Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s09e06 Episode Script

9062-9506 - Split-Second

[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] Look sharp, Carter.
[ Grunts ] Better look out yourself, Leonardo.
[ Grunts ] [ Sighs ] What's wrong, Carter? That's the third time you've clinched.
Yeah, and I'm really gettin' burned.
I joined this crew to train with Splinter.
But we've been so busy chasing Dregg, I haven't had time.
And I fear, with your new mutant forms, you're not spending enough on your training.
- Who's got time for training? - With all the trouble that space case is making, I haven't even had time to catch up on my comic books.
Dregg's threat should not be ignored.
But neither can your training, my pupils.
I'd say it's time we went on a schedule, Sensei.
I agree, Leonardo.
There goes our valuable leisure time.
The first thing we have to do is work out a strict timetable.
Hey, that can't be right.
It's late afternoon.
My watch stopped too.
Hey, Donatello, what time you got? I'll check my computer's clock.
It's never wrong.
[ Beeping ] Your computer has a clock? You know it, Michelangelo.
See, all computers have built-in clocks to regulate the flow of data.
That's impossible.
My computer's clock is malfunctioning too! [ Beeping ] This is weird.
[ Communicator Chirps ] April, are you having any trouble with your clocks? Are you kidding? It's happening everywhere, guys.
Everything that runs on a clock or a timer's gone haywire! The subways, the airports-- Whoa, dudes.
You don't suppose old Dregg's behind this? Are you kiddin'? It's practically got his signature on it.
[ Vehicles Honking ] [ Shouting ] Move that junk now! [ Honking Continues ] This is what I'd call a mess, all right.
So what do you think's jamming the works? A transmission signal? It would have to be a seriously huge one.
Which means we can trace it.
[ Carter ] I'm gettin' some major output from over there.
[ High-pitched Frequency ] I think it's coming from that billboard.
"Wear officially licensed Dregg watches.
" Now there's something that really enhances the quality of modern-day urban life.
[ Donatello ] It's coming from up there.
[ High-pitched Frequency ] Look.
Whatever that thing is, it's not part of the billboard.
Better disable it.
[ Grunts ] [ Leonardo ] How's it looking, guys? [ Carter ] Everything's working again! What in the-- [ Screams ] [ Groans ] Raphael! Look out! Look out below! Boy, I hope this poor sap has insurance.
They're robots! [ Both Yelling ] Carter! The guys! [ Grunts ] Good hands, buddy.
A double play.
Look out! [ Groaning ] Oh, man.
Man, talk about in-your-face advertising.
Come on, dudes.
We gotta get off the streets! [ Communicator Chirps ] April, is everything back to normal? Yes! But in all the chaos, somebody broke into the antique timepiece museum.
Oh, we don't have time for robberies.
Dregg's the problem now.
The police report says they used powerful lasers to break into the museum and stun rays to subdue the guards.
Lasers? Stun rays? Whoa! Only Dregg packs that kind of gear.
We're on our way, April.
[ Clocks Ticking ] I don't get it.
What would Dregg want with a bunch of old clocks? Maybe the dude's got a lot of time on his hands.
[ Mock Laugh ] Leave the comedy to professionals, Michelangelo.
What's up with these clocks? [ April ] "L.
"? "L.
"? What does that mean? Longitude and latitude.
Which is measured in minutes and seconds.
And they say cartoons aren't educational.
[ Donatello ] Carter, add up the numbers on the top row.
I get 91 minutes, Hmm, that's the precise map coordinates for the Northwest Steel Mill.
But why would Dregg leave us a clue to his location? Maybe he left it for one of his minions.
Or it could be the ever-popular Turtle trap.
Well, whatever it is, we've gotta check it out.
[ Tires Screech ] Look alive, team.
We could be sitting ducks.
Didn't this mill shut down recently? Uh-huh.
They're going to build a shopping mall here.
Yeah, something about this place just screams "fashion boutique.
" [ Leonardo ] On your toes, guys.
Dregg and his goons could be anywhere.
Ah, the Turtles.
Okay, now, if that's Dregg, his voice has changed.
I've been so looking forward to meeting you again! Again? Just who are you? You mean you don't remember? Very well.
Just call me Chronos! Look out! And your time is up, Turtles! [ Cackles ] Since you don't remember who I am, call me Chronos.
Yeah, we'll call you an ambulance, because you're gonna need it! Are you a match for my arrows of time? [ Grunts ] [ Ticking ] Ah.
It's time for my revenge, Turtles.
Sorry to disappoint you, but revenge isn't on tonight's schedule.
Every second that ticks by draws you closer to your doom! [ Grunting ] [ Grunts ] [ Explosion ] It's only a matter of time, Turtles.
[ Laughs ] I think your mainspring's wound a little too tight, bub.
[ Grunts ] Come here, you! [ Whirring ] Your time just ran out, Turtles! We gotta stop that maniac, dudes! [ Donatello ] And the only way to do that-- [ Grunts ] is to turn up the heat! You won't escape me that easily, Turtles! I am Chronos, master of time, king of the clock tower! I know everything about you.
