Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s07e25 Episode Script

9062-9314 - Invasion of the Krangazoids

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles They're heroes In the half-shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles When the evil Shredder Attacks These Turtle boys Don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! [SIREN WAILING] Ah, this is the life, eh, Raphael? I don't know.
The rest of the world gets to go to the beach, but we have to swim in the sewer.
Look on the bright side, at least we won't get sunburned.
I'm gonna do some serious surfing.
Uh, Michelangelo, I don't think you're gonna catch any major curls down here.
Maybe not, but at least I can catch a current.
Cowabunga! Ah, there's nothing like catching a wave to take a turtle's mind off his problems.
By giving him an even worse problem to worry about! [COUGHING] [GRUNTS] Thanks for saving my life, dude.
Uh, who are you anyway? How rude of me.
I am Alim Coelacanth.
Alim Who-lacanth? Coelacanth.
My name comes from the prehistoric species of fish to which I am related.
Holy guacamole! You're like a-- A Merdude.
Dudes, dudes! You'll never guess what I just met.
No, wait.
A Teenage Mutant Ninja Wombat.
A merdude.
A what? His name is Alim Corolla.
I mean, he's just a merdude.
He's got this big tail and gills and-- Michelangelo, are you sure you haven't had one too many pizzas? Greetings, strange creatures.
[GIGGLES] There.
See? I told you.
Who, uh--? What are you? I am Alim Coelacanth, from the city of Atlantis.
Atlantis? But that's just a myth.
Not necessarily.
The Greek philosopher Plato described the sinking of Atlantis in the 4th century B.
But I thought the Atlanteans were, I don't know, human.
They are.
All except me.
Well, how did you wind up in the sewers? I left Atlantis to travel the oceans in the search of others of my kind.
Did you find any? Alas, no.
This underground river was the one place I hadn't searched.
In fact, I really should be getting home.
Well, how long have you been away from Atlantis, dude? Uh, well, let's see.
What time is it now? [MUMBLES] About 200 years.
Are you ever late for dinner.
Yes, I really must hurry back.
Uh, you wouldn't know which direction Atlantis is in, would you? Uh, no.
But if you'd like, we can try and help you find it.
I'd really appreciate it.
I've been gone so long.
All right.
Let's do it.
Yeah, I hear Atlantis is lovely at this time of year.
If there are any kind of energy readings from Atlantis, the Porta-Tracker will pick them up.
Then, please, let's hurry.
[] KRANG: I'm picking up some unusually strong energy readings, Shredder.
It's coming from an underwater mountain range several miles to the east.
But what is it? I don't know, but it might be useful.
Our power reserves are limited, but we should have enough left to get the Technodrome there.
This bucket is too slow.
I'll take Bebop and Rocksteady out in one of the amphibious modules.
[] Boss, look! SHREDDER: Incredible.
I'd almost swear this was the legendary lost city of Atlantis.
If it is, it contains untold power and riches.
SHREDDER: Attention.
You have 30 seconds to open this airlock.
MAN: Please identify yourselves, strangers.
SHREDDER: Let us in willingly, or we blast our way in.
Let the strangers in.
[ALL MURMURING] See, boss? They seem happy to see us.
This is too perfect.
At last.
Our king has come.
Uh, gee, you don't suppose they mean me.
LEONARDO [PANTING]: Alim, wait up.
We just can't swim as fast as you.
MICHELANGELO: You're tail-propelled and we're not.
Forgive me.
I will call on some of my friends to help you.
[] What are we waiting for, dudes? Let's hitch a ride.
Cowabunga! MAN: For generations, we Atlanteans have awaited the day when a strange creature would come from the sea and reclaim his throne, fulfilling our age-old prophecy.
And now he is here.
Hey, no fairs.
I'm a much stranger creature than he is.
Quiet, you fool.
Let us return our king to his throne.
No, wait, Malathar.
[ALL GASP] This thing cannot be the true king of Atlantis.
But, Hepax Lagamina, surely he's the strange creature of which the prophecy speaks.
But look at him.
He's a-a-a pig.
Hey, I resemble that remark.
We'll surely the true king would be a water-breather.
SHREDDER: Silence, deceiver! How dare you question your king's authority? Yes, Hepax.
Please show some respect.
How should your loyal people deal with this traitor, Your Majesty? Well, uh [STAMMERS] Gee, boss.
You're the one who's supposed to give the orders.
Try "Clap her in irons.
" Oh, yeah.
That's a good one.
Clap her in iron.
As the king commands.
No! Please, listen to me.
This monster is not your king.
[] Wow.
Guys, there it is.
ALIM: Atlantis.
There are many underground canals beneath the city.
They will take us directly to the palace.
Gee, even Atlantis has sewers.
