Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s03e43 Episode Script

9059-034 - Shredderville

Teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles heroes in a half shell, turtle power they're the world's most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell and they're green Hey, get a grip.
When the evil shredder attacks these turtle boys don't cut him no slack teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but rude Gimme a break! Michelangelo is a party dude party! Teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles heroes in a half shell, turtle power lions gate entertainment MICHELANGELO: Total bummer, dudes.
What has happened, my turtles? Shredder got away.
And he wrecked two garbage trucks and us doing it.
Perhaps your struggle with shredder is like the struggle between good and evil-- unending.
You mean, like, we gotta keep doing it till we get it right? Oh, sensei, I'm beginning to think the world would be better off if we turtles had never been mutated.
Such thoughts can be dangerous, Donatello.
But look at all the destruction shredder causes just trying to get rid of us.
Donatello's right.
If we weren't around, maybe shredder wouldn't be, either.
Be careful what you wish for, my students.
You just might get it.
Tubuloso concept.
I'm going to wish for a double Decker fudge-filled pizza.
Ech! Blech! Hey, where's the lair? You wanna keep it down so a guy can get some sleep? [SQUEAKS.]
Ah! Where are we? And how'd we get here? I don't know, dudes.
We've gotta find the lair.
Come on, turtles.
This is definitely not our sewer.
I think we'd better go topside and reconnoiter.
DONATELLO: What is going on? Not a lot of cleaning, that's for sure.
What a mess.
Everything's falling apart.
Kinda reminds me of our place after a pizza party.
This place hasn't been cleaned in years.
LEONARDO: And they've got air to match.
Look at the pollution! All mutants are to be hunted down.
Mutants are your enemies.
The dude's talking about us.
And we don't have our disguises.
No problem.
I see just the place.
RAPHAEL: "Dave's disguises.
" Yup.
I'd say there's a fair chance we'll find a disguise there.
They've got everything here.
What do you think, mates? Fair dinkum, eh? Forget it.
This is definitely more you.
How much for 4 costumes? Start paying.
I'll tell you when.
Hey, what kind of phony money is this? Mutants! Oh, I should have known.
Your money's as worthless as you are.
What's wrong with it? What's the matter, you from dimension x or something? This here is the only money that's good in this town.
That's shredder's picture.
What did you expect? This is shredderville.
Shredderville? Is this some kind of a practical joke? It's no joke, mutant.
Now, scram outta here, before I call the cops.
LEONARDO: What's happened to this city? The whole place has changed overnight.
Let's go find April.
Maybe she's got some answers.
DONATELLO: Oh, my gosh.
Look at the channel 6 building.
I love what they've done with the place.
Scope it out, dudes.
Like, the world sure is in terrible shape.
I told you it'd fall apart one day.
Oh, I'm not so sure I want to ride on this elevator.
You may not have to.
There's no car.
Cowabunga! It's coming! And it's an express! Whoa! On second thought, maybe we ought to take the stairs.
Hey, look.
Irma's been replaced by a robot receptionist.
May I help you? She ought to do something about those loose teeth, huh? We'd like to see April o'Neil, please.
AprilApril April has 30 days.
Unlike February, which has 28.
Oh! A simple "I don't know if she's in" would have been enough.
Ah, at least April's office is still here.
I hope you can handle a few slight changes.
MICHELANGELO: Holy guacamole.
It's right out of the Arabian nights.
LEONARDO: April? DONATELLO: Irma? Are you dudettes going to a costume party? Oh! Mutants! What are you doing here? Garbage pickup isn't until Thursday.
Don't you know who we are? Of course not.
We don't socialize with mutants.
We're not that kind of harem girls.
Aah! Let me guess.
You guys are the tooth fairy, right? Nah, there ain't Them's the 7 dwarfs.
Bebop and rocksteady.
They're not mutants.
And they don't recognize us, either.
Doesn't anybody recognize us? Oh, whoever you geeks are, you ain't welcome.
You scared away our serving girls.
April and Irma-- rocksteady and bebop's serving girls? What a totally nutsoid concept.
We happen to be the teenage mutant ninja turtles.
Turtles, huh? We like turtles.
Ah, well, that's a relief.
Yeah, we like you for lunch.
I'll handle this.
BEBOP: Get him! Whoa! Let's wrap this up, amigo.
They're as snug as 2 slugs in a rug.
Whoa, sending the carpet out for cleaning, I see.
It needs it.
I gotta get rid of these 2 big grease spots.
Whoa-oh! I still can't figure out this place.
It's like totally bizarro.
Nobody knows who we are.
Hold it, guys.
I just figured it out.
The reason nobody knows us is We got our wish.
