Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s09e01 Episode Script

9062-9401 - The Unknown Ninja

[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] [ Donatello ] Mmm.
Hope all this shaking doesn't alter my mutagen sample before I can get it back to the lab.
- [ Shouting, Grunting ] - [ Blows Landing ] Do you mind giving us a hand, Donatello? Well, sorry.
I'm packing a lot of equipment here.
[ Shouts, Grunts ] Wow.
With this new Turtle-cam, we'll be able to review all our battles and make our fighting technique even better.
And some of us could stand some improving.
How could you let that creep get the drop on you? Man, talk about serious instant replay! [ Sighs ] That's the last of 'em.
Looks like it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
- What is it, Raphael? I've seen that guy before.
How can you tell? You can't even see the guy's face.
No, I'm serious.
I've seen him on our last two or three missions.
Sounds like the dude's following us.
Why would anyone wanna follow us? I don't know.
Maybe something's up.
[ Whirs ] [ Beeping ] Scans detect no galactic patrol ships in the area, Lord Dregg.
Of course not.
We're halfway across the universe from them.
My escape is complete.
Approaching a planet.
Sensors indicate extremely harsh survival conditions.
But it is rich in resources, and we must establish a new base of power.
Scans also indicate the existence of primitive life-forms.
They refer to the planet as "The Earth," and the malleable, ductile yellow metallic element we need is referred to as "gold.
" Send down the Techno-Gang.
These earthlings will never know what hit them.
Not a sign of him.
Or anyone else, for that matter.
Face it, fellow dudes, this city's turning into dullsville.
[ Explosion ] Still, it's got a certain party attitude I admire.
They've blown the Federal Reserve vault.
Donatello! I'm on it.
[ Alarm Ringing ] Those perps are some species of alien high-tech gang.
How can you tell-- some new super sensor? No.
They just look weird.
I think they've spotted us.
I think you're right, dude! We're hit.
Time to bail! [ Tires Screeching ] Give it up, you bug-eyed creeps! We're on top of this situation.
Whoa! Uh-oh.
I think we're about to become toasted Turtles, guys.
Who the heck? It's that guy again.
Who cares? We're back in business! [ Shouts ] [ Grunts ] Donatello! Donatello! [ Tires Screeching ] Who the heck is that dude? I don't know.
But he's startin' to get on my nerves.
Guys, we may have more problems.
What? Like alien invaders aren't enough? I've been studying some of the mutagen that originally caused us to mutate.
It looks like it's still active.
Hey, hey, hey.
Be careful! It's becoming unstable.
And the mutations it caused could be unstable too.
You mean-- We could still be mutating.
[ Alarm Blaring ] It's the intruder alarm.
What's up, dudes? We got company.
[ Alarm Continues ] [ Tires Screeching ] You don't suppose it's our friend again? Well, either that, or the sewer rats are riding a hog.
- [ Tires Screech ] - This time, we'll get the drop on him for a change.
Goin' somewhere, tough guy? Hey! It's time we slowed this dude down! All right, bub.
You've got some explaining to do.
Are you guys always this nice to visitors, or is it just me? Who are you? The name's Carter.
I've been looking for you guys.
Well, you found us.
But how? I cross-referenced every verified Turtle sighting and plotted a vector point to your location with my computer.
A real no-brainer.
I hate to disappoint you after you went to all that trouble, but, uh, we don't give autographs.
I don't want your autograph.
I want to meet your teacher-- Hamato Yoshi.
How do you know about Hamato Yoshi? I've been studying your fighting style.
You guys use the technique of the Foot Clan.
Only Hamato Yoshi could have taught it to you.
I say we give this wacko a firsthand taste of the Foot Style.
That suits me fine.
[ Splinter ] That's enough.
A giant rat that talks! Cool.
Why are you so interested in the teachings of Hamato Yoshi? I've taught myself the art of ninjutsu.
I'm good, but I wanna be the best.
And hey, from the looks of things, the Turtles could use a little help.
But I don't know why I'm wasting my time telling all this to a talking rat.
The first rule of the Foot Clan is to never be deceived by outward appearances.
I am Hamato Yoshi.
You? You're a mutant too? Is Splinter really going to train him? Dude's got drive.
