Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s07e23 Episode Script

9062-9313 - Atlantis Awakes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes In the half-shell And they're green Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder Attacks These Turtle boys Don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them To be ninja teens LEONARDO: He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but crude Give me a break.
Michelangelo Is a party dude Party! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! [] LEONARDO: Those two creatures are around here somewhere.
I just know it.
What are they? Who knows? Ever since Shredder unleashed that mutagen in the zoo years ago, the city's been crawling with mutant animals.
Yuck! Mutant animals, my least favorite kind.
Hey, what are we, mutant vegetables? [CROWD SCREAMING] [RAZAR SNIFFS] RAZAR: I smell something good to eat.
I know just how you feel, Razar.
I'm starving.
Toka, you are the only friend I've got.
[CROWD SCREAMS] Nothing can stand in our way.
Don't you know it ain't polite to eat with your paws? DONATELLO: A mutant wolf and a mutant snapping turtle.
Oh, man, not another mutant turtle.
I'm starting to feel Help me.
Let's demolish these copycats.
[] You little twerps better leave my friend alone.
[ROARS] Leonardo, give that creep a manicure.
The claw is mightier than the sword.
[ROARS] Whoa! [GRUNTS] Razar! Save me! Leave him alone! [TURTLES YELLING] [ALL GRUNTING] RAPHAEL: Aw, man, they could've gone anywhere.
Well, at least we saved the mall.
RAPHAEL: You call that "saved," huh? Well, maybe it'll need a few new windows.
MAN [ON TV]: What caused this calamity, friends? It was a bunch of mutants.
And that loud, sucking sound you hear, that's the sound of businesses fleeing the city.
Employment down 38 percent, new construction off by nearly 50 percent.
Who is this wacko? You mean you've never heard of A.
Howard, the eccentric billionaire? No, sorry dude, I'm not up on my eccentric billionaires.
And why is business down? Because this city is crawling with mutants.
I've even had to delay the opening of my new skyscraper, the Howard Building, until these abnormal creatures are off the streets.
Now, thousands of you have sent in for my free anti-mutant bracelets, and I appreciate your support.
So out of my own pocket, I've hired this man, Dirk Savage, a professional mutant hunter.
You mutants can't hide from me.
I'm gonna get every last one of you freaks.
[GROWLS] Even us? Now, if you see any unusual-looking creatures, dial our mutant hotline and you'll see some world-class mutant hunting.
That's 555-NO MUTANTS.
Mutants are the problem.
Grr! And Dirk Savage is the solution.
That dude couldn't be after us.
We're the good guys.
You heard him.
He said he was gonna catch every last one of us.
But don't those idiots know there are good mutants as well as bad ones? Evidently, A.
Howard doesn't.
Where'd he dig up that nutball Dirk Savage? That's what we've gotta find out.
APRIL: We don't have much in the newsroom files on Dirk Savage.
He's a professional soldier of fortune.
He's fought for governments all over the world.
Usually against rebels, misfits and other outcasts.
Well, at least we know he's tough.
What, the eye patch didn't convince you? [TURTLECOM BEEPS] Leonardo here.
Hey there, bubba.
Napoleon Bonafrog.
Me and ol' Genghis Frog here decided to pay y'all a visit.
Uh, this may not exactly be the best time for you guys to be in the city.
What do you mean? DONATELLO: Where are you now? Oh, we came out of an underground river into this big ol' swamp in a park.
Say, what's the big-- [ZAPPING NOISE] GENGHIS: Um, uh, Napoleon, old buddy? I seem to have gotten myself a little bit stuck here.
All right, you mutant scum.
You're mine! [BLOWS LANDING AND FROGS SHOUTING] Napoleon, Genghis, get out of there, now! Boy, Dirk Savage doesn't waste any time.
LEONARDO: And neither do we.
Come on.
[GRUNTS] You leave my bubba alone, you hear? [BOTH GRUNT] SAVAGE: There's no room in our fair city for mutants like you.
You know, Genghis, I'm beginning to wish we'd stayed down in the Everglades.
There was a struggle here, all right.
That creepazoid got our froggy amigos.
Eight zillion mutants in this series, and he catches two of the good ones.
Guys, this is getting serious.
I think we'd better consult with Master Splinter.
[] Okay, you frog faces.
Step lively.
My latest catch.
HOWARD: Good work, Savage, but there's still much more to do.
I want those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
They're the most dangerous mutants in the city.
Don't worry.
They're tops on my hit list.
SPLINTER: I cannot help but feel that there is more to this situation than meets the eye.
Sensei, what meets the eye is plenty.
I sense that the solution lies with this mutant hunter, Dirk Savage.
Well, we can put him out of commission.
That would be a solution.
That is not what I mean, Raphael.
He seems to be your worst enemy, but he may be your only ally.
Master Splinter, he's out to capture all of us, maybe even you.
Hatred such as his is born of ignorance.
If you could show him that not all mutants are evil, it might change his mind.
Oh, I don't understand Master Splinter sometimes.
