Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e44 Episode Script

Girls' Night In (Part 2)

1 [animal sounds.]
Go! [title music.]
T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans, let's go Teen Titans, go [Robin reading.]
The girls decided to have a slumber party where they couldn't stop talking about me.
I do wish he was my the boyfriend.
I like Robin best.
That man belongs to me.
Girls, girls, please.
You can all like me.
[squeaky kisses.]
- [Raven.]
Hey, that's not what happened.
- [Starfire.]
My evil sister missed my party of the slumber.
And now she's trying to take over the world.
It's up to the girls-night-out crew to stop her.
The world's greatest slumber party prank.
The bowl of warm water.
[both shuddering.]
Now that the girls are asleep, I will take one of their hands, place it in the warm water, and then - And then what? - I'm in suspenses, yo! What happens next? What happens next? What happens next is the Pee Pee Pants commences.
Someone's about to have a little accident.
Any moment now.
What's taking so long? Why isn't she pee-peeing? She should be pee-peeing by now.
- Ah, maybe that water is broken.
- [clinking.]
- You can't break water, dumb-dumb.
- Sures, you can.
Yous can break anything.
I'lls check it.
- Well, is it broken? - Nah.
It's working.
I'll just try this again.
Ahh! Oh, my goodness gracious.
You broke Raven! Cy, quiet.
You're going to wake every one up.
You woke them up when you pulled out Raven's arm! Wait a second.
- The girls snuck out.
- I'm tellin'! Mom and Dad are going to be so mad when they find out.
Pops is never gonna believe his perfect little girl's been doing anything wrong.
That's why we're going to catch them in the act.
Ooh, so busted! [grunts.]
[action music.]
[yells, grunts.]
- Oh! - [grunts.]
[Bumblebee yelling.]
[chanting spell.]
[grunts, pants.]
See ya, sis.
Sorry I couldn't make it to your party.
Oh, wait.
No, I'm not.
[yells in anger.]
Starfire, wait! Blackfire, I wish to have the several words with you.
Can you please go away? Why did you not come to my party? I only wished for the night of the sisterly merriments.
I told you I had plans tonight! But it was to be the perfect.
I had the snacks.
I had the beds of the sleeping.
- I had the games planned.
- Let me guess, truth or death.
- Is that not your favorite? - Actually, it is.
[brakes screech.]
Let's play right now.
All right.
Do you choose the truth or the death? - Hmm truth.
- Ooh, the truth.
- [bird shrieks.]
- What secrets might you reveal? Here's the truth.
I wish I didn't have a sister.
That hurt worse than the death.
Then this won't bother you a bit.
- [grunts.]
- [Starfire yelps.]
Where were you hit? [sobbing.]
In the heart.
My sister does not wish to be the sister any longer.
This is a lot of emotions.
[crying hysterically.]
Can we talk about your sister later? We kind of have an alien invasion to deal with.
She did not come to my the party, so I will not go to her the invasion.
Star, we have to stop her before she activates that device.
Good news.
That's no longer an issue.
This looks really bad.
Eh, I always kinda wanted to see the world end.
A giant beam of light in the sky? Really? [scoffs.]
There's always one of these in every super villain plot.
You'd think they'd switch it up once in a while.
Be original! I kinda like it.
It's like a big disco ball.
[laughs maliciously.]
Now the real party can start.
We have got to take out those aliens and close that portal.
Got it? Hey, maybe Bumblebee can sting the portal closed.
- Very funny.
- What? It might be allergic to bee stings.
Bee sting allergies aren't a joke.
- Star, you coming? - [sighs.]
Do I have to? Hey, you are gonna save the world with us.
And you're gonna have a good time.
Is that understood? Star, we're all here for you, but we need you to be here for us, too.
Very well.
What do you see? What will you say? Uh-huh Get ready to play Oh, don't be shy You can be brave Okay, girls.
Let's kick some Blackfire butt.
Sounds like fun.
- Smashing is what we do best.
- Ba-ba-ba! This cliched villain plot is so done.
[bugle plays fanfare.]
Ha! Caught you sneaking out.
You are so [boys.]
Busted! Thanks, Robin.
Now we're captured and the world's gonna end.
I wouldn't be worried about the end of the world.
I'd be worried about what Mom and Dad are gonna do when I tell them you snuck out.
[Cyborg and Beast boy.]
Ooh! Girl, you gon' be on restriction for like a month at least.
- There's something wrong with them.
- Definitely.
[Starfire sobs softly.]
- You need to talk? - I am the sisterless.
That's not true.
You've got us.
But we do not share of the blood in the guts.
Ew, gross.
Look, if your sister doesn't know how cool you are, she's the one missing out.
- How do you say "jerk" on Tamaran? - Florfka.
- Your sister is a florfka.
- Biggest florfka ever.
- What a florfka! - I hate that florfka.
[Starfire giggles.]
I am not gonna say that dumb word.
It's embarrassing.
Okay, enough of that.
We have to get out of this cage.
Don't worry.
- I've got this.
- Oh, wow.
Your shrinking powers are so useful.
I was being sincere, jeez.
I always knew you were cool.
Let's do this before Blackfire notices.
- Ooh, sneaking out again.
- You guys are gonna be busted.
They're right, you know.
[grunts angrily.]
[Starfire yelling.]
[screams in pain.]
[grunts loudly.]
[both grunting.]
You are the horrible sister! I don't need a sister.
It is I who do not need the you anymore! [groans.]
[grunts violently.]
You hurt my feelings.
As if You are not the nice.
You are the mean.
And you are the florfka.
- [ship's horn toots.]
- [Starfire grunts.]
You dirty florfka.
Fine, I'll say it.
Florfka! [groans.]
They may not have my blood and guts, but they are the true sisters.
[grunting weakly.]
Goodbye, Blackfire.
Florfka! [boom.]
[disco music.]
Now it really looks like a disco ball.
You know what this calls for? Girls night! Ba-ba-ba! [dance music.]
[all cheering.]
I'm telling Mom.