Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s05e06 Episode Script

9062-001B - Donatello's Badd Time

[theme] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power Whoa! Lucky thing I noticed this pizza meltdown, dudes! I guess we'll just have to eat 'em all before they spoil.
We'll force ourselves.
Major bummer.
Oh, too bad Donatello's not here to help us finish 'em.
Forget it.
The whiz turtle's still locked in the garage, workin' on the Turtle Van.
That dude sure is a glutton for work.
[Leonardo] I'm worried about Donatello.
Here's been working on that Turtle Van night and day for the past week.
I hardly see him around any more.
Somebody ought to warn him.
All work and no pizza makes a mondo dull dude.
A little bit more, maybe.
It's finally finished.
This must be quite an exciting moment, Donatello.
Oh, it certainly is, Master Splinter.
Watch this.
[beep beep] The perfect camouflage for a hot summer day.
Most impressive, my son.
An inventive mind is a great gift.
Thank you, sensei.
I must inform your brother turtles.
They will be most pleased with these improvements.
Oh, no, no, no, Master Splinter.
Not yet.
I wanna road-test the other devices first.
I will respect your request.
Remember, Donatello, pride in one's work is an excellent quality, but it must not be carried to excess.
April O'Neil here, with scenes of the biggest petty crime spree to ever hit this city.
Where will this gang strike next? Stay tuned to Channel 6 News for the latest updates.
April! Irma! Hit the streets! I want interviews with those crime victims! And I want them now! Go, go, go! Right, chief.
That's the spirit! Now check out a holdup at Bernie's Beauty Spot.
[tires squealing] [Donatello] All right.
The moment has arrived: the new, improved Turtle Van's test run.
If my calculations are correct, the "skinny van" mechanism ought to kick in just aboutnow! Ah! Chalk up another one for science! Whoa! Tourists.
Get that dang contraption outta our way! Whoa! Oh It's too bad I'm already green.
Now I don't know which color to turn.
[April] You say the thieves took all your jewelry? And they were a trio of hillbillies.
A woman and her two sons.
It was the most frightening experience of my entire life! I can see the way your hair is standing on end.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
This is latest style.
It's kinda hot, don't ya think? And they made us pose for these! I look simply dreadful! You've got that right, lady.
Now where have I seen those faces before? In the Wax Museum of Hillbilly Horrors? No.
In the Crimestoppers Weekly! Look at this! Big Bedelia Badd and her two nefarious sons, Buford and Bubba, are thought to be heading for the big city! And they always take photos of their victims! Um, for the family album.
Sort of a nice touch, don't you think? Whoa.
These dudes could be arrested just for being so ugly! [alarm ringing] Y'all smile now! Maw said to smile! [camera snaps] That's more like it.
[police siren] [Bedelia] Company's comin'.
Let's make tracks, boys! We're gonna need a new getaway vehicle! This one's plumb tuckered out.
Whatever you say, Maw.
[Donatello] Well, everything checked out A-okay.
Time to head back to the lab.
[coughing] What is-- [cough]-- going on? It's those tourists again! Looks like you folks could use some help, huh? Well, that's mighty neighborly of you, stranger! This dang thing is givin' us nothin' but trouble! Well, let me take a look.
Will you look at that? He's dressed up like a dang-blasted turtle.
I heared they got some mighty strange folks in the big city.
Now don't you just get too attached to him, boys.
I got some plans for this here city slicker.
Uh, have you found the trouble yet? Well, it's hard to-- [cough]-- see.
There's so much smoke.
Maybe you need a closer look! Whu-- oh! [laughing] I bet that's lots better! [muffled banging] Help! Let me outta here! Open up! If'n I do, you'll just call the sheriff! Boys, we done got us a new getaway vehicle! Whoo! Look out, city! Here come the Badds! Yahoo! [cackles] Yesiree! These folks are in for some real Badd trouble! [all laughing] [pounding on hood] Help! Someone let me outta here! [Donatello, coughing] Help! Someone get me outta here! Whoever said good deeds are rewarded? Well, no more Mr.
Nice Turtle! Aieeyah! I've got to get the Turtle Van back before the guys find out what happened! Whoo! Just look at all these here thingamajigs! I wonder what ya use 'em fer.
Ah, who cares? All I know is, we got us a deluxe model! Ooh, look at this purty one! [all screaming Wha-- What happened, Maw? B-B-Beats me! Just don't push no more of them doodads! Yow! [police siren] The cops is after us, Maw.
No kiddin'! Could it be because we're speeding? Ohuh I'm sorry, Maw! All o' these doo-hickeys is confusin'! The cop is catchin' up to us.
Ha ha! Looks like we finally made the big time, boys! Turn on that there radio.
I bet they're talkin' about us now! [hissing] Uh-oh.
What's that noise? Bubba, if you busted this here vehicle, I'm gonna bust your nose.
