Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s09e07 Episode Script

9062-9507 - Carter, the Enforcer

[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] Peoples of Earth, this is Dregg speaking.
Sensors on board my Dreggnought have detected alien activity perilously close to this planet.
Therefore, with the full cooperation of your authorities, I am creating-- the Star Shield, a mighty defense platform which will safeguard your planet from evil alien life-forms.
It will be ready to launch in one month.
Oh, please.
Who in their right mind would buy that can of baked beans? Yeah, the only evil alien life-form I know is named Dregg.
But the authorities really believe him, and the public loves him.
Yeah, while we're numero uno on the Most Wanted list.
And that Star Shield looks like it has enough firepower to enable Dregg to conquer the Earth.
If the humans want to hand him the planet on a silver platter, I say we quit bustin' our shells trying to stop him.
How could Dregg fool everybody like this? It's called "mob mentality," guys.
Most people are like sheep.
They'll believe anything they're told.
And as long as they believe what Dregg says about us, we're fighting a battle the world doesn't want us to win.
[ Splinter ] This isn't a popularity contest, my students.
Dregg is evil.
It is your duty to fight, even if the whole world is against you.
Indeed, that is the time when fighting for your principles matters the most.
But we can't fight Dregg and the whole world, Sensei.
Then we have to bring the world to its senses-- before Dregg launches that Star Shield.
[ Chuckling ] Yeah, lots of luck, pal.
[ Chirps ] April, meet us at the hangar where they're building the Star Shield.
And bring your mini-cam.
[ Whispering ] Hold it.
Motion detector.
[ Beeps ] - [ Crackling ] - That ought to scramble its circuits.
[ Air Hissing ] Uh, guys, I hate to make dire predictions, but that thing looks ready to launch now.
And whatever it is, it's not a defense vehicle.
That's a first-strike weapon if I ever saw one.
[ Raphael ] And the humans are gonna just give it to him! Aw, what a bunch of nimrods, man! I know how you feel, Raphael, but we've gotta keep looking and get the goods on Dregg.
The Star Shield is the mightiest weapon this pathetic planet has ever seen.
No earthly force will be able to stop me.
[ Whirring ] We will launch it ahead of schedule and strike so fast, the people of Earth won't know what hit them.
Dregg, you just hanged yourself.
What is the precise time of completion, Hi-Tech? According to the latest construction update, it-- You! Time to bail! [ Laser Blast ] All units, intruder alert! It's those mutant Turtles.
They're getting away! [ Tires Squealing ] They're still coming! You jerks! We're on your side! We've gotta make a quick getaway.
Dudes, when it comes to getting scarce, there's no place like the good old sewers.
I still have friends in the news business.
I'll try to get them to air the tape.
What if Dregg's goons come after the tape? We can't go with her.
The whole city's after our shells.
Hey, I'll go.
Face it, I'm a little less conspicuous than you guys.
We believe the Turtles videotaped our conversation, my lord.
Whatever happens, we must get that tape.
Fortunately, I've been working on a plan to permanently solve our Turtle problem.
Hi-Tech, head out with the Techno-Gang and bring me the Turtles' young friend Carter.
[ Brakes Screech ] Go on in, April.
I wanna check something out.
I'll catch up with you later.
The techno-goons are nearby.
I can feel it.
Man! I hate it when I'm right.
Aaah! [ Grunts ] Back off, bug-heads.
[ Snarling ] Now, human, you're mine! [ Grunts ] Don't bet on it! [ Growls ] Aaah! We will launch it ahead of schedule and strike so fast, the people of Earth won't know what hit them.
How do I know it's real? Any cub reporter could have faked a tape like this.
Why would I want to do that? Because you and those mutant Turtles are out to destroy Dregg's good name.
They're trying to save humanity.
Hah! What have the Turtles done for humanity lately? Dregg's given us technology that will make the world a better place.
Dregg is an exiled warlord, and he wants to conquer the Earth.
No station in town will air this.
Your credibility isn't worth that.
You've been in league with those Turtles too long, April.
They're a menace to society.
[ Grunting ] [ Groans ] Too weak.
