Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s05e03 Episode Script

9062-004A - My Brother, the Bad Guy

[theme] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power [Donatello] You guys are looking at a state-of-the-art snack machine.
Uh, truly awesome, dude, but are you sure you don't want me to go for pizza? Michelangelo, where's your sense of adventure? By programming in a random factor we're sure to get something new every time.
Yuck! Peanut butter and broccoli popcorn? Well, it is a change.
Remember, my student, change is not always for the better.
Hey, guys, it's time for the 6:00 news report.
Good evening.
This is your favorite newscaster, Vernon Fenwick, with the Channel 6 news.
Oh, Vernon, come on! Where's April? So far, police have no clues to the break-in at the university's new fusion reactor.
[Turtlecom beeps] Maybe that's April.
Hi, guys.
I'm up here at the fusion reactor, and I think I'm on to something.
Tell them, Mr.
Uh, hello, Mum! I mean about the man you saw breaking in! Aw, he was a big brute-- covered with spikes, he was.
Wearing a cape, and his face was covered with a metal mask.
Shredder! He couldn't cross the main security barrier, but what if he comes back? This new reactor is the most awesome energy source in the world.
Hmm, I wonder what old Tin Grin is up to now.
Ninja Hall of Fame? Ha! Where's my statue? Aha! The diary! [alarm sounding] Thank you for your diary, Kojima brothers.
I will make good use of your ninja secrets.
No sign of the burglar, Lieutenant Saki.
Lieutenant Saki, sir! Yes, sir.
Lieutenant, sir.
What's this? A loose button on one of my officers? It will never happen again, Lieutenant Saki.
Go stand in the corner.
Both of you! Yes, sir.
That's the trouble with the police nowadays.
No respect for law and order.
Hmm, what is this? Aha! A fingerprint.
This will identify it.
[Device] Positive I.
Perpetrator is master criminal Oroko Saki, also known as Shredder.
Once again he dishonors our family! No matter where you are, I will find you and arrest you, my brother Oroko! Alley oop! Looks like the security system is still intact.
We've been staking out the fusion reactor for three straight nights, and still no Shredder.
Cool it, amigos.
We've got visitors.
[Donatello] Looks like you spoke too soon, Leonardo.
That's our burglar.
But it's not Shredder.
How totally bogus.
That dude doesn't even dress like a bad guy.
Let's get him! What is this? Ninja hoodlums wearing turtle costumes? Us? Hoodlums? Dude, look who's calling the kettle green.
I warn you.
I am a martial arts expert.
Ha ha ha.
Sure you are.
And I'm the lead dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet.
Hiyah! I am Lieutenant Kazuo Saki of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, and you are under arrest! Under arrest? You got to be joking.
I never joke.
You are charged with breaking and entering, assaulting a police officer, and impersonating large aquatic reptiles! Did you say Saki? As in Oroko Saki? That's Shredder's last name.
Uh, Shredder's name? Purely coincidental, I assure you.
I tracked that criminal all the way from Tokyo.
Mondo bizarro.
We're tracking him, too.
[April] Guys, I just heard over the police radio band, Acme Electronics was just robbed by someone in a cape and a shiny mask.
Thanks, April.
Lieutenant Saki, we're both after the same man.
Why don't we join forces? Are you certain you are law-abiding citizens? Hey, does TV have commercials? You are breaking the speed limit.
I order you to slow down! If we do, Shredder will get away! Also, your right front parking light is out, and your license sticker is on the wrong side.
And we thought this guy was related to Shredder.
There is a red light! Stop immediately! [alarm sounding] [Leonardo] It's Shredder! With some stolen electronic equipment.
We've got him now! I know the laws here.
Red light means stop! Bummer, dudes.
He's getting away! Oh, no! You may proceed.
Now you have a green light.
And Shredder has a huge head start.
[Shredder] Careful, you imbeciles! If you drop that equipment I'll hang you by your thumbs.
Ah, right, boss.
Hey, look, Rocksteady, a video game.
Oh, boy, oh, boy.
You got any tokens? Well, yeah, but I'm going to play first.
Leave that alone, you numbskulls.
That's delicate electronic equipment.
Oh, right, boss.
Hey, there ain't nothing here.
Be patient.
There will be.
