Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e43 Episode Script

Girls' Night In (Part 1)

1 [animal sounds.]
Go! [title music.]
T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans, let's go [vocalizing.]
Teen Titans, go [music.]
- What is that? - That is the snack foods for tonight's party of the slumber! They are the favorites of my favorite sister.
I was thinking more like popcorn.
- [popping.]
- Hmm.
That'll work.
Oh, I cannot wait for Blackfire to arrive.
Our sisterly bond will be strengthened by the talk of the girl, and the brushing of the hairs, and the playing of the truth or death.
Don't you mean truth or dare? That is now how it is played on Tamaran.
Did Blackfire say she's coming? She did not the RS or the VP.
But I am the certain she will come.
Are you? She pretty much lets you down all the time.
- [yelling.]
I am the certain! - O-o-okay.
I invited a few of the girls, just in case she doesn't show up.
- [door bell rings.]
- [gasps.]
It is the her! - Joy! Blackfire! - [elevator bell dings.]
It is not the Blackfire.
But she will come! - Come on in - Stop right there, evildoers.
- [Robin groans.]
- Good evening, my ladies.
- What up, what up, what up, mamas? - Ew.
- [glass breaking.]
- [Beast Boy.]
Ow! Stop flirting with the enemy.
They have obviously joined forces to defeat us once and for all.
Yous can defeat me any time.
- [thuds.]
- [Beast Boy cries out.]
If we were attacking you, why would we ring the doorbell? - And bring sleeping bags? - And a boombox! [upbeat tune playing.]
[music stops.]
I'm not gonna waste time unraveling your villainous mind games.
It's not a mind game, I invited them.
It's a slumber party.
We're having a girls' night in! [air horn blaring.]
You can't have a slumber party! You didn't fill out the proper paperwork.
Ha-ha-ha! I'll fill it out now.
[spits and farts.]
- [grunts.]
- [doorbell rings.]
Oh, the sister is here.
- The here! - [elevator bell dings.]
- Slumber party! - Not the sister.
Oh, but she will come! - [shrieks excitedly.]
- Who's she? That's Bumblebee, she's cool.
- [scoffs.]
Doesn't look cool.
- Oh, I'm cool.
Cool people don't say they're cool.
- Then I'm not cool.
- Hah.
I knew it.
- [grumbles.]
- Come on, girls, - let's get this slumber party goin'.
- [plays upbeat tune.]
Girls' night in is on.
[air horn blaring.]
Slumber parties! Whoo-hoo-hoo! So, what are we gonna do first? Oh-ho, let's tell scary stories.
- [boys grunt.]
- Girls only.
Huh, I see.
Well, I bet your "girls only" slumber party is going to be lame anyway.
Yeah, yous mamas probably gonna be afraid of the dark - and needs a night-light.
- And do boring stuff like wear mud masks and talk about cute boys all night.
[Robin in girly voice.]
Oh, I like the Robin so much.
Joy! I do wish he was my the boyfriend.
[Cyborg in girly voice.]
No, I like Robin best.
[Beast Boy in girly voice.]
That man belongs to me.
Girls, girls, please, you can all like me.
[making kissing sounds.]
[Cyborg and Beast Boy.]
Yes, that's exactly what we're going to do.
- You'd hate it.
- All right.
We're leaving.
I just hope nobody pranks you! That means wes gonna prank them, right? [chuckles.]
Ooh! They will be pranked.
I love pranks.
They'll never sees it coming.
[boys laughing.]
[snaps fingers.]
So, who wants to wear mud masks and talk about boys all night? [all cheering.]
Perhaps we should wait for the Blackfire.
- We probably shouldn't wait.
- We can start the fun without her.
But she is the my sister and I do not wish for her to Mud masks! [all cheering.]
Okay, gentlemen.
It's time to come up with the ultimate slumber party prank.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, how about a pillow fight? [giggles.]
Or we could spray 'em with shaving cream.
- [both laughing.]
- [clangs.]
Those are terrible ideas! I was thinking of something a little more spooky.
- [screaming.]
- [thuds.]
- [whimpering.]
- Oh, what's the matter, Cyborg? Why didn't you warn me? What? This baby mask? That's nothing [screaming.]
Don't you know my man don't like frights? - He's a sensitive boy.
- Okay.
We'll do one of your dumb ideas.
Oh, this is the delightful.
See, you don't need your sister to have fun.
[alarm blaring.]
Looks like some kind of dangerous alien device has appeared in Jump City.
Anyone else up for a fight? - Always.
- I'm bringing the boombox! [hip-hop music.]
- [music stops.]
- Should we ask the boys to help? Boom! Shaving cream! Aa-ha-ha! You ladies look like you're ready for a shave.
Oh! You are so pranked! - [splatters.]
- [whimpering.]
Oh, Cyborg, are you okay? - Robin, what did you do? - Me? I didn't mean to You took it too far, man.
You took it too far! [wailing.]
Stop crying, you big baby.
No boys.
If they know we're going out, they'll follow us.
Got it covered.
Won't they know it's just a stuffed sleeping bag? I went on vacation once for two weeks and they never noticed.
Raven, up and at 'em.
- Come on, the day's a-wasting.
- [thuds.]
Rise and shine! Time to get up! Aah! Whoa! - They really aren't smart, are they? - No, they're not.
Okay, let's move.
We've got a city to save.
Yeah! Girls' night in is now girls' night out.
Whoo-hoo! Starfire, you comin'? I am just leaving the note for my sister.
"Dear Blackfire, I hope you are well.
I am out waging the war upon the forces of evil and will be back soon.
- Please enjoy" - Um Could you go any slower? "And I love you and hugs forever, and I will see you soon and I love you.
" Girls' night.
Whoo! We're going to sleep now.
You boys better stay out.
Pillow fight! - [all laughing.]
- [Beast Boy.]
Watch out boys, I'm Okay, don't get too aggressive now.
- [thuds.]
- Ow! - You hit my eye! - No It's okay.
- It's okay.
- It's not okay.
It's not okay at all! - [wailing.]
- Oh, my man Cyborg, you okay? Why'd you hit him so hard, fool? Well, sorry! I can't help it if I have tight muscles.
[horns honking in the distance.]
[people screaming.]
- What is that thing? - [Raven.]
Whatever it is, it can't be good.
Maybe Bee-girl can handle it.
What are your powers again? I can shrink to the size of a bee.
Wow, how useful.
- Blackfire.
- [gasps.]
Blackfire, you the came.
You see, Raven, she has come for the sisterly bonding as I said.
I'm pretty sure she's here to take over the planet.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
She is here for the party of the slumber.
[happy music.]
No, Star, she's right.
I'm here for the planet.
This device will open a portal for my army which will conquer your pathetic world.
Oh-ho-ho, this must be the prank and oh, my! - Whoo! You have gotten me.
- It's not a prank.
I've been planning this invasion for a long time.
So, you truly do not wish to join of the slumbering party and bond as the sisters? I hate bonding.
I've got something more fun planned, anyway.
[vibrato intensifying.]
She's right.
This does look like fun.
Party time.
[rock music.]
Hyah! [thuds.]
Whoo! Nobody mess with the girls.
Whoo! Who else wants some? You want some? Whoo! Surrender, Blackfire, you're no match for us.
[laughs evilly.]
Did you really think it would be that easy? I'm here to take over the world.
[electrical buzzing.]
You wanted to bond, little sister? [thud.]
Then let's do some bonding.