Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s07e03 Episode Script

9059-053 - A Real Snow Job

[] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team LEONARDO: We're really hip.
They're heroes In the half-shell And they're green RAPHAEL: Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder Attacks These Turtle boys Don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be Ninja teens LEONARDO: He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines DONATELLO: That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but crude Give me a break.
Michelangelo Is a party dude Party! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! SPLINTER: Ah, the Austrian Alps, their majestic beauty reminds me of the mountains in my native Japan.
You're right, Splinter, this scenery is so totally cool, it's hot.
[BEEPS] This area certainly is beautiful.
I'm glad April asked us to join her at the ski resort.
Hey, dudes, where is this library book place anyway? Not library book, Lichtenbroich.
Well, if my calculations are right, and they invariably are, it's right over the next mountain.
Then it is time for me to take leave of you, my students.
Will you be all right, sensei? It's awfully cold in these parts.
Do not worry, Leonardo, a secluded mountain cave will provide all I need for my meditation.
Well, if you should need us, use your Turtlecom.
Be watchful, my students.
These mountains can be treacherous, and much is hidden beneath the beauty of the snow.
Huh, I wonder what made him say that.
Hey, you've been in enough of these shows to know that he always talks like that.
IRMA: Look out! Irma, be careful.
Out of the way, out of the way! Oh! Hi there.
It was good, ja? It was great, especially the stopping part.
You're a wonderful ski instructor, Rudy.
Thank you, Fraulein O'Neil.
I'm heading back to the chalet, I wanna look at the videotape I took of today's Olympic training session.
Oh, one more run, April, please? Sorry, Irma, if Mr.
Thompson finds out I'm having all this fun, I'll be out of a job.
Anyway, the Turtle-- I mean, our friends, should be here soon.
Well, we could go again, my little Viennese pastry, ja? You mean you expect me to risk life and limb zooming down an ice-covered hill on two little pieces of wood? [SIGHS] I'd love to.
Oh, yuck.
That's strange.
It's the middle of winter.
I wonder why the snow is melting.
KRANG: So she thinks it's strange, does she? Well, Miss Busybody reporter, you're about to see just how strange it really is.
[BEEPING] Shredder, are you there? Come in, Shredder.
Yes, Krang, the Swiss Alps' zoetropic link up is completed.
What about the relay stations? One more to go, and the circuit will be complete.
And then my plan to melt the glaciers from every Alpine mountaintop and flood the villages will all be complete.
[LAUGHING] Oh, I'm so clever I can hardly stand myself.
Good, the zoetropic waves will soon be at maximum strength.
[PULSING] What in blazes? BEBOP: Hi, boss.
[GRUNTING] Krang, I didn't send for these two dunderheads.
They have a little task to carry out.
Taking care of April O'Neil.
Besides, they were beginning to get under my skin.
What skin? [ALL LAUGHING] I get it.
One of these days, Shredder, one of these days.
LEONARDO: We better leave the Turtle Van here while we go into Lichtenbroich.
Well, so, like, how do we get there, dude? It's a ski village, right? So, we ski in.
I don't know if that's such a good idea, Raphael.
Uh, that's right.
Uh, turtles are-- Are tropical animals.
Not to worry, I've been watching the Olympic tryouts on TV.
[SHOUTING] Ah! We've gotta go after him.
Besides, it looks like a totally tubulous-o experience.
[ALL SHOUTING] Whoa, mondo moguls! Whoa! [TAKES DEEP BREATH] See? There's nothing to this.
[ALL SHOUTING] I guess we pretty much put the "slow as a turtle" myth to bed, huh? APRIL: Here in the beautiful Alpine village of Lichtenbroich Olympic teams from all over the world do their winter training.
The surrounding mountains provide-- Hm.
If there's something strange going on, this videotape was shot the day before yesterday.
And this one yesterday.
And this one today.
The glacier.
It's moving.
Operator, connect me to the Swiss Weather Bureau.
And hurry.
[] Huh? [ENGINE POPS] [GRUNTING] KRANG: Are you birdbrains having fun? Oh, uh, hi, Krang.
Uh, we were just testing the equipment.
Now, listen, I want both April O'Neil and her videotapes erased.
And I mean now.
BEBOP [WHISPERS]: Shush, don't talk so loud.
KRANG: How dare you shush me? [RUMBLING] Help, get us out of here.
We're moving, Krang, we're moving.
APRIL: "From our calculations here at the National Science Lab, "we find that the ozone layer above the Alps "is thinning rapidly.
We have no explanation for this dangerous phenomenon.
" I knew it.
April calling the Turtles, come in, Turtles.
What's up? There's a lot more going on here than Olympic training.
I have information that absolutely proves that-- Uh, room service.
