Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s08e07 Episode Script

9062-9403 - Cyber-Turtles

[] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team They're heroes In the half-shell And they're green When the evil Shredder Attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [] LEONARDO: You guys lose your keys? It's those turtles.
We ain't the welcome wagon, bub.
You want it hot, I'll give you hot.
[BOTH CRY OUT] I'll pry you weirdos out of your shells.
[GRUNTING] [CRIES OUT] Try prying yourself out of jail.
You ever hear the phrase: "A fool and his chain are soon parted"? [GRUNTING] MICHELANGELO: These guys will make a nice present for the police.
I got it all on tape.
That ought to be enough to convince Burne we're on the side of law and order.
I don't know, guys, he's really had it in for you ever since the Channel 6 building blew up.
[PHONE BEEPING] April here.
BURNE ( on phone ): O'Neil? Big story.
There's just been a break-in at the National Space Exploration Center.
That's only a few blocks from here.
Let's check it out.
[ENGINE STARTS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER ON POLICE RADIO] Only one thing was stolen, officers, the Astro-Viewer.
It's a new type of telescope.
By means of radio frequencies it can peer into any corner of the universe.
[] I don't get it.
What kind of nut would steal of telescope? Is it something Krang and Shedder might have a use for? Well, maybe, but I couldn't say what.
Whoa, dudes, check it out.
LEONARDO: That almost look like tracks.
What kind of vehicle leaves Swiss cheese? A vehicle with spiked wheels.
And it probably belongs to whoever stole that Astro-Viewer.
Come on.
[] Okay, Krang, the antenna's up.
I can't believe we went to all that trouble just to steal a telescope.
With some major modifications I can turn this Astro-Viewer into a dimensional portal.
Giving us access to Dimension X once more, but first I must check its functions.
SHREDDER: What the devil? What it is? It's some kind of StarFighter and it's passing close by the Earth.
[BUZZING] This is Commander Korak, reporting in to the Glaxxon Federation.
After months of battle we have defeated our enemies and taken possession of the FireStar.
It will make us Glaxxons the undisputed masters of the universe.
It's incredible.
I always thought the FireStar was just a legend.
So what is it? It's a crystalline fragment of matter produced during the creation of the universe itself.
It's said to contain the power of a thousand suns.
Whoever holds such power would be invincible.
And it is my destiny to rule the cosmos, not those creatures.
What are you doing? Heating up our main laser.
I'm going to bring that ship down.
[CREW CRIES OUT] Number 3 Ion Drive is out.
KORAK: We're going to crash.
DONATELLO: They're still heading in the same direction, toward the old world's fair grounds.
Let's keep-- [WHISTLING IN DISTANCE] You whistle? It's not me.
It's that.
What on earth is it? Well, technically it's not really on Earth yet.
No, but it's about to be.
Come on.
I want your damage assessment.
Bebop, blow the hatch.
As always, it's a pleasure.
This stun grenade will take care of the occupants.
[CRACKLING] [SCREAMING] SHEDDER: They'll be out for 10 minutes.
Oh, boss.
That's what I call a powerful hunk of space rock.
It must be the FireStar.
Cut it free.
[] Whoa, it's a spaceship.
DONATELLO: Looks like something damaged its engine.
LEONARDO: And that hatch was blasted open.
Hey, look, dudes, more of those tracks.
This is all getting a little too weird for my taste.
Maybe not.
I'm beginning to think that whoever stole the Astro-Viewer stole something from this ship as well.
We'd better check it out.
DONATELLO: Wait here, we'll only be a minute.
You'd better be.
Ugh, something must have knocked us out.
Commander, the FireStar's been stolen.
What? Hello? Anybody home? Intruders.
Dudes, I get the distinct feeling we're not welcome.
They may be the ones who stole the FireStar.
Seize them.
Seize this.
Leave my bud alone, you sci-fi dude.
Two for the price of one.
[BOTH GRUNTING] This is pointless.
