Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s03e08 Episode Script

9059-010 - The Fifth Turtle

Teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles heroes in a half shell turtle power they're the world's most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell and they're green Hey, get a grip.
When the evil shredder attacks these turtle boys don't cut him no slack teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but rude Give me a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles heroes in a half shell turtle power lions gate home entertainment [TYPING ON KEYBOARD.]
Ooh, let's see.
In 1909, Jupiter was here, so that means this year, it will be-- Donatello, emergency! What is it? Shredder? Close.
Shredded mozzarella.
Like in, we're out of it.
Yeah, and we've got a major case of the midnight munchies.
So we picked you to go to the store and get some.
There's a weird planetary alignment coming up this week.
Hey, planetary alignments come and go, but pizza is forever.
All right, I'll go to the all-night market and pick some up, but you've got to come with, Raphael.
Hold it a sec.
What's up? I had the weirdest feeling somebody was following us.
The turtle curfew man.
Let's take a shortcut through this alley.
Look what we've got here.
Little green sailors.
Give us your money, or you'll be sailing up the creek without a paddle.
Good line, pal.
Who writes your dialogue? What the-- a couple of turtles! Turkeys is more like it.
Stop! I am zak, master ninja turtle, the scourge of evildoers.
Heh heh! We got us a whole herd of turtles.
I'll show you.
Hyah! Oops.
Hyah! Aah! Aah! Wise guy, huh? Whoa! Hyah! Whoops.
Good move, klutz.
Let's get out of here! Wow.
You guys really are the turtles.
I know all about you guys.
You're Donatello and you're Raphael.
I want to help you guys fight crime.
I got my own junior crime fighter kit and my own turtle disguise.
You're no crime fighter, you're a menace.
And you call this a turtle disguise? Why don't you go home, fella, before you hurt yourself.
I was only trying to help.
Hey, maybe we were a little hard on the guy.
I think we hurt his feelings.
We've got more important things to worry about.
Like what happened to my turtlecom? I'll show them.
I can be a ninja turtle, too.
Will you get on with it, krang? All in good time, my dear shredder.
First a little astronomy lesson.
This is our solar system.
Here are the earth and moon orbiting the sun.
Tomorrow, Mars here will be in perfect alignment with them.
Thusly-- what does all this have to do with the capsidium crystals? Very simple, even for you.
When the planetary conjunction occurs, you will place the crystals beneath the telescope at the planetarium.
When the light strikes the crystals, it will provide enough power to raise the technodrome to the surface of the earth.
You have less than 24 hours to get the crystals and seize the planetarium.
Ciao! One day, krang, you'll order me around once too often.
Then I'll leave and you'll find yourself without your good right hand.
Where have you been, little brother? I see you're still wearing that dumb costume.
Out looking for turtles again? Yeah, only this time I found them.
Oh, yeah? Where? Down at the pet shop? Ha ha ha ha! I did meet 'em.
The ninja turtles are real, and I'll prove it.
Oh, you do that and I'll eat that stupid costume.
I will prove it.
You'll see.
I wonder what this thing is.
If I give it back to the turtles, maybe they'll let me join them.
Then I'll be a ninja turtle, too.
Wow, Irma, listen to this.
There's been a break-in reported at the marconi laboratories.
Witnesses reported seeing a wart hog and a rhinoceros.
They must have had a garage sale at the zoo.
That could only be rock steady and bebop.
April to turtles, come in, please.
Come in, turtles.
Donatello here.
What is it, April? Wow.
It's a transmitter.
We just got a report of a break-in at the marconi labs.
It sounds like shredder's involved.
Thanks, April.
We're on our way.
Right, we're on our way.
I got to fix this thing.
I'm getting an echo.
Gee, boss.
They've got a lot of neat stuff in here.
BEBOP: Yeah.
Open that safe and get those crystals.
Sure, boss.
Not that way, you slug.
The capsidium crystals are very fragile.
Yeah, you got to be more gentle.
Allow me.
Whoa! Got them, boss.
Don't you know it's not nice to take things that don't belong to you? The turtles! Blah! I'm gonna fry me some turtle hash.
You will not stop me, you mettlesome reptiles.
Get serious, dude.
They don't call this the shredder show.
What? Here I come! I'll help you! Turtle power--whaa! I don't know who you are, but thanks for interfering.
That should keep you turtles busy.
