Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s05e04 Episode Script

9062-006B - Michaelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko

[theme song] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool, but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power [snoring] [all snoring] Oh! Look out, dude! No! No! Ouch! So much for my beauty sleep.
[groans] What is wrong, Michelangelo? It's totally weird.
I keep having the same crazy nightmare.
Well, that's what you get for eating lox and cream cheese pizzas before bedtime.
What was your dream about, my student? That's what so wacky, Master.
I don't remember.
My mind's a total blank.
So what else is new? This is no joking matter, dude! That dream nearly scared me out of my shell.
Perhaps I can prod your memory through hypnosis, my student.
Concentrate on the medallion, Michelangelo.
[chuckles] Nothing personal, sensei, but that stuff never works on-- [yawns] me.
You're in a deep sleep, Michelangelo.
Now tell us your dream.
Whoa! I see myself alone on a desert island that's made completely of pizza! Not your fantasy, your dream! Oh, that one.
I'm a cute baby turtle being carried away with my three bros by this little dude.
Oh, no! Talk about butterfingers! We're falling! And we landed in the sewers.
[Splinter] What else do you see, Michelangelo? [Michelangelo] Whoa! Totally gross! A lot of yucky green stuff.
[Splinter] Hmm.
That must be the mutagen that transformed all of us into mutants.
[Michelangelo] Wait a minute.
There's somebody else down here.
It'sIt's a baby lizard.
And he's crawling through the grody, green goop, too! Suddenly, I see something else! It's--it's this humongous dude with a bad attitude.
Look out, little lizard bro! He's after you! Oh! No! You may awaken, Michelangelo.
[snaps fingers] You are quite safe now.
Oh! Oh! Oh, man! It all seemed so real.
Michelangelo, you have been watching way too many late-night horror flicks.
Do not be so quick to judge others, Raphael.
What seems to be fantasy often proves to be reality.
Now go back to sleep, my students.
It has been a long night.
"Go back to sleep, he says.
Like it's real easy.
Once I'm up, I'm up.
Me, too.
[all snoring] How can those dudes sleep at a time like this? I've gotta find out who was with us that day we flopped into the sewer.
[groans] Bummer.
I've been walking for hours, but nothing looks familiar.
Hold everything.
This looks like the same sewer grate we tumbled through.
This is it.
I found the place I've been dreaming about.
[alarm rings] That's a burglar alarm.
[alarm continues] [laughing] Who says crime don't pay! I do! And I'm taking you dudes in.
Oh, yeah? Lotsa luck, fish-food breath! [laughs] All right, then, we'll do it the hard way.
Uhh! Uhh! I meant the hard way for you, dude, not me.
Aah! I'll stash the loot.
See you at the hideout.
Whoa! Oh! What have you done to my store? Uh, I redecorated it? While I'm here.
I might as well buy some fruit salad.
I don't have any fruit salad! You do now.
This is April O'Neil reporting live from the Second City Bank where another daring robbery has just taken place.
This is the fifth major crime in as many days.
Here's our ever-alert chief of police.
Can you tell us anything about this robbery, Chief? Gosh no.
I was just depositing my paycheck.
Nothing like a hot oatmeal pizza to start the day.
Have you guys seen Michelangelo? I thought he was with Splinter having that wacky dream analyzed.
Master Splinter hasn't seen him either.
I wonder where he's disappeared to.
Well, he can't have gone too far.
All the pizzas are still here.
He must have gone for a walk to clear his head.
Well, that shouldn't take too long.
Bummer, man.
Only three of those robber punks, and I let them get away.
I must be losing my touch.
Move it or lose it! Uhh! It's the bank robber dude! Hey! Come back with that cash-ola! Fat chance, fat-head! That dude is one gnarly skateboarder! But he doesn't know diddly about sewers.
That's a dead-end tunnel.
Whoa! I gotta bail out of here! Too late, dude whoever you are.
Mondo Gecko's the name, and stealing's my game! Yeah, well-- Hey, don't I know you from somewhere? Makes no difference, turtle.
Either way, you're about to be "shellacked.
" I'm warning you, dude.
I am a Ninja master.
Gee, I'm shakin' in my skin.
And now you're gonna get nailed with my tail.
Whoa! Whoo! Whoo! All right, dude.
enough games.
It's time to wrap things up.
Only it's me who's gonna do the wrappin'.
Huh? It's been great, but I gotta skate.
This is truly humiliating.
If my face wasn't green, it'd be red.
Uhh! Uhh! Now it's time to pull the plug on that gecko lug.
Luckily it's easy to follow a skateboard trail.
Looks like the dude hit the streets.
My turtle sense tells me he's in that warehouse.
Besides, the skateboard tracks lead right to it.
The bank robbery came off without a hitch.
You boys did a fine job.