Pull the sheet off, fool! Couldn't you hang me by my thumbs instead? Never mind! I'll do it! Who are those guys? Mama! Hah! Another brilliant triumph! They are holograms of the Kojima brothers, warriors of the dreaded Kurakuasu Ninja Clan.
They're only hollygrams.
Uh, what's a hollygram? Beats me.
Ow! Solid holograms, and programmed with the secrets of the three greatest ninja masters of all time.
[device beeping] [Krang] Well, Shredder, what's taking so long? The plan was to bring the Technodrome back to work tonight! How can I work with all this nagging? Everything is going as planned.
What about those blasted Turtles? Thanks to me, they'll soon be turned into turtle hash.
Ha ha! Watch this.
[device beeps] Bebop, Rocksteady, bring out the dummies.
We're already here, boss.
No, not you.
The stuffed dummies.
Kojima brothers, do you understand your orders? Yes, master, we understand and obey.
Then destroy the Turtles! Enough! Now are you convinced? All right, all right! Now get moving! For breakfast, I'd like the city on toast.
[Krang laughing] [Shredder laughing] The Kojima brothers were the greatest ninja warriors in history.
The Turtles will be no match for their holograms.
They sure won't be, boss.
Rocksteady, plant this in the sewers where the Turtles are certain to find it.
Right, boss.
Ha ha ha ha ha! And in this case, it will be finders weepers! [Shredder laughs] And it looks like the stuff Shredder stole from Acme Electronics was all hologram equipment.
As I recall, the last time Shredder used holograms, he planned to kidnap the president.
I cannot believe that.
Believe it, pal.
Tell us, my friend, what do you make of this? I think the thefts of electronic gear and the ninja diary are not the main issue.
The real target is the fusion reactor.
But why? Simple.
With the power in that reactor, he could fry the city like a shrimp tempura.
Never! My broth-- uh, this Shredder could never be that evil.
Hey, when it comes to Shredder, never say never, ever.
I am certain he will return to the reactor tonight.
Together we can stop him.
It might be dangerous.
The more numerous the strands, the stronger the rope.
And the better to hang Shredder.
The boss said we got to plant this hollygram gadget some place the Turtles are sure to walk.
Right here is perfect.
It's on the way to Vinny's Pizzeria.
[Michelangelo] Come on, dudes! Uh oh, there's the Turtles.
The boss said to hide it good.
Okay, let's split.
How inconvenient.
Are these sewers always so soggy? Oh, we don't mind it.
We were raised in a fish tank.
Holy guacamole! Who are those dudes? The Kojima brothers, ancient ninja warriors.
But they have been dead for 300 years! No kidding.
They've kept themselves in pretty good shape.
I'll bet Shredder has something to do with this.
Destroy the Turtles.
Saki, we'll handle these ninjas.
You've got to go on ahead and stop Shredder.
You are right.
It is my duty to arrest him.
Turtles fight with honor.
This time I'm prepared to override the security system Here, attach these to the fuse box.
Sure thing, boss.
Okay, boss.
Mission accomplished.
Whoa! Ooh! Aah! Oh, no! Bebop, you and Rocksteady guard the entrance while I start the reactor.
Guys, I have a feeling we're in deep sewer sludge.
I sense that my students are in danger.
I must help them.
Shredder to Technodrome.
Come in, Krang.
The Technodrome is ready to go! When I press this button, the reactor will send out a magnetic pulse powerful enough to pull the Technodrome right through the portal into the middle of the city.
Ooh, I love it, I love it! Hurry! Press the button! Look out, Earth, here we come! Oroko Saki, you are under arrest! Who said that? Lieutenant Saki, Tokyo Metropolitan Police.
My baby brother Kazuo.
So, Mommy finally let you put on long pants, huh? Come along quietly, and no one will be harmed.
Ho ho ho ha ha ha ha! You? Harm me? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Shredder! I'm still waiting.
Not to worry, Krang.
It's merely a tender family reunion.
I really hate sentimental gush! Believe me, Oroko, your disgrace shames me as well.
You think I'm not ashamed of having a brother who's a policeman? All right, go ahead, arrest me.
I'm glad to see you have come to your senses, Oroko.
I came to them a long time ago, little brother.
But what does this mean? It means you have exactly five minutes to live.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I sense a strange and frightening presence.
I only pray I am not too late.
[swords clashing] The sounds of combat Then my intuition was correct.
My students! What is going on? Sensei! Boy, are we glad to see you.