Need help.
[ Communicator Chirps ] Aaah! [ Groans ] [ Hi-Tech ] That stun ray will keep him out for hours.
Bring his vehicle as well.
Carter? Ha.
Kids today have no patience.
Nobody'll air it, guys.
They all think it's a fake.
What a bunch of lamebrains.
I'm tellin' you guys, this species ain't worth saving.
They're just misguided.
We've gotta get that tape on the air-- by hook or by crook.
At this point, I'd say our only option was "crook.
" April, meet us at the broadcasting tower.
[ Vehicle Approaching ] [ Brakes Screech ] April, where's Carter? He took off on his bike.
I thought he was with you guys.
[ Communicator Chirps ] I hope he hasn't gotten into trouble.
Give me your mini-cam, April.
I'm gonna hook it straight into the main antenna and broadcast the tape on all channels.
What? You actually think this is gonna convince those meatheads? Carter, come in.
I don't like this.
Hey, check it out.
Yo, Carter! Over here! [ Lasers Blast ] Hold it, Carter.
Who are those two wackos? - [ All Grunting ] - [ Raphael ] What are you doing? Saving your lives.
[ Both Shout ] Carter? Since when does he pack a blaster? [ Leonardo ] The Techno-Gang! Oh, great.
That's just what this party needed.
[ Donatello ] And they're defending Carter! Okay, somebody is way off script here.
Yeah, dude, and I think it's Carter.
[ Clamoring ] We've got them on the run, Merrick.
After them, Landor.
Will somebody please tell me what just happened? Okay, these two maniacs attacked Carter.
Then the Techno-Gang defended Carter, and then Carter destroyed the tape.
Oh! I think I'm gonna check into a motel till this whole thing blows over.
Whoa! I can't tell the good dudes from the bad dudes, dudes.
Why would Carter destroy the tape? Maybe Carter didn't skip out on April at all.
Maybe Dregg put him under some kind of mind control.
Well, yeah, that would explain a lot.
Yeah, but it doesn't explain who those two weirdos are.
All we have is their names-- Landor and Merrick.
April, think you can dig anything up on them? Landor and Merrick? I can try.
Then do it.
We'll be in touch.
Come on! We've gotta get a line on those two.
Hey, look! So much for the Techno-Gang.
Yes, but Carter's still running loose.
All right, you two.
You've got some explaining to do.
Why did you attack Carter? We told you.
We were saving your lives.
Uh, yeah.
You mind clarifying that notion a little, pal? If we had not intervened, Carter would have destroyed you.
We got a couple of grade-A dingdongs on our hands.
[ Groans ] You saw him destroy the tape.
But how do you know that he would have destroyed us? Because that's how it happened.
Pardon me? "Happened"? We came here through time, from 20 years in your future, to save you.
Man, I think the pressures of modern life are really getting to these guys.
Wait a minute.
You came to save us from Carter? Yeah.
The dude's our friend.
Carter is not your friend.
Our research indicates he was a Dregg spy who infiltrated your ranks with the mission of terminating you.
Where have you been doing your research-- in the science fiction section? Carter's helped us beat Dregg a dozen times.
He's on our side.
Open your eyes and look around.
The people still believe Dregg's lies.
He's on the verge of launching the Star Shield.
You haven't beaten Dregg at all.
Well, they got that one right.
And if they're right about Carter, then the whole human race is really against us.
- I say we bag it.
- But Carter in league with Dregg? No way.
Oh, really? Look behind you.
- [ Motorcycle Approaching ] - [ Michelangelo ] Carter! Dude, tell these wackos that you're not a-- [ All Shout ] [ Leonardo ] That guy should switch to decaf! [ Brakes Screech ] Scout to mother ship.
Move in.
We're cornered! There's only one way out now.
[ Brakes Screech ] Targets destroyed.
What's going on here? What happened to Carter? And the Techno-Gang.
[ Leonardo ] What happened to the city? We were trapped.
There was only one way out.
Welcome to the future, Turtles.
This way.
You can't afford to be seen here.
How did all this happen? How do you think? Dregg won.