Gee, thanks, X.
That's Mister X to you.
What a creepazoid, getting kids to do his dirty work.
X] I have your next assignment.
You're to hijack an army truck, carrying a devastating new explosive device.
The military will pay us a fortune in ransom money for its return.
This heist will make me-- UhI mean usmillionaires.
[laughs] Did you hear that, Sluggo? We're gonna be rich! [laughs] Whoa! Ow! Hey, cut it out! I might have to rob with you, but I don't have to dance with you.
X] Once we have all that money, we will be able to plunder entire countries instead of mere cities.
You'll need a box of dynamite.
I'll give you further instructions later.
You heard Mr.
You guys get the dynamite, and I'll wait here.
Right, Gecko.
Ready for a rematch, Geek-o? That's Gecko! And this time I'll finish you off.
I still say you look familiar.
Are you sure we haven't met before? Of course we did.
At the end of Act One.
No, duh! I mean, like, a long time ago.
Hey! Where--Where'd that turtle come from? He just dropped in to say good-bye.
Get him! With pleasure.
Whoa! Uhh! Try again, dudes.
Or should I say duds.
You won't have a head when we're done with ya! And you won't have any crates.
Gotcha! Let's feed him to the fishes.
[laughs] Good idea.
How come all these abandoned warehouses have trapdoors? But they don't all have sharks.
Say good-bye, Turtle.
No! Wait! Uhh! We better take him to Mr.
X and see what he wants us to do with him.
Oh! What a party pooper.
[struggling] Dude, easy on the shell! Uhh! Uhh! I wonder what these clowns are up to.
Not that there's much I can do about it.
[Gecko] Get a move on! They army convoy will be here any minute.
Aw! How come Sluggo and me gotta do the hard work? 'Cause Mr.
X put me in charge.
Yee-ow! Take it easy, will ya? One more bump like that, and we're all chopped liver.
Okey-dokey! The dynamite's planted.
Better stand back.
What's going on? All right! We got the explosives! In you go, turtle.
Whoa! Uhh! [all talking] [starts engine] [Gecko] Eat my dust, dog faces.
Excellent! My Turtlecom! Yo, bros! Send help pronto! Michelangelo, what's wrong? I've been turtlenapped by some whackos who just stole a super explosive.
Tell us your location.
I'm in an army transport truck heading south on Highway-- Sorry, shellback! Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
[laughs] Michelangelo! Are you there? Can you hear me? Hey, guys, listen.
He's trying again.
Hi, guys.
Oh, man! [Raphael] It's only April.
Well, gosh.
Thanks for the incredibly warm greeting.
Sorry, April.
We were just talking to Michelangelo.
He's in serious trouble.
[April] Anything I can do? [Leonardo] Thanks anyway, but we'll handle it.
I called to tell you I'm on a hot story.
An army transport truck was just stolen with a top-secret explosive on board.
Michelangelo is also on board.
This could be dangerous, April.
Stay away from that truck.
I appreciate the advice, Leonardo.
Of course I'll stay away.
[tires screech] Yeah, sure I will.
Now we've got Michelangelo and April to worry about.
Come on! Let's go! You guys wait here.
I'll check with Mr.
X in the hideout.
What--what do we do with the truck? Get rid of it.
I've got the neutron diviner tracking device calibrated to hone in on Michelangelo's biogenetic infrared code.
[Leonardo] Which means? If he's around here, we'll pick him up on the screen.
Like that? Precisely.
[Leonardo] Quick! What's his location? [beeping] A place called Devil's Mountain.
[Raphael] Then that's where we're headed.
[Sluggo] I've got an idea, Basher.
How about we get rid of the truck and the turtle? I don't think Mr.
X is gonna like that, Sluggo.
Hey, no problem.
We just tell him the brakes failed.
I've gotta warn you: fibbers never prosper.
Maybe not, but they still make out better than turtles going over a thousand-foot cliff! [laughs] [Sluggo and Basher laughing] [tires screeching] You kids might not wanna watch this part.
I think I'm gonna be truck sick.
[tires screeching] [laughing] You cheeseheads! I told you to lay off the turtle! You are such a spoilsport.
And you're such a dweeb.
[Michelangelo struggling] Any minute now, my entire life should flash before my eyes.
I just hope there's a cartoon in it.
I don't know why, but something tells me I gotta save this guy.
You're coming with me.
Uh, if you insist.
Thanks, dude.
But how come you saved me? I don't know.
Something weird came over me.
And all this time I thought you were a bad guy.
Oh, that's right.
I am.
Thanks for reminding me.
Now march! I had to open my big mouth.
[Leonardo] Where's Michelangelo now, Donatello? He's disappeared from the screen.
[Leonardo] You mean we lost him? Maybe forever.
Look! [Leonardo] Oh, no! It's the truck Michelangelo was riding in.