I mean, how are we supposed to change that wacko's mind about mutants? I'd like to change his mind, all right, with these.
Uh, dudes, what am I doing up here? Michelangelo! DONATELLO: It's some kind of electromagnet.
It's got him by the buckles on his bandoleers.
Hang on, we'll get you down.
[SAVAGE LAUGHS] SAVAGE: You aren't gonna do anything.
You're mine now.
[] [] [SAVAGE GRUNTS] SAVAGE: These sewers are too good for the likes of you, mutant scum.
Hey, hey, hey! We're not mutant scum.
We're mutant turtles.
And before you go ballistic, you're gonna listen to us.
Just being mutants doesn't make us evil.
As far as I'm concerned, the only good mutant is a captive one.
[] SAVAGE: Stun ray, turtle.
[RAPHAEL GRUNTS] Listen, you maniac.
We're the good guys! Lying mutant slime! [BOTH GRUNTING] [RAPHAEL THUDS] [COUGHING] Chill out, Savage.
SAVAGE: Say goodbye to your friends, freaks.
I'll be back for you later.
[ENGINE STARTS] Man, that guy is a major loon, you know that? We've gotta track them.
Come on.
Any signals yet, Donatello? Aw, nothing.
Savage must have wrecked their Turtlecoms.
Guys, you better get over here right away.
I hope it's good news.
I'm not sure.
But I think Irma's discovered something important.
Now for the compliance cuffs.
Poor Leonardo and Michelangelo.
And poor us, bubba.
From now on, turtles, you'll do my bidding.
We'll never obey you.
Oh, I think you will.
Now, bow before me.
Unh! Resist it, Michelangelo.
Dude, I can't.
RAPHAEL: I hope this is good.
Good, maybe.
Weird, definitely.
Howard, foe of mutants everywhere, used to own a genetics lab.
Yeah, but the lab was abruptly shut down.
And on the same day, A.
Howard vanished for over a year.
TV ANNOUNCER: And now, Vernon Fenwick with the Channel 6 editorial.
This reporter praises the efforts of A.
Howard to clean up the city of mutants.
For years, we humans have stood by while these nasty creatures took over our streets.
But no more.
Over half the people in the city are wearing Mr.
Howard's anti-mutant bracelets.
So look out, mutants.
Your number's up.
Excuse me.
I have to go wring Vernon's neck! No, no, no.
Wait, wait.
We've gotta find out what's really going on here.
What about that mysterious building of Howard's? The one that's being kept under wraps.
Good thinking.
You and Irma go check it out.
We've gotta find where Leonardo and the others are being kept.
And how are we supposed to do that? By having Dirk Savage capture a mutant wearing a homing device.
Hello? In case you hadn't noticed, we are rapidly running out of turtles.
I know.
But there's someone who may be able to help us.
MONDO GECKO: Hey, turtles.
Am I glad to see you.
I was worried about you.
What, with all this mutant hunting going down.
Well, we're gonna put a stop to it, Mondo Gecko.
And we need your help.
Hey, are you sure we shouldn't all just lie low? We can't.
They've got Leonardo and Michelangelo.
Michelangelo? My best home turtle.
We gotta do something.
I've got a plan, but it's risky.
I don't care, man.
I'll do anything to help Michelangelo.
Okay, then here's what we're gonna do.
[] [SNIFFS] There's food around here, buddy.
Hey, look.
Someone left their dinner for us.
I knew it.
My nose never lies.
Ah, Toka! You mutants are so dumb it's pathetic.
[GROWLS] [GROWLS] You're messing with the wrong guy, human.
I haven't even gotten started yet, fuzzy.
[] Blast! Well, at least I've got you, freak.
TOKA: Unh, Razar, help! Help me! [ENGINE STARTS] That little guy was my only friend in the world.
I'll get you for this, human.
If it's the last thing I do.
[HOWLS] RAPHAEL: Anything yet? No.
Mondo Gecko's just skateboarding around the streets.
[YELLS] [] Gotcha! [ENGINE STARTS] He just took off like a bat.
Savage must have gotten him.
[ENGINE STARTS] APRIL: I wonder why it's all covered up.
That A.
Howard must really like surprises.
April, we're never gonna get past all those guards.
Then we'll just have to sneak in.
[ENGINE STARTS] The coast is clear.
Let's move.
DONATELLO: Up there.
From now on, you'll obey only me.
Now they've got Mondo Gecko.
We've gotta do something.
Maybe there's some way of short circuiting these bars.
Wake up and smell the pizza, dude.
Even if we got free, these compliance cuffs would stop us.
There they are.
Man, you'll never destroy all us mutants.
Whoever said anything about destroying mutants? I want you all as my personal troops.
But, why? Does this answer your question? [GRUNTS] I too am a mutant.
In fact, the greatest of them all.
A mutant slug.
That's novel.
He looks the way I feel first thing in the morning.
HOWARD: An accident in my genetics lab left me this way.
Now I am destined to lead you, fellow mutants, to absolute mastery over the human race.
We gotta take this guy out.
