Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s08e05 Episode Script

9062-9406 - H.A.V.O.C. in the Streets (2)

[] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team They're heroes In the half-shell And they're green When the evil Shredder Attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [] [DEVICE BEEPS] Titanus, we're in.
Good work, Seizure.
Let me know when you have the place secured.
Let's hit the lights.
Surprise, dirtbags.
Ah, the turtles.
How did they get here? You shouldn't have shown us H.
's underground base, horn head.
We've been trailing you birdbrains for days.
Somebody mention birds? [EXCLAIMS] It's Raptor.
[GRUNTS] Put me down, you overstuffed pigeon.
As you wish.
[YELLS] [GRUNTS] Now let's have a real battle.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] Going somewhere, beak face? As if a turtle could ever catch a bird of prey.
Whoa, slick piece of machinery.
[GRUNTS] Michelangelo, you wanna give us a hand? Or several hands? No problemo.
Just let me see how this thing works.
Michelangelo, no.
Get down.
Look out.
Let's beat it while we have the chance.
Eight ball in the intake manifold.
And I thought Shredder and Krang were the masters of the fast exit.
So, like, where'd they go? Hm? Oh, they got away.
Uh, thanks to you.
Me? What'd I do? You were goofing off when you should have been helping us.
[] TITANUS: So the turtles defeated you, did they? I have finally found my missing Flux Transformer, the one thing that will make us mutants masters of time and space travel.
But it's stored on a military base, surrounded by enough firepower to stop an army of mutants.
In order to get it, we need to build the SkyPlatform.
But I cannot build it while those wretched turtles stand in my way.
[GRUMBLES] They must have a weakness.
They do.
You're right.
For some unknown reason, those turtles will go to any length to protect their inferiors.
What we need is something to distract them, a disaster of epic proportions.
[LAUGHS] And I'm the master of disaster.
[LAUGHS] LEONARDO: We would have caught those mutants if you hadn't been goofing off, Michelangelo.
MICHELANGELO: I just wanted to see how that jet engine worked, dude.
RAPHAEL: Oh, so you couldn't have waited until after we caught the bad guys, huh? You gotta start taking things more seriously, Michelangelo.
Relax, compadres.
I take our battles as seriously as I take everything else.
That's just what worries me.
[] Michelangelo sure has been acting distracted lately.
Oh, yeah.
He has.
But we have other things to worry about too, like what did those mutants want in an aerospace plant? I don't know, but my sixth sense tell me it has something to do with flying.
Maybe there's some special piece of technology they need.
Yeah, or maybe they wanted the plant itself, to build something.
I'm gonna do a little investigating with my computer.
[] I suppose you're wondering why my associates broke you out of jail.
Uh, yeah.
That had crossed my mind.
Who was responsible for your being arrested in the first place? It was those stinkin' turtles.
And what would you say if I could give you the power to pay back the turtles for what they did to you? I'd say, when do we start? Right now.
Just lie down and make yourself comfortable.
There, my friend.
You are now Synapse, a creature of pure energy.
I feel energetic, all right.
I want you to find the turtles and keep them occupied, put them out of the way permanently, if you can.
SYNAPSE: Sounds good to me.
DONATELLO: I don't get it.
There's nothing unusual about that aerospace plant, except that it's fully automated.
Ha, ha.
Hey there, green boy.
What the--? It must be some kind of computer virus.
Virus? I'm a total plague.
But perhaps you'd like to meet me in person.
Synapse is the name.
Oh, and by the way, Titanus sends his regards.
What in the world was that? [BOTH GRUNT] Sorry, guys.
Gotta run.
Just try and catch me, you green finks.
Finks? Who is that guy? His name's Synapse.
He's some kind of energy mutant.
Titanus sent him.
[] He must have come up somewhere around here.
SYNAPSE: Looking for me? Let's play a game of hide-and-seek, turtles.
[ENGINE STARTS] SYNAPSE: But I gotta warn you, I play rough.
[] Heads up, turtles.
Run! [PANTS] How's he doin' that? He's made of pure energy.
