Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s06e09 Episode Script

9062-9205 - Sword of Yurikawa

[theme] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power [roaring] [Michelangelo] It's The Squid Monster That Ate Hoboken! [Raphael] A veritable science fiction classic.
[Michelangelo] I must've watched this flick a dozen times! Actually, you've watched it two dozen, but who's counting? Whoa, scope it out, dudes.
Here's the part where he gets truly unruly.
[electricity crackles] Hey! What's going on? It's gotta be Donatello again.
[All] Donatello! Uh, sorry, guys! I guess I overloaded the circuit.
Hmm, must be the pentode and ductoscope.
Maybe it's the autodyne ignition.
Aha! I found the trouble.
Donatello's been blowing out fuses all week working on that screwball invention of his.
That's not all he blew out.
Look at the TV! [Michelangelo] Major bummer, dudes! The squid monster was just about to chow down on Chinatown.
[Splinter] Perhaps that was a fortunate accident, my students.
You have been watching far too many tasteless horror films.
Hey, Sensei, we gotta have some intellectual stimulation.
My students, I advise you to make use of your own imagination instead of relying on other people's.
Now, when I was very young, I would listen to sumo wrestling on the radio.
Now, that required imagination.
[Burne] Gang, today we welcome a brand-new member to the Channel 6 news team.
He's Milton Frobish III, the son of Channel 6's owner, Milton Frobish II.
Gosh, what an incredible coincidence.
Now, I don't expect you to show Milton any special privileges.
He's just like any other working class stiff.
Who happens to be worth $23 gazillion.
Any questions? Just one.
Is he married? Irma, I hope you won't embarrass us by fawning all over him.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present Milton Frobish III.
Uh, hello.
D'oh! What an incredible honor, sir! Can I offer you a seat? Maybe a cup of coffee? A prune Danish? If you need a place to live, I know a charming little apartment.
We can move April out right away.
Vernon! Hey, hey, hey! Oh, sorry, Chief.
I was just trying to make him feel at home.
Yes, in my home.
I'm sure we all want to help young Frobish learn everything about Channel 6, which is why I'm sure Ms.
O'Neil won't mind if Milton takes her place doing the news today.
I won't? [Milton on TV] And that wraps up today's nose-- Er, I-- I mean news! Uh, until tomorrow, this is Milton Frobish singing-- oh, I-- I mean signing off.
[Raphael] Huh! What a turkey! They should've saved this guy for a Thanksgiving special.
I wonder what happened to April.
[Donatello] Hey, guys, come in here quick! It's working fine now.
The parabolic synchronizer was interfering with the rheostatic magnetometer.
That's easy for you to say.
All right! Does that mean we can finish watching The Squid Monster That Ate Hoboken? Trust me.
This invention will make movies obsolete.
I call it Dream-O-Vision.
Is this the gizmo that keeps blowing our fuses? [laughs] No, no, no.
See, that's the ultra high-voltage power transmitter.
It allows the Dream-O-Vision helmet to be cordless so you can take it anywhere.
So, like, what exactly does it do? Anything your imagination can dream up.
Watch this.
And to you, Donatello, for your great contributions to science, we award this honorary doctorate and the title of Turtle Emeritus.
Tubuloso! Cool! It's surreal! See? All you have to do is imagine something, and the Dream-O-Vision turns it into a life-size hologram.
Here, Leonardo.
You try it.
[Leonardo over radio] The tortoise has landed.
[Man] This is Mission Control.
Congratulations, Colonel Leonardo.
You-- What's that, Mr.
President? Correction.
Make that General Leonardo.
This is one small step for a turtle, one giant leap for turtlekind.
[people cheering] It's amazing! The whole thing was so real! Yeah.
I mean, it's hard to believe it was all in your mind, isn't it? Now me! At last, a chance to direct! Hold on, dude.
I didn't sign up for this gig.
