing kangaroo.
It was stupid, the stupidest of stupid! - Yeah, that sounds like me.
- And you keep doing your smiling-alligator- brushing-his-teeth routine with that big red toothbrush.
[SPUTTERS] That's my big red toothbrush.
Calm down, I use all the toothbrushes.
[ALL SPIT] Catch a bed! You can't be out all night.
We're supposed to always be alert, ready for danger.
Evil never sleeps Ow! And stop leaving fish bones everywhere! One of these days, your responsibilities are gonna catch up to you.
And you better hope you're ready.
You stiffs worry too much.
Sleep is for old people and babies.
Thanks for all the snacks, yo! I'm a goat now, see? Goats love eating them some boots.
[CHOMPING] Ah, classic.
[BLEATING] [SQUEAKING] Hey, Beast Boy, can I have some of your bacon salami for lunch? I'm all out of robot baloney.
- Beast Boy.
- He hasn't been here all day.
Probably out goofing off with his animal powers all night again.
Always up to the mischief, he is.
- ALL: Huh? - Cock-a-doodle-doo, dudes! Good morning, one and all, rise and shine! Morning? It's half past noon.
Where were you all night? Running around as a What are you, a chicken? Rooster, clearly, I said, "cock-a-doodle-doo!" Yeah, but roosters don't lay eggs.
Oh, don't tell me he just laid an egg.
- You had an egg? - Do you realize what you've done? Beast Boy is with a child? No, it's just an egg, I-I-I'm not with a child.
- Am I? - That's how eggs work, boy! That egg is gonna become a chicken.
Then what? - [SHOUTING] Then what? - You have the big decision to make.
What did I tell you about those responsibilities? There's a time to grow up, it's now.
Bros, sis, dudes, chill.
I'm deal, I always wanted to be a daddy.
Some day.
- You better be there for this kid.
- Ain't nobody's gonna tell me how to raise my own chickens, son! Believe that! I'm gonna be the world's greatest dad.
Get the mug and everything Oh, hey, dudes, can you guys watch that egg for me, just for tonight? - Spanks.
- Where are you going now? I got a gig tonight, playing drums in one of those seahorse jazz bands.
The whole ocean's gonna be there.
Oh, sure, you go have a big night out with those seahorses, while we stay home and sit on your egg.
[OWL HOOTING] [ROBIN HUMMING] [CLASSICAL MUSIC] - Why are you playing - Shh-shh-shh.
[WHISPERS] Little guy might be asleep in there.
Classical music is good for babies, everyone knows that.
Oh, I think it's my turn to sit on it.
Bring more pillows.
The fluffiest you can find.
Don't fret Robin is here for you Robin loves you Robin cares so much [DINGS] My turn! Oh.
You are so the precious.
[DINGS] Uh, are you sure I should be sitting on this thing? [CRACKS] Oh, no! Oh, no, I broke it! I broke it! Oh, I knew I wasn't cut out for this uncle stuff! Phew.
[CRACKS] [EXCLAIMS] Hang on, little guy.
[YELPS] Keep it together.
[ALL SCREAMING] Hold on, friends, the breaking out of the chicken has begun.
- It's hatching.
- Phew.
- Beast Boy wasn't here for it.
- Big shocker there.
Come on, little guy, you can come out.
Your family is waiting for you, just outside that shell.
Witness the glorious miracle of life in action.
[TWEETING] It is the cute! [CHIRPING] - ALL: Aw! - RAVEN: Meh.
Welcome home, little fella, you're so, so precious.
[LAUGHING] - I'll never forget this day, yo! - Well, of course you won't.
Kangaroo welterweight bouncing championship! Boo-yah! Hello, your son just hatched.
This baby needs a father figure.
It feels like only yesterday, you were just a tiny little egg.
Today, we can no longer call you an egg.
You are a young chicken, and this may be the most important day of your life.
Today, you will eat some seed.
[CLUCKING] Oh, you can do it, we are the proud of you.
Where's Beast Boy? I told him not to miss it.
[SCOFFS] Gone again, today of all days.
[ALL CHEERING] Good job, little chicken, one day you're gonna be out there waking up for me.
Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
- Did I make it? - You missed it.
The most important day of your own kid's life and where were you? Oh, out making milkshakes with your cow friends in the field? Son, I brought you a milkshake.
This kid needs a father, not a milkshake! I've failed my own child! ROBIN: Responsibilities catch up to you.
[ECHOING] To you.
It's time to make things right.
I'm a dad now, I gots to start acting like one.
Right after I finish this milkshake.
[SLURPING] [BURPS] Let's do this dad thing! Let's see here Alley cat jazz guitar? Nah.
Kangaroo boxing gloves? No.
Bernard neck barrel thing? Nah.
A-ha! Time for me and my boy to go out and toss the old ball around.
Here, chicken-chicken- chicken-chicken son.
Here, chicken-chicken-chicken son.
Oh, look who suddenly decided to be a father.
Your kid left here about an hour ago.
Yeah, that boy's been hanging around with some real bad eggs.
Bad eggs? What are you letting him hang around with those types of fools for? - Don't you blame the us, mister.
- Yeah, that chicken needed a father, but instead he got a drum-playing octopus - who's never home.
- You're right.
I ain't been a perfect Daddy.
Heck, I never even claimed to be.
But I'll be darned if my son's gonna be gallivanting around with a bunch of no-good rotten eggs.
Here, chicken-chicken son.
Here, chicken-chicken son! Here, chicken-chicken son.
Come on! [ALL MEOWING] Not right now, cats, I need to be a father.
Ow! [SPRAY CAN HISSING] [CLUCKING] Can it be? [CLUCKS] My boy, I know I ain't been the daddy you wanted or even the daddy you needed, but I'm here.
Now, I wants to play catch with you.
I wanna watch you eat seeds.
Come home, son, be a real chicken.
One that wakes up farmers.
[CLUCKING] That's right, come home to Daddy.
You eggs trying to come between me and my kid? Oh, heck no.
Time to use my animal powers to be a better father.
And break some eggs.
Peck, peck, peck, ow! Gross, ugh.
Tail smash! Ew! Ugh, stinky.
[CLUCKING] Baby badger in a crow's nest.
[GROWLS] Ugh! [CLUCKS] I'll never let you down again, son.
Come on, let's get out of this stink and spend some quality bonding time.
[CLUCKS] Mmm, in the end you turned out to be a real good chicken daddy, Beast Boy.
- Thanks, Cyborg.
- And you raised one good chicken as well.
- Best chicken there is.
- ALL: Mmm.
- That's right.
- Delicious.
I'm one lucky dad, I guess.
You sure you don't want any of this fried chicken? - It really is the best.
- Is this some kind of sick joke? I's a vegetarian.