Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s06e08 Episode Script

9062-9211 - Donatello Trashes Slash

[theme] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool, but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power I'm anxious to watch this new Spielbug sci-fi flick.
"See tiny reptiles mutate into man-sized superheroes.
" Mm, mm, mm, how do they dream up this stuff? Whoa, compadres, don't start rolling yet.
I brought some matinée munchies.
Good idea, Michelangelo.
What are you dudes gonna eat? Whatever falls to the ground, kind sir.
Hold on.
Where's Donatello? In his lab, as uge, playing Dr.
He's been hitting those test tubes awfully hard lately.
Yeah, he's going to get blisters on his brain.
I agree.
Let's go pry him loose.
Hey, kemosabe, it's show time.
Yeah, time for a break.
You've been locked up in here for days.
Oh, no, no, I-- I can't right now, guys.
Something really weird is going on in the atmosphere, a-and I've got to keep an eye on it.
Right, like, I'm sure the Earth is gonna change orbit while you're watching a movie-- [TurtleCom beeping] Uh-oh.
[Leonardo] What is it? Just as I thought.
The Earth is changing orbit.
Okay, so I made a lucky guess.
This is incredible.
These figures show that the Earth is moving closer to the sun! I think his headband's too tight.
Look, it's 2 degrees hotter in here already.
[Donatello] Guys, if this keeps up, the Earth could go crashing into the sun.
Ooh, that could really mess up ski season.
Fellas, there's only one way to deal with this.
No, no.
Wait, wait, stop! Hey, cut it out.
Put me down! We will, right in front of the TV.
Now, you're going to relax and watch a movie, and that's that.
Oh, all right, I'll watch your stupid movie, but I don't have to enjoy it.
You know, you'll thank us for this later.
Okay, amigos, here it goes.
[dramatic] The Day the Earth Collided with the Sun? That's it! I've got to save the planet! [all] Ugh! Nice work, guys.
I think he's really starting to mellow out.
[Vernon] My little nephew Foster, the genius, is coming to spend the weekend with me while he's in town for the Junior High Science Fair.
Oh, being a genius, he's sure to take first prize! Did I mention he's a genius? Uh, have I told you about my nephew the genius? [Boy] You call yourself a cabbie? That's the worst driving I've ever seen! And be careful with those suitcases.
They contain all my research papers.
Foster! Welcome to Channel 6 News! Are you this kid's uncle? Uh, that's correct.
I suppose you want a tip.
No, I want to give you one.
Disown the little brat.
Ow! Foster, help get these suitcases off my feet.
Really, Uncle Vernon.
I'm just a child.
I might hurt myself.
Oh, oh, you're right.
I'll do it myself.
And this is April O'Neil's office.
Of course, my office is much larger, but that's only natural, since I handle the really important assignments.
Hey, Vernon, run across the street and bring me back a Danish.
Go, go, go.
A Danish? Uh, uh, he means the, uh, the-- the-- the Danish Ambassador.
Their embassy is just across the street.
Sure, Unc.
Oh, and while you're getting the Ambassador, would you bring me back a jelly doughnut? Oh, just as I feared.
Now it's 4 degrees higher.
Oh, this is awful.
Fellas, I'm afraid Donatello's gonna worry himself into a nervous breakdown.
What's the dude's problem? The more sun, the more beach parties.
Me, I can't wait to hit the surf and hang four! Master Splinter, we're worried about Donatello.
He's convinced himself that the Earth is being pulled into the sun.
Yeah, the dude's about to snap, and we don't know what to do about it.
It is well known that physical exertion often serves to relieve the pressures of mental stress.
I believe I have the solution.
All right, my students, prepare to engage in ninja combat.
You, too, Donatello.
What? Oh, oh.
Uh, sorry, sensei.
Now, my students, attack! [war cry] [thud] [all] Ow, ooh, ow, hey! Uh, thanks, guys.
Great match.
[chuckling] Yeah, sure.
Any other great ideas? April, when you finish that "Rats Invade City Hall" story, I've got another assignment for you.
Great, Chief.