Proves what? April? April? We're taking you for a little ride.
I'm not going anywhere.
You two, get outta here.
April, who are you talking to? What's going on? [BEEPS] [GRUNTS] Listen, you mutant thugs, you can't just break into my room like this.
We can't? I didn't see no "do not disturb" sign, did you, Bebop? Uh-uh.
But then again, I can't read.
Listen to me, Krang is trying to destroy the ozone layer.
He's a madman.
He's real mad at you.
[QUIETLY] I have to do something to let the Turtles know what's happened.
You got all the tapes, Bebop? Yeah, I got 'em all.
Let's beat it.
[GRUNTS] You just wait, the Turtles won't let Krang and Shredder get away with this.
Yeah, we'll be sure and tell him that.
[LAUGHS] DONATELLO: How do we tell which one of these chalets is April's? Why do I just know it's gonna be the one way up there? IRMA: Hi, April, you home? Oh, my gosh, look what's happened to her room.
I do not understand.
I thought you Americans were such fussy housekeepers.
April? Where are you? April? Perhaps she is out on the bunny slope.
No, Rudy, she's been kidnapped.
Oh, help! IRMA [FAINTLY]: Help! What was that? E above high C, bud.
It's Irma.
I'd know those lungs anywhere.
Come on, guys.
Whoa, someone did a tubular trashing job.
What's wrong, Irma? Yeah, we got your message loud and clear.
Oh, am I glad to see you fellas.
They are not fellows, they are turtles.
And lucky for us.
April's been kidnapped, you gotta do something.
Oh, dudes, scope out those industrial-strength footprints.
It's either an Abominable Snowman, or Rocksteady and Bebop.
Either way, it's abominable.
Rocksteady and Bebop? Oh, no.
Poor April.
[WHINING] Oh, my poor little student.
Who are you? I am Rudy, the handsome ski instructor.
If you say so.
Well, April was trying to tell me Krang was up to some dirty work around here when she was cut off.
If I know April, she left us a clue someplace.
Ah, and here it is.
Fire up the VCR.
I bet this tape will tell us something.
[TAPE REWINDING] I was right.
It's a glacier, so what? DONATELLO: Keep your eyes on it.
[BEEPS] Mondo meltdown, that giant snow cone's definitely on the move.
It sure is.
Each day it's melting a little more and moving further down the mountain.
And this village lies directly in its path.
Are you saying what I think you're saying? Right.
That if we don't stop Krang, this village and all its inhabitants will be wiped out by a giant avalanche.
News flash: April was tracking the temperatures and this cool little berg is turning into a hot spot? Somehow Krang has been heating things up by messing with the ozone layer.
And April caught on to his little plot.
MICHELANGELO: It's up to us to find Krang and stop him.
Wait for Rudy.
He will be your guide, no? He will be our guide, yes.
[SIGHS] What a guy.
Ah, soon the final link up will be completed.
APRIL: Let me go, you big ape.
Here she is, boss.
Ah, Miss O'Neil, how nice of you to drop in.
Shredder? I should've known Krang's stooge would be at the bottom of this.
Oh, tsk, tsk, such tired old dialogue from such a bright young girl.
I know you and that grotesque ganglion Krang are fooling with the ozone layer.
And you're not going to get away with it.
KRANG: But we already are.
A few precisely placed zoetropic waves, and your precious ozone layer will be [MAKES SPLATTERING SOUND] history.
Soon the Earth's temperature will rise dramatically.
You can't do this.
All the snow and ice will melt and-- Yeah, yeah, yeah, and the first to go will be Lichtenbroich.
I built this model just for you.
[KRANG CACKLING] No! [] [BEEPING] DONATELLO: Uh, how are we doing, Leonardo? LEONARDO: It's getting harder to see Bebop and Rocksteady's snowmobile tracks in the snow.
It's getting harder to see the front of the Turtle Van.
But hold on, I'm picking up some weird sounds.
[LOUD HUMMING] Well, check it out, dude, maybe it's a new group.
Now I recognize them.
They're zoetropic waves.
No, I never heard of 'em.
They have any hit singles? Michelangelo, will you cut it out? Ow.
I'm talking about ionospheric microwaves.
They could destroy our entire ozone layer.
We've got to find Krang's power source.
And April.
[BEEPS] LEONARDO: Shredder's gotta be sending those microwaves from somewhere around here.
Ah, there it is! We found his hideout.
Step on it, Leonardo.
Try and hold me back.
Rocksteady, Bebop, get out to that mountain and install the final relay dish.
Uh, yeah, sure, boss, you can count on us.
SHREDDER: Yeah, just the way you count on your fingers.
This just might work.
Tell me, Shredder, have you ever been on television? Well, uh, no, why do you ask? I think you'd be perfect for my new talk show, um, uh, Lifestyles of the Vicious and Infamous.
