Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s06e02 Episode Script

9062-9214 - Leonardo is Missing

[theme] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power Wretched reptiles, I'll destroy you for humiliating me! Oh yeah? Destroy this! With Shredder nearby, can Bebop and Rocksteady be far behind? Heh heh.
My favorite target.
Personalizing these targets was an excellent idea, sensei.
Don't you agree, Michelangelo? Entering level 12.
[video game beeping] Not now, dude.
I'm about to break on my Space Trek video game.
[beeps] Enemy spaceship destroyed.
You win.
Whoa! Way cool! I never made it to the Saurian Nebula of Doom before! Michelangelo, that is not the way to prepare for your next battle.
Splinter's right.
Shredder and his goons are probably preparing their next evil scheme at this very moment.
Yeah, and they aren't doing it by playing video games.
[video game sounds] Mother ship destroyed.
You lose.
Wah! We'll never get to the Saurian Nebula of Doom at this rate.
Krang, instead of working on that robotic body of yours, you should deal with our situation here at the bottom of the ocean.
All in good time, Shredder.
My ecto-frame is overdue for its 30,000 mile tune-up.
The binary transformation circuit is operating perfectly.
Now to check the new size transformation actuator.
Splendid! Now for the reverse.
Excellent! It's working perfectly.
Whatcha doin', boss? Nothing that you bubble brains would understand.
Can we help? Definitely not.
You're always messing things up.
Whoa! Oops.
See what I mean? I consider that a vicious smear on our character.
Oh! I think I just bit something that wasn't a cracker! It's a computer chip from Krang's robot body.
We better come up with a replacement before he finds out.
Hey! [snort] That's my favorite video game! Oh, Bebop, old chum, these are desperate times.
"Voice enhancement circuit.
" This outta do it.
Bring me that motor co-ordination chip.
There! Now to reactivate my creation.
Shredder, start the generator.
Next time I join forces with a world conqueror, I'll be the brains.
It's alive! It's alive! Entering level 4.
Zarkonian spaceship sighted.
It's not only alive, it can speak.
Destroy the enemy.
What's gotten into that thing? [Krang] Don't look at me.
Do you suppose that little chip we substituted made it go bananas? I don't know.
But if the boss finds out it was us, there goes our holiday bonus.
Entering next level.
Stop it before it wrecks something else.
Blasting off for level 12.
Shredder, I need my body! Don't panic, Krang.
We'll get it back.
Come along, you two.
I must have my body! It may not be pretty, but it's all I've got.
[video game] Halt.
Intruder alert.
Who said that? [video game noises] Don't look at me, dude.
[video game] Intruder alert.
Intruder alert.
[sigh] Now look, Michelangelo, if you're not going to practice, at least don't disturb us with that stupid video game.
[video game noises] Chill out, dude.
This is how I practice.
Playing these things gives me mondo fast reflexes.
Yeah, me, too.
Enemy vehicle sighted.
Uh, I think I'll take a bus.
For once you meatheads brought up the transport module in the right place.
Whoa - huh? Whoa! Uh, boss? Oh, boss? Yoo-hoo! Boss? Now where do you suppose he went? Enemy Sygons, exterminate.
Oh! It's Krang's body.
Come on, let's get it.
Okay, you're coming with us.
Or we're going with you.
[both] Yeaaaahhh! [meow] [meow] [meow] [yowling] Where am I? More importantly, who am I? Why am I wearing this ridiculous mask? Huh.
Might as well put it back on.
It goes with the rest of the outfit.
We're in trouble, April.
Something huge is ripping up the downtown area.
Big big big big! Get on it right away.
I'm as good as there now, Chief.
April gets all the juicy assignments.
Byrne will finally realize that I'm just as good a reporter as she is when I scoop her on that story.
Okay, fellas, let's take a break.
Whew! It's about time.
Hey, we haven't heard from April in a long time.
Now would be a good chance to check in with her.
Hi, guys.
Am I glad you called! What's up? Well, there's some kind of major disturbance downtown.
Meet me there, and we'll check it out.
All right.
At last we're going to get some real action.
[video game noises] Come on, Michelangelo.