Silence, slave! And feed me more pizza! And you, who gave you permission to stop hailing? All hail Raphaelus Tortelus! Yeah.
That's more like it.
This scene is taking a definite wrong turn.
[sizzling] Uh-oh.
It won't work! Gosh, it never did this before.
Ah ha ha ha ha! I'm taking control of your dream now, Raphaelus Tortelus.
Sorry, Raphael.
This is going to hurt you more than it does me.
We're back in the lair.
What happened? Somebody rewrote my script.
And where did that weird face come from? Um, I'm afraid it still has a few bugs to work out.
You can say that again.
Didn't you say this would be just a hologram? Ow! Ooh, that's what I thought.
But it looks like the Dream-O-Vision can make imaginary stuff real.
Guys, I'm afraid this helmet is off limits till I can figure out what's wrong.
Hey, whoa! What about me? It's my turn next.
Forget it, Michelangelo.
It's too risky.
Everybody gets to have fun but me.
April here will show you the ropes, Milton.
I'll be forever grateful, Ms.
You will be in good hands.
April is the best reporter on our staff.
Why, thank you for those kind words, Chief.
Words are cheap.
Raises cost money.
Oh, you'll remember to tell your father I said that.
Oh, certainly, sir.
Welcome to Channel 6, Milton.
Not a chocolate cake! Uh, yeah.
I ran home and whipped it up during my lunch break.
Oh, no, no.
Please, not-- [groans] I tried to tell you.
I'm allergic to chocolate.
[Leonardo] Coming with us, Michelangelo? We're going to return these tacky video tapes, the way Master Splinter suggested.
No, thanks, dudes.
I'll just stay home and polish my grappling hook.
Suit yourself.
On the other hand, maybe I'll just check out Donatello's invention.
Bugs or not, I just gotta check out this Dream-O-Vision gizmo for myself.
Besides, a little glitch can't be that serious.
Whoa, spectaculoso! It works! Wait till I tell the little brain meister just how wrong he was.
[yelps] It's the squid monster that ate Hoboken! Some monsters just don't know when they're not welcome.
Whoa! Totally unreal! I wasn't even thinking about the squid monster.
Come on, helmet, do your stuff! [crackles] Major bummer, man.
I guess it doesn't work when it's wet.
Well, at least that squid monster's gone.
I hope it went back to Hoboken.
[rumbling] Hold the phone.
What's that weird noise? Uh-oh.
[Raphael munching] Mm, great pizza! [Donatello] Mm, fabulous fixings! Too bad Michelangelo's missing out.
I don't get it.
It's not like him to turn down a pizza.
I'm worried about Michelangelo.
Something must be wrong.
I can't raise him on the TurtleCom.
That does it.
I'm going back to the lair to check things out.
Oh, yeah.
Nice timing, Leonardo.
Just when Vinny was about to bring the check! Totally bogus.
The farther I walk from the ocean, the louder the sound of it gets.
Holy guacamole! A humungous tidal wave! Hello, Michelangelo! Remember me? Yaah! You can run, but you can't hide.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Milton] That chocolate cake made me break out in hives.
These spots look awful.
[April] Um, no they don't, Milton.
They make you look, umuh, daring! [chuckles] Oh.
Well, no matter.
Let us carry on.
I have a brand-new career to launch.
And you can start by climbing up there and bringing me those video cassettes.
Certainly, Ms.
Dad will be so proud of me.
My first day on the job, and I've already worked my way to the top.
Egads! Milton! Come down from there! You'll hurt yourself! Whoa! Ooh! Now see what you've done? What I did? Yes.
I can hardly wait to tell Milton's father on you.
Oh, brother.
Good idea, Irma.
Maybe I'll tell his brother, too.
I wonder if this helmet's dried out enough to split this scene.
[sizzling] Nope.
Looks like I'll have to fall back to plan B.
I'll just imagine I'm doing something fun.
Yeah! Like playing sports.