What is it? A fire? An earthquake? [gasping] Aliens from another planet! Mm, close.
I want you to cover the junior high school science fair.
Junior high? Can't you get Vernon to do it? Vernon's busy on another assignment-- waxing my car.
It's all shiny and new, Chief.
Oh, and here's your Danish.
What took ya? April, you've got to help me.
My nephew Foster wants to meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Uh, somehow, he thinks they're my closest buddies in the whole world.
Why on earth would he think that? Maybe because that's what I told him.
Oh, please, April.
You wouldn't want him to think his Uncle Vernon is a big windbag, would you? Oh, never.
Oh, all right, Vernon, but just this once.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
Ask them if they could come to the junior high school fair.
Foster's science project is on display.
And-- And don't forget to bring Donatello.
He's his favorite.
April calling Turtles.
[TurtleCom beeping] Come in, Turtles.
[Leonardo] Donatello, April just called.
She wants us to meet Vernon's genius nephew at the science fair.
Hey, you're just going to have to go without me.
This Earth orbit condition is much too critical.
But, dude, you're the brainiac of the group.
You're the one he really wants to meet.
Yeah, and you wouldn't want to disappoint a sweet, innocent, widdle kid, would you? Well, all right, but we'll meet him in the basement only.
All right! This is April O'Neil, reporting from the Junior High Science Fair Competition, with young students from all around the country competing.
These science projects include everything from an automatic dog walker to an atomic-powered fertilizer.
Yes, there's everything on display here, from soup to nuts.
Hello, young man, and what does your invention do? It turns soup to nuts.
Need any help with your project, Foster? I happen to be a whiz with tools.
Oh! [chuckling] There.
It's ready.
Once again, I've surpassed myself.
Hey, Vernon, lose something? Why, look, Foster! It's my old pals, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
How are you, old buddies? Turtles, this is my nephew Foster.
Foster, this is my very best friend in the whole world, Michelangelo.
[chuckling] Of course.
I meant Raphael.
And this is my good pal Leonardo.
I know who they are, Uncle Vernon.
I also know their birthdays, their weapons, and I can hum that stupid theme song.
Remember, I have a humongous I.
And an ego to match.
Hi, Foster.
Vernon said you really wanted to meet us.
Not at all.
But I knew you'd want to meet me, especially since my Solar Magnet is about to win first prize in the science fair.
Uh, did you say Solar Magnet? It works on the principle of reverse fissionable osmosis to alter the gravitational pull of large gaseous objects.
You mean like Vernon.
I mean like the sun.
The Earth really is being drawn closer to the sun.
You got it, and all thanks to yours truly.
Gosh, it's good to be me.
[Donatello] Uh, but you see, little guy, if you're Solar Magnet is pulling the Earth closer to the sun, our planet could heat up to, oh, [yelling] Don't sweat it, big guy.
I'll turn it off as soon as it wins me first prize.
Okay, that does it! Donatello, what are you doing? Whoa, the dude's wigging out! Grab him! Let go of me! I've got to save the world! [sighing] Oh, sorry about your invention, Foster.
But Donatello's been a little stressed out lately.
You mean a little wacko! Look what he's done to my science project! Foster, this isn't my fault.
I swear.
I barely know those slimy reptiles! Hey, don't sweat it, Unc.
I can put this thing back together in no time.
You can? Piece of cake.
They don't call me a genius for nothing.
[Leonardo] That was a terrible thing to do.
Foster's worked hard on that science project of his.
That's right, amigo.
He's just a micro-dude.
Oh, yeah, sure, a micro-dude whose toy could destroy the entire planet! That Solar Magnet is pulling the Earth closer to the sun every minute.
See? The atmosphere is already [Raphael] Oh, will you cool it with this heat business? We're just having a little warm spell.
[cheeping] A Solar Magnet.
Just the invention I've been searching for to put my evil plan into action! [Michelangelo] Hey, scope it out, compadres.
April's covering the science fair.
Thank you, Billy, for that fascinating demonstration of your jet-propelled space shoes, and, uh, better luck next time.
Our next competitor is Foster Fenwick, who has an I.
of 270.