Tough doody, squids.
It's that fake turtle.
He's in big trouble.
DONATELLO: The pendulum is gonna crush him.
Burne is gonna love this footage.
I'll save the nutcase.
You stop them.
Ready or not, here I come.
Unh! Grab onto my shell and hang on.
Thanks, Raphael.
I-- later, fella.
Come out and fight, you weasels.
How about if I send a friend? Come along, you clumsy ignoramuses.
This should prove electrifying, turtles.
Come on! Whoa! What a great story.
No pictures, lady.
Give that back.
Ooh! Yeow! You won't be so gutsy tomorrow night when we raise the techno-- quiet, you bugbrain.
Farewell, turtles.
After them! Whoa! Oh! Sure.
As soon as you shut off that lightning.
I'll do it.
Excellent, April.
Just like mother nature.
They got away again.
Another turtle adventure concluded.
Time to leave.
Hold it right there, Mr.
mock turtle.
Hi, guys.
That's the second time you've gotten in our way.
I was just trying to help.
Hey, he's only a microdude.
I'm almost 14, and my name is zak.
You really messed things up back there, zak.
I didn't mean to.
I think you guys are the greatest.
I want to be a ninja turtle fighter just like you.
Get real, kid.
Nobody wants to be a mutant turtle.
Well, you wouldn't want to be me either.
Meanwhile, shredder and his weirdoes got away.
I've got news for you, so has our mystery turtle.
The kid's gone.
Uh, how did he know we were here? There's only one way-- because he's got my turtlecom.
There's something more important to worry about.
Like why rock steady said they were raising the technodrome tomorrow.
Ecch! There's something sticky on the floor of the van.
Michelangelo! Hey, don't look at me.
I haven't eaten pizza in it for a whole month.
Now for my ultraviolet glasses.
Let's see if that special paint I put in their van works.
All right! I expect some gratitude for accomplishing our mission, krang.
Your stupid mutants almost destroyed the crystals, then they told the turtles our plan, and you want gratitude? Ha! Why is it whenever they do something wrong, they're my stupid mutants.
Never mind that.
The turtles will soon figure out where phase 2 of our plan takes place, and they will try to stop us.
And you, my dear shredder, must see that they fail.
I am sure that the theft of the capsidium crystals has something to do with raising the technodrome.
Oh, for sure.
But what? That's it.
Those crystals can turn the right kind of light into incredible energy.
Of course.
Tomorrow's the 10th.
Don't tell me, it's krang's birthday and the crystals are a present.
No, tomorrow's the conjunction of the earth, moon, and Mars.
It makes a light that could provide the energy krang needs to raise the technodrome.
What was that? Someone outside the lair.
Hyah! You again? Zak, how'd you find us? I tracked you with my junior detective kit.
Welcome, my son.
I am splinter.
It's a pleasure to meet one who can point out how careless my students have become.
Wow! Are you a real live ninja master? You should feel humbled that one so young has done what many older and wiser could not-- found our lair.
Um, I sort of got something that belongs to you.
My turtlecom.
I wanted to show you guys a neat trick with it.
I hook up a Mike from my junior detective kit, and watch what happens.
[High-pitched sound.]
Isn't it neat? YesNeat.
Argh, great.
Now, turn it off.
Zak, would you like to have a tour of the place? Would I! Here.
Scarf this.
It's hot fudge and anchovy pizza.
Uh, if I eat this, do I become a turtle? No, but you'll definitely turn green.
Yaii! Hyah! Wow! That's awesome.
What's this experiment? I'm trying to find a container that Michelangelo's pizza sauce won't dissolve.
Thanks for everything, turtles.
I'll never forget this.
You must promise never to endanger yourself again by trying to help us.
I promise, master splinter.
What movie do we get to watch? I hope it's a cartoon.
Now, this is the part where that brat interrupted things.
It appears he thinks he's a turtle.
I might just use that fact.
Hello, police department.
I found a lost bicycle I'd like to return.
The license is 70131.
Why, thank you, officer.
Go to this address and seize the boy.
What? It's those bad guys from the lab.
I better hide.
Ohh! Ohh! Shh.
The kid ain't here.
Maybe he's hiding in the closet.
No, nothing in there but a bunch of stupid toys.
It don't matter.
Once we get them crystals set up at the planetarium no turtles are gonna stop us.
And when they do come, we'll be waiting.