All right, slug face, you're coming with us.
On the contrary.
You're joining me.
[CONSOLE BEEPS] Gecko, buddy, what are you doing? Uh, sorry.
I can't help it.
Run for it! [] HOWARD: Those turtles know my secret.
I can wait no longer to commence my master plan.
To the city.
DONATELLO: You know, I'm beginning to understand what Master Splinter said.
Huh? What do you mean? With Howard controlling all those mutants, our only hope may be Dirk Savage.
That screwball? How are you even gonna find him? DONATELLO: By calling that mutant hotline.
WOMAN [ON PHONE]: Hello? Hello.
I wanna report two mutants.
Uh, turtles.
Turtles, huh? By the downtown fish market.
Yeah, really, I've seen them with my own eyes.
Bye, now.
That'll get his attention.
[] I don't know how we're gonna get past those guards.
HOWARD [ON RADIO]: Boys, this is Howard.
We've wiped the mutants off the streets.
You're relieved of duty.
Maybe if we wish real hard, they'll all just go away.
Irma, don't be ridiculous.
IRMA: Don't knock it.
It worked.
I-I don't see anything unusual.
Then why are they keeping it under wraps? Come on.
Phew! Of all the places to arrange this shindig you had to pick a fish market? Phew! All right.
I've got you this time.
Hold it, Savage.
We made that call to the mutant hotline.
[LAUGHS] Then you're even dumber than I thought.
We've gotta talk to you.
I'm not paid to talk.
[ROARS] You filthy freak.
I'll see you in chains.
[GRUNTS] You humans all hate me.
I only had one friend in this world.
[GROWLING] And you took him away.
[WHISTLES] RAPHAEL: Hey, wolf rat! Catch! [GRUNTS] Down, boy.
Bad doggy! Bad! [GROWLING] Whoa! Let's curb this hound.
[] [GROWLING] RAZAR: Stinking turtles.
I'll rip you to pieces! Give me that.
You can't do this to me.
I'll destroy you.
I'll tear you apart.
[HOWLS] I think somebody around here needs to go back to obedience school.
You-- You saved my life.
We told you, Savage.
We're the good guys.
But you've been going around kidnapping our friends.
So, what does that make you? Oh, I-I was just doing my job.
Yeah? News flash, buddy.
Your boss is the biggest, baddest mutant of them all.
And that makes you one of the bad guys.
HOWARD: There it is, fellows.
LEONARDO: That's the Howard Building? Oh, well, it isn't really called the Howard Building.
It's the Mutant Building.
IRMA: Uh, what is that thing? And what's in there? A.
Howard a mutant slug? I don't believe it.
[TURTLECOM BEEPS] APRIL: Guys, I'm at the top of the Howard Building.
There's a huge statue here of a-- A mutant slug.
Ah, see? There, didn't we tell you? We're on our way, April.
I don't know what he's up to.
But we've gotta stop him.
DONATELLO: All right, Savage.
Now you too can be one of the good guys.
We'd better get out of here.
Get them.
MICHELANGELO: Dude, I don't wanna be doing this.
Me neither.
Ugh! But I can't fight the compliance cuffs.
Sorry, April.
"Down with mutants" bracelets? Why? Because, my dear, these are no mere trinkets.
These are actually smaller versions of the compliance cuffs I use to control the mutants.
And when I activate my master control, the hundreds of thousands of people in the city wearing them will do my bidding.
VERNON: Oh, come on, chief.
You've got to wear it to show your support of A.
Uh, I'm not sure I support that guy.
But he's ridding the city of those nasty, smelly mutants.
Well, now I'm sure I don't wanna wear it.
Hey, hey, hey! Come back here! I must obey the will of A.
I'm the boss.
You must obey my will, mister! HOWARD: This city is mine.
Nothing can stop me now.
DONATELLO: I'm getting some extremely strange readings from that statue.
It almost seems to be some kind of a giant transmitter.
Uh, why is this guy glowing? DONATELLO: That's it.
Those bracelets must be just like the compliance cuffs.
And the gear in that statue is controlling them all.
RAPHAEL: Yeah, not for long.
Blast it! HOWARD: No! We're free.
But they're not.
It worked! He's back to, uh, normal.
You wanna catch mutants, start with your former boss.
[] I may not be able to control the people, but I can still control these mutants.
Attack! You'll pay for your crimes, Howard.
Sorry, Raphael.
We can't help ourselves.
RAPHAEL: Get the remote, Savage.
We're free! Ah.
I'd say everything's gonna be all right.
[CHUCKLES] When will I ever learn? What's going on? The explosion must have overloaded the main power generators.
Better jump while you can, guys.
Look, I'm sorry for what I did to you.
But from now on, I'm going to try to understand you mutants better.
And if you ever need any help, give me a call.
You know, this is almost a happy ending.
What do you mean "almost"? How could it be any happier? Well, I don't know, dude.
But I feel like something's missing.
Say, there, cousins.
What do you say we treat y'all to a nice jumbo pizza? Now, that's what I call a happy ending.