Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s09e05 Episode Script

9062-9505 - The Showdown

[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] [ Carter ] Oh, man, not again! Just when I was about to win.
No way, Michelangelo! - I was winning.
- Get your brains tuned, dude.
I had your Solarian Raider in a Double-vise Headlock of Doom.
Oh, yeah? I had you in a Dragon Grip of Infinite Peril.
Oh, yeah? So how come our game froze up again? I don't know.
We programmed this baby with every move we know.
[ Beep ] It should work perfectly.
Well, don't worry, Carter.
You'll figure out how to fix it.
Oh, yeah? It wouldn't be the first bug I couldn't chase down.
I call it the turboflex.
It increases human strength by a factor of 20.
[ Michelangelo ] Whoa.
What's the big button do? That activates it.
But it had a major bug in it too.
- You know the Flying Crane maneuver? - Sure, dude.
Who doesn't? Yeah, well, any time I tried to do it in the turboflex, the whole mechanism would just freeze up.
- Whoa.
- I never bothered to work out the bugs.
I didn't need a suit to gain extra strength after I was exposed to the mutagen.
You can say that again.
[ Motorcycle Starts ] Well, later, dude.
[ Tires Screech ] Well.
Jet McCabe.
What rock did you crawl out from under? I've been looking for you, Carter.
- Seems like you skipped town.
- Let's just say I got bored hanging around.
You were smart to run after you got me kicked out of the martial arts academy.
You had no business there, man.
You cheated.
You just couldn't stand losing to me, Carter.
You always were a punk.
We've got some unfinished business to take care of loser! Any time you want, McCabe.
Hyah! You say all the TV stations are being jammed, April? That's right.
Every channel is putting out the same signal.
[ Beep ] See? I think it's being deliberately generated.
April! April, what's going on? She doesn't hear us.
The signal must have some kind of hypnotic effect.
But who could be doing this? Well, I suspect the Junior Camping League, but they have no motive.
So I'd say Dregg! [ Beeping ] Hey, I've located the source of the transmission.
It's a satellite Earth station at the edge of town.
Michelangelo, come in.
Hey, Carter, we gotta-- Carter! [ Grunting ] You stinkin' maggot! Carter, cut it out! This is a private discussion, Michelangelo.
But the guys need us.
What? You need those loser mutants to save your sorry bacon? Yeah, right.
Get a life, Jet.
- Come on, Michelangelo.
- You stinkin' coward! Come back and fight! That little jerkweed.
He won't get rid of me that easy.
The hypno-transmitter is working perfectly, Lord Dregg.
The earthlings are already succumbing to its effects.
And after being exposed to it for another, oh, 20 minutes, they will become permanently hypnotized.
My charade of being these miserable creatures' friend can't last forever.
This will prevent the earthlings from ever turning on me.
The signal's being generated from inside that building.
There isn't even a lock to pick.
How are we gonna get inside? Let me take a crack at it.
- [ Grunts ] - Mm-hmm.
- You got any more bright ideas? - Yeah.
- Let's put our shells into it.
- [ All Grunting ] This is not working.
And it's not doing my back much good either.
[ All Groaning ] Guys! I think we're about to do a group mutation! [ Banging, Thudding ] The Techno-Gang! What a surprise.
- Blast them! - Let's demoralize these space creeps.
[ Grunting ] You know, I really love you guys.
[ Grunts ] You're so light on your feet.
Your hypnotic TV show just got canceled, techno-geek.
They're too strong.
We must escape! That must be Dregg's transmitter.
Who wants to do the honors? Wh-- What happened? [ Hi-Tech ] Sensors indicate the population is returning to normal.
Those accursed Turtles! They block me at every turn! And their new mutations make them even more powerful.
But if I could harness that power by duplicating their mutagen, I could make the Techno-Gang invincible.
I must capture one of the Turtles somehow to discover the nature of their mutation.
It would be necessary to capture two of the Turtles, Lord Dregg.
