Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s08e08 Episode Script

9062-9408 - Turtle Trek

[] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team They're heroes In the half-shell And they're green When the evil Shredder Attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [] SHEDDER: Hurry up, you fools.
The turtles have been onto our every move.
That energy transmitter will beam all the power in this station straight to the Hall of Science.
Let's move it.
You were saying something about turtles, Shedder? I don't believe it, they found us again.
We've staked out the Hall of Science for weeks.
Follow them.
Thataway, fellow dudes.
Those creeps aren't gonna get away from us this time.
Come on.
They must have gone in there.
RAPHAEL: Give it up, Shred-Head.
You can't hide from us.
SHEDDER: On the contrary, I'm right under your noses.
It's the end for you, Shedder.
We've got you cornered in that Hall of Science.
[LEONARDO GRUNTS] And we're gonna put you away.
Don't be so sure about that.
[GRUNTING] Move it, you two.
Thanks, guys.
There they go.
We've got them now.
Or maybe not.
TURTLES: Look out! Come on, they're getting away.
Not again.
We'll get you, Shedder, if it's the last thing we do.
DONATELLO: I don't get it, how can Shedder get away every single time? Hey, you nearly had him back there, why didn't you nail him? Me? What about Michelangelo? He was closer.
Hey, why are we arguing? We all agree that we've got to catch Shedder.
If I may disagree, my pupils, capturing Shedder should not be your goal.
E-excuse me, sensei? We all live in what we radiate.
Therefore, doing good should be your primary purpose.
Because the good you do for others will come back to you in abundance.
Okay, will somebody please explain to me what that meant? I'm not sure, but I have a feeling we'll find out before too long.
KRANG: With the energy transmitter installed at the relay station, we have enough power to activate my new dimensional portal generator.
[BEEPING] [ELECTRICITY SURGING] [KRANG CACKLING] Once more we have access to Dimension X.
Krang, are you sure this plan will work? Of course.
The Rock Warriors have been working around the clock in Dimension X.
All the arrangements have been made.
[ALARM BLARING] LEONARDO: Donatello, what is it? My equipment just picked up a massive power surge from the Hall of Science.
Whoa, what do Krang and Shedder need all that juice for? Only one thing takes this kind of power, a portal to Dimension X.
Maybe they've built a new one.
But why would they want to go to Dimension X? I mean, the Technodrome's got no power, it's totally trapped.
Or is it? [] The place is empty.
DONATELLO: Because they're all probably in Dimension X.
See? The portal's still activated.
All right, then we can follow them.
VOICE: Help me.
Who was that? Ah, somebody probably just left the TV on.
Let's get moving.
VOICE: Whoever you are, please help me.
That's no TV, dude.
Ah, thank heavens someone heard me.
Whoa, who are you? My name is Gargon.
Krang had me abducted from Dimension X.
He used me to test a new experimental mutagen.
We've got to help this poor guy.
Hey, with Krang and Shedder running loose in Dimension X, we've got bigger problems.
Don't you remember what Master Splinter said? Doing good is more important than fighting evil.
If I may offer a suggestion.
Dimension X is my home.
I would gladly help you find those two in exchange for my freedom.
Sounds like a plan to me.
GARGON: You won't regret this.
[] I'm beginning to regret this already.
Krang must have scrambled the portal's coordinates.
[GROWLING] Terrific, another mouth to feed.
Yeah, and guess who's on the dinner menu.
[SNARLING] MICHELANGELO: Run for it, dudes! [ROARING] We can take this overgrown turkey.
Come on.
[ALL SCREAMING] Ah! I get the feeling this thing has an appetite for turtles on the half-shell.
[ROARING] There's only one way to go.
Hey, Gargon, why don't you give us a hand, for crying out loud? But, what can I do? You could let that thing chase you for a while so we can figure out-- Uh, dudes? This hill is breathing.
What? Look.
DONATELLO: This isn't a hill.
It's some kind of animal.
LEONARDO: And it's asleep.
[GROWLING] So, uh, what do you say we wake it up? ALL: Okay, let's go, fella.
That's it.
No thanks to you.
Ah, give him a break.
He didn't set the portal to bring us into this part of Dimension X.