And guess who gets to swim in 'em? Again.
MALATHAR: Behold, Atlanteans! Your king! [CROWD CHEERING] They like me.
They really like me.
Through Bebop, I'll control all of Atlantis.
[] W-what's going on? Who is that on the throne? LEONARDO: Bebop? The turtles! Someone please tell me this isn't happening.
[] SHREDDER: The turtles! Your Majesty, do you know these intruders? Your Majesty? That creature is the king? Listen, you people, that guy isn't a king.
Boy, I'll say.
He couldn't even pass for a court jester.
These creatures are invaders who come to plunder your city.
Uh, listen, boss.
Shouldn't I be making the proclamation? Well, go ahead, then.
[STAMMERS] Clap them in irons! [CHUCKLES] I love that one.
We can't follow them without our breathing equipment.
ROCKSTEADY: I don't see why Bebop gets to be king and I don't.
Ain't I just as nasty, low-down and sneaky as he is? Shut up, you fool.
That is one big hunk of jewelry.
Krang, are you getting this? I'm certainly am.
Do you realize what I could do with that jewel? Why, I could use it as a focusing crystal for our main cannon.
And turn it into the most powerful heat ray in the universe.
It's too big for the two of us to carry alone.
But with Bebop on the throne, we can get all the help we need.
Alim, if you used to live here, how come none of the Atlanteans seem to recognize you? I left Atlantis before any of their grandparents were born.
DONATELLO: This machinery seems almost as big as the city itself.
ALIM: Bigger.
It's part of the Hammer of Atlantis.
But what's it all for? It's part of the city's-- HEPAX: Let me out.
Somebody let me out! It's coming from the dungeons.
Get off your tail.
We've got work to do.
Uh, boss.
You are are not really addressing me with the respect a potentate of my stature deserves.
[GROANS] Get to move on before I pound you into the ground like a tent peg.
Uh, guards.
[] Oh, what in the seven seas are you? I guess they don't get TV down here, huh? You-- You-- You are Alim Coelacanth.
You must be the true king of Atlantis.
Me? I'm no king.
But you are the strange creature of which the prophecy speaks.
I know it.
I'm beginning to see how Bebop got the gig.
Look, I don't want to be a king, but that pig must be usurped before he corrupts the whole city.
Then you must challenge him to meet you in the Atlantean arena.
Of course.
The traditional place for resolving disputes.
If you get me out of here, I can help you.
Leave that to us.
[] Uh, anybody got a skeleton key? [] By the way, who are you? My name is Hepax Lagamina, one who is faithful to the true king of Atlantis.
You won't get away this time.
[] MICHELANGELO: They're following us! This way.
Come on.
That's it.
Keep bowing.
Nice and low.
Oh, it ain't fair.
How come I can't be king? I guess Bebop's got that commanding presence, that regal bearing, that royal demeanor [SOBBING] and I don't.
[SOBBING] So help me, you insufferable pork-brain! Silence! I'm the boss now, Shred-Head.
[LAUGHS, SNORTS] That does it.
Krang! KRANG: Oh, what? Send a squad of Foot Soldiers to Bebop's room and burn everything in it.
Huh? My action figures? My bubblegum cards? [GASPS] My comic-book collection! Okay, okay.
You're the boss, and I'll do whatever you want.
Then order a division of guards to help me remove that giant jewel under the palace! You heard him.
Go help him take that big jewel.
But, Your Majesty, you would let this man take the Star of Atlantis? Hey, you got a problem with that, bub? Relax, old buddy.
I got a job for you.
Oh, great.
We're outside the city.
And I have a feeling they're not gonna let us back inside.
[] [ALL GRUNTING] Come on, Alim.
Help us out.
Uh, how do you use this thing? Guys, the tide of battle is turning against us.
Alim, do something.
My friends of the deep, help us.
[] ALIM: Hold them for half an hour my friends.
Then let them go.
MICHELANGELO: Hey, where are those creepazoids going? DONATELLO: I don't know, but somebody better follow them.
Come on, Raphael.
And you two had better rescue Hepax.
We're on it.
[] Hear me, people of Atlantis.
This creature is not your true king.
I am so.
Then I challenge you to prove it in the Atlantean arena.
I don't have to prove nothing.
[SNORTS] Clap him in irons.
No, no, Your Majesty.
You see, a challenge has been issued.
You must meet it in the arena.
Wait, I must? Or else you will forfeit your crown.
LEONARDO: Okay, Hepax.
Now! Ahem.
Guards! Guards, help! [] [ALL GRUNTING] Great, no keys.
Looking for these? [GRUNTS] [CROWD CHEERING] Yeah, okay, fish-face, say your prayers.
Oh, my.
This isn't much of a weapon.