Tell us, Foster, who is your favorite scientific hero? Is it Einstein? Newton? Pasteur? Au contraire.
Those bubble brains couldn't hold a candle to my personal idol, Professor Philo Sofo.
Professor Sofo? That demented dingbat? [April] Professor Sofo? But isn't he the one who tried to spin everyone off the face of the Earth? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well, not only is the little brat brilliant, he also has excellent taste.
Uh, um, uh, maybe you'd better tell us something about your invention.
Better than that, I'll show you.
Presenting the world's first and only auto-transmogrifying inter-dimensional Solar Magnet.
My-- My magnet! It's gone! Foster, my poor little genius nephew! What sort of heartless beast would do such a thing? I bet it was that mean old turtle! I want my magnet, I want my magnet! Ahhh! Donatello, what did you do with Foster's Solar Magnet? Yeah, you big green meanie.
Why don't you just give it back to the kid? Hey, I didn't take it, guys, honest.
But I wish I had.
If that contraption falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the end of the world.
[Foster whining] Waah! People of the world, hear me.
Look, it's that nutcase, Professor Sofo! Hello.
I have the Solar Magnet, and I have set it on full power.
Even now, the Earth is speeding toward the sun.
See? I told you I didn't take it.
Okay, so we made a mistake, we're only half human, you know.
And while I am safe in my secret underground laboratory, you innocent citizens will all be French-fried.
Then, when I have destroyed every living thing on this planet, I shall be its undisputed ruler! Ruler of what? The heating up process cannot be reversed.
You have exactly 11-- no, no, 12 hours to leave the planet before it is burned to a cinder.
[giggling] Have a nice day.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I kill me.
[sighing] Looks like you were right all along, Donatello.
Yeah, dude.
Sorry I called you a green meanie.
And we thought you were ready for the giggle factory.
Forget it, guys.
You can grovel at my feet after we find that Solar Magnet.
But where do we start looking? It could be anywhere.
Why don't we start at that university Professor Sofo used to run? [Raphael] Right, Sofo U.
, it's where Donatello got his degree.
[Michelangelo] I think I missed that episode.
[Leonardo] Oh, really? [Donatello] Yeah, I was brilliant.
[TurtleCom beeping] It's the TurtleCom.
Hey, April, what's up? Donatello, I told Foster you're probably tracking down Sofo.
He wants to go with you and help dismantle the Solar Magnet.
[Donatello] Oh, no way.
It's too dangerous.
Besides, I dismantled it once.
I can do it again.
Let me have that.
Hey! Look, you ridiculous reptiles, When I reassembled the Solar Magnet, I made it tamper-proof.
Nobody but me can take it apart.
[Donatello] Well, Foster, I'm glad you had a change of heart and decided to help.
What change of heart, pizza breath? I just came along to meet my hero, Professor Sofo.
I really can't believe you think he would want to fry the Earth to a crisp.
[Foster] It's obviously some mistake.
Hey, look at that: I was afraid of that.
The heat is growing more intense by the minute.
It's hot in here, and I'm thirsty.
Sorry, Vernon, there's no time to stop.
Oh, this is boring.
Are we there yet? [Professor Sofo] Ah, at last, after years of planning and scheming, I should finally have my vengeance against an uncaring world! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Leonardo] Faster, Michelangelo.
Every second counts! I don't get it.
I've got the pedal to the metal, but instead of going faster, we're going slower! Bummer, dudes! The tar on the road is melting! We're stuck! The intense heat is causing the road to melt! We must get to Sofo College and turn off that Solar Magnet before this heat increases.
I just remembered something.
Quick, Michelangelo, hit that dashboard button.
[beep] [Leonardo] We're moving, the road stopped melting! [Michelangelo] Awesome move, dude! How'd you do it? Well, luckily, I'd installed some instant freeze spray jets for just such an emergency.
[popping] Oh! Now someone's shooting at us! Don't shoot! We surrender! [Raphael] Those aren't gunshots.
This intense heat is popping all the corn! [tires screeching] All right, Sofo, give it up! The place is deserted.
I was afraid of that.
