Teen Titans Go! (2013) s07e39 Episode Script

The Perfect Pitch?

1 Go! ♪ T-E-E-N ♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪ Teen Titans, go ♪ Millions of shows at the click of a button, and here we are watching reruns of '90s sitcoms.
I thought this was supposed to be the golden age of TV.
The savage wars between the media giants have spoiled us with the abundance of new television content.
But the faster they makes it, the faster we watches it.
We can binge a full season of a new show in a single day.
Then we have to wait months for the next season to drop.
I'm just gonna come out and say it, the world needs more TV shows! Then perhaps, we should make the TV show.
Whoo-hoo! Great idea, Star.
But if we're going to make an awesome TV show, we need to come up with an idea.
It's gotta be so imaginative, it literally boggles the brain.
And it's got to be hilarious, yo.
With them clever jokes.
But also it must be filled with the hearts and the warm emotions.
And action! It's got to have a lot of action, baby! Well, there's only one type of show that can do all of those things Animated shows! Get ready, because today we're heading to Hollywood to pitch our very own show.
Titans go! There it is.
The one magical place that can make our TV show a reality.
That dumpy-looking office building? All TV shows get their start in dumpy-looking office buildings.
We've come to make an animated show for television.
Who's in charge here? That would be me.
Toy Master.
That's right, Titans.
I'm the boss.
I control the cartoons.
After all, cartoons help sell toys.
That's where the real money is.
We wish to make the awesome show so that there is even more to watch on the TV.
I'll give you a shot, but you'll have to make it through the dreaded process of TV development! Now the first step is pitching an idea.
Not the problem.
Each of us has prepared the pitch in the proper 12-point courier font, double-spaced, one page format.
Great! Now crumple them up and pitch them at these bottles.
What? We spent a lot of time on these pitches.
Don't you at least want to hear them first? Look, I'm very busy, and I don't have time to listen to you go on and on about your ideas.
I just want to see if any of them hit.
Uh, fine, then I'll pitch first.
Ooh, that pitch was way off.
Boring! Not interested.
Just not enough meat to that pitch.
We get that pitch all the time.
You are our last shot, Beast Boy.
Bring all of the energy to the pitch.
And don't let him throw you off with his trash talk.
Can you speed this up? My next meeting's in five minutes.
All right, Beast Boy, you've got this.
Pitch it.
Pitch it good! But don't come off too strong.
Hooah! Okay, not the best pitch ever, but not the worst either.
Needs some work but has potential.
Congratulations! You just won a TV development deal.
I suppose I should take a look at what you just pitched.
Gets ready for the most original idea you's ever seen.
A video game cartoon? Yeah, it's like, what if video game characters came to life in the real world? Hey, that's what I pitched.
Me too.
The I as well.
We all pitched the same idea.
That's because a cartoon about video game characters is the most over-pitched idea in Hollywood.
But you did pitch it well, so you'll get to move on to the next step of the development process, making a pilot.
Here's your cheque.
Wow! That's a lot of money.
Check out all them zeroes, yo.
Woot, woot, woot, whoo! Just to be clear, you need to use this money to make the pilot.
We understand.
We'll make sure to spend this money wisely.
Look, Titans, I bought this expensive standing desk to strengthen my core while I work.
And I bought this new designer office chair to cushion my booty during long, unnecessary meetings.
I hired a full-time assistant in case we need someone to order us lunch.
Word! And I have hired the assistant to the assistant.
Howdy? In case we need someone to order us the desserts.
Yo, Beastie, what'd you spend your money on? These video games for research and development.
- Aah! - Ooh.
I want to do some R&D.
We've all done a great job on spending our money wisely.
Now, how much do we have left to make the pilot? I'm on it, El Jefe.
The 12 cents.
Hmm, that doesn't leave much to hire animators.
It's cool, yo.
Cartoons these days is computer-generated.
So let's just put our ideas into the computer and see what it generates.
Great idea, Beast Boy.
Everyone, type in your ideas.
Talking animals.
Need to run fast.
Super cool.
And now we just press Enter.
Power up! The video game characters That makes them cool Video game action Super cool, dude! ♪ It's spiky time! So what do you think? I think it's hot garbage! Whoa! But I could make it into toys, so it works for me.
However, there's still one final step in the TV development process.
The show must get officially green lit.
By the president of the studio? No, no, no.
The final decision is made by spinning the wheel.
Land on green light, and we'll make a full season of your show.
So this whole process just comes down to dumb luck? Of course.
That's how all of Hollywood works.
Now you get three spins.
Good luck.
Round and round and round we go.
Will the wheel reject the show? Sorry.
your shows off-brand.
Two more tries for the green light prize.
Sorry, your show tested poorly.
One more spin for a chance to win.
Come on, Star, spin, spin, spin.
- You can do it.
- Put your back into it.
Oh, I am feeling the lucky.
I am feeling the lucky.
Your show has officially been green lit.
Uh, don't get too excited.
The show is so bad, it probably won't last more than a season.
I was wrong.
Your show's a hit, and the toys have been selling like crazy.
Oh yeah, we's going to be rich.
No, no, no, no.
That's not how Hollywood works.
You don't get the money, I do.
Aw! And I've made so much money off your show that I can finally build my toy army and take over the world! Oh, no! Our success is coming back to bite us.
Ugh, so Hollywood.
We won't let you get away with this, Toy Master.
Try and stop me.
Or better yet, try and stop them.
It's spiky time.
This won't be easy, we made these guys super cool.
Titans, go! Uh.
Why did we give them so many weapons? Because it's super cool.
Aah! Oh, the no.
We have made their powers more super than our own.
You're going down, Spikes.
Need to run fast! Aah.
Too cool.
You're finished, Titans! Destroyed by your own damn creations.
It's good to be the boss.
Did you hear that? He said he's the boss.
That's right.
I am.
I'm the big boss.
Well, there's only one thing a video game character can't resist fighting, and that's the boss.
What are you doing? Stay back.
No! No! Looks like all that research and development really paid off, Beast Boy.
What can I say? I knows my video games.
Who would have thought creating a new show would be so difficult and dangerous.
Well, who wants to go home and watch some reruns of '90s sitcoms?
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