[GRUNTS] This is gonna be a cinch.
Ha! You can't fight at all.
And I don't fight fair.
I must have that jewel.
Trying to corner the diamond market, Shred-Head? The turtles! SHREDDER: That oughta take the starch outta their shells.
[] Those two turtles are finished.
And the jewel is mine.
Boy, lucky for us there was one of these canal outlets here.
Yeah, but Shredder got that big crystal.
[BOTH GRUNT] You must get me out of here.
The king needs me.
MICHELANGELO: But Rocksteady's got the key.
[GRUNTS] Michelangelo, let's give him the old number seven.
Yeah, righteous notion, dude.
Uh, what's a number seven? Oh, just follow my lead.
Oh, you stinkin' turtles will never get past me.
Oh, please.
No more.
I beg of you.
Now! [GRUNTS] Let's go.
Alim's gonna need all the help you can give him.
Hey, you guys.
What about me? [CROWD CHEERING] I won't let you corrupt Atlantis.
I won't.
[CROWD CHEERING] Now I'm gonna make fried fish sticks out of you.
You can do it, Alim.
I believe in you.
You are the true king.
[GRUNTS] Alim, the Trident of Power.
Get it.
It will only work for the true king.
Then that's for me.
[GRUNTS] Now, creature, admit you are not the king.
[YELPS] I will not! Yes, you will.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
I ain't the king.
He wields the Trident of Power.
Alim is the true king.
[CROWD CHEERING] Well, wake up and smell the plankton, Your Majesty, because Shred-Head stole that big jewel from the machinery under the city.
The Star of Atlantis? We must stop them.
Rocksteady, what are you doing here? Waiting for you to get those keys.
Come on, we gotta find the boss.
[] Uh, boss, can I have my old job back? I don't wanna be king anymore.
Bow before me, you sniveling swine.
I'll think about it.
ALIM: Halt! Release that jewel and surrender yourselves at once, deceivers.
I'm afraid I can't give you the jewel.
But I do have a parting gift for you.
LEONARDO: This whole city is gonna be deep-sixed if we don't do something.
I have a friend who may be able to help.
[] ALIM: That's it, my friend.
Seal the hole.
You did it.
It worked.
Yes, but it's only a temporary measure.
The dome workers can repair it later.
Right now, we must get the Star of Atlantis back.
[] MICHELANGELO: All right.
Giddyup, little dogies.
SHREDDER: We're coming in! KRANG: I've had the Foot Soldiers prepare the main cannon.
All we have to do is install the crystal.
[] LEONARDO: Hey, that thing's starting to take aim.
KRANG: Now, to incinerate the city with a single blast.
RAPHAEL: It's, uh-- It's aiming upward.
And to the west, toward the city.
LEONARDO: Grab it, everyone! What the blazes! It missed by a hundred miles.
And the controls aren't responding.
[SOBS] DONATELLO: Uh, Alim, uh, you--? You wouldn't have, you know, a friend who could carry this thing, would you? As a matter of fact, I do.
MICHELANGELO: All right! Let's make waves to Atlantis.
I don't believe it.
Those turtles got the jewel.
Then we'll just have to get it back.
MALATHAR: Atlantis, I give you your true king.
Hail Alim.
Hail Alim.
My first decree as your king is to name Hepax Lagamina my royal counselor.
For there is none in our underwater city as wise and fair as she.
From now on, people of Atlantis, I will protect you and we will live in peace and harmony.
Harmony I'm sure of, but the peace part worries me.
What do you mean? Well, what's to stop Shredder from just rolling over here in the Technodrome and smashing the city flat? In a word, dude: nothing.
SHREDDER: Atlantis, prepare to meet your doom! RAPHAEL: This is hopeless.
We'll never stop him now.
I wouldn't say that.
What the heck? ALIM: Behold.
The Hammer of Atlantis.
SHREDDER: Retreat.
Retreat! Something tells me Shredder won't be bothering you again.
Well, it's time we were getting home.
And I have arranged a very special escort for you, my friends.
MICHELANGELO: All right! The greatest creatures in the whole seven seas.
Dudes, this is the only way to travel.
Farewell, my friends.
LEONARDO: Guys, we've had a lot of adventures, but this one tops 'em all.
Oh, I'll say.
Exploring an underwater city, meeting all sorts of sea creatures.
I wonder if we'll ever see old Alim again, huh? I don't know, dudes.
But to make sure we never forget him, I've created a new pizza in his honor.
"The Merdude Special" Looks fantastic, Michelangelo.
What's on it? Well, all sorts of gnarly stuff from the ocean.
Seaweed, kelp, gefilte fish.
I don't know if we'll ever see Alim again, but I'm gonna have nightmares about this pizza for the rest of my life.