[crowd cheering] All right! It worked! [cheering, whistling] And here comes Michelangelo le Turtle across the blue line, looking for his 300th hat trick of the season! Rahh! Holy guacamole! Whoa! Ooh! Help! Stop! Let me outta here! If you're certain that's what you want, then you shall have it! Aah! [roaring] Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Lucky thing us turtles are primo swimmers! We meet again.
Aah! [gasps] I don't get it.
I'm not thinking about any of these bizarro places.
But I am! Hey, dude, I'm getting just a teensy bit tired of this.
Just who are you? They call me Creepy Eddie, and I'm your worst nightmare! I've been waiting for someone from your universe to pass through.
All I need is one more for a two-for-one exchange.
Uh, exchange? Exactly! You two will stay here in Nightmare Land, while I invade reality! Whoa! You'll love it here once you get used to it.
Why not give it a whirl? Ah ha ha ha ha ha! [TurtleCom beeping] The TurtleCom.
April here.
What's up? [Leonardo] April, I'm worried.
Have you heard from Michelangelo? No, I haven't, Leonardo.
Is there anything wrong? I sure hope not.
Whoa, that goes double for me.
Here are those video tapes Ms.
O'Neil asked for.
Thank you, Milton.
Now, young man, you sit right here and rest.
You're in no condition to be doing that.
Ooh! Vernon, I think it's absolutely disgusting the way you keep kissing up to the boss' son.
Butt out, Irma! Here, let me carry those for you.
No, really! It's quite all-- riiiight! Milton! Stop! [Irma] You're headed for-- Daddy! A long flight of stairs.
[groaning] Michelangelo? [sigh] There's no sign of him anywhere.
[whirring] That noise.
Sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
And it's coming from Donatello's lab.
What? Whoa! Those stupidly innocent turtles! They freed me from my fantasy dimension and allowed me to enter the real world, where I plan to stay forever! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Michelangelo] Whoa! Quit spinning already! Uh, first it's summer, then it's winter.
Whoa! Whoa! Cowabunga! Hot bubbling lava! What is this place? And how did I get here? Yaah! It's Michelangelo.
Thanks mucho, compadre.
Never mind that.
The question is why did you put on that Dream-O-Vision helmet when Donatello warned you not to? Look, you can chew me out later, dude.
Right now, we got one major problemo.
What's that? If you're here, that means that Creepy Eddie must be in the lair.
[Splinter] I have a bad feeling about my students.
I fear they may have fallen under the spell of some great evil.
You must be talking about me.
Who are you? And what have you done to the Turtles? I should think a giant rat would have bigger things to worry about.
Like, for instance, a giant cat! Ah ha ha ha! [roaring] [roaring] Tell me, my friend.
Do you suppose this is what's meant by "trapped like a rat"? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [roaring] What was that? Sounds like someone forgot to put out the cat.
[roaring] Master Splinter, what's going on? I would say it is quite obvious.
Maybe he'd like some pizza! [Donatello] Bull's-eye! Well, actually, tiger's-eye.
[Creepy Eddie laughs] Oh, goody! More turtles! Come and join the party.
Look, it's that weird thing we saw floating above the pirate ship.
"Weird thing?" How rude! I don't have to stay here and be insulted.
Master Splinter, are you all right? Yes, thanks to your pizza marksmanship.
But where are Michelangelo and Leonardo? Uh, we were sorta hoping you had the answer to that.
[creature burbling] So this is your nightmare world.
How do you think up all these gruesome creatures? I guess it comes from all those sci-fi horror movies I watch.
[roaring, squelching] From now on, you'd better stick to renting kiddie cartoons.
Gnarly notion, dude! I'll remember that if we ever get back home.
Listen, I think I've tuned in to something.
Oops! Wrong channel! Aah! [Burne] April, do you realize what you've done? You single-handedly disgraced Channel 6! I'm sorry, Chief.
I asked you to look after the boss' son, and what happens? This is what happens.
Who did this to Milton? Come on, now.