What's that? [ Merrick ] One of the work details returning from the plants.
A looter, eh? Unit 7 to Mobile 3.
Prepare for apprehension.
No! Please! No! Those stinking creepazoids! No, don't.
Around here, you only pick the battles you can win.
Where will they take her? [ Merrick ] To Command Central, Dregg's headquarters.
Once you go in there, you never come out.
Sounds like a great vacation spot.
You haven't even seen the worst of it.
[ Landor ] This is Dregg's shipyard.
Dregg enslaved the human race to build starships for him.
He's off conquering other worlds.
He's taken half the galaxy by now.
But it's never enough, so he keeps us building more warships.
[ Male Voice On P.
] Intruder Alert! [ Clamoring ] [ Grunting, Groaning ] Landor, Merrick! No! - Going down, techo-creeps! - [ Groans ] They got Landor and Merrick.
What do we do now? [ Leonardo ] We follow 'em.
We've gotta rescue Landor and Merrick.
[ Leonardo ] I'll say.
That time gizmo of theirs is our only ticket outta here.
And there's only one place they'd be taken-- that Command Central building.
[ Michelangelo ] But, dude, isn't that, like, the place nobody gets out of? [ Leonardo ] That rule is about to change.
Come on.
They gotta be somewhere in this dump.
Make this easy on yourselves and talk.
Where are those mutants? Right here, larva-breath.
[ Groans ] [ Crackling ] So you're rebels after all, just like us.
Save it.
We need that time doohickey of yours.
They took it to the lab for analysis.
[ Landor ] It should be in here.
[ Keypad Beeping ] I have to warn you, it's in the hands of Dregg's chief enforcer, who rules our world with an iron fist.
And who's that? Who do you think? Carter! [ Michelangelo ] Our amigo is Dregg's enforcer? No way! Surprised to see us alive, Carter? Not especially.
You obviously used this time device to escape me 20 years ago when I thought I had destroyed you.
I will correct that mistake now.
[ Raphael ] Guess again, traitor! [ Grunting ] [ Groans ] Either that guy's been working out, or there's something weird here.
Come on.
That maniac's too strong to fight.
An air shaft.
Jump for it, dudes! All units.
Find the deviants and bring them to me.
We've got to get that time device back.
What's the point? Carter betrayed us, man! There is not one single human being back in our time who tried to stop Dregg, other than April.
The humans brought this on themselves.
We're trying to fight Dregg.
Yeah, well, you are a little late, pal.
Where were you We were just children then.
We couldn't do anything about it.
But that's why we saved you.
That's why you have to keep up the fight.
Merrick, what happened back in our time? Carter destroyed you, and a short time later Dregg launched the Star Shield.
Wait a minute.
If you guys saved us, how come the future's still grim city? Because we took you out of your time.
You aren't there in the past to fight Dregg.
That's why we have to get the time device-- so we can send you back to stop the Star Shield from ever launching.
If we could ever get it away from that traitor Carter.
This is more his fault than anybody's.
Uh, maybe.
What do you mean maybe? I mean I don't think that's Carter.
Uh, come again, dude? Since when was Carter strong enough to throw somebody through a wall without his mutant form? What mutant form? Oh, come on, dude.
You know.
Big guy, Mohawk, roars a lot.
Hey, you mean you've never seen Carter mutate or change form? Ha.
Believe me, if he had such powers, he would have used them.
Then he's definitely not Carter.
But then who is he? I think we're gonna find out! Freeze, deviants! Raphael, help me take him.
[ Chuckles ] With pleasure.
- [ Both Groan ] - You mutants are no match for the Enforcer! Wrong again-- jerk-face.
Just as I thought-- an android.
[ Grunts ] Whoo! Man, oh, man.
Does that ever clear up a lot of mysteries.
He-He was an android, and we never knew.
Aw, I knew it wasn't Carter all along.
But what kind of trouble is the real Carter in? Here's how we can find out.
Quickly, Landor.
We must get them safely to the past before-- [ Donatello ] Man, don't those jerks know when to quit? There.
It's set.
Step into the time beam.