Even his hard shell couldn't have survived that crash.
[sniffles] If only he were all right.
I'd never make fun of him again.
[beeping] [gasps] Look! His bleeper's blipping again! I mean his blip is bleeping again! He's back on top of Devil's mountain.
How's that possible? First he was at the top of the mountain, then at the bottom, and now he's at the top again.
That's Michelangelo for ya.
He's got a lousy sense of direction.
Thanks, fellas.
I overheard everything you said on my Turtlecom.
Hey, no fair.
You were listening in.
Hey, I'm a reporter.
It's my job.
[tires screech] Devil's Mountain, here I come.
Okay, turtle, inside.
I must warn you.
I didn't bring a hideout-warming gift.
Time is running out, General.
Are you going to buy back your explosive or what? [General] Oh, you fiend.
This is blackmail! Hmm.
Blackmail is such an ugly word.
I prefer rip-off.
I want $5 billion and not a penny less.
You have exactly seven minutes.
After thatkablooey.
Yes, Gecko? What is it? I caught this guy snooping around the warehouse, Mr.
An intruder, eh? Let's have a look at him.
Bad time for a visit, turtle.
No problemo.
I'll come back later.
This is nutzoid.
Now that dude looks familiar, too.
And now I know why! You're the one I've been having dreams about! Well, this dream is about to become your nightmare.
Gecko, this shell-backed intruder has seen too much.
Finish him off.
Uh, gee, Mr.
X, I'm sure he won't spill the beans.
I'm a pizza man, myself.
Either you finish him, or I finish you.
You heard the man, turtle.
I guess this is it.
Don't I even get a last request? Well, yeah, I suppose so.
What is it? Well, this pendant belongs to my mother.
[sniffles] Would you see that she gets it back? Pendant? Yeah.
See how it shines? [laughs] You're wasting your time, pal.
That stuff never works on me.
Where have I heard that one before? [snoring] Ah, yeah.
All right, dude, time's a-wastin.
' Fill me in on your baby years.
[Gecko] I remember being in a dark place with some baby turtles.
Then I crawled through this icky green goo.
And then this guy picked me up and took me to his hideout where I started to grow into a half-boy half-mutant.
X became my mentor and taught me everything about breaking the law.
I've heard just about enough.
Snap out of it, Gecko.
What happened? See, all this time, you thought you were bad.
But Mr.
X made you that way.
It wasn't your fault.
It wasn't? No way.
We came from the same sewer.
We're born to be best buds, not enemies.
Gee, I never thought about it that way.
I told you to destroy the turtle, not cozy up to him.
But he's practically family.
Basher, Sluggo, destroy the intruder.
Run, Michelangelo! Whoa! Whoa! On your feet, you idiots! Right, Mr.
X] You clumsy fool.
[ticking] You triggered the device.
That proves it.
Never send a boy to do a man's job.
I'll handle this myself.
Where are my turtle buds when I really need 'em? Turtle power! Now that's what I call service.
[all] It's Turtle time! Gecko, you betrayed me.
Cowabunga! Ha.
Now we're even.
[grunts] Ups-a-daisy.
[grunts] Looks like everything's under control.
Not exactly, pal.
That explosive is gonna turn us all into hamburgers.
Oh, Michelangelo! You're all right! At lest for the next 12 seconds.
Make that 10 seconds.
That device is about to explode.
I should have brought my camera.
What a dynamite story! Oops.
You certainly have a way with words.
Now, which wire should I snap? Eeny, meeny, miny Eh, purple.
You did it, dude! But how'd you know to cut the purple wire? Simple.
'Cause it matches my eye mask.
Sounds scientifically logical to me.
[sirens] Listen, it's the police! I told them what was going on.
Give 'em back this bank loot.
The depositors will be really grateful.
Well, since I'm not a part of Mr.
X's gang anymore, I'll guess I'll be moving on.
Hold on, dude.
Where are you gonna go? I don't know.
Maybe I'll go back to the sewers.
Epic! We can be neighbors! [all] Huh? Tubeuloso, dude! Our first sewer neighbor.
Hey, you could borrow a cup of sugar from us anytime.
You have chosen a very nice lair, Gecko.
Thanks, Master Splinter.
And thank you for the furniture.
And it turns out that Gecko and I have been having the same dream for years.
You've been dreaming about each other? How romantic.
I hated doing bad stuff, because deep down, it wasn't me.
I guess that's why I kept saving your shell.
Bodacious, dude! What have you learned from all this, my pupils? That we were wrong to make fun of Michelangelo's dream.
Hey, thanks to you guys, I'm through with crime forever.
And if you ever need me, just yell.
You dudes can finish arranging the furniture.
Me and Gecko are gonna do some righteous sewer skateboarding.
All right! [both] Cowabunga!