[ALL CRY OUT] This can't be right.
We got captured.
[GADGET BUZZING] No energy readings.
They do not have the FireStar, commander.
Hey, we just wanted to make sure no one was hurt when your ship crashed.
Yeah, we come in friendship and all that jazz.
We Glaxxons have no friends.
Only enemies.
Take their weapons and lock them up.
We'll deal with the four prisoners later.
We must find the FireStar.
You've got the Turtles.
I'm going to need help.
And I know just where to get it.
All right, there's your rock.
Now what? Shedder, don't you see? I was planning to turn the Astro-Viewer into a portal to Dimension X.
But by adding the power of the FireStar, I can destroy the dimensional boundary altogether.
The two dimensions will become one, with us as absolute masters.
There's a flaw in your little scheme, Krang.
What happens when those aliens come looking for the FireStar? Our old friend Bezerko equipped us with a sensor-cloaking device.
They'll never even know it's here until it's too late.
No energy reading on the FireStar.
Whoever stole it must be jamming our sensors.
Well, I'll find it, even if we have to destroy this world.
Fetch the Cyber suits.
[GASPS] You called for help, April? Oh, I wish you wouldn't do that, Casey Jones.
What's happened to the Turtles? They're being held captive onboard that alien ship.
All right, let's bash our way in there and get them out.
No, Casey.
Something was stolen from the aliens called the FireStar.
We've got to find it and trade it to them for the Turtles.
Sounds like kind of a wimpy plan.
And we'll find it by following those tracks.
Okay, but if I don't see some action soon, I'm going to bust a gut.
[] LEONARDO: Maybe we can get this portal open.
[ALL GRUNTING] Prepare to activate Cyber suits.
Holy guacamole.
Those Cyber suits are turning them into giant cyborgs.
Come, we must find the FireStar.
They'll tear the city apart trying to find that thing.
And they could do it, easy.
We've got to stop them.
And how do we get past that? DONATELLO; We'll do it with mirrors.
[ZAPPING] All right, we're outta here.
What we need are some of those Cyber suits.
Everybody grab one.
[PEOPLE SCREAMING] We must split into two teams and continue to search for the FireStar.
Okay, Turtles, let's do it.
[BUZZING] MICHELANGELO: So, uh, like, now what? These suits we're wearing must control the Cyber armor.
MICHELANGELO: Oh, too cool.
We're Cyber Turtles.
Hiya-- Whoa.
Ugh, I guess I don't quite have the hang of it yet.
[SIRENS BLARING] Get ready to pick on someone your own size.
Those creatures stole Cyber suits.
Destroy them.
They've got onboard weapons systems.
Then so do we.
Well, yeah, but we don't know how to use them.
[CRIES OUT] Dudes, I think we're in trouble.
KRANG: Bebop, connect the FireStar.
[BUZZING] Now to merge this universe with Dimension X.
Okay, let's show those goons who's-- Uh-oh.
[] We must continue the search for the FireStar.
Man, I've heard of falling real estate, but this takes the cake.
Is everyone okay? RAPHAEL: Yeah, thanks to these Cyber suits we weren't even scratched.
MICHELANGELO: We got to stop those metal maniacs.
KRANG: It's working, Shedder.
The FireStar is destroying the boundary between this world and Dimension X.
APRIL: I knew Krang and Shedder were behind this.
Yeah, but what's that? I don't know, but the other side of that hole looks like Dimension X.
I better tell the guys.
Yeah, April, what is it? I think Shedder and Krang stole the aliens' FireStar.
They're using it to blast a hole into Dimension X.
If he destroys the dimensional barrier our universe will merge with Dimension X.
LEONARDO: Michelangelo, we'll go after Krang and Shedder, Raphael and Donatello, put those aliens out of commission.
Oh, sure, no problem.
Piece of cake.
Boy, are we gluttons for punishment, or what? APRIL: We've got to get in there and shut down that ray somehow.
So let's just bash our way in.
Casey, no.