Well, I suppose I do lead a fascinating life.
Teleporting from planet-to-planet wreaking evil and destruction.
My camera's right over there, you'll be fabulous.
Just untie me.
I really shouldn't, but what the heck? [CHUCKLES] When stardom is just around the corner.
My sentiments exactly.
Tell us, Shredder, how did you get into this sordid occupation? Just born that way, I guess.
Mother kept threatening to run away from home.
KRANG: Wow, Shredder, looking to get your own series? Oh, uh, Krang, uh-- I was just killing a little time.
When you should've been killing those pesky Ninja Turtles.
I'm getting very annoyed, Shredder, and when I get annoyed [LOUD RUMBLING] Finally, I can contact the Turtles.
Don't worry, Krang, I'll take care of them.
Steady as she goes, Leonardo.
[] Uh-oh, gang, we've got a serious problem.
What's going down, dude? RAPHAEL: We are.
[TURTLES SHOUTING] Ah, wouldn't you know it? The minute I find true happiness my life is over.
Don't give up yet, Irma, we still got a shot.
[ALL CHEERING] Whoa! Forget pizzas, I totally love snow.
Hey, what's that noise? It's a lot like the sound of ice cracking.
All right, dudes, cracking ice can mean only one thing: It's party time! [CRACKING] [SHOUTING] Michelangelo! [GRUNTING] Gotcha.
Oh, if it is a party, I'm not hanging around for it.
LEONARDO: Any more suggestions, Mr.
Tour Guide? Isn't it enough that he's handsome? Does he also have to be smart? Hang on, gang, I've got one more trick up my shell.
A turtle shell sail.
Great idea.
[ALL CHATTERING EXCITEDLY] Shredder, I beg you to reconsider what you're doing.
Once destroyed, the ozone layer can never be replaced.
Has anyone ever told you you're beautiful when you grovel? Okay, boss, we're all finished.
It's time.
My zoetropic microwave relay stations are all in place.
No, you mustn't do it.
It's too late! How right you are, the temperature's already rising.
We've done it, Rocksteady.
Yeah, the boss will be real happy.
Hey, man, hey.
Cut it out.
I didn't do nothing.
Hey, now you cut it out.
MICHELANGELO: Hey, dudes, up here.
[] Time to chill out, chumps.
ROCKSTEADY: I'm splitting.
Wait for me.
Hey, yeah! LEONARDO: One down, five to go.
TURTLES: Turtle power! The zoetropic waves are coming from inside this cavern.
This hideout Shredder picked matches his heart, it's pure ice.
It's working, turn it up, turn it up.
[UNISON] Hey, yeah! Hey! So a turtle twosome.
Hurry, they're about to destroy the ozone layer.
Not if we have anything to say about it.
You're too late, shellbacks, take a look at the thermometer and sweat.
We've gotta turn off the zoetropic waves.
You can't, once I smash the controls.
[CIRCUITS SHORTING OUT] No! Shredder, you're the most despicable person on the face of the Earth.
Oh, does this mean you're not going to broadcast my interview? [LAUGHING] Haven't you ever heard of being ecologically responsible? Oh, I'm responsible, all right.
Responsible for this.
[CACKLING] [LOUD RUMBLING] We may not be able to fix the controls, but we can sure fix you.
Do something, Rudy.
Yes, Rudy, do something.
Ja, Master Shredder.
Master Shredder? RAPHAEL: Uh, your friend Rudy is a cyborg, Irma.
Aw, he could've told me.
I'm open-minded about these things.
Take care of those turtles.
Ja, Master.
Hyah! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Farewell, Turtles, it's too late to stop things now.
[LOUD RUMBLING] April, the whole mountain's coming down on us.
Maybe not, look.
There's just a wild chance that the cyborg's power box frequency matches the smashed control.
As Michelangelo would say, "It's cool, dude.
" Hey, check out the thermometer.
All right, guys.
Yeah! Way to go! All I wanted was a quiet mountain on which to meditate.
Is that too much to ask? Wh--? Wh--? Where's this portal, boss? Yeah, I'm f-f-freezing my t-t-tusks off.
[SHUDDERS] I-I'm s-sure K-Krang said this-- This is where the portal would be.
Or else maybe it was that mountaintop.
Well, or even th-that one.
What? BEBOP: Oh, great.
Hey, cut that out.
I'm your master.
Stop-- Stop that, I command you.
APRIL: Pizza? In the Alps? Well, yeah, they make it with Swiss cheese.
Sorry we're late, everyone.
Watch it, guys, she's got another one.
Relax, fellas.
I promise you he's not a cyborg.
Oh, yeah? How can we be so sure? I ran him through the metal detector at the airport.