There's nowhere you can run! He went out the back! [ Explosion ] - Not a sign of him.
- Who the heck is that clockhead, anyway? [ Michelangelo ] I don't know.
But he sure seems to know who we are.
[ Raphael ] You know, his voice seemed kind of familiar.
And why did he call himself "king of the clock tower"? Yeah, there's something familiar about that too.
[ Tires Squeal ] Hey, what's this doin' here? That wacko must've planted it.
It could be a time bomb.
[ Tires Squealing ] - Get rid of it, Carter! - [ Alarm Rings ] [ Chronos ] Greetings, Turtles! This is your wake-up call.
I'm going to execute two crimes at once.
A little double jeopardy, if you will.
First, the time lock in the central bank will open at 8:00 p.
, 12 hours ahead of schedule, so I can clean it out! At the same time, I shall reset the switch clocks in the midtown subway causing the north and southbound trains to collide! You get the feeling this dude's kind of hung up on clocks? Why, no.
Whatever gave you that idea? So you four had better hurry if you want to stop me! [ Cackling ] It's gonna blow! [ Rings ] [ Sighs ] Oh, man.
That guy is really starting to get on my nerves.
It's a quarter of 8:00 now.
We don't have much time.
April, try to dig up anything you can on that guy.
But without a name or a face, it's going to be tricky.
Donatello, we'll take the bank.
The rest of you try to stop those trains from colliding! Let's move! [ Tires Squeal ] [ Alarm Blaring ] The intruder alarm.
[ Chronos Laughing ] I've been looking forward to meeting you, Splinter.
Who are you? How did you get here? I know a great deal about you.
I know you were once Hamato Yoshi, leader of the Foot Clan.
I know you trained the Turtles in your fighting style.
And, of course, I know the location of your lair.
[ Grunts ] I've also made a study of your fighting style.
[ Shouts in Japanese ] [ Yells ] [ Grunts ] Still, I can't hope to beat your martial arts skill.
So I'll just have to cheat! You can't escape the hands of time, Splinter! [ Cackles ] [ Groans ] [ Computer Beeping ] Hmm, I'll just have to do a massive search.
Time, clock tower, Chronos.
Oh, this could take all night! There's the northbound train.
But, dudes, how are we gonna get all those people off? Come on, are you kiddin' me? After all the bad P.
Dregg's been givin' us, it'll be a snap.
All right, get off the train! [ Woman ] It's those evil mutants! [ Screams ] Oh, my goodness! [ Passengers Shouting, Muttering ] [ Gasping ] The train is yours.
Please, just don't hurt me.
Oh, thanks a lot, pal.
Now we gotta save your train for you.
Okay, who knows how to work this thing? Not me.
Yeah, kind of figured that.
These controls must operate the track switches.
Now all we gotta do is reset them, and the trains won't collide.
And here comes the switch point.
Hit it, Carter! - [ Beeps ] - [ Bell Clanging ] [ Train Horn Blares ] [ Chronos ] Well done, Turtles.
But there's just one problem.
[ Cackles ] I never bothered to sabotage the switch timer, so you just set the trains on a collision course for me! I'm really starting to hate this guy! [ Chronos ] Next stop-- certain doom! Choo-choo! [ Cackles ] [ Beeps ] The vault's already open.
[ Chronos Chortling ] It's empty.
But I just heard his voice! You didn't really expect to find me in person, did you, Turtles? You see, I'm not terribly interested in robbing this bank.
But I am interested in frying your shells! With this thermal device.
Whoa, boy.
[ Door Creaking ] [ Chronos ] Uh-oh, I'm afraid there's nowhere for you to run.
That thing's gonna blow in 30 seconds! [ Donatello ] It'll turn this vault into a giant pressure-cooker.
And we're the ones who are gonna get cooked! Your time's up, Turtles.
Can you deactivate that thermal device, Donatello? In 15 seconds? Are you kidding? Then we'll just have to get the door open.
[ Both Grunting ] Farewell, Turtles! You really think this'll work? [ Grunts ] No, but it might destabilize our mutations.
[ Groans ] Talk about having money to burn.
[ Train Horn Blares ] Chronos said we were on a collision course.
So where's the other train? Dudes, it's dead ahead! - [ Train Horn Blares ] - It's too late! The other train doesn't have time to stop! [ Brakes Squealing ] [ Turtles Yelling ] [ All Sigh ] I just hope the transit authority appreciates this.
- Wait a minute.
- [ Beeps ] "Man arrested in clock tower.
" Could it be? [ Donatello ] That bank-robbing gag turned out to be a trap.
So was ours.
And we're still no nearer to catching Chronos.
Or learning who that nutball really is.
Yeah, but his voice is so familiar.
I-- If I could only remember.
[ Tires Squeal ] [ Brakes Screech ] Dudes, check it out.
Remember that place? [ Leonardo ] The city hall clock tower.