That place is loaded with all sorts of automatic defenses.
Then we'll have to find another way in.
APRIL: Uh, Casey, what are we doing? CASEY: Getting a jump on those geeks.
The four prisoners escaped.
What? We must find them.
RAPHAEL: We just saved you the trouble, you overstuffed alley cat.
Two against four, eh? I like those odds.
It takes more than fancy armor to make you a real fighter.
We Glaxxons are the mightiest warriors in the galaxy.
You will never stop us.
That'll teach you to mess with a Turtle.
[GRUNTS] Fancy meeting you here.
Now, to obliterate these meddlers.
RAPHAEL: Donatello, we are going to be in big trouble unless you can activate our weapons systems.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
[ZAPPING] [] Let's go.
Attention all Rock Warriors in Dimension X, this is Krang, Lord Krang.
Prepare for the conquest of Earth.
[BEEPS] Oh, no.
Shedder, someone's on the roof.
Okay, I got us here, now what? We head inside and get that FireStar somehow.
SHREDDER: You'll have to get past us first.
Now that's my idea of fun.
Stinkin' rhino.
[YELPS] So you match steel with me, you pathetic excuse for a vigilante? Start backing up, little lady.
SHREDDER: A few more steps and you'll both finally be out of my hair.
MICHELANGELO: Better watch your own step, Shred-Head.
It's-It's the Turtles! My how they've grown.
Dude, check it out, April was right.
LEONARDO: They're destroying the boundary between our world and Dimension X.
Michelangelo, you help April and Casey.
Leave me friends alone, you little creepazoids.
APRIL: Let's move.
We've got to shut down that ray.
Got to hold these rockheads off.
I'll cut that overgrown turtle down to size.
RAPHAEL: What is that? [GRUNTING] Looks like I'm out of the running, dudes.
BEBOP: Whoa.
How do we get down from here? ROCKSTEADY: I think we fall.
[YELPING] RAPHAEL: We can't hide from those jerks.
We got to fight fire with fire.
But I can't figure out how our weapons systems work.
Now to finish-- What in the seven galaxies? GLAXXON: It looks like a hole in the fabric of space and time.
Only the FireStar is powerful enough to do such a thing.
We must finish off these earthlings.
Resume Triangle Fire.
"Triangle Fire"? Raphael, that's it.
Hit the red triangle in front of you.
Say cheese, you overblown tin cans.
[SCREAMS] Have a nice trip, lizard breath.
We Glaxxons never surrender.
That's what you think, furball.
Let's move it.
If this hole gets much bigger, I won't be able to hold them back.
Do your worst, Turtle.
In a moment it'll be too late.
Meddling fools.
[GRUNTS] I've got it.
All right.
April and Casey must have gotten to the FireStar.
Now to get out of here.
SHREDDER: You'll find that won't be so easy, Miss O'Neil.
Now you're finished.
LEONARDO: Dream on, Shedder.
[ALL CRY OUT] Dudes, now this is the only way to travel.
We admit defeat.
By the ancient laws of war, you may dispatch us as you see fit.
We don't want to hurt you.
You're free to go.
What? You're giving us mercy? But we have to destroy this thing.
Yeah, it's too powerful for anyone to own it.
It nearly turned our universe into a suburb of Dimension X.
You have opened my eyes, Turtles.
In our lust for power we Glaxxons could have destroyed the universe.
But there is only one way to destroy the FireStar, it must be taken to the core of the galaxy and incinerated in the heat of a million suns.
Let us do this deed to atone for our war-like ways.
LEONARDO: All right.
We'll help you fix your ship and you can be on your way.
Farewell, Turtles, and thank you.
Do you think they'll actually destroy the FireStar? I believe they will try, Raphael.
Then why do you look so worried, master? Since time began war-like people have sought ultimate power.
There could be many alien races who might try to seize the FireStar before the Glaxxons can destroy it.
And if one of them should succeed, we will no doubt hear from the Glaxxons again.