Tehran (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Emergency Landing in Tehran

Let me see.

How are you feeling?
It'll be okay.
Don't be afraid.

I'll get you for this, you cheapskate.

Come on, enjoy the experience.

What experience? Getting lynched?
You know what they do
to gay people in their countries?
Yoni, chill, nobody's gonna bother you.

I have to get a selfie with one
of these women in black.

- What's that jellabiya called?
- A burqa.

Don't mess around, Shira.

What do you think, is it nice to ask?

Thank you.

Take it easy, man.

- Oh, my God, I'm sorry.

- You put it in my face.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sir.

- Take it easy.

- Yes, yes, okay, sorry.

- Okay.

Allow me to help you.

I will help you.

- Okay.
Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Excuse me.

Did you see how angry he got at me?
Rightfully so.


We already had tickets for El Al.

They cost a thousand dollars.

These were half,
that's two more months in India.

Shwai, ya zalame is right.

You knocked your bag into his face.


I can't deal with you anymore, okay?
- Fine.

- Fine.

Aren't you excited?
- About what?
- Get excited, it's India.

When we get to India I'll be excited.

All right, let's take a selfie.

- Did the lights just go out?
- No, it's probably just turbulence.

What do you mean, turbulence?
Ladies and gentlemen,
please go to your seats
and fasten your seat belts.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please put the seat belts.
Thank you.

- Do you have your seat belts on?
- This is mine.

You need to put your seat belts on.

Hey, it's fine.


Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.

We are experiencing technical difficulties
with one of our engines at this time.

As a safety precaution,
we will be landing in a half an hour
at the nearest airport of Tehran,
where you and your luggage
will be transferred to another plane
to continue your flight to India.

Our flight staff is at your service
if you have any questions or problems.

- Did he say "Tehran"?
- Thank you.

No way.

No way.

Excuse me.


- Sir
- Sir, you need to take your seat, please.

Please, sir, listen.

I am Israeli.
We are Israelis.

We can't land in Tehran.

We have no choice.

Please return to your seat now.

No, no, go tell your captain
you've got two Israelis on board,
that we can't land in Tehran, please.

I can assure you on behalf
of the captain and myself
that all the passengers
will be transferred together
to the replacement aircraft.

They are going to arrest us.

They're gonna arrest us, Shira,
don't you get it?
Israelis don't come back from Iran.

I will speak with the captain.

Please return to your seat now.

Come on, calm down, let's sit down.

Put your seat belt on.

You think this is Tehran?
I don't know.

I can't breathe, Shira.

You have to leave the airplane.

No, we're not leaving.

You have to.

Otherwise I have to report you,
and you will be forcibly removed.

You don't want that to happen.

Passports, please.


Follow me.

Good luck to you.

God willing, I'll see you soon.

God willing.

Yoni, I don't feel well.

Tell my husband I'm sorry.

I had no choice.

Excuse me
I know you!
We served at the same base, at Glilot.

What is this, what are you doing here?
I don't understand what you're saying.

No, you understand, you do.

Please help me.
What's going on here?
What are we doing in Iran?
What is going on here?
Sir, this woman is harassing me.

I don't understand
what the hell she wants from me.

I apologize, ma'am.

Please come.

No, wait.
I didn't
Okay, come.

How are you, Zhila?

Did everything go okay?

Now I need the codes.

I don't have them.

What do you mean?
The codes are changed
every night at 18:00.

I'll only know them at 18:00.

That's not what I know.

You know what I told Masoud.

You'll get the codes
when we land in New Delhi.

Don't lie to me!
I'm not.

Why did you lie in your questioning?
I needed to be sure
I was getting out of Iran.

I'd rather die than stay here.

Let go of my hand or I'll scream.

So the Jordanian plane's systems
are still under our control?
Keep me posted.

Just a second.

A call from Tehran Airport.

Good morning, sir.

How are you doing today?
Well, praise God.

We had luck with the
weather this morning.

That's good to hear.

Yes, we're with you.

Copy that.

We'll take care of it.

The passenger lied,
we'll only get the codes
when they land in Delhi.

That means we have a four-hour delay.

We don't have four hours.

The pilots are already being briefed.

There are other ways
of getting the codes.

I believe Tamar could handle it.

That's why we sent a hacker.

What about the two Israelis?
They were stopped for questioning.

They bought tickets last minute
and boarded the plane.

We only heard about it
15 minutes before takeoff.

I want complete profiles
on the both of them.

Have a seat, please.

Put this on.

Cover your hair.

And close your jacket, please.

Wait in here, huh?

I saw an officer from my base
in the restroom.

Have you lost it completely?
I'm telling you