Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s09e08 Episode Script

9062-9508 - Doomquest

[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] [ Crowd Chattering ] The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a menace to us all.
They are deviant terrorists who will stop at nothing to prevent my alliance with the peoples of Earth.
No doubt about it, we gotta get a new press agent.
Guys, this is getting serious.
[ Carter ] The Techno-Gangsters are looking everywhere for you guys.
[ Michelangelo ] Whoa, dudes.
This situation's way out of control.
And for that matter, so are we.
Dregg can't get away with this.
Let's nail that creep! Forget him.
Let's nail those techno-goons.
[ Carter Grunts ] Have you guys lost it? We can't take on the Techno-Gang in the open like this.
Oh, yeah? Just watch.
[ All Screaming ] It's the Mutant Turtles! You bugs are gonna get stomped.
What are you looking at? Raphael, no! Innocent people could get hurt.
Leonardo, man, you need to seriously chill out.
Let me go.
We gotta get those space creeps.
[ Tires Squealing ] [ Carter ] You guys went berserk.
What's up with that? Well, you know, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
[ Sighs ] It's like something came over us when we mutated.
And I think I know what it is.
It's the mutagen.
I've never seen it act like this before.
Oh, just what we needed-- another problem.
At this rate, we'll be too out of control to stop Dregg.
But if we don't stop Dregg, who will? You must, my students, no matter what happens.
But, Sensei, if we can't control our mutant state, we won't be able to function as a team.
And Dregg will have a field day.
Whoa, dudes.
It sounds like we better find a way to chill our mutations out pronto.
It may already be too late for that, my students.
I fear you may have to sacrifice more than you could possibly imagine in order to finally defeat Dregg.
Huh? Sacrifice? Sacrifice what? Well, that really cheered me up.
[ Grunts ] Lord Dregg, I-- I found it.
At last, it is mine.
The Vortex Crystal.
But I thought it was only a legend.
This is no fantasy.
My space fleet was scattered throughout the galaxy, but the Vortex Crystal has the power to warp space itself.
It will enable me to bring my entire armada together and lay siege to the planet.
To activate the vortex, the crystal will need a massive infusion of power.
Surely the Dreggnought's power reserves are insufficient.
The people of Earth will provide the energy for me.
All it will require is one last deception.
Once again, we are the recipients of Dregg's benevolence.
Our friend from the stars has given us this crystal which will provide unlimited, clean energy.
Who's he kidding? It's just another one of Dregg's lame tricks.
Getting any readings, Donatello? Are you kidding? Everything's going nuts.
The sensors are all off the scale.
Whatever that rock is, it isn't an energy source.
And Dregg's gonna plug it into that power plant.
Stay close, April.
Maybe we can force that space goon to reveal his true colors.
Don't worry, Raphael.
I won't let him out of my sight.
I'll meet up with you guys back at the lair after I've gotten my proof.
[ All Screaming ] Doomquest.
The Vortex Crystal is mine, Dregg.
[ All Screaming ] [ Michelangelo ] Who in the heck is that guy? I don't know, but he looks big enough to eat Dregg for breakfast.
Come on.
We've gotta grab that crystal.
Attack! For centuries, I have sought the Vortex Crystal.
It will not be denied me by you.
Draconus, obliterate these insects.
- We must escape while we can.
- No.
The crystal.
You won't escape me that easily, Dregg.
Main engine's not responding.
No! The Vortex Crystal.
It's gone.
Find it! Track its energy readings.
Get the crystal back! Get moving.
We'll hold him off.
[ Tires Squealing ] No.
Not so fast, bub.
I have no time to waste on you.
I must retrieve the Vortex Crystal.
[ Both Yelling, Grunting ] Well, so much for the last vestiges of my dignity.
Come on.
We've gotta stop him.
[ Tires Screech ] [ Computer Beeping ] Any clue what that rock is, Carter? No.
Half the gauges are off the scale.
But why? Man, if I didn't know better, I'd say that crystal is affecting space itself.
Release the Vortex Crystal.
Michelangelo, get this thing in gear.
You got it, dude.
[ Tires Squealing ] So much for that getaway.
Unhand the crystal.