He can control anything mechanical.
[SYNAPSE LAUGHS] Heads up, turtles.
I'm gonna demolish your precious city.
We've gotta shut that crane down.
This ought to drive him out.
[GRUNTS] And if that won't, this will.
It'll take more than that to stop me.
RAPHAEL: Whoa! See you soon, turtles.
Real soon.
Oh, man.
That dude's like greased lightning.
How are we ever gonna catch him? [PANTS] I don't know, but we have to try.
With his power, he could turn the city into rubble.
[ENGINE STARTS] Yeah, starting with us.
[HORN BLARING] [TIRES SCREECHING] [] It's all ours, Titanus.
And this time, there are no turtles to stop us.
Feed the plans into the central computer, HighBeam.
With this plant's automated assembly machinery, the SkyPlatform will be constructed in a matter of hours, and the Flux Transformer will be mine once more.
[HORN BLARES] We've gotta get Synapse out of that truck before somebody gets hurt.
Then let's get the drop on him.
LEONARDO: Good idea.
Here he comes again.
Wait a minute.
Where's Michelangelo? Oh, no.
Whoa, that truck sure trashed this newsstand.
Michelangelo, will you quit goofing off? We've gotta get on to that truck.
Relax, amigos.
I'm almost done.
Here it comes.
I'm with you, compadres.
Or maybe not.
Dudes, come back.
Wait for me! Way to go, Michelangelo.
Well, we can't go back for him now.
SYNAPSE: Get off my back, turtles.
The phone company.
This is perfect.
There he goes.
Try and catch me now, you green geeks.
Where'd he go? Raphael, this is the main switching station of the phone company.
There wires lead to every building in the city.
Then he could be anywhere.
[] TITANUS: In less than an hour, the SkyPlatform will be complete.
Hey, boss.
I've got them turtles running around in circles.
What do I do next? Now go after their friends at Channel 6.
Hit them with everything you've got.
Turn the place upside down.
I'm on it.
[] [RADIO BEEPS] MICHELANGELO: Dudes, where are you? About three miles from where we left you.
Well, hang on.
I'll catch up with you.
LEONARDO: Why? So you can goof off and get us in trouble again? Michelangelo, we don't have time to wait for you.
Yeah, and until you start taking things seriously, we're better off without you.
MICHELANGELO: Dudes, wait.
I'll be more serious.
I promise.
What are we gonna do? That Synapse could have gone anywhere.
I have a feeling he'll let us know where he went.
He's been daring us to follow him all along.
Almost like he's trying to lead us somewhere.
[RADIO BEEPS] APRIL: Guys, it's April.
I'm at Channel 6.
There's some kind of weird glowing creature here.
It's wrecking everything.
[SCREAMS] Sounds like our boy.
Let's go.
[ENERGY CRACKLING] Who is this weirdo? SYNAPSE: Well, are we having fun yet? I always wanted to be in television.
We get just set up in a new station, and now that freaked out maniac is gonna wreck it.
SYNAPSE: Ready for your close-up, wise guy? All right, what can I trash next? You're the one who's gonna get trashed, Synapse.
Batter up, turtles.
Donatello, go for the camera.
You got it.
[AIR HISSING] Don't go for the camera.
Don't go for the camera.
Do you know how much that thing cost? Do your worst, turtles.
You can't put a dent in me.
[] Oh, brother.
There he goes again.
Where does that wiring lead? The ventilation system on the roof.
Let's go.
Those turtles are gonna ruin me.
[ENGINE WHIRS] He's in the news copter.
SYNAPSE: Only one way you can catch me now, turtles.
Grab him.
Uh, question.
Does anybody have a plan to actually capture this guy? I'm not even sure he can be captured.
LEONARDO: Well, now would be a good time to think about it.
[] MICHELANGELO: This is the place where we stopped those mutants before.
[MACHINES HUMMING] So how come it's lit up like someone's having a party? It's one of those wackos from H.
And whatever they're building, it's gotta be bad.
Going somewhere, smart guy? [] SYNAPSE: Better jump, chumps.