He sure done somethin', Maw.
I'll be danged if it ain't a smoke screen.
[all] Yee-hah! I wonder why this here button's a-winkin' at me.
Bubba! I told ya not to touch them buttons! Boys, we done hit pay dirt.
With this here rigged-up van, we could pull off the job of our careers! Us Badds are gonna have our pictures in every post office in the country! Oh, yer paw woulda been so proud.
[tools rattling] Boy, I hope the guys never find out I lost the Turtle Van.
All I need now is for them to knock on the door.
[knock on door] [Raphael] Hey, Donatello, open up! It's only us, dude! We know you're in there.
Oh! Ahem hi, guys.
Uh, listen.
We need the Turtle Van.
[stammering] The Tur-Turtle Van? Yeah.
You know.
That green and yellow thing with four wheels? Oh, I don't have it.
Well, no.
I mean, uh, you-- you can't have it! But we've got to use it! Some hillbilly gang is ripping off the city! Tell me about it.
And April and Irma are out there by themselves, covering the story.
Yeah, dude.
We need some Turtle Van Power! Well, you'll just have to go without me and the van! I'm still working on it! Working on getting it back.
[Burne, on radio] April? Are you finished with that beauty salon report? We're on our way back to Channel 6 right now, Chief! Well, there's a big story about to break at Keppil Labs.
Get out there now! Could we stop for lunch first, Chief? Fat chance! The news business is doing wonders for my diet.
This is April O'Neil, Channel 6 News, here at Keppil Research Laboratories, with Dr.
Keppil, who has just informed us that his new invention, the Power Sizer, could provide even more energy than the sun! Exactly so.
Think of it! Whole cities, even our entire country, powered by this tiny device.
However, the Power Sizer could be terribly destructive if it falls into the wrong hands.
Well, let's hope that doesn't happen.
Tell our audience about this huge diamond, Professor.
This diamond provides the energy for my device! Without it, the Power Sizer would bepowerless.
[Bedelia] Will ya look at that! That's gotta be the biggest dang diamond I ever seen! And we-all are gonna steal it.
Aw, Maw! Can't we do it after we watch a Mighty Muskrat cartoon? No! You boys are finally gonna make your momma proud.
[tires screech] If I'm gonna get the Turtle Van back, I'll have to outsmart my own inventions! And people think we geniuses have it easy.
[police siren] [April] Okay, Irma.
That's a wrap.
We better get back on that hillbilly story.
Do we have to, April? I'm finding it hard to say good-bye to this diamond.
But that's exactly what you're gonna do! It's them! The hillbilly heisters! This won't hurt a bit, ladies.
Say cheese! I'd rather say hayseed.
I'll take that there big diamond, Doc! Hold still, Maw! Okay! Now let's get outta here! Goodness.
Heh you certainly are strong.
Aw, haw haw geegosh Let go of me, you-- you corn-fed gorilla! Just put me down whenever you like.
I'm in no hurry.
But I am! Wait for me, Maw! Ouch! Ow! What a story! I don't believe it! They're getting away! [gasp] In the Turtle Van! You've got to stop them! If they turn on the Power Sizer without calibrating it, it'll drain all the city's power! How are we gonna find those hillbillies? More importantly, what's come over Donatello? I think the brainiac has flipped out from overwork.
Too much strainium on his cranium.
[horn honking] Speaking of Donatello, look! It's the Turtle Van! [honk honk] And he's headed right for us! [Michelangelo] No! Donatello! Yaugh! Aah! Aah! Donatello! Stop! It's us! Whoa! Whoa! Woo! Whoa ho ho! Want a tip, pal? Never stack glasses like that.
Tried to warn him! Ugh! Forget it, compadres! We'll never catch up with that thing.
I'm try to contact April with the Turtlecom! April.
Are ya there? Leonardo! The Badd gang just stole the Power Sizer from the Keppil Laboratory! Using the Turtle Van! What's going on? Whatever it is, we think Donatello might have something to do with it! Donatello? I don't believe it! Yeah.
We think the dude's had a mega-brain meltdown.
He's been working too hard.
We've got to save him from his own destructiveness.
You've got to save the city from the Power Sizer's destructiveness! [beeping] That's the Turtle Van, all right.
Hey! Watch how you're handling that thing, lady! It's not insured! [beep beep] Donatello, here.
What's up? Oh, just checking.
You aren't driving the Turtle Van, right? The-- The Turtle Van? Well, of course! Heh heh heh heh! What else would I be driving? If Donatello's driving the Turtle Van, he must be involved in these crimes.
No way, amigo! Our bud could never do anything like that! Then you explain what he's been doing for this entire episode! Let's ask him.
Donatello, do you, uh, know anything about somebody-- oh, I don't know-- stealing a Power Sizer? Oh, no.
The Badds must have pulled a heist at Keppil Labs.