MICHELANGELO: Uh, speaking of which, where do you suppose old Shed-Head is anyway? I heard Shedder and Krang talking about going to the planet Balaraphon.
I, uh, don't suppose this would be Balaraphon, would it? Oh, I'm afraid not.
Balaraphon is an arid, desert world.
Well, how are we supposed to get to a whole other planet? We'll have to get a spaceship.
[] Wait here, my friends.
I got a bad feeling about that Gargon guy.
Come on, lighten up, dude, he's just trying to do us a favor.
Yeah? Well, his last favor tried to eat us alive.
Remember what Splinter said, the good you do returns in abundance.
Yeah, I have to admit, those monsters were pretty abundant.
Hey, are you making fun of the sensei, bud? Good news, my friends, I found some people who will trade you a ship.
For your weapons.
What? They're collectors of unusual ornaments.
And, of course, your earthly weapons are incredibly rare here in Dimension X.
LEONARDO: So, uh, who are these collectors? A group of space rounders called the Wrecking Crew.
Now, then, you wish to wager your weapons against our ship, eh? Uh, pardon me.
"Wager"? Correct, alien.
Uh, like what kind of wager? Hm, that you can survive a battle with us.
[] I'm beginning to understand why they're called the Wrecking Crew.
[YELPS] I thought you said they just wanted to swap.
I had no idea.
Believe me.
I don't suppose you'd actually want to help us, Gargon.
We don't want to fight him, we want to fight you.
I've never seen anything like it.
[GRUNTS] My, what big arms you have, dude.
The better to pulverize you with.
[YELPS, GRUNTS] These guys are mopping the floor with us.
We need something to fight them with.
That looks like a repair shop.
Hey, what say we fix those motorized maniacs? But good.
Get them! Eat hot electrons, dudes.
Ooh, you filthy alien.
I'll-- I'll smash you flat.
DONATELLO: Some high-frequency energy should scramble your circuits.
What the--? [MUMBLING] My arms.
Do you know how much they'll cost to replace? Ha-ha.
It's time to put the brakes on this speed demon.
Do you really think that toothpick can stop me? No [SWORD CLANGING] I know it.
How about a little water, hothead? [SCREAMING] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] Oh, have I got a headache.
MICHELANGELO: All right! The Wrecking Crew is wrecked.
Well, I guess that means we win the wager.
LEONARDO: Come on, let's collect before they get mad.
GARGON: There it is, my friends.
You have done well, General Traag.
We have carried out your orders to the letter, My Lord.
And thanks to your efforts, we will soon be all powerful again.
And the turtles will be finished.
GARGON: Don't worry, my friends, I'll soon have us to the planet Balaraphon.
I don't trust that guy.
Come on, he's doing his best.
He got us this far, didn't he? Really? We've been through two major fights and we still haven't seen Krang and Shedder.
Yeah, that guy just gets us in trouble.
You're just exaggerating, dude.
Brace yourself, my friends, we're going down.
[TURTLES SCREAMING] [ENGINE HISSES] DONATELLO: What the heck hit us? Does that answer your question? LEONARDO: Rock Warriors.
RAPHAEL: Nice going, Gargon.
You've dropped us right in the middle of a battle.
[GUNSHOTS] DONATELLO: Guys, we're in the middle of a war zone.
RAPHAEL: Gargon, you've done it again.
Run! [ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] Well, so much for our ship.
But at least we're on the planet Balaraphon.
Aren't we? Yes, we're here.
Good, then get us to Krang and Shedder.
No, my friends, look.
[GUNS ZAPPING, PEOPLE SCREAMING] GARGON: The Rock Warriors are going to destroy that village.
We've got enough problems, we can't save the whole universe.
Right, we've got to stop Shedder and Krang.
But Master Splinter said we should be doing good for others.
Will you guys stop arguing? [SIGHS] Well, maybe if we had a plan.
Why are the Rock Warriors doing this to us? We can't let them get away with this.
Come on.
MICHELANGELO: Hey, dude, you want a piece of me? Shoe's on the other foot now, huh? Surprise, Granite-puss.
[GRUNTS] You know, I always wanted to play with one of these things.
