Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s05e15 Episode Script

The Crypt of Dracula

1 [wolf howls, thunder rumbles] [all shouting] Wahh! [water splashes] [splutters] Dumped in a swamp in the middle of nowhere? Thanks a lot, Renet.
Sorry, Turtle Warriors.
I should've set the Time Scepter for drier ground.
Um, has anyone seen Mikey? Whoo! [laughs] I'm kinda into the swampiness, dudes.
We're turtles! Kinda feels like home.
Where and when the heck are we, Renet? We're in Transylvania! In the year 1300! Isn't this super cold? You mean "cool.
" And, no, it is not cool.
Transylvania at this time is a dangerous place to be.
- [shouts] - Transylvania? Isn't that next to New York? That's Pennsylvania, dummy! [wolf howls] [gasps, whimpers] Okay, before we go anywhere and hunt down Savanti, we better try and blend in a little.
[head rattles] Huh? [funky guitar music] [thuds] Oh, hey! [smooches] - Mikey! - Agh! Hmm.
You guys better blend in too.
And look the part as wicked grokkin' monster slayers! Whoo! [gasps] Awesome! Aw, this is so rad.
I feel like Van Helsing, but way cooler than him, actually way more rad than Van Helsing.
Haha! Whoa, check it out! [weapon fires] - Ow! - Oops! Mikey! [shouts] - Ooh, likin' the hats.
- And, Donatello, your staff has a mystical seal of protection.
You'll need these weapons, Turtle Warriors, because we have to find the next monster before Savanti Romero does.
And that monster is none other than Dracula! [Turtles gasp] both: Huh? Lord of the Vampires.
[heavy guitar chords] [glass shatters] Ahh! [driving percussive music] [jazzy theme music] [low growl] Now we're talking.
Yeah! I've got an idea! [groans] Aw, sewer apples! Booyakasha! [spooky organ music] Flee this accursed place! [horses whinny, wolf howls] There's no way out! [whooshing] [growling] [horse chuffs and whinnies] [grunts] [shouts] No, no, no! [wolf snarling] Help me! [screams] - [grunt, smack] - [shouts] [wolf growls and roars] It is werewolves! [screams] Renet, can't you use the Scepter to levitate us or something? It's running low on power.
I have to conserve! [wolfs growling, Turtles shout] [grunts] [wolf snarling, smack] [grunting] [staff clanks] [straining] [wolf growling, barking] Gah! Off of me, Fluffy! [stake slams, branch cracks] [wolf whimpers] [grunts] [snarls] - Hah! - [loud roar] [screams] [gasps] [snarling] [screaming] [panting] [wolf snarls] [panting, grunting] [wolves barking] [shouts] [grunts] Huh? What? [crow caws faintly] [tense musical sting] [screams] [spooky dramatic music] [screams] [wolves snarling] - [gasps] - [whimpers] [teeth clashing] A werewolf? Holy creature double feature! I thought we were supposed to be taking on Dracula.
[wolf roars, gnashes teeth] We gotta use silver! That's what they used in "The Growling"! [wolf roars] [hopeful chiming music] [wolves growl and whimper] Look! Light's as good as silver! [exhales] Oh, no.
Where's Raph? [echoing] Raphael! [groaning] all: Raph! What happened to you, bro? I don't know.
I feel woozy.
Come on, team.
We gotta find Dracula before Savanti does.
And stake him through the heart.
[wolf howls faintly] [Raphael groaning] [eerie music] Whoa.
What happened here? The whole village is abandoned.
[horses whinnying] [harsh menacing music] [shouts] My friends, do not remain here.
This town was consumed by the plague.
I recommend going east.
- That voice - Thank you, sir, but we're going west, to Dracula's castle.
Do not be foolish, child.
That way lies death.
Yes, we should go east.
[whip cracks] [fading] East Not Not feeling so [vomits] [Turtles gasp] Raphael? - He's sick.
- Ugh.
Ya think? Hmm.
That's weird.
The Scepter can't diagnose it, but it says someone's nearby.
Someone who emanates kindness and compassion.
Maybe they can help.
[knife scrapes] [soup bubbles] Um, excuse us? [tense violin music] Wha what monsters are these? Great disguises, Renet.
We blend right in.
Please, sir, put away your blade.
These are friendly goblins from the far realms.
They are my guardians.
[Raphael groaning] [exhales heavily] Oh [tender music] Esmeralda! Poor, adorable creature! Father, this one is not well.
We must take care of ourselves first, Esmeralda.
Will this help you, kind sir? So much gold! I thank you, strangers.
My name is Vulko, and this is my daughter, Esmeralda.
We are travelers, looking for work.
I am Renet, and these are the Ninja Tur err, goblins.
They're goblins.
[laughs nervously] [deep laugh] Come, my new friends.
Let us hurry.
We must reach our village before nightfall.
What is that gadget, Renet? It's a Chronus Wallet.
It can produce money from any time period.
Whoa! Future tech is so rad! [wheels creak, hooves clop] [eerie music] We must all be wary.
Transylvania has become very dangerous over the years.
A great evil has come upon this land.
His paleness, his eyes the marks on his neck! He's been bitten by the evil one! - [gasps] - Oh! What? He turns into a vampire? And the sun is soon to set! Is there anything we can do, Vulko? Perhaps, but first and foremost, he must not bite anyone, - or he will become a full vampire! - Oh, snap! [groans quietly] [bats chittering, loud knocking] [door clanks open] [mummy groaning] [intense organ music] Count Dracula! So after all these years, diavol has come for me? Yes, Drac, that's exactly who I am.
And if you do not obey me, I will take you back to the Netherworld, now and forever.
Never! No one commands Vlad Dracula, not even you.