Uno momento, amigos.
Just let me pack up my video game.
It's an emergency.
Will you forget that dumb game? Dudes, you know what they say: all work and no play makes Michelangelo a dull dude.
What's the scoop, April? I'm not sure.
So far all's quiet.
Except for that flying bus.
Look! It's Krang! Head for cover! Good idea.
Except there is no cover! Enemy warriors.
Duck, April! It's Krang's robotic body.
But where is Krang? Maybe he's having an "out-of-body" experience.
I'll stop that thing.
My turn.
Gotcha, dude.
Oh, this is mondo embarrassing.
Like they say, any port in a storm.
Uh, hi.
Aah! He can't get away with that.
Keep on telling yourself that.
[both] Whoa! Hey, try that on me, why don'tcha? Heh heh.
When will I learn to keep my big beak shut? Aaah! Sector cleared.
Wow, what a story! Wait until Byrne sees this.
I can't believe I'm stuck here with no body.
Shredder and those stupid mutants had better not have fouled up again.
Uhwhat is this place? I can't seem to remember who I am or what I do.
[beeping sound] A pager.
Is it possible I'm a plumber? Shredder? What are you doing? What in blazes is that? What do you think I am? I'm Krang! Indisputable Ruler of Dimension X! Duh, I don't have time to waste watching science fiction movies.
This looks a decent enough place to live.
I hereby claim this alley in the name of uhme, whoever I am.
All right, pal.
Just hand over your dough, and you won't get hurt.
No, now, now, let's not be hasty.
Beat it, you interlopers.
This is my alley.
Hey, look what's left over from Halloween.
Eee-yah! Whoa! Ugh! Now, how did I know how to do that? Oh, young man, I owe you my life.
Who are you? Oh, sorry.
Barney Mushnik is the name.
Owner of the Big Bang Fireworks Company.
I could use a firecracker like you in my line of work.
Work? For some reason that word fills me with disgust.
Oh, no, no, no, this is different.
You'll be in complete charge.
In charge? That I can handle.
I wonder where Raphael and Michelangelo wound up.
[whistles] Try up here, why don'tcha? Of course, you realize this is doing absolutely nothing for my image.
Now let's find Michelangelo.
[video game sounds] Targeting enemy Sygons.
I think we just did.
And I can't believe he's still playing with that video game! Michelangelo, if you don't give that thing a rest, I'm going to shut it off with my katana.
Lighten up, compadres.
I was just killing some time till you got here.
We've got to find Krang's robot and shut it down.
I got news, guys.
We're not alone.
Is it that robot dude? No, it's Rocksteady and Bebop.
Yo, turtles.
Come out and play.
[All] Turtle power! What the-- Ow! Oh, nothing can save you now, turtle! Except the department of sewers.
Let's get out of here.
We gotta stop them.
They might know why Krang's body has gone whacko.
This will slow them down.
And I thought coffee was supposed to keep you awake.
All right, you two, what's Krang's body doing running around on its own? Uh, we don't know nothing about it.
Yeah, we ain't the ones who put in the wrong microchip.
So that's why the robot has a mind of its own.
Um, we'd love to stay and chew the hog fat, but we gotta run! They got away.
Forget about them.
We gotta find that robot body.
Here it is.
The place where you'll begin your new career.
Attention, happy workers.
I'd like you to meet your new foreman.
You'll be taking orders from him.
From some bozo in a tin mask and a bullfighter's cape? Heh, fat chance.
Some foreman.
Don't youse realize that everything in here can explode? That's right.
Including me! Hmm.
Instead of making mere toys, I could build something really dangerous.
Like an explosive device so powerful, it will terrorize this city and force its leader to succumb to my will.
Don't ask what prompts me to do this, it just seems like a good idea.
Seeking enemy space vessels.
Here it comes.
You guys divert its attention while I apply my scientific know-how.
[whistles] Yo, baldy! Looking for us? Enemy sighted.
Now, Donatello.
Hurry up, we can't hold this bucking bag of bolts much longer.
Here goes.
Oh, what the heck did you do to that thing? Well, it looks like I made a small error.