I bet they were after the diamond! Of course, luckily, I read all about the Keppil Power Sizer in the latest issue of GQ: Genius Quarterly.
Leonardo! You and the Turtles stay out of this! And take cover! Donatello! You've got to return the Power Sizer! But I-- Oh, never mind! I'll explain later! Oh, great.
Now the guys think I'm a crook.
Will they feel bad when they find out I'm only a liar.
Come on, Bubba.
Hurry up and yank that diamond out of that there contraption! I'm tryin', Maw! But it's stuck tighter than a sow in mud! [clunk, humming] [Bedelia] What's that there hummin'? Danged if I know.
If they turn on the Power Sizer without calibrating it, it'll drain all the city's power! I hate flashbacks as much as you do, but someone has to explain what's going on! [Buford] Lookie, Maw.
All the 'lectricity's goin' out! Oh, what a break! That means there won't be no burglar alarms.
Yahoo! [giggles] We're gonna pick this city cleaner than crows in a cornfield without a scarecrow! Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, no.
The Power Sizer's been turned on! It's siphoning power from all over the city! Is this going to make my power bill any higher? Isn't there some way you can turn it off, Dr.
Keppil? Not from here.
Oh, when that needle hits overload, it's-- it's-- Kablooey? Er-- close enough.
It'll generate an electrically charged power wave that could destroy the entire city! And to think Donatello made it all possible.
[horn honking] [Bubba] Stop, Maw! I didn't know the city closed up this early! [screaming] Here it is.
The Turtle Van! Oh, come on, fella.
Don't quit on me now.
[Michelangelo] Yo, dudes.
There goes Donatello in that truck! See that? He's not a crook! No.
Only a liar.
We'll never catch up with him! No sweat, dudes.
I know a shortcut! Follow me.
Turtle Power! [Bedelia] Bubba, that there noise is makin' me mighty testy! I can't shut it off, Maw! I think it's busted.
Well, I'll be a porcupine in a balloon factory! If'n that turtle didn't get our truck runnin'! I'll just give him a taste of his own medicine.
Let's just see what this doo-hickey does.
[Donatello] Uh-oh.
My smoke screen machine! [coughing] Don't those hicks know that this is a-- [cough]-- non-smoking section of the city? Ahluckily, I have a counter-move.
[vacuum whir] Turtle Power! Huh? Cowabunga, dude! Don't ever try this at home, kids.
We're professionals.
Stop the Turtle Van! Whoever you are.
The name's Big Bedelia Badd! And I ain't stoppi'' for nobody! Well, I'll be ding-donged! It's three more of them fellers weari'' turtle costumes! There must be some kind of convention in town.
Oh, I just hates hitch-hikin' freeloaders! [all yelping] Ah ha ha what a pleasant surprise! Heh.
I wasn't expecting you guys to drop in.
How did you lose the Turtle Van? It's a long story.
[Irma] There is it! We found the Turtle Van! Stay with it, Irma.
I'm getting it all on tape! Look! It's April in the news van! Oh, I just love a good freeway car chase.
Don't you? He's closin' in fast! Can I get to push some buttons now, Maw? Why, sure, son! Who else you ever gonna learn? I'll press this one.
[Donatello] Aw, I'd really hoped that they wouldn't find the mud missiles.
[Bedelia] That turtle's gettin' on my nerves! [tires squeal] Let's Turtlize 'em! Look out, Donatello! She's playing chicken! Oh, yeah? Well, it's time to put that chicken on ice! [screaming] Lemme have that wheel! No, me! No, me! [all yelling at once] Turtle Van incoming! Whoa! Whoa! As they say in all those cartoons, phew, that was close! Well, don't just lie there! Do something! Push a button! Pull a lever! Anything! Whatever you say, Maw.
[yowling] Well, good riddance to bad rubes! That should hold 'em until the police get here.
Oh, no.
Not the Power Sizer! Yeah! Yay! All right! Donatello! Way to go, buddy! Don't cheer too soon, guys.
This thing is about to explode.
I don't suppose running would do much good.
Can you do the 3,000 mile dash in under 10 seconds? Hold the phone! If I can only disconnect this interlinking stabilizer.
[rattling] Got it! Is it okay to cheer now? With my blessing.
All right! Yay, Donatello! Whoo! What did we miss? Well, like Donatello said before, it's a long story.
[Turtles laugh] I hope this adventure has taught you a lesson in humility, my student.
Oh, it certainly has, Master Splinter.
Trying to save face nearly lost us the city! [April on TV] And so the Power Sizer was returned safely to Doctor Keppil, while Big Bedelia Badd and her two sons were hauled away in a garbage dumpster by police.
Aw, no.
Not the Power Sizer again! It can't be! That's back at the lab! Uh, sorry, compadres.
Guess I blew a fuse microwaving all these pizzas.