[hisses] Ah! Ultraviolet light should be especially painful for you, vampire.
Stop! Release me from your power, demon! [skin sizzling, pained hissing] Then you will obey me, Dracula.
I am your master now! [evil laughter] All right, we roll in and stake Dracula.
Let's just hope Savanti hasn't made it there yet.
We're gonna lose Raph if this keeps up.
Can't you take us back in time to before he was bitten? There's only one time-travel charge left on the Scepter.
We need it to get us all home to the future.
[necklace jingles] My necklace of wolfsbane keeps both vampires and werewolves away from me.
- You got another one of those for me? - No.
[Michelangelo groans] [thunder rumbles] [indistinct whispers] [heartbeat pounds] [boards creak] [low hiss] [screams] [garlic rustles] [hisses] Huh? [groans] The neophyte vampire is not fully a vampire yet! He's like a vampirette? The garlic will keep him docile, for now.
[suspenseful melody] [horses whinny] [hooves pounding] - [gasps] Huh? - Hang on! [whip cracks] [all yelling] [reins thwack] [horses chuffing] [swishing, creepy laughter] [Turtles scream] [grunts, screams] [wagon clattering] [Donatello yelps and pants] [grunts] [groans] [suspenseful music] [grunts] Is everyone okay? Agh My bruises have bruises.
Where where is my father? Hey, he's gone.
Look! His wolfsbane! [wolf howls] Look! The wolves must have carried him off.
Oh, no.
Father What is that magic? This "magic" tracks my enemies, Count Dracula.
They are too close.
But if I can recruit a werewolf to my cause [ominous tone] [crows cawing] The tracks curve back to another part of the castle.
[bats squeak] [screams] [grunts] [groaning] [creepy violin music] [chains rattle] Huh? [animal snarling] [Turtles scream] [howling] Oh, no.
Not him again! [werewolf snarls] [grunts, pants] [snarls, roars] [debris clatters] [shouting] [snarls] [panting, grunting] [chains rattle] [roars] [grunting forcefully] [enraged roaring] Ah! Don't hurt him! That werewolf, it's it's [gasps] It's Vulko! Your father! both: Huh? Why didn't you tell us? I need a silver coin from your future wallet, Renet.
Quick! No problemo, daddy-o! Take your silver chill pill! [coin thwacks] [snarls] [skin squishing] [groaning] Papa, Papa, you're back! Where where am I? Oh, thank you, my friends.
You are very wise, Michelangelo.
Silver can harm a werewolf or cure one.
That's right! According to ancient lore and the movie I saw.
Booyakasha-na-na-na-nah! [carriage slams open, bats chirp] [both grunt] Good evening, my dear.
[Dracula laughs evilly] [creepy violin music] - [muffled shouting] - [hisses] Man, I hope this symbol of protection thing is good for somethin'! You have to have faith for that to work on me, goblin! [muffled screaming] [growling, hissing] [strained groaning] [thwack] [screaming] [grunts] [pants] [weapon fires] [thwack] - [gasps] - Huh? [stake splinters] [screeching] [doors slam] Raphael! [intense organ music] [rats squeaking, door creaks open] He must be downstairs in the crypt! Um Crypt? [rats chitter] [yelps] [grunts, yelps] [sinister organ music] [hoof thuds, crypt rumbles] So glad you could join us.
Give it up.
Your plan is never gonna work! It's over.
Finished! Finished, am I? Indeed, almost finished with my preparations to destroy the future as you know it! Meet my allies! [bats squeak] [Turtles gasp] - [groaning] - [gasps] [energy booms] [debris clatters] [thudding] [evil laughter] [flames roar] [grunting] [darts whistle] [groaning] [screams] [mummy groans] [Turtles gasp] [gloomy violin music] Give me Michelangelo! I "vant" to suck his blood! [screams] No one's suckin' me, no way, no how! You tried to destroy me, green demons! Now you will suffer! [screeches] [weapon fires, stake whistles] [gasps] [thud, hissing] [grunts] Huh? [hisses] [screams] [staff clangs] Too slow.
[groans] Join us, Michelangelo! - [yelps] - Join us and drink deep! [panting] [screaming] [thud] [bones clink] [gasps] [yelps] [hisses] [screams] [groans] [eerie music] [haze hisses] I gotta try this "faith" thing.
I gotta believe in this! The way I believe in my brothers! [gasps] [hisses] [grunts] [cackles] [gem rings] [thwack, skin sizzles] [shouts] [hisses, growls] Now you will be enslaved to the master! [gasps, hisses] [both hissing] [staff hums] All right! [low growling] [growling] Hmm [guttural roaring] [fading footsteps] [both sigh in relief] [chuckles] [energy whistles] No! - [shouting] - Father! [energy booms] [grunts, thud] Esmeralda, no! [intense music] [growling] No! No, no! [gags] [squelching] [coughs] [grunts] [growls] [roars] Father! - [roars] - [satisfied groan] [distant snarling] [shouts] [thud] [roars] [grunting] [shouts] Fools! I have who I came for, and more.
Let us go, my monsters! - No! - [panting] Don't [grunts] [all gasp] He he took Raph! And my father.
What will become of him? We gotta follow! This'll completely depower my staff, but we've gotta stop Savanti, for good! [grunts] [portal whirring] Don't worry, Esmeralda.
We'll save your dad.
Yeah, no matter what.
Oh, thank you, strange goblins.
Please, please hurry.
[portal whooshes closed] Bring him back to me.
[thunder rumbles] [all shouting and grunting] [thud] - [groans] - All right, Renet.
Where are we now? We're in Germany, in the year 1818, and that, turtle companions, is Frankenstein's castle.
[electricity zaps] [jazzy theme music]