I'm going down.
I've got you now, turtles.
Put me down.
What the--? It's trash time for you, turtles.
And we're-- We're not recyclable.
Well, that's not gonna work.
In a few seconds, you turtles will be history.
[GRUNTS] I always thought my best work was still ahead of me.
Think again.
If I could just get my sword.
[GRUNTS] [SIGHS] Thanks, Leonardo.
RAPHAEL: Somebody please get me out of here before I turn into a pancake.
Hang on, Raphael.
Come on.
We've gotta get Synapse out of the master control.
[] Okay, Titanus.
The SkyPlatform is finished.
Now, go get my Flux Transformer, so that we may begin our conquest of the humans.
[GRUNTS] Those stinkin' mutants.
[GRUNTS] [CRICKETS CHIRPING] [PANTS] They won't get away with this.
I gotta stop 'em.
And I know just how to do it.
[] [WHISTLES] Hey.
Come out of there, you overgrown glowworm.
Okay, you got me.
Now try and stop me.
You're starting to get on my nerves, ozone breath.
[YELLS] Hey, I think we just found his weakness.
The polished surface of your sword reflected his own energy back at him.
Then quick, grab anything shiny.
DONATELLO: This ought to do the trick.
That shed has a ham radio.
Guys, I think I finally have a plan.
Keep forcing him toward that shed.
Ah, you miserable turtles.
I'll fry you.
Take a look in the mirror, bright boy.
[GRUNTS] Cheap shot.
[STATIC BUZZING] You won't catch me, turtles.
Here he comes, Donatello.
DONATELLO: And there he goes.
[SYNAPSE SCREAMING] Donatello, what did you do? Simple.
I tuned the transmitter to a superhigh frequency, and broadcast him into outer space.
He'll ride the radio waves forever.
[CHUCKLES] All in all, not a bad night's work.
Let's find Michelangelo, and-- [RADIO BEEPS] MICHELANGELO: All right, you dudes, listen up.
Those mutants have built some kind of flying saucer.
Michelangelo, are you putting us on? No way.
We gotta stop 'em.
We can't afford to have you goofing things up again.
Take a look up, dude.
[ENGINE WHIRRING] Now, let's go get those creeps.
Whoa, Michelangelo.
You're back in a whole new attitude.
You can only push a turtle so far.
But can you really fly this thing? MICHELANGELO: Just you watch.
Cowabunga! [] See? There it is.
It looks like something from another planet.
Get us inside, Leonardo.
The Flux Transformer is in the large bunker in the center of the base.
You'll land right on top of it, and enter it from above.
We got turtles.
I don't believe it.
Is there no getting rid of those reptiles? HIGHBEAM: Relax, I'll sizzle them shellbacks.
HighBeam, do not use your powers on board the SkyPlatform.
[] There they are.
Guys, we're standing in front of the main engine.
So if we could make those goons really mad Come on, muscle brain.
Hit me with your best shot.
Hey, bug face.
Let me have it.
You couldn't hit the side of a barn anyway, bright eyes.
[GRUMBLES] I can so, you stinkin' turtle.
HighBeam, no! You fool.
We're going down.
Get to the escape pod.
Oh, sure.
They get an escape pod.
And we get to crash into that army base.
Got to steer clear of those people.
That did it.
But what about us? What else? We jump.
Cowabunga! Anybody bring a rubber ducky? Well, dudes, we really clobbered those suckers.
You see what you can do if you get your attitude straight, Michelangelo? Hey, I'm sorry I messed things up.
From now on, my goofing-off days are over.
Great, but there's still one big mystery.
What the heck was Titanus after on that military base? Hey, fellas.
I just found out from April.
They were guarding something on that base called a Flux Transformer.
A Flux Transformer? You mean somebody actually succeeded in building one? You know what it is? Well, yeah.
It's a device which can warp the very fabric of time and space.
I'm beginning to get the feeling that Titanus isn't from around here.
Well, whatever he is, he's up to something big, and it's gonna be up to us to stop him.
[] []