Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e30 Episode Script

Lil' Dimples

1 Go! T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans let's go T-TEEN, T-TEE-TEEN Teen Titans, go! - Oh, she's here, be cool.
- Hi, Raven.
- Okay, what's the prank? - Prank? No pranks around here, my good lady.
Yeah, we's just doing people things.
Normal, the normal behavior of the normal normals.
Normal, normal, we are normal.
- Tell me what the prank is.
- Madam, we just don't know what you're talking about.
Tell me what the prank is before I destroy you!!! Your dad gave us this old video of you and told us to surprise you with it.
Hello, hello.
Of course.
Good prank, Dad.
My favorite part is when you almost destroyed your friends.
You really got me.
Well, it was great to see you, bye.
I can leave after we take a trip down memory lane.
Ugh, whatever gets you out of here.
I cannot wait to see the video of the home.
Ah, I wish I had home movies.
My parents never got the chance.
- Shut up, Robin, this ain't about you! - Yeah, we's talking about - Raven's childhood right now, fool.
- I"ll be quiet.
Robin, shh, nobody cares! This is when Raven was first born.
So cute.
Look at little Raven.
Ooh, your first words, honey.
Ugh! When is it over? Oh, no, not this.
Hi, my name is Raven and I'm gonna do a dance.
- Oh! Look how dumb she looks.
- Okay, that's enough.
You don't wanna miss my favorite part.
Whoa! Ugh! You're the worst, Dad.
I didn't mean to upset her.
I actually remembered those days fondly.
She was so happy on that stage.
We were so happy.
Hey, Rave.
You still upset with us? I wasn't upset at you guys, I was upset at myself.
- Whys? - 'Cause when I messed up that dance as a kid, I think I messed up my relationship with my dad.
He really wanted me to win that pageant and when I blew it, things felt different between us.
You cannot blame yourself.
The Trigon is the one who does the letting of the downs.
I know, but sometimes I wonder if I nailed that dance, maybe things wouldn't have gotten so bad between us.
I know this sounds crazy, but I wanna surprise him by entering the Jump City Children's Beauty Pageant! Raven, you can't compete in a children's beauty pageant.
Because I'm too old? Because I'm already competing in it.
They call me "Lil' Dimples.
" I'm the most adorable, widdle boy in the whole, wide world.
Bro, what's wrong with you? I'm despewate for vawidation.
Friend Raven, have you considered this is the Trigon's sneaky plan? Yeah, I bet he's trying to trick you into unleashing your inner demon and what not.
- So you's can rule the world together.
- You might be right.
But maybe when he sees me dance, he'll forget about enslaving the world.
Then I believes you's got a children's beauty pageant to win.
Dress-up montage.
- Boop-boop-be-doop.
- Hey, hey, hey! This is not your dress-up montage, dude.
It is friend Raven's time to present various forms of attire - for our approval.
- And ain'ts nobody wants to see - you in a little sailor outfit, bro.
- The judges do.
Get the out! Please! They wouldn't know talent if it smacked them in the faces.
Dress-up montage! Kick, slide, kick, kick, slide.
Kick, step, slide, kick, slide, shimmy, slide, kick, twirl, step, slide, kick, slide, shimmy, kick, twirl, fireball, split - I still can't do it.
- You's got this, girl.
Ain'ts nobody a better dancer than yous.
Perhaps, you want to see some real dancing.
No, thank you.
Heel, toe, step, and heel, toe, quick, and turn around And smile.
There's not a lollipop big enough to help you win.
You wanna bet? Lil' Dimples loves his big lollipop.
- Stop it, dude, stop! - This is so, so the terrible.
Ugh! Where's you getting those lollipops? It's a secret.
See you at the competition.
We can't let that dude win.
You remember the steps, Raven? Slide, shimmy, slide, kick, twirl.
Ahh! You missed the kick, slide, shimmy, yo.
How's you gonna miss the kick, slide, shimmy? - Would it help if you had a giant lollipop? - No.
I think it is the good enough, friend Raven.
It has to be perfect.
My dad was very specific about the choreography.
I can't let him down.
Not again.
Lookin' good, mama.
- Where's my dad? - I'm sure he'll be here.
Of course, he's not gonna show up.
I'm never important to him unless I'm opening a demonic portal.
Sorry! Sorry, I'm late.
- Dad? - These are for Widdle old me? These will look lovely in my dwessing room.
That little troll gives children's beauty pageants a bad name.
I'm glad you're here, Dad.
I'll be right in the front row.
You remember the steps? I won't mess up this time.
Ooh! Boop.
Get a woad of me.
Ow! Hi, I'm Raven.
I'm gonna do a dance.
So good.
And she doesn't even need a giant lollipop.
Almost there, honey.
That's what's up! I knew you could do it! What's that? I believe it's your prize.
Seriously, Dad? Your dance was actually an evil ritual to unlock the portal.
That's why it was so specific.
- I knews it.
- Yep, we called it.
I am so proud of you! Argh! I should've known.
You and I can finally rule the world together! Don't you get it? I don't wanna rule the world.
I just want you to be my dad.
It's too powerful for us! Maybe not for Lil' Dimples! Ow! Time to put a bow on this pageant and finish it off! - Ready? - Ready.
All right, the hurray.
I'm sorry, honey.
Thanks, Dad.
Sorry you don't get to rule the world.
I think I'd rather just be your dad instead.
And the winner is Widdle old me.
- Ew.
- Blech.