What wish? Remember? Last night, we thought the world might be better off if we never existed.
Well, this is the world without the teenage mutant ninja turtles.
What do you mean we don't exist? We've been transported to some alternate world.
It's just like ours except for one important difference.
What's that? We teenage mutant ninja turtles never lived.
Why else would our best friends April and Irma run away from us? Maybe it's our breath.
Somebody's coming.
I'll go check it out.
Let's fix them rotten mutants.
Yeah, mutants are our enemy.
Let's look for a way out.
There's only one way-- we'll take the turtle elevator.
Cowabunga! Now I know we're not in our world.
The technodrome.
So that's why this world is in such bad shape.
I'll bet krang is responsible for our being here in this alternate world.
Well, hey, let's go find that Turkey and talk Turkey.
Mutants, go home! No more freaks in our fair city! I get the distinct feeling they don't like us.
Mutants, go home! I believe it's time for a tactical retreat.
Ah, ok, they're gone now.
There's something strange going on here.
Everybody hates mutants.
I don't get it, either.
We're so loveable.
Krang has really let the technodrome get run down.
Don't you just hate a sloppy housekeeper? Hey, scope it out.
Some kid's spray-painting a message.
"Krang go home.
" Aha! Hey, let go of me, gravel breath! You will come with me.
What for? Defacing the technodrome is a serious offense.
We can't let that rock soldier arrest that kid.
Ohhh! Gotcha, little dude.
Ah, gee, thanks, mister, I-- a mutant? Yuck! Let go of me.
Hey, you're Zach.
Hey, dudes, it's our old compadre, the fifth turtle.
You mutants know my name? We have a friend who's just like you.
Uh, where we come from.
Around here, humans and mutants aren't friends.
But thanks for saving me from that rock soldier.
Those pebblebrains are no friends of ours, either.
You could do us a favor.
We need to get into the technodrome.
Looking like that? Ha, forget it.
You'd never get past that general tragg.
It might help get rid of krang.
Yeah, and we're great with disguises.
Why didn't you say so? Come with me.
Hold it.
Where do you think you're going? Uh, we got an emergency call.
Something needs fixing.
In this city, everything needs fixing.
Then we got here just in time.
Come on, fellow Sanitary engineers.
Not so fast.
I'll have to see your I.
Uh, no time, general.
The framistam is leaking into the beamerjam.
Oh, well, in that case, go ahead.
Framistam leaking into the beamerjam? Yuck.
This is not even a nice place to visit.
Personally, it kinda makes me homesick for the sewer.
Blast you, blasted thing! Well, well, if it isn't krang himself.
So you're finally here to fix my view screen.
No, we're the teenage mutant ninja turtles, and we're here to fix you.
This city is a terrible mess, and it's all your fault.
Me? You got that treasonous ninja shredder to thank for all this.
Why do you think they call this place shredderville? Of course.
It was shredder's voice we heard on those antimutant announcements.
Do you think I'd let the technodrome get this run down if I were in charge? Oh, this doesn't look good.
The power generators are seriously overheating.
What can I do? Shredder is diverting all the coolants for his own use at his headquarters.
Where's that? At channel 6, where else? I think it's time to go, dudes.
We'll send you a bill for our service.
You must fix my view screen.
My favorite soap comes on in a few minutes.
What will I do? Read a book.
Rock soldiers! Rock soldiers! There's the exit, dead ahead.
Could you phrase that another way? There they go! Stop them! [TURTLES YELLING.]
Get them! Look out! Thanks, Zach.
Hey, I owed you one.
Well, now we're even, microdude.
I'm gotta go.
So long, turtles! Fellas, I think we know what we have to do.
Snack time, huh? Yeah.
I wish bebop would learn to peel his own grapes.
Hey! Hey! Awful mutant! I thought we told you to take a hike.
Listen, we're not your enemies.
We're your friends.
Shredder's blamed everything on the mutants so people won't find out who the real enemy is.
The honcho bad dude around here is shredder.
BOTH: Shredder?! Along with his 2 mutants bebop and rocksteady.
Mutants? Bebop and rocksteady? I thought they were just ugly humans.
Well, in our world, they're mutants.
What do you mean your world? Uh, it's a long story.
While you tell it, Raphael and I will track down shredder.
Go that way, you two.
You've got audience duty today.
Come one, we can take these guys.
Forget it! We don't want the whole place after us until we find shredder.
What is audience duty? How'd we get roped into watching some TV show? From the looks of these unhappy faces, I'd say it's not one of your major hits.
Hey, gang, it's time for the I love shredder show! [ALL YAWNING.]
Today we'll review our glorious leader's early years.
Roll the tape.
TAPE: Even as a baby, shredder was drawn to the martial arts.