We can't leave you like this.
You must.
Your safety's all that matters now.
[ Raphael ] But you don't have a hope of surviving this attack! Yes, we do.
You are our hope.
If you carry on the fight and defeat Dregg, you can prevent this future from happening, and we'll be saved.
Good-bye, Turtles.
[ Hi-Tech ] What have you to report? The mutants have been eliminated.
Then I have no further need of your original.
Take this nuisance to the air lock and jettison him into space.
[ Groaning ] Oh-- What-- [ Grunts ] What am I doing on the Dreggnought? How'd I get here? More importantly, how do I get outta here? Just what the doctor ordered.
Wait a minute.
Here's something the guys'll love me for.
According to the county records, both Landor and Merrick live here in the city, and they're both-- Hey, wait a minute.
That's impossible.
Ahh! There's no time like the present.
Whoa! We're back at the hangar.
[ Donatello ] Then we still have a chance to stop that Star Shield from-- Uh, guys, we got bad news.
[ Leonardo ] It's Carter! Yeah, but which Carter is it? Coming off of Dregg's shuttle? Take a wild guess.
This is it! Hey, guys.
What's up? Carter? It's you! [ Laughs ] No, it's the Easter Bunny.
Look what I got.
The plans for the Star Shield.
All right, dude! You have no idea how much trouble you've caused.
Me? I've been out cold for hours on Dregg's ship.
What'd I do? It wasn't you.
It was the android duplicate Dregg made of you.
Dregg duplicated me? I don't believe it.
Believe it, dude, 'cause here you come now.
My human counterpart.
I must destroy him.
It's a shame to have to wreck such a good-lookin' robot.
Would you care to do the honors, Carter? You bet I would.
[ Grunts ] Puny life-form! You are doomed.
[ Groans ] That's what you think, you stinkin' sack of silicon chips.
[ Grunting ] That's the second time today that dude's been trashed.
Yeah, I know.
Somehow I never get tired of seeing it.
Carter, I can honestly say that future generations will thank you for what you just did.
What's goin' on here anyway? Oh, man, is that ever a long story.
Yeah, and we don't have time for it now.
We've gotta stop the Star Shield from launching.
Oh, boys.
I'd say we're just a little bit too late.
Oh, no, we're not.
Come on! According to these plans, there is a weak spot.
One good shot in that thruster intake should knock out the whole drive system.
I'll get us into position.
Almost in range.
There! [ Carter ] Oh, drat! I'm in range again.
[ Leonardo ] Ah! Can't you hold the ship steady, Carter? [ Carter ] Give me a break.
This thing handles like a truck.
If you guys don't stop arguing, we're gonna be the ones who'll get blown out of the sky.
Oh, here.
Let me! This one's for Merrick! [ Communicator Chirps ] [ April ] Hey, guys, what are you up to? Oh, blowin' up starships, saving the world.
You know, the usual.
You remember you asked me to track down Landor and Merrick? Uh, yeah.
Well, I found 'em.
What? That's impossible.
Just meet me at North Gate Park, okay? Who are Landor and Merrick? We'll explain on the way.
Come on! [ Chattering, Laughing ] [ Calliope ] There they are, guys, Landor and Merrick.
That's Landor and Merrick? Of course! We saw them as they were but in our time they're just kids.
But what'll their future be like? [ Carter ] I'd say that's up to us.
[ Raphael ] Yeah.
We stopped the Star Shield, but we still haven't stopped Dregg.
[ Carter ] And we've gotta keep up the fight, no matter if the whole world's against us, for their sake.
So you still think humanity's not worth saving, Raphael? No.
Gotcha! Hah! Yeah, sure.
Why not? Man! How could you think that android was really me? Well, let's see.
It looked like you, it talked like you, and it responded to the name Carter by shooting at us.
But you know I'd never do that.
Besides, if I was really gonna get you guys, there wouldn't be a single sorry scrap of shell left.
Hey, hey, hey! If you were gonna get us, you'd be in worse shape than that android.
Guys, what are you arguing about? We all know there's only one Carter.
[ Raphael ] Yeah, and one is plenty.