They're setting a trap for the turtles.
I got to warn them.
Oh, but I promised splinter I wouldn't get mixed up in this.
But they're my friends, and us turtles have to stick together.
KRANG: I hope this teaches you a lesson, shredder.
Never send a mutant to do a human's job.
The boy is unnecessary.
We can complete the plan without him.
Just to make certain, I'm sending foot soldiers to accompany you.
The technodrome will rise.
Once it does, I shall rule earth with an iron fist.
Any luck figuring out what shredder's up to, Donatello? Not yet.
Oh, bummer news, buds.
I just got off the horn with April.
No sign of shredder anywhere.
The planetary conjunction will occur within the hour.
Ok, here's the scoop.
Now, shredder's got to be somewhere that he can focus a lot of that planetary light on the crystals, preferably near a big open space for the technodrome to surface.
The planetarium across from the park.
Exactamundo! Let's get there, turtles.
Oh, be careful with those capsidium crystals.
They're delicate.
Ah, the foot soldiers.
You've brought the equipment.
Now inside.
Oh, Donatello's so smart.
I just know he'll figure out that shredder's gonna be here at the planetarium.
I'll just wait for the turtles to get here so I can warn them.
That's what you think.
Hey, let me go! Look who I found snooping around.
You'll never beat the turtles! I don't have to now.
When they see I have you, they'll surrender.
It looks awfully quiet.
Famous last words.
Ow! Look out, lasers! Lasers! Raphael, you and Donatello stay here and keep the foot soldiers busy.
Michelangelo and I will take care of shredder.
Let's go, Donatello.
Now it's our turn.
Oh-ho, the capsidium crystals are in place.
It's almost time.
It's later than you think, shredder.
The turtles! Bingo, bud.
Drop your weapons.
Zak? Microdude! Don't do it, guys! I'm afraid he's got us.
Tie them up.
We'll deal with them later.
Hurry! The conjunction of the planets is just moments away.
Never fear, krang.
Everything is under control.
It had better be.
This is getting us nowhere fast.
I've got an idea.
Let's make a run for the module.
Let's see.
Ah, this must be it.
Here they come.
Perfect timing.
It's ready.
Now, run for it.
Now let's help Michelangelo and Leonardo mop up those creeps.
Hey, thanks for all your help, dude.
Think nothing of it.
Guys, I'm sorry I broke my promise.
This is kind of my fault.
It's working.
Now is the hour of my triumph! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! The world is ours.
Come on! You're the ninja turtles.
Nobody can defeat you guys.
Those capsidium crystals are sensitive to sound.
If only we could-- I got an idea, Donatello.
Give me your turtlecom.
Who you gonna call, mutantbusters? Unh, here.
Now, if I can just reach the knob.
Got it.
[High-pitched sound.]
Aah! What is that infernal noise? Ow! Ooh! The noise shattered the crystals.
What's going on? "Never fear, krang, everything's under control," he says.
A piece of that crystal landed next to my foot.
If I can get my foot under it.
Ahh, there.
Try to catch the crystal when I flip it.
Maybe we can use it to cut the ropes.
Got it.
What do I win? Only our freedom.
Ooh, krang's going to be awful steamed.
We'll deal with krang later.
First to dispose of-- the turtles! Like, how about we dispose of you instead? I think not.
Smoke grenade! [COUGHING.]
They're getting away.
After them.
The module.
It's gone! You haven't seen the last of me, turtles.
Aah! Aah! Whoa-aah! ALL: Unh! Don't just stand there like a frozen steer.
Pick me up.
You'd like to do what? Start a teenage mutant ninja turtles fan club.
I know lots of kids who would join.
Excellent idea, microdude.
We could make guest appearances at pizzeria openings.
Don't forget guided tours of the lair via sewer raft.
You're the only fan we need, and we want to show our appreciation for your help.
My very own turtlecom.
Wow! We have decided to make you an honorary turtle, zak.
You'll always be welcome in our lair.
Oh, if this is a dream, I hope I never wake up.
Out looking for turtles again, little brother? Yes, and I found them.
Oh, yeah.
Sure, you did.
No, really.
Who do you think brought me home? Wha? So long, zak.
Thanks for your help.
Hey, drop in anytime, microdude.
You make a great turtle, even if you're not green.
Want to eat this with ketchup or mayonnaise? lions gate home entertainment