Gotta give him that.
And he did keep those techno-goons from turning us into Turtle tetrazzini.
And he knows his stuff when it comes to computers.
Will you promise to follow the Code of Ninja Honor at all times, no matter how difficult it may be? Hey, teach me the fighting style of the Foot Clan, and you got it.
I will.
Thank you, Sensei.
Whoa, dudes.
What's Master Splinter getting us into? [ Dregg ] Failure.
Hi-Tech, you said the earthlings would offer minimal resistance.
The defenders were deviants from the genetic norm, Lord Dregg.
Evidently mutants.
I must have that gold to replace the damaged shielding of my weapons system.
I must revise my plans.
[ Beeps ] Ah, yes.
The earthlings' own primitive technology will be their undoing.
[ Beeps ] Extreme danger calls for an extreme response, and it doesn't get any more extreme than this.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the future of law enforcement.
The Intimidators.
[ All Gasping ] [ Man ] Oh, will you look at that! What a couple of goons.
No wonder they kept the public out.
Neurological sensors allow the Intimidators to, uh, detect criminal intentions and actually prevent the criminal from committing the crime.
[ Whirring ] Halt.
You are about to engage in criminal activity.
[ All Laughing ] Is this your idea of a joke? Uh, something must have altered the neurochip.
[ Intimidators ] This is your last warning.
You have five seconds to surrender, or we will use maximum force against you.
[ Laser Blast ] You have five seconds to surrender, or we are authorized to use maximum force.
[ Static Crackling ] Donatello, we've got big trouble at the CopCor Building! - What's wrong, April? - Ever hear of something called the Intimidators? The new crime-fighting robots? What's up with them? [ Shouting ] [ Woman Gasps ] - Let me down! - [ April ] They just arrested the president of the company.
- What does that tell you? - [ Intimidator ] Do not attempt to flee.
Sounds like they've got a major screw loose.
I'll say.
It's like a war zone down here.
Well, get out of there, April! We're on our way.
Where do you think you're going? Hey.
I saw those metal maniacs.
We can take 'em.
Your kind of help we don't need.
Yeah, the last time you helped, it cost us the battle.
You just don't have the kind of experience we do, Carter.
Well, how am I gonna get experience hangin' around here? You will know when the time is right.
It feels pretty right now! Well, tell you what.
You can watch on the Turtle-cam in my lab.
You might learn something.
[ Engine Starts ] This is starting to be a drag.
You wear it this time, Michelangelo.
Oh, man.
Is this thing totally not my style, or what? [ Sirens Wailing ] [ Sirens Continue ] April? It's clear down here.
They're on the top floor.
You better get outside and warn the police what they're up against.
Halt! You are about to engage in criminal activity.
Look out! Well, might as well check out that camera.
Going up.
[ Elevator Bell Dings ] Scatter! [ Sirens Continue ] Whoa! [ Grunts ] Yes! It's those Turtles.
[ Grunts ] Donatello, any ideas? Yeah! How about "run"? I could have thought of that! Let's try another floor.
Going down.
Is it just me, or are we not moving? You should always use the stairs in an emergency.
Quick, this way.
[ Grunts ] Look out! [ Grunts ] The Turtle-cam! Oh! [ Explosion ] The guys are in trouble! I gotta roll! [ Motorcycle Starts ] [ Sighs ] Youth has no patience.
Don't those heavy metal dudes ever lighten up? Come on, Michelangelo.
Maybe we can get behind 'em.
Yeah, we're not doing so hot face-to-face.
The Turtle-cam! Man, something's up, big time.
Time to join the party! [ Motor Whirring ] Shh.
Keep it stealthy, guys.
Yeah, those big cans may have tin ears, but they're sensitive.
Hey! Hey, guys! Over here! You are guilty of trespassing on private property.
Nice going, loudmouth.
You led 'em right to us! Uh, guys, don't look now, but I think our biggest problem is right behind us! [ Gasps ] No! I am Dregg, Supreme Warlord of the Seven Galaxies.
I've come to conquer this miserable world, starting with you! Bow before your new lord and master, deviants.
Go suck an egg, you alien sleazoid! Oh, now, surely a little bowing couldn't hurt.
Insolent insects! You've just sealed your doom.