Speak up.
I cannot tell a lie, Mr.
Frobish, sir.
It's all April O'Neil's fault.
Milton was her responsibility.
Is this true, young lady? Uh, well, um, you see, sir-- Please don't blame April, Mr.
It's as much my fault as hers.
Oh, it is, huh? Well, in that case, both of you are-- Fired? No! On your way to Hawaii for a two-week vacation on me! What? What? All that time little Milty spent in the emergency room made him realize he's not cut out for the news game.
Hee hee! He's decided to go to medical school.
My son the doctor! Ouch! Isn't it unbelievable? Two whole weeks in Hawaii.
I'd enjoy it a lot more if I knew that Michelangelo was all right.
This is Leonardo.
I can't answer the TurtleCom right now.
I'm off on a nightmare adventure from which I may never return.
Oh, no! First Michelangelo disappears, and now Leonardo! I've got to get to the lair right away.
[Donatello] Michelangelo must've vanished when he put on the Dream-O-Vision helmet.
And I'll bet Leonardo went to track him down.
I fear they are in some sort of nightmare world.
And only that Creepy Eddie character can tell us where.
See that? You do need me! I demand to know where Michelangelo and Leonardo are.
Up to their turtlenecks in my nightmare world.
And as long as I'm here, that's where they'll stay! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Got to unplug the Dream-O-Vision generator.
It's our only hope of bringing the guys back to reality.
Hoo hoo, what fun! I just love dashing people's only hope.
Quick! To the generator! [snaps] My feet, I can't move them! Man, this is straight out of a nightmare.
Now you're getting the picture! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Whoa, dude, look out for the ropes! Ropes? What ropes? Never mind.
Tell me, which sci-fi movie inspired this nightmare? It wasn't a movie, dude.
It was the time I scarfed that pizza with peanut butter and lobster sauce just before I went to bed.
[Donatello] grunting] I've just got to turn off that generator.
Uh! Visiting hours are over.
Do something, Master Splinter! Help us! I don't think your rodent friend will be of much help.
You see, he's rather busy at the moment.
[screeching] Major bummer, compadre.
There's no way out of this fix.
Never say never, Michelangelo.
Wha-- Awesome swordplay, dude.
Now let's get out of here! It's a bottomless chasm! Yeah.
Ain't that the pits? Uh-oh! The Dream-O-Vision helmet! Oh, no! Without that thing, we'll be stuck in this nightmare land forever! Forever might not be as long as you think.
[groaning] What hit me? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Creepy Eddie, you're a creep! Aw, maybe so, but I'm here in reality, and your green friends are there in Nightmare Land, taking my place.
If the generator is destroyed while putting out full power-- [ticking] the exchange will be permanent! And that will be precisely three minutes from now! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well, one good thing-- at least nothing worse could happen to us.
[rumbling] [Both] Whoa! It's a lucky thing Donatello isn't here.
Why is it lucky? Because I'm sure the dude would've said, "I told you sooooo!" Yoo-hoo.
Guys? Where are you? And why is it so dark in here? [electricity sizzles] Oh, great.
Now the fuse blew.
Whoa! Yowww! [Raphael] Leonardo, Michelangelo! You're back! [groans] Oh, no! This can't be! I'm fading back to Nightmare Land! And here's a little going-away gift.
Oh, no! I rushed right over.
What on earth is going on here? Well, let's just say we had abad dream.
But thanks to your short-circuiting the fuse box, we're wide awake now.
If you guys think you had a bad day, you should meet Milton.
Mm! Popcorn pizza.
Now this is what I call a special treat.
And a special video to go with it.
Another sci-fi creature feature? Oh, no way, dude.
This one's a documentary.
The Undersea World of Pierre Gousteau.
A wise decision, Michelangelo.
It sounds most informative.
Aah! Waaah! You think we ought to watch it now or wait till Michelangelo gets back? Aah! Somehow I think we've got a long wait.