Wrong, dude.
You made a humungazoid error.
Nice going, Donatello.
You've just created an extra-large economy-size problem.
Zone cleared.
Advance to next level.
I must have triggered its size transformation actuator.
Yo, I wouldn't brag about it if I were you.
Didn't I see this once in a demolition derby? Holy guacamole! It shrunk.
Quick, Donatello.
Grab it.
But now it's too small for me to get inside and shut down.
This yo-yo is starting to act like a yo-yo.
[Krang] I don't believe this.
First my body loses its mind, then Shredder.
Who's next? Bebop and Rocksteady? My super explosive device is complete.
With it, I can put the entire city under my control.
Whoever I am.
I've been searching the city all night, and no sign of that runaway robot.
I'll never scoop April at this rate.
There's City Hall.
If some robot monster is trying to take over the city, sooner or later he's bound to wind up there.
Look! It's shrinking down again.
It's obviously not wash-and-wear.
Grab him! Now to terminate this thing for keeps.
Oh, no.
Here we go again.
This situation is really getting out of hand.
Enemy sighted.
Michelangelo, will you cool it with that stupid video game? My video game didn't say that, bud.
That thing did.
Entering Saurian Nebula of Doom.
Whoa, it talks just like my Space Trek game.
Now I know what Rocksteady was babbling about.
They must have put a video game chip in that thing.
Whoa! Yow! [Turtles] Whoa! Wah! There's gotta be a less painful way to reach out and touch someone.
Hey, look.
There's Shredder.
If the city doesn't turn all power over to me immediately, I'll blow this building sky high.
Not so fast, tin grin.
Who in blazes are you freaks? Don't you recognize us? We're those lovable, wise-cracking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
I never saw you before in my life.
Well, you're seeing us know, Shredder.
Shredder? Is that what I call myself? What a ridiculous name.
It looks like old chrome dome has lost his memory.
Yeah, but he's still got his same old evil instincts.
Why? Just because he's planning to blow up City Hall.
[Turtles] Turtles fight with honor! Don't move, whoever you are.
Or I'll use this triggering device to blow us all to kingdom come.
This is Vernon Fenwick with an on-the-spot interview with that arch villain known as Shredder.
I am called Shredder.
Tell us, do you think the Mets will win the pennant this year? Get that thing out of my face, you idiot.
The turtles! You wretched reptiles! Uh-oh, he's his old self again.
Nice going, Vernon.
You just gave Shredder his memory back.
And guess what else is back.
At least it's getting smaller again.
Vernon, keep an eye on Shredder.
Don't move.
Pretty please? Entering Level 15.
And I though Michelangelo had video games on the brain.
Dude, you just gave me one gnarly notion.
[beeping] All right.
Cowabunga! Salute your new masters, robot dude.
Michelangelo, how did you do that? Piece of cake, dude.
I just connected it to my video game.
My joystick controls it now.
Later, amigos! Who dares tie up the mighty Shredder? Oh, it wasn't me, sir.
Please, please don't hurt me.
Okay, flesh face, [snort] beat it.
Oh, whatever you say.
Ciao for now.
Wow, are we glad to see you.
Yeah, we've been looking all over for you.
Out of my way, you dunderheads.
It's time to blow those turtles back to the pet shop.
Too late, shred head.
Now, put that thing somewhere safe.
Blast it.
I can't detonate the device now.
It would blow up Krang's robot body.
Oh, no.
It's starting to shrink.
Quick, Michelangelo.
Get down off there.
No sweat, dudes.
Man! Talk about a bad case of heartburn.
My beautiful body! Ruined! And it's all your fault, Shredder.
You just better hope the damage is covered by the warranty! [April] Fortunately, the rampaging robot was finally put out of action by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
The entire event was witnessed by Channel 6's own Vernon Fenwick, who hasn't been able to open his mouth since.
We owe it all to you, Michelangelo.
Your video game really saved our shells.
You go right on playing that thing.
Oh, awesome! Now, let's see if I can make it to level 76.
[video game sounds] [beeping] Now how about that? He finally hit overload.
Bummer, dudes.
And I could've been a contender.