DONATELLO: Where did you guys learn to fight, at clown school? RAPHAEL: Get ready for a taste of your own firepower, Rockheads.
Uh, guys, I'd jump if I were you.
[EXPLOSIONS] I've never seen such valor.
You're magnificent, you're superb, you're-- Tired.
Now will you please just take us to Krang and Shedder? GARGON: We'd better stop.
We're going to have to travel on foot from here.
You're kidding? DONATELLO: Gargon, are you sure we're heading for Krang and Shedder? Uh, w-w-why, yes.
We're-- We're quite near, yes.
I'm telling you, this guy is leading us on a wild goose chase.
Hey, dude, he knows Dimension X.
We don't.
But we're in the middle of nowhere.
DONATELLO: This is what we get for not having a plan.
LEONARDO: I don't see you with a plan.
DONATELLO: Me? You're supposed to be the leader, Leonardo.
And we're supposed to be a team.
How can I lead when you guys fight all the time? Maybe what we need is a new leader.
Really? You want to explain that remark? No.
Let's just have it out right now.
[] LEONARDO: Ah, you're not worth fighting.
[GROWLING] [TURTLES SCREAMING] RAPHAEL: Hey, what--? MICHELANGELO: It's some kind of freaked-out plant.
Raphael, my sword.
Ah, get it yourself.
Hey, Gargon, you want to maybe help us for a change? I'm sorry, my friends, I-- I can't.
Forgive me.
Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into, Michelangelo.
Me? You keep going on about doing good, but we're still no nearer to Krang and Shedder.
Yeah, well, maybe, but I'd say we're getting darn close.
The Technodrome.
SHREDDER: Well, well.
The mighty turtles trapped by a mere plant.
Your fighting days will soon be over, when I turn my new retro-mutagen cannon on you.
He's bluffing.
There's no way that thing can work.
You have done well, Gargon.
You will be rewarded for leading the turtles into my trap.
MICHELANGELO: Whoa, I guess it does work.
Forgive me, my friends, it was my only hope of becoming normal again.
Now you'll become ordinary turtles again.
And I'll be rid of you at last.
Farewell, accursed enemies.
GARGON: No! Leonardo, your sword.
GARGON: I won't let you do this to them.
[GRUNTS] [BEEPS] Let's give old Chrome-Dome some payback.
End of story, Shedder.
No! No.
No, you can't do this to me.
MICHELANGELO: Sayonara, Shred-Head.
[SHEDDER SCREAMING] I'll get you for this, you wretched reptiles, if it's the last thing I do.
DONATELLO: That's the main engine, Raphael.
RAPHAEL: Correction: that was the main engine.
[GUNSHOT] [EXPLOSION] Yee-haw! GARGON: When I saw how brave you were defending those villagers, I knew I couldn't let Shedder demutate you.
And you came through in the end too, Gargon.
Take the Rock Warrior's tank and fly straight to your home planet.
Thank you, my friends.
I'll never forget you.
LEONARDO: To the portal room.
What the blazes? The engines aren't responding.
[SNARLING] BEBOP: So you rotten shell-backs think you're going to get past us, huh? As a matter of fact, yeah.
[BEBOP AND ROCKSTEADY GRUNTING] You know, sometimes I almost feel sorry for those two jerks.
Well, it's set.
Let's go home.
MICHELANGELO: Cowabunga! [GROWLING] [LOUD CRASH] KRANG: Curse the day I ever met those miserable turtles! MICHELANGELO: Well, dudes, you have to admit, Master Splinter was right.
Yep, by doing good and helping those villagers, we won Gargon over.
And without his help we'd be the pet-shop turtles now.
And we wouldn't have been able to trap Krang and Shedder in Dimension X.
Hey, do you really think that's the last of those creepazoids? Nah, they'll be back.
But they'll never win.
As long as we keep doing good.
And never fight among ourselves again.
So, uh, who gets the remote tonight? MICHELANGELO: Whoa.
No argument there, dudes.
I get the remote.
RAPHAEL: Hey, it's my turn.
MICHELANGELO: But you always hog it.
DONATELLO: Wait, I never get to see the shows I want to watch.
LEONARDO: Uh, fellas, maybe we should just read a good book.