Teen Titans Go! (2013) s07e37 Episode Script

Porch Pirates

1 Go! ♪ T-E-E-N ♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪ Teen Titans, go ♪ Good news, Titans.
Today is the day our new smoothie machine gets delivered.
I can't wait to taste them frosty treats, yo.
- So when's it gonna get here? - Oh! Let's see.
Oh, it's three houses away.
Two houses away.
It's here! Booyah! Hey, there's nothing here.
Where's our package? I don't know.
My tracker shows it got delivered.
Hold on.
I'll check the security footage.
I should have guessed.
Porch Pirates.
- Porch Pirates? - What are those? They're dirty thieves who prowl neighborhoods searching for packages, and when they find one, they steal it, costing consumers billions of dollars each year.
- Those monsters.
- The Pirates of the Porch are the lowest of the low.
And I can't believe they took our smoothie machine! We gots to get it back from them.
Don't worry, I have an idea.
Here's the plan, Titans.
I've placed an electrified net over that box.
When the pirates try to steal it zap! Nab him! Hey! They got away with the package.
So much for your trap, Robin.
I don't understand what happened.
Why didn't it trigger? Okay.
This time, I've rigged the box itself.
When the pirates grab it, they'll get blasted with the most fearsome prank weapon of all The glitter bomb.
They took the box again.
- Huh? - And your pants too, yo.
This time, we hide inside the box, and when the pirates come to steal us, we jump them.
Ooh, I can't waits to see the looks on the pirates' faces.
Perhaps we should make the box noises to make our trap appear the more convincing.
Oh! You mean like No.
That sounds more like a crate.
Boxes don't make noises.
Keep it down.
I will lose the element of surprise.
Arrr! We fetched more than discount electronics this time, lads.
Porch Pirates! Give us back our smoothie machine, you box-stealing bottom feeders.
You landlubbers have some fight in ya.
I like that.
So I'll make ye a deal.
I'll give you back your package as soon as you got me a new one.
- Forget it.
We're not thieves.
- Very well.
Then I'll feed you to the land sharks.
I don't want to be eaten by no land sharks.
Me the either.
Relax, Titans.
He's bluffing.
There's no such thing as land sh It's true.
They do exist.
Okay, okay, we'll get a package for you.
Just please let us live.
Now hoist and current set sail, lads.
We got some thieving to do.
That'll be our prey.
You expect us to grab a package from Dr.
Light? Aye.
You want to earn back your smoothie machine, don't you? Now get going.
Phew! That was easy.
The mechanical fool.
What a disappointment! Let's hope your shipmates do better.
The greetings.
We are the typical robot henchmen one-zero-zero-one.
And we are here to retrieve the brains package for him, Optimus Prime, our duty to Johnny 5 and other '80's robots.
I do believe they are the buying it.
Ye kids today.
No work ethic.
But practice makes perfect.
Careful getting that package, Beast Boy.
Why? Because it might be a glitter bomb? No, because Wayne Manor is surrounded by security.
Hey there, Ace.
Long time no see.
You want a treat, boy? Oh, how about your bone? I knows what he want, your chew toy.
Ow, ow.
Bad dog.
Bad dog.
Get off of me, yo! Let me guess.
You didn't get the package.
Axis Chemicals? You want us to snatch a package from the Joker? That sounds the dangerous.
Aye, it is.
How do you think I got me peg leg? And me hook hand? And me hook leg and me peg hand? He's a nasty clown.
Now, this is your last chance.
If you mess this up, I'll feed your smoothie machine to the land sharks and ye along with it.
- Okay, okay.
- But that place is a fortress.
How are we going to get in there? By trying the direct approach.
Booyah! There.
We held up our end of the bargain.
Now give us back our smoothie machine.
Of course.
It's behind those boxes on the starboard side.
Where? I don't see nothing.
Keep looking.
Hey, what are you doing, bro? Isn't it obvious, bro? I'm stranding you on this deserted island.
You can't do that.
You must honor our deal.
There is no honor among thieves.
Now, I hope you all enjoy your new home.
So long.
Hey, get back here! Don't worry, Titans.
We'll find a way off this island in no time.
It's hopeless, yo.
We'll never get off this island.
A box! What's in it, Beast Boy? Nothing.
Someone ate the bottom.
Hey, Dangerous.
He's just hungry for cardboard boxes.
Titans, I have a plan.
Oh! Looks like we've struck the mother lode.
Ahoy, Porch Pirates.
Go ghost.
Land sharks astern! Load the cannons.
Fire! Faster you sloths.
They're a-gaining.
Prepare to be boarded.
Whoo! Yeah, boy.
Emergency! Justice is served.
Check it out.
I thinks I found our smoothie machine.
Don't open it.

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