Where is Donatello? He was knocked into the water.
Sensei, these dudes aren't human.
You may be right at that, Michelangelo.
You are Kurakuasu ninjas.
That is correct.
But you've been deceased for many centuries, and I do not believe in ghosts.
It is not necessary for you to believe in us for us to destroy you.
Destroy all Turtles.
Whatever these creatures are, my students, we will fight with honor.
Turtle power! Hey, save some for me, guys.
I'll be right there.
What's this? It's some sort of hologram projector , or at least it used to be! No! Well, so much for the ninja warriors.
Well done, Donatello.
Time grows short, my students.
You must hurry and stop Shredder.
We're on our way! Let's kick some shell! Oroko, you must give yourself up.
You are such a spoilsport, little brother.
I'm about to unleash unimaginable destruction on the city, and you insist on ruining my fun! Stop! Stop! Turn off that magnet! Now what is it? Something's wrong.
The Technodrome hasn't budged an inch.
All that pulling has wedged the Technodrome even deeper into the lava, you bucket brain.
Oh, be quiet, you nasty little clump of ganglia! I have an idea.
I'm going to rock the Technodrome loose.
All right, throw down your weapons and come out with your hands up! Come and get me, copper! I've always wanted to say that line.
I heard it in a movie once.
They must have seen the same movie.
Maybe we should have tried the delivery entrance.
See what's going on, Donatello.
It's Bebop and Rocksteady.
They've got laser weapons.
On the other hand, we've got brains.
Hey, bozos, coming at you! [Bebop] The Turtles.
Whoa! Ow! Okay, guys, let's move out.
[Krang] More power, blast it! Give it more power! We can only keep the dimensional portal open a few more seconds.
The power is already at the danger level.
Just do as I say! Oroko, how can you destroy the world like this? Simple, we've already tried every other way.
All right, Shredder, give it up! Turtles! You have come! Naturally.
You didn't think we'd let you hog all the fun, did you? So my baby brother led you here? Your brother? Your brother? To my great shame.
Aw, don't sweat it.
It's not your fault you're Shredder's little bro.
It's just bad luck.
None of this matters.
Soon all of you will be squashed by the approaching Technodrome.
[Donatello] Oh, no.
They used the reactor's super magnet to pull the Technodrome loose.
It's headed directly for Earth! How observant of you.
Perhaps you'd prefer that I put you out of your misery right now.
Not while we can still fight! Hyah! Why, you little brat.
Hang on, Saki.
Hold it right there, shell backs.
We prefer if you hold it.
We'll take it from here.
Now it will be an even fight.
You never had the ferocity to beat me, you soft-hearted wimp! But this time I am protecting my friends.
Whoa! Something tells me we better follow the boss.
Bodaciously bad move, compadre.
Thank you, I think.
Farewell, reptilian troublemakers.
In a few moments, you will be turtle butter! You will regret this, Oroko.
I seriously doubt that, little brother.
Give my best to our ancestors.
Ha ha ha ha ha! [Donatello] The Technodrome.
It's free from the gravitational pull of Dimension X.
And it's headed straight for us! Okay, this is the point at which we get squashed like bugs, or turn to Donatello for help.
Donatello! Well, seeing as how it's a giant magnet, I'll have to realign the polarity of its electrostatic impedance.
In English! In English! Oh.
In other words, I simply do this! Now what? I'm afraid there's not enough power to send it back to Dimension X.
So, like, what do we do, dude? As you would so colorfully put it, Michelangelo, let's help Shredder and Krang chill out.
If my calculations are correct, the Technodrome should land right in the middle of the frozen Arctic.
Oh, no.
I hope we're not where I think we are.
Let's go see! Let's go see! Ooh, look at all the snow.
We won't have to go to school today.
We ain't been to school in 15 years.
Yeah, I know.
I just like to say it.
[Krang] Shut that door! Were you born in a barn? And bring me a hot water bottle.
[Shredder] Make that two hot water bottles.
Perhaps by the time my brother can dig his way out of the polar ice cap, he will have reconsidered his evil ways.
I fear the leopard does not change his spots so easily, Kazuo Saki.
Would you care for some of these? Uh, gnarly-looking munchies, sensei, but what exactly are they? Sushi.
A refreshing change of diet, is it not? Uh, no, thanks.
This leopard's spots haven't changed either.
He still growls for pizza! [stomach growling]