You fools, he's going to use that crystal to make the universe a better place.
He's a noble, benevolent being.
Yeah, right.
We've heard that before.
Back off.
[ Clanging ] He's getting away.
Come on! There he is.
And he's got the crystal.
All right.
It's payback time for dumping us in that tree, mister.
Hey, I get first crack at him.
- Out of my way.
- Not this time.
We can tear you apart now.
Grab that thing.
You will not get the crystal.
[ Both Grunting ] You know, he just could be right.
You will not keep the Vortex Crystal from Doomquest.
I have no time to toy with you.
What the heck happened? Oh, that weirdo in the flying cherry picker got the crystal.
And we've gotta get it back.
We need it.
Yeah! We do? What are you talking about, Donatello? I think that crystal caused us to de-mutate.
[ Tires Squealing ] [ Beeping ] - The crystal is in place.
- [ Doomquest, On Speaker ] Energize it at once.
I shall use Dregg's primitive controls to activate the vortexes.
It's opening.
The dimensional barriers are being torn down.
The Darkrealm shall be released at last.
[ Thunderclap ] [ Michelangelo ] Whoa.
What's with the weird weather, amigos? We can't worry about it now.
We've gotta get that crystal.
[ Tires Screech ] [ High-pitched Frequency ] Take cover! [ Tires Squeal, Screech ] I am Doomquest, Lord of the Darkrealm.
No force in the universe can withstand me.
Take off before we get blitzed.
[ Raphael ] Oh, take it easy, Michelangelo.
This crate's falling apart.
Man, talk about urban decay.
[ Beeping ] What are all those blips? They're vortexes opening up all over the city.
Dudes, look.
Another vortex.
What's going on here? Doomquest must be destroying the dimensional barriers to another world.
But if his world comes into our world-- Then it's only a matter of time before-- [ Screeching ] Whoa.
These dudes really have it in for our van.
And if it's happening here, it's happening all over the city.
[ Communicator Chirps ] Guys, it's April.
I'm over by Channel 8.
The good news is I've got Dregg on tape.
The bad news is we're being attacked by monsters! Oh, why do you always have to be right? Let's roll.
Roll? [ Van Clanging, Rattling ] I'll lay you even money this thing can't even crawl.
[ Dregg ] The damage is not severe.
Then we must retreat before Doomquest has us destroyed.
Nonsense! I'm going to blast that blowhard back to his Darkrealm.
No, Lord Dregg.
We cannot win.
It is my right to command the universe, not his! Okay, you space freaks, prepare to be served.
No doubt about it, our heroic entrances need a little work.
- K-Keep away from me, you-you deviants.
- That'll be a pleasure.
Guys, what's going on? The whole city's changing.
And so are we.
I want the scorpion guy! I want that firebug.
I just wanna break stuff.
Guys, no.
We've gotta work together.
I'm gonna blunt this bug's stinger.
Hey, back off! He's mine.
In your dreams, jerkweed.
[ Grunting ] Uh, guys, you wanna maybe help me out here a little? I'll tear that stinking scorpion apart.
You aren't gonna stop me from getting to him first.
[ Grunting ] Oh, man, this is totally not working.
Dude, you're the only one around here who hasn't gone bonkers.
Let go of me.
I wanna bust that scorpion.
I saw him first.
He's mine.
Dudes, chill.
We gotta fight the bad guys, remember? Oh, what are we doing? Oh, what's the matter with us? [ Panting ] I don't know.
But it gets worse each time we mutate.
This will cool you down.
[ Grunts ] What's up with you guys? Once you mutate, you can barely work together as a team.
And if we don't find some way to get a grip, we're gonna become the bad guys.
Well, we've gotta get that crystal away from Doomquest.
It's our only hope.
Oh, what a story.
They saved the station.
April O'Neil, how would you like to cover the story of the century? Just give me a van and stand clear.
Take one and get on it.
[ Hi-Tech ] The engines are repaired.
[ Dregg ] Now our quest for the Vortex Crystal can begin.
- [ Power Winding Down ] - What the-- Doomquest must have the entire Dreggnought under some kind of electronic restraint.
Then bypass it.
