Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e29 Episode Script

TV Knight 4

1 [animal sounds.]
Go! [title music.]
T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans let's go [scratching.]
T-TEEN, T-TEE-TEEN Teen Titans, go! [music.]
[engine revving.]
[bats screeching.]
[brakes screech.]
[bats screeching.]
[whistles and clicks tongue.]
[both belching.]
[both laughing.]
- Is it the weapon? - I ain'ts got no ideas, yo! Ain'ts nobody knows what that is.
[loud thud.]
[glass shatters.]
It's unknown.
Throughout time, man has faced many great obstacles, some of which are mysterious in origin.
I have formed an elite diverse team of heroes to face those challenges.
This guy, the other one, this lady, and this other guy.
Fret not, humanity, for no mystery is too compounded for The Challengers of the Unknown! I thinks it's a dinosaur, robot skull, maybe.
Should we try the communicating? We must take great care with this unusual specimen.
Challengers, continue your observation.
- Oh, hey, whatcha guys doing? - We are observing the it.
Whoa! That looks pretty dangerous.
I better just blast it.
- Shatter the bone! - Nay! Avert your lasers, robot man.
Disturbing the specimen may have [echoing.]
unknown consequences.
- Such as? - Something this unknown could rip apart the very fabric of space and time.
[both yell.]
I needs them space-times for existing, yo.
What is all the yelling about Whoa! [screaming.]
What is that tiny nightmare? - We do not the know.
- It's [dramatically.]
It's a staple remover.
[indistinct chattering.]
- Yes.
- Of course.
Challenge met.
Well done, Challengers.
Away! [narrator.]
Now, for more Secrets of Eternity.
[pleasant music.]
Why are we meeting here, in the secret? Mmm, I have a little secret to tell you.
Ooh, may I hear of the secret? [muttering indistinctly.]
Oh, it is the very good secret.
Oh, yeah, it's our little secret, baby.
[both laughing.]
[dramatic music.]
Secret! [sheep bleats.]
[both laughing.]
[alarm blaring.]
[burger thuds.]
[both laughing.]
[solemn instrumental music.]
We have come so far.
We are so much more.
We have evolved.
We are the birds of the future.
Long ago, we were only dinosaurs.
Then we took to the skies.
But we do not need our wings to fly any longer.
Only our minds.
Spread your brain wings with me.
Embrace your evolution.
The singularity comes for us.
Do not fear it.
As a flock, we are strong.
Our migration takes us to the farthest reaches of the universe.
But further still, we must go.
Shed your fleshy husk, my avian brothers and sisters.
Let our minds meld as one, and shatter the very limits of reality itself.
There it lays before us, the edge of the universe.
Do not look back.
Embrace evolution.
Let the light of the beyond entangle your soul.
We are the birds of the future.
Of the future.
Of the future [thud.]
[bird leader groans.]
Cyborg, it was you! My dark secret has been exposed.
Beast Boy's secret coma continues.
- Secretly.
- It's a secret.
I am a filled with the sadness.
- Secret sadness.
- It's a secret.
There's some stuff I can'ts tell you 'cause it's a secret.
- Secret.
- Secret.
[all overlapping.]
Secrets of secrets of secrets.
Tune in tomorrow for more Secrets of Eternity.
[cat yowls.]
[Catwoman meows.]
[TV beeping.]
[upbeat music.]
What's the matter? You're trying to get those gains? Let's check it out! Aww, you looking soft.
Get ready for a real workout! [Painbot.]
Gain! [yells.]
[Beast Boy exclaiming.]
[air pumping.]
[Robin grunts.]
Gain! [whip cracking.]
[all groaning.]
[upbeat music.]
When you're riding On your bike And you're feeling pretty Bike rocks up Hit the ground Scrape knee All alone in the city But you know one thing Keep in mind Robin locks it down Gonna kiss it Kiss it, kiss it - [Starfire.]
Ooh, put your lips on it - [Robin.]
Kiss it, kiss it [Starfire.]
Put your kiss on it [Robin.]
Kiss it, kiss it When that boo-boo hurts Get that remedy that works Pucker up, put on a kiss Cyborg coming through One time pardon me Let me through Let me tell ya How I do stubbed toe Dead plant, fix your grandma Fix your ant Kiss that voice inside That says you can Get your hair looking right Get your grades looking tight Kiss your bone Make it whole Make goals, make toast Free ghost Charge your phone Yo, my game's so tight Kiss your tears Oh, there they go [Starfire.]
Put your lips on it - [Robin.]
Kiss it, kiss it - [Starfire.]
Put your kiss on it [Robin.]
Kiss it, kiss it [all.]
When that boo-boo hurts Get that remedy that works Pucker up, put on a kiss Pompeii seven-nine Starfire's got the heat On the beat while there's Trouble in the street Lava blows everywhere No cares, just me, me, me Changing history Kissing these snakes Right into kittens [meows.]
Kissing this baby Right into kittens Kissing these kittens Into even more kittens [meowing.]
[Catwoman meows.]
[bear growling.]
[all laughing.]
[bear growling in distance.]
[bear snarling.]
[all cheering.]
[high-pitched trilling.]
[bats screeching.]
[TV beeps.]
[suspenseful music.]
Just hold on! - You gotta tell me the secret.
- I told you, I can't.
You gotta tell me, or Beast Boy won't wake up from his secret coma! - I told you, I can't tell you.
- Why not? If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret! [echoing.]
Silkie! No! Robin, come quick.
Beast Boy's waking up.
- Welcome back! - Yeah, Beastie! Come on, little buddy.
Say something.
It was secretly me, all along.
[all laughing.]