- Of course! - What's so special about it? Oh, no.
I feel a flashback comin' on.
[ Leonardo ] It was a couple of years ago.
We were scouting the rooftops when we ran into this guy trying to make a getaway.
We found out later his name was Winston Fripp.
And he just robbed the city treasury.
We left him tied up there for the police to find.
[ Carter ] So Fripp is the same guy as Chronos? Well, if he is, his taste in clothes has really gone down the tubes.
Yeah, but didn't Chronos call himself the king of the clock tower? Yeah, and he said something else.
He said he knew where we live.
[ Together ] Splinter! [ Tires Squeal ] [ Leonardo ] If that maniac's done anything to Splinter, I'll-- Hey, what the heck? Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Greetings, Turtles.
I've left you this little gift in exchange for your beloved sensei.
His time will be cut short unless you four do exactly as I say! Come to the south bank drawbridge in 20 minutes and surrender to me.
That's it! I've had it! I say we find that ding-dong and snap his mainspring! But he'll destroy Splinter if we attack him.
Maybe not, guys.
He didn't say anything about me.
He hasn't mentioned me once.
Yeah, if Chronos is Winston Fripp, he wouldn't know anything about Carter.
April, come in.
We think Chronos is-- [ April ] Winston Fripp? - How did you know? - Because it all fits.
Fripp was fired from the city scheduling department because of an attitude problem.
He robbed the city treasury for revenge, which is where you guys caught up with him.
But it took authorities hours to find him after you left him tied up in the clock tower.
By that time, the clock's ticking and the ringing bells had driven him mad.
Same guy.
Come on.
We're gonna make that maniac tell us where Splinter is.
[ Buoy Bell Clanging ] [ Tires Screech ] [ Communicator Chirps ] Okay, Carter.
Stand by.
Keep your ear to your com.
- You got it.
- [ Bell Continues ] All right, Chronos.
Your time just ran out.
You think so, eh? [ Beeps ] Behold my clockwork warriors! Oh, man.
Not those speed freaks again.
Take 'em.
- [ Grunts ] - Throw down your weapons and your Turtle-coms.
Do it now, or Splinter perishes.
All right, Chronos.
You've won.
- Where is Splinter? - On top of the Clayborne Tower.
[ Michelangelo ] The one with the giant ball that drops on New Year's Eve? Precisely.
All right! I'm outta here.
[ Tires Squeal ] And since my victory over you has me in a party mood, - I think I'll celebrate New Year's Eve early.
- [ Beeps ] [ Turtles Grunting ] Chronos, you slime! Don't worry.
You'll be joining him soon.
In the meantime, these four concussion generators will shake the city apart, making it mine for the looting.
All courtesy of Dregg, in exchange for destroying you.
Dregg! I knew that space creep had something to do with all this.
I'd love to stay, but I must supervise the activation of the concussion generators.
So, if you'll excuse me-- [ Cackles ] Okay, troops, how do we get outta this one? I'm almost free.
Hang on, guys.
[ Metal Creaking ] [ Carter ] Oh, man! I gotta move! [ Donatello ] Guys, we gotta stop that loon before he destroys the city.
Yeah, but he could be anywhere.
There's a style to everything Chronos does.
He'd go to someplace special.
The city hall clock tower.
Of course.
It all started there.
He'd want it to end there.
- Hang on, Sensei! - Carter.
[ Grunts ] It's too heavy! Can't stop it! [ Grunts ] [ Beeping ] That must be the master control.
And he's got it wired straight into the clock's machinery! [ Chronos ] Precisely, Turtles.
City Hall itself will cause the city's destruction! I don't know how you escaped my trap, but you're too late to stop me now! Wrong, clock-for-brains! We're pullin' the plug on your little scheme.
[ Sighs ] I've toyed with you long enough.
Destroy them! Whoa! Whoa! [ Groans ] No! If we mutate, we'll be too slow to stop them.
- What? - [ Grunts ] Maybe.
But we sure can stomp 'em.
[ Roars ] [ Grunts ] Now to shut down the controls.
Your powers! It's impossible! I know everything about you! Well, I guess you weren't as clever as you thought, gearhead.
Chronos, you're about to clock out.
Not again! [ Michelangelo ] Dudes, this is where we came in.
[ Laughing Maniacally ] Dregg! Get me outta here! No, Chronos.
The Turtles still live.
The city is still standing.
You have failed me.
Please don't leave me here.
Don't worry.
I still have a use for you.
[ TV: Male Announcer ] The fiend known as Chronos who nearly destroyed the city has been captured by our protector from the stars-- Dregg.
Citizens, I will always be here to protect you from criminals and those mutant Turtles.
That lyin' creepazoid! Oh, man.
Turn it off.
"I'll always be there.
" Can you believe that guy? Dregg's about as reliable as a stopped watch.
I'd say Dregg's time is just about up.
We'll clean that dude's clock.
And strip his gears! All right, all right.
Enough! The next guy who makes a clock reference is gonna get a permanent time-out from me!