He's moved his lab somewhere else.
Well, we must find him.
I need to explain to him the danger of using my invention.
Hey, look! Footprints.
My suspicions were correct! We're definitely dealing with someone with feet.
Good, Uncle Vernon.
They lead over here, to this shovel.
Hmm, this mud is definitely not indigenous to this area.
Well, let me check it with my portable earth-alizer.
A sedimentary base with an alluvial sub-soil.
It shows this mud came from the area of 109th Street and Center Park West.
So that's where Sofo's secret laboratory is hidden: underneath Center Park.
Right in the middle of the city.
Dudes, let's make turtle tracks.
[Professor Sofo] Oh, the outside temperature is reaching the critical point.
Soon the Earth will be barren of all living creatures, except me! Uh, and us, too, boss, don't forget us.
What? Oh, right, and you, too.
[chuckling] Of course.
[laughing] Not! Uh, you know, he's definitely the nicest villain we ever worked for.
He certainly is.
April O'Neil here, with a Channel 6 update.
As the Earth moves ever closer to the sun, temperatures are reaching record highs.
We've been receiving reports of intense heat damage from such far away places as the Paris Wax Museum [creaking] to the tulip fields of Holland to the ski runs of the Swiss Alps.
[tires screeching] [beeping] Listen to this earth-alizer beep.
We must be getting warm.
[Vernon] Oh! We're getting warm, all right! Only one thing to do.
[Michelangelo] Way to go, compadre! It's this intense heat.
The trees are starting to spontaneously combust.
Wow, in another minute, they'll all be going up in flames, unless we can locate that Solar Magnet.
[Donatello] Hey guys, over here! [beeping] I think I found the way to Sofo's underground laboratory.
Finally, a chance to meet my hero, The Great Professor Philo Sofo! [Professor Sofo] Yes, another few moments, and the Earth will be fricasseed to a crisp.
Hee hee-- [alarm] Intruders? What in blazes-- Hey, Bone Dome, remember us? [gasping] Ugh, it's those blasted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles again! They're always ruining my good times! [all] Turtle Pow-- [all] Ugh! Who put that force field there? Fools! No one can penetrate my gyro-atomic force field! Except me, that is! Oh, how do you do, Professor? This is a great honor.
Who-- Who let you in? The name is Foster Fenwick, fellow genius, and your biggest fan.
If you're ever free for lunch-- Can't someone get this brat out of here? Uh, right, Professor.
Brat? But, sir, I'm a scientific colleague.
I invented that Solar Magnet, and you obviously do not understand the magnitude of its power.
Hey, hey, you gorillas! Let him go.
He's just a little kid! And a helpless little kid at that! Ow! Ow! Ooh! [Michelangelo] Cool move, micro-dude! Turtle Pow-- what? This time, let's just walk, okay? Oh, good idea.
Exterminate them! And people think children are a problem.
Let them try having nephews! It's time you dudes got into some heavy literature.
[both] Oh! [Raphael] Look, there goes Sofo! Leaving so soon, Professor Sofo? Where's the fire? Whoa, whoa! And if that weren't enough What happened? Donatello, quick! We've got less than 60 seconds till total burnout! Can you dismantle it that fast? No way.
It's got to be blown up.
But how? I've got it.
We'll concentrate the energy of Sofo's force field-- And redirect it at the magnet.
Will you help me? You know I will, green bud.
Five seconds to detonation.
All right! Way to go,Foster! You brat! No true scientist would ever think of destroying his own invention! How wrong you are, Professor.
No true scientist would ever think of destroying the world.
That's my nephew.
Uh, did I mention that he's a genius? [April on TV] And so temperatures all over the world are now back to normal, thanks to four turtles and an 11-year-old science major.
She's talking about you, Foster.
This is April O'Neil signing off.
To Donatello, the greatest inventor of them all.
No, you got the wrong turtle, Fos-man.
Michelangelo's the inventor of our group.
Okay, let's see.
I'm in the mood for a chocolate fudge sardine chili pepper pizza with plenty of whipped cream on top! Heh heh heh heh.
See what I mean?