My lord, I-- I don't know if-- Now, Hi-Tech, get this ship free, or I'll blast you to atoms.
Are you saying that crystal has the power to stabilize our mutations? Well, according to these waveforms, uh, yes.
They almost match the pattern of the mutagen's instability.
And when Raphael and I were exposed to the crystal's energy, we de-mutated.
But can you be sure? Yeah.
Well, uh, almost sure.
Somehow I'd really prefer you were sure sure before we go risking our necks for that thing.
Raphael, it's our only hope.
The next time we mutate, we might tear each other apart.
Anybody know where we can get a good deal on a new set of wheels? [ Donatello ] The crystal's gotta be inside somewhere.
We'll have to search for it.
[ Raphael ] Terrific.
That'll only take, what, a couple of years? If it's not in here, I don't know where else it could be.
Dudes, check it out.
The crystal! I've been expecting you.
[ Donatello ] It figures.
[ Doomquest ] If you want the Vortex Crystal, you'll have to get past me.
We'll have to take this overstuffed turkey down.
No sweat, dude.
So long as we don't mutate.
You had to open your big, fat beak, didn't you? Come on.
Let's knock this jumbo jerk for a loop.
Michelangelo, don't tell me you're losing it too? [ Doomquest ] As your brawn increases, your brains diminish.
You pathetic worms, this is almost going to be too easy.
[ All Yelling ] I gotta get to that crystal.
You four simpletons will never get my crystal.
Its work is almost done.
Darkrealm will soon obliterate this pitiful world.
On my count of three, we jump that sucker.
I ain't waiting for your stupid count, dude.
Arrogant insects! [ Both Yell, Grunt ] [ Hi-Tech ] The restraints have been bypassed, Lord Dregg.
At last, the time has come.
[ Hi-Tech ] My lord, this is a mistake.
My micro-saw never lets me down.
Oh, nice going, dipstick.
Why'd you trip me up like that? You got in my way, melon head.
[ Chortling ] You fools would probably destroy yourselves.
But I'd hate to miss the fun.
Now to blast you all out of existence.
- [ Karate Yell ] - [ Grunts ] [ All Groaning, Grunting ] The crystal.
It worked.
It destabilized our mutations.
All right, Doomquest, this is the finish.
Destroying you will be a pleasure.
We're not letting this thing out of our sight.
They've got my crystal! The crystal is mine! [ Carter ] The city's still the same, and those creatures are still loose.
Removing the crystal must have only stopped the process.
We still have to reverse it somehow.
Ah, this is gonna take a minute to figure out.
Uh, guys, we don't have a minute.
Let's book.
! This situation could not possibly get any worse.
You had to go and open your big mouth.
Dudes, we can't let either of those wackos get that crystal.
And we need to send Doomquest and his homeboys back to the Darkrealm and fast.
But what about us? We need the crystal.
There's more at stake than what happens to the four of us.
This is your last chance, deviants.
Turn over the crystal or be obliterated.
You want it? You got it! [ Grunts ] Noooooooooo! Whoa.
Well, with that little rock goes our last chance at a normal life.
[ Creatures Screeching ] - Oh, well, everything's returning to normal.
- You can say that again.
We must go before we, too, get pulled into the Darkrealm.
But, Lord Dregg-- Take us off this wretched planet at once.
This reporter has finally gotten the truth about Dregg.
Listen to his own words.
With this ship at my command, - I can finally blast planet Earth into submission - [ Crowd Gasping ] and you mutants' efforts to stop me will have been in vain.
Well, that ought to give them the message.
Way to go, dudette.
Excuse the heck out of me.
I don't know what you're all so happy about.
Dregg got away.
We trashed the van.
And without that crystal, we're still four over-the-top super mutants.
Raphael, you have to learn to think positively.
I'm positive we'll be taking public transportation.
With this baby, we'll be rolling again in no time.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
Let me see that.
It looks like traces of the crystal.
Hey, I used it to remove the crystal.
If we can analyze these traces, maybe we can discover why the crystal stabilized your mutations.
Now do you believe in the power of positive thinking, Raphael? Oh, yeah.
I say we positively, absolutely need to hail a cab.