Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e40 Episode Script

Royal Jelly

1 [bird crowing.]
[cat meowing.]
[mouse squeaking.]
[elephant trumpeting.]
[lion roaring.]
Go! [title theme.]
T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans, let's go [vocalizing.]
Teen Titans, go Why are you all looking at me? Oh, you knows why.
We are waiting for you to make some honey.
W-Why do you think I can make honey? Your name is the Bumblebee, correct? - Yeah.
- So makes us some honey, mama.
Would you knuckleheads stop bothering her? She's not gonna just make honey right in front of you.
- It's private.
- I am not an actual bee.
I just have bee-related powers! Including the power to make honey, right? Emergency training session, now! - Titans, go! - Please do not the interrupt.
We are attempting to convince friend Bumblebee to make us the honey.
[all chanting.]
We want honey! We want honey! Titans, I am your leader.
That means you have to do what I say.
No, we don't.
We aren't automatons that blindly follow orders, Robin.
- For the last time, Titans, go! - Ain't you heard Raven? We ain't automotions.
Now, get's [screaming.]
You all have no respect for that boy.
Yes, that is the correct.
Maybe I can help him be a better team leader.
Trust me, helping Robin is never a good idea.
Good thing I am not as cynical as you guys.
Your funeral.
Just one thing before you go.
[all chanting.]
We want honey! We want honey! - We want honey! We want honey! - Ugh.
- This is sad.
- Yes, it is.
Are you here to ignore my orders, too? I am here to help you with your leadership problem.
- They're never going to listen to me.
- Of course, they will.
You just need to start acting like a bee.
Ugh, bees are nothing but tiny, vicious insectoid monsters.
- No offense.
- I think I see why no one helps you.
Tell me about your dumb bees.
The first thing you should know is that bees are model citizens.
A perfect society where everyone does exactly what they need to do, - all the time, without question.
- So orderly.
How do they communicate without yelling at each other? Like this.
They're just dancing.
[Bumblebee sighs.]
That's how bees talk.
I'll translate for you.
Hey, I got some, like, really good nectar.
Barf that into my mouth.
I'll go barf this into the honeycomb now.
I wish we didn't have to, you know, barf so much.
Whoa! All that through dance.
That's not all.
Bees also communicate by using pheromones.
This is the alarm smell.
- Smells like bananas.
- To you, but to a bee this smell says "Get out of here, man! We are all gonna die!" Huh.
What about these bums? Don't worry.
The Queen Bee's got this.
[fanfare playing.]
[all retching.]
How did she get to be a queen? It starts with this.
This is all a Queen Bee eats from the first day she's born.
This jelly actually changes a normal bee larva so she grows into a queen.
I see.
So I just need to eat royal jelly until I turn into a queen bee - and then the Titans will listen to me.
- No! Royal jelly is for bees only.
Beside, being a queen is more than just eating jelly.
First and foremost, you have to bee positive.
Bee confident.
Bee a leader.
- Use a lot of puns? - It's just a bee thing.
Are you ready to learn? Then be a bee, boy.
Dance like a bee.
To begin your training, I want you to command these bees in the only language they understand.
That's right.
Let your body do the talking.
Yeah! [grunts.]
Boom cat! Come on.
They want to hear what your hips have to say.
Boom cat! Say it, hips.
Say it, hips.
What are the hips saying? What are the hips saying? What? Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! I don't think they like what your hips are saying.
Express yourself with your pheromones.
Next, we are gonna use your pheromones.
I think I am covered in that department.
All I smell is body spray.
That's for the ladies.
[fake gagging.]
Just use your pheromones on those bees.
Hey, bees.
- Ow! - You got to smell harder than that if you want them to listen.
Bigger smells.
Bigger smells.
Come on, you can smell worse than that.
If these bees won't listen to you, the Titans won't either.
- Can't I just eat some royal jelly? - [slap.]
No! [sighs.]
Forget it.
You don't have what it takes to be a queen bee.
Wow, that really "stings.
" [gasps.]
- Was that a bee pun? - You better bee-lieve it.
Whoo, I think you're ready! All right, guys.
Listen up.
Your days of slacking are over.
'Cause there's a new queen bee in the house.
[dance music.]
Why are you dancing? To tell you about our emergency training session.
- Then why do you not say the that? - Read my hips.
Because the lips, they lie.
Come on, guys.
This is our leader here.
Bumblebee, you're not helping him, are you? - Just a little bit? - Big mistake, fool.
- Not gonna work.
[all clamoring.]
- [Cyborg.]
I tried to tell her earlier in the story.
Oh, give them some of those good pheromones.
What is that smell? That smell is telling you to wash the dishes.
Only's if you wash them armpits first.
It's hopeless.
I'll never be a queen bee.
[sad music.]
[screams, grunts.]
Stupid bee dance.
Didn't even work.
Smelly old pheromones.
Ah, look at her, the Queen Bee.
So regal, so respected, sipping on her royal jelly.
Why not me? Ahh! Why not me? [laughs.]
Ow! This is the best honey I've ever had.
Ow! What is going on in here? Just hangsin' out and eating some of that good honey.
- Ow! - It is quite the delicious.
How did you all get so much honey? - Robin made it for us.
- Yeah, he is right over there.
He's got honey for days.
[tense music.]
Robin? [in British accent.]
Call me "Your Majesty.
" You ate the royal jelly, didn't you? [laughs.]
Oh, indeed, I did.
The only way to get them to listen to me was to become the queen bee.
- No one disobeys the queen.
- Give me back that royal jelly.
Royal jelly is for bees only.
How dare you defy the Queen! Titans, attack! - Yeah, why don't you do it? - No thanks.
I am good.
We are the too busy slurping of the honey.
Oh, we shall see about that.
Bee-hold! [dance music.]
[all gasping.]
All hail the Queen.
Ooh, that's more like it.
My children, attack! There is only one thing that can defeat a queen bee.
Another queen.
- This means war! - Bring it on, Your Highness.
[both yelling.]
Long live the Queen! - [Beast Boy.]
I knew it.
- [Cyborg.]
Aw, yeah.
She is the bee.
Well, Titans.
I learned something valuable today.
You can't treat people like they're bees.
I learned to never help you with anything, because you are a crazy person.
And we's learned that you really was a bee all along.
Now we can have all the honey we want.
Yes, my loyal subjects.
Your queen provides.
- [all savoring.]
- [Beast Boy.]
Ah, so good.