Come on, guys! You've got some slick ninja moves to handle this, right? - Hai! - Actually, we do.
- First thing Splinter taught us.
- And what's that? [ Turtles ] Know when to duck! You call that a cool ninja move? Don't knock it, dude! It worked.
Hit 'em, guys! [ Yelling ] [ Grunts ] Eat foot, fists-for-brains! Hi-yeow! [ Shouting ] Come to papa! Yah! They've damaged the steering controls! [ Alarm Shrieking ] Shake off the two on the ship, and we'll destroy them all.
Yes, Lord Dregg.
[ Grunting ] Yaah! [ All Shouting ] Now finish them! I cannot.
Tracking systems are nonfunctional.
[ Grunting ] Man, you guys gotta lay off the pepperoni.
Time to terminate.
No! Thanks for the assist, Carter.
I hate to admit it, but that was a slick play.
Whoa! Take a rain check on those high fives, dudes! Look! Man, don't these robo-creeps ever quit? This escapade is taking far too much time.
I must get that gold.
Once I use it to repair my ship's weaponry, I can dominate this planet by force! Without functional weapons, those mutant Turtles will continue to be a problem.
Not if I have a bargaining chip.
Heads up! Yaah! - Carter, look out! - [ Screams ] Dudes, we've gotta help him! Now to ensure those Turtles stay busy-- [ Turtles ] Whoa! Weapons systems enhanced.
Open fire.
[ All Screaming ] Yaaah! [ Murmuring ] [ Man ] What's going on? [ Man #2 ] I don't know.
What's happening up there? I don't know.
I couldn't see! Looks like those goons took Carter.
But why? [ Leonardo ] I don't know, but we've got bigger problems.
We've gotta take these king-sized creeps down.
Now! Yaah! [ Beeps ] Partner self-destruct sequence initiated.
Leonardo, get away from that thing! Those things must be programmed to self-destruct if they're defeated.
You mean they're like walking bombs? Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? [ Leonardo ] Donatello, is there some way you could take control of that thing? Well, if we could get at its circuits, I might be able to patch them into my lab computer with the Turtle-com.
I can handle that.
Raphael, you and Michelangelo keep it distracted.
Oh, sure.
Give us the fun jobs.
Step it up, Donatello.
[ Beeping ] I've got it under my control.
Climb aboard! Follow that ship! Man, I just hope Carter's doing okay.
[ Grunting ] Man! This claw is crushing me! Gotta be strong.
Gotta be strong! Gotta be strong! Whoa.
What's happening to me? I'm changing.
I'm strong! [ Coughing, Groaning ] I'm getting sleepy.
In a few moments, I will have all the gold I need to repair my Dreggnaught's weapons systems.
And then the Earth shall be mine.
[ Loud Crash ] Aah! No! Hey, Dregg-face, we're back! We don't mean to bring you down or anything-- But we're here to bring you down! Hee-yah! Gotta stop those techno-creeps.
[ Beeping ] [ All Screaming ] Now, to start the autodestruct.
[ Beeps ] All right, you space case.
Hand over the kid! You meddling mutants will share your friend's fate.
Hi-Tech, take them! [ Beeps ] You deviants are finished! I hate to say it, but he might be right.
What the heck? It's another mutant dude! [ Hi-Tech Screams ] - What do you think you're doing? - [ Beeps ] No.
We've gotta get Carter! [ Dregg ] You wretched deviants will pay for this! Hey.
What happened to that humongo mutant dude? [ Raphael ] We'll deal with him later.
We've gotta find Carter.
Man, we searched that wreckage for hours and didn't find a trace of him.
I think we have to face it.
There's no way Carter could have survived that crash.
- Somebody mention my name? - Dude! You're alive! But-- But it's impossible.
Man, how did you escape that explosion? Yeah.
Hey! A good ninja can get out of any tight spot.
I gotta hand it to you, Carter.
You've really got what it takes.
And you really came through in that battle.
I tried to tell you I've got skills.
Any young man who could survive such overwhelming odds surely has unusual powers which are unknown even to me.
I am ready to begin my training, Master Splinter.
I have much to learn from you.
And I suspect we have much to learn from you, Carter.
Dude, welcome to the green team!