Their individual genetic patterns must be compared to find the common mutant gene.
Bah! Capturing two of them would be impossible! Unless-- Sleazebug, come in.
Ah, Dreggy, your immoral badness! What's the buzz? Are you still looking for recruits for the Pan-Galactic Tournament? Hey! Did something freeze over? You know I am! I get 10,000 credits for each find.
I have some excellent prospects well skilled in combat.
I'm transmitting the data.
But pay careful attention to my instructions.
My plan must be followed to the letter.
Man, mutating really drains you.
It's worse than watching a celebrity bowling marathon.
Well, time to get back to-- [ Beeping ] The remote alarm! Someone's breaking into my workshop! - Dude, are you sure? - Yeah! And I know who.
We'd better follow him.
He could be heading for trouble.
[ Tires Screech ] [ Tires Screech ] [ Doors Closing ] [ Chuckling ] I found your little toy, Carter.
It's mine now, and I'm gonna squash you like a bug.
[ Beep ] Leave our bud alone! Well, punk, you gonna let these weirdos do your fighting for you? Back off, guys.
This is my battle.
I hate to break up this soiree, but you've got places to go! Whoa! Am I seeing things, or did this place suddenly get a lot less crowded? You aren't seeing things.
They're gone.
Leonardo and the others-- they're gone! Oh, relax, greeny.
Your pals are fine.
I just zapped them to an asteroid on the other side of the galaxy.
If that's true, that gizmo of his is the only thing that'll get them back.
All right, larva-breath, hand over that teleporter.
You want it? Come and get it! [ Snickering ] Aw, man, we're never gonna catch that little twerp.
[ Shouting, Chattering ] Where the heck are we? Another planet, I'd guess.
Wherever we are, there's still no getting away from me, loser.
Any time you want it, McCabe! Will you two knock it off! We gotta get out of here somehow! You, see if you can bend those bars.
You got us into this mess, shellback.
Why should I bother? Because you're wearing the turboflex, dipstick! You weaklings couldn't bend a flexi-straw.
[ Grunting ] Forget it.
Those bars are made of neutron matter.
What's going on? Where are we? You are on a private asteroid belonging to Karg, the martial arts grand master of the galaxy.
You're going to spend the rest of your lives here competing in the games for the entertainment of the rich and powerful.
[ Beep ] Hah! Says you, four eyes! Chill out, Jet.
We're in enough trouble already, man.
You don't know the meaning of trouble yet, buddy.
Can it, Jet! - You can't make us compete.
- You think so, eh? [ All Groaning ] If you won't fight, you will perish.
Okay, so you may have a point.
All right, you.
You're on deck.
I'm gonna fight that? [ Roaring ] [ Grunting ] Suddenly I wish I was home in a nice, damp sewer.
You mind telling me what you're doing? - I'm modifying the techno-tracker.
- Sure is a nice night for it.
Look, Raphael, that creep's vehicle probably left a trail of particle traces.
[ Yawns ] I can't tell you how fascinating this is.
So I've rigged the techno-tracker to follow that vehicle.
Well, why didn't you say so? Let's go! [ Roars ] [ Groans ] Michelangelo, look out! Hey, no fair.
He's got four arms! And weapons! [ Chuckling ] These games are no-holds-barred.
Well, why didn't you just say so? Cowabunga! [ Groaning ] [ Crowd Cheering ] Hey-hey! Way to go, Michelangelo! All right! The winner and still boss turtle of all time! Me! [ Crowd Cheering ] You're next! A turtle, huh? I hate turtles! Yeah? Well, I'm not too crazy about cyborgs.
[ Both Grunting ] So, you think you're sharp, huh? Why doesn't he do something? He's just letting that guy attack him! Looks like your green friend is as yellow as you are, Carter.
Well, this is where the trail stops.
Here? What did that guy do, make his getaway on a seesaw? Maybe that's exactly what he did.
Donatello, you just broke the goofy meter.
Will you just look around.
There might be some kind of secret entrance here.