As he grew older, our generous leader found the time to share his skills with his schoolmates.
That's it! I'm mad as heck, and I'm not gonna take it anymore! Don't you realize that good old shredder is to blame for this miserable condition things are in.
Listen to me! Shredder is your real enemy! Not the-- mutants! Get them! [ALL SCREAMING.]
Thanks, Leonardo! Now I'll never know how i love shredder ended.
We should've arranged a place to meet.
How are we gonna find Leonardo and Raphael? [ALL SCREAMING.]
Uh, I think we just found them.
I think can we handle them, don't you? Why not? There's only two of them.
We'll show you what we do to mutants.
Let's see how brave you mutants are.
Let's see how brave you humans are.
Whoa-ho! Vernon, this is no time to play hide and seek! Hey, four against two.
No fair.
Let's even up the odds.
BOTH: Turtle power! You've had it, mutants.
We've gotta help those turtles! All right, but I'm still not sure why.
Bye-bye, mutants.
It's April and Irma! You really lowered the boom on those dudes.
Oh, ple-please, don't hurt me, please, please! Ha ha ha, only kidding, fellas.
Some of my best friends are mutants.
RAPHAEL: More rock soldiers! Come on, climb up.
They're getting away.
Fire! Follow us.
We know a back way out of here.
Helping mutants.
I feel like such a traitor.
Ok, all clear.
We'll be back.
Wait until things calm down, then we'll take you to see shredder.
Thanks April, Irma.
I'm glad you realized that we're not the bad guys.
Hey, for a bunch of guys with bald heads and green skin, you'reKind of cute.
Whatever world Irma is in, she's the same Irma.
We've got to figure out a way to get back to our own universe.
Hey, what's going on? It felt like one humongous earthquake.
It's the technodrome.
The generators are starting to overload.
If they aren't cooled off, the entire technodrome will blow up.
LEONARDO: What a mess.
I've seen cars at a demolition derby in better condition.
Stop, stop, you idiots! Aren't you the technodrome repair mutants? No, we're the teenage mutant ninja Oh, never mind.
Well, whoever you are, you're too late.
The power generators have overloaded.
They're going to self-destruct.
And you better go tell shredder to redivert the coolant.
Are you insane? I'm putting as much distance between me and that thing as possible.
Now move it, dim bulb.
SHREDDER: Destroy all mutants! Mutants are the enemy! MAN: We are experiencing technical difficulties.
Our regular brainwashing will resume momentarily.
Actually, this universe isn't too different from ours.
APRIL: I told you guys to come back later! There's no time to wait.
The technodrome will blow up if shredder doesn't do something.
Oh, ok.
Follow us.
Shredder's office is this way.
Hold it, mutant wimps.
You again? We already sent you to the cleaners.
Yeah, well, we're back again, dirtier than ever.
Aerial attack.
I'll take care of them! What's going on? OrComing off? Even our weapons are falling apart in this world.
What do you expect? It's shredderville.
Ha ha ha! Now we got you.
Come on! Take us to shredder's office before it's too late.
This is shredder's office, but no one's ever gotten beyond those doors.
Solid bronze.
And a foot thick.
End of the road, dudes.
No way we're gonna break down these doors.
Well, maybe one way.
APRIL: It's so dark in here.
IRMA: Yeah, so I see.
SHREDDER: What fool dares disturb the all-powerful shredder? LEONARDO: Let's see, there should be one here somewhere.
Do not touch that! I forbid it! Shredder? I told you not to touch that.
Oh, nothing works around here.
Why are you mutants here? To warn you to divert the coolant back to the technodrome before it goes kablooey.
I've only got Look at all these repair requests! Everything is broken.
Tell me about it! You should see my hair dryer.
You think being emperor of the world is easy? Oh, it's giving me an ulcer.
Oh, great! We want to get back to our world, where you don't rule.
A world where I don't rule? Oh, please, take me with you, please! Look out, the whole side of the building is gone! That's it, I abdicate the throne! Not if I can help it! Never mind shredder.
Look at the technodrome! It's about to explode! [TURTLES YELLING.]
Yo, dudes, I think I'm losing my grip! I could have told you that.
Come on, you guys, you can do it.
I-I'm trying.
Get up, Donatello.
Get up! II can't.
SPLINTER: Get up, Donatello.
Get up.
Donatello, get up.
Oh, what happened? Am I ok? Did the technodrome blow up? Did April and Irma get away? And what happened to emperor shredder? We're in the lair.
It was all a dream! [ALL TALKING AT ONCE.]
Well, my turtles, if you shared the same dream, I hope you all learned the same lesson.
ALL: We know! Be careful what you wish for.
You just might get it.
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