Hey! Check this out! That bug-head must have gone down this tunnel.
You know, there's one thing that worries me about all this.
Only one? [ Chuckles ] I can think of at least Well, this is obviously another one of Dregg's schemes to get us out of the way.
Kinda guessed that.
All right, so why did he leave you and me behind? And why did he wag that teleporter under our nose as if he wanted us to follow him? I got a headache this big, and it's got "Donatello" written all over it.
I'm just worried this is some kind of trap.
[ Whistles ] Wow.
If it's a trap, it sure is a big one.
And it's all underground.
Come on.
We gotta find that teleporter.
It's the guys' only ticket home.
[ Roaring ] Why isn't Leonardo fighting back? I don't know, dude.
It looks like he's deliberately losing.
You want me? Come and get me! [ Babbling ] [ Cheering ] What's the matter with you, Leonardo? You could've taken that guy.
You didn't attack him at all.
I never would've beaten him with a frontal assault.
He was too strong! Yeah, amigo.
He used the metalhead's own strength against him.
It's like Splinter says-- some battles can't be won by fighting.
I never heard him say that.
Then you're hearing it now, Carter! One lesson you've got to learn is, some fights you just have to walk away from.
No wonder you're such a loser.
If you ask me, your sensei's as big a coward as you are.
We'll see who the real loser is.
You aliens got some company! - What are you doing here? - I allowed a prisoner to escape.
For my crime, I must compete in the games.
And Karg the Merciless has decreed that if I lose, I will perish.
You poor, dumb sap.
[ Beeping ] That little cockroach must be around here somewhere.
Look! Looking for this? I don't get it.
How come he isn't zapping us? Well, don't give him any ideas.
[ Both Grunting ] Remember what you said about all this being a trap? - Yeah.
- I think you may have been onto something.
And you suckers walked right into it! [ Laughing ] My plan worked perfectly.
I knew they'd come after the teleporter.
In a few moments, the compu-scanners will have analyzed their genetic code.
Then we can duplicate the mutagen and make the Techno-Gang invincible.
[ Grunts ] [ Crowd Cheering ] Oh, is this ever turning into a bummer of a day.
[ Roaring ] [ Groaning ] Oh, he's gonna bust my shell.
[ Roaring ] All right! Winner by mutation! Six against one isn't fair.
Okay, have it your way.
[ Snarls ] That wasn't exactly what I had in mind.
[ Grunting ] [ Cheering ] That cut 'em down to size.
- [ Snarling ] - [ Grunting ] You want a piece of me? Huh? [ Grunts ] Keep dreamin'.
This gizmo makes me even stronger than you! Where I come from your kind's extinct, and you're about to find out why.
[ Jet Grunts ] I whipped his sorry tail! Yeah, with the help of my invention.
I could squash you with or without this thing, punk.
Put your money where your big mouth is, McCabe.
Me and you, fair fight-- no turboflex.
You got it, bozo.
I just hope I don't beat you too bad.
You! Now you'll see what it feels like to be forced to battle.
[ Both Grunting ] - Those guards! - Yes.
If I lose, they're going to terminate me.
I can't do this.
Disarm me.
Disarm me! Now! But why? Because my winning isn't worth your losing your life.
[ Grunting ] [ Crowd Cheering ] You-- You saved me.
Ah, the Turtles.
I trust you haven't been too, uh, uncomfortable.
Dregg, I'd call you a slime bucket, but that'd be an insult to decent slime buckets everywhere.
Oh, tsk-tsk-tsk.
You've both been such cooperative subjects.
For what? A genetic scan? Most perceptive.
Now I'll be able to duplicate the mutagen and turn the Techno-Gang into an army of superwarriors.
No force on Earth will be able to oppose me.
Of course, the mutagen must be tested first, and I can't afford to lose any of my men.
[ Grunting ] Is this some kind of gag? I'm afraid not, Sleazebug.
I'll get you for this, Dregg! I'm afraid you've gone to a lot of trouble for nothing.
Your friends won't be coming back! My last fight, and it's with Jet.
I know I can take him, at least without the suit.
Okay, Carter, it's time for our final showdown.
No turboflex.
Right, McCabe? Yeah, right.
[ Beep ] But this way it'll be more fun! - [ Laughing ] - Aah! Oh, man! Busted by my own invention! We're gonna settle our score, Carter, once and for all.
- You call this fair? - No! I call it a guaranteed win! [ Groans ] I gotta deactivate his suit.
[ Grunts ] But I can't get near the control button.
You won't win like this, McCabe! I won't-- let you! [ Gasps ] What are you? Y-You're some kind of freak! [ Groans ] [ Roars ] We gotta get out of here! [ Grunting ] Yeah, before Dregg mutates the Techno-Gang.
[ Both Grunting ] Now we're gettin' somewhere! Let's find Dregg! - [ Both Grunting, Groaning ] - [ Crowd Cheering ] [ Buzzing ] [ Alien Guard ] Over here.
You won't have to spend the rest of your life here fighting as slaves.
It's the least I could do to repay you for saving me.
But it doesn't do us much good if we're stuck on this asteroid.
There's a teleporter in the control room beneath the arena.
I'll take you there.
Not without Carter! [ Groans ] Carter! We're getting out of here! No! McCabe's gotta pay! No way, dude! There's no time! You stinkin' coward! It ain't over till I say it's over! Hurry.
They're already looking for you.
This is the teleporter.
[ Beeping ] Can you program it to home in on the frequency of this device? It shouldn't be a problem.
[ Beeping ] There.
Get in.
Quickly! Going somewhere, punk? Oh, man, don't you know when to quit? - Our showdown ain't over! - Yes, it is! - You lost.
Now deal with it.
- Deal with this! - Do you know what this is, Jet? - What? It's the Fist of Iron.
Only one maneuver can stop it-- the Flying Crane.
Uh, is this really the time for showing off, Carter? Chill, dude.
I know what he's up to.
So you thought I didn't know the Flying Crane, huh? [ Clanking, Creaking ] Watch.
[ Grunting ] Surprise, Jet.
The Flying Crane's the one move the turboflex can't do.
Aah! You tricked me, you stinkin' punk! [ Beep ] Now will you get moving? We gotta split.
Forget it, Carter.
I'm staying.
Are you buggin', Jet? You're gonna stay in this interplanetary freak show? This is one outfit I won't get kicked out of.
See ya around.
Well, let's go then.
[ Grunting ] You can't do this to me! You'll ruin my rugged good looks.
Now to apply the mutagen.
That should be enough.
Now let's see what we've got.
[ Groaning ] You've-- You've turned me into a monster.
A hideous freak of nature! I like it! I'm ready to do some damage and stomp some earthlings.
Try stomping this, you overgrown-- You know what? We're gonna need a really big can of bug spray.
We may have bitten off more than we can chew.
[ Laughing ] Now to finish you off, Turtles! Not so fast, Dregg! You! It can't be! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! - Hyah! - Hey, dudes! - Glad to see us? - Yeah.
But do you always have to cut it so close? Come on, We've gotta destroy that mutation machine.
You fools! That machine's connected to the main power core.
I think we triggered a chain reaction.
Let's scram! We must escape before the core goes critical! To the shuttle! Oh, man, what a waste of a really cool playground.
[ April ] So I guess Dregg won't be making any more mutants.
That whole underground lab is history.
But I bet we haven't seen the last of that Sleazebug character.
Hey, dudes, check it out.
Carter and I finally fixed our video game.
- How'd you do that? - I think the problem was we programmed in too many moves and not enough ninja wisdom.
So we programmed in Splinter's teaching that winning at any cost isn't what counts.
- [ Video Game Beeping ] - [ Game Theme ] - Ohh.
- Congratulations, guys.
You've just invented the least fun video game in the universe.
I guess we overdid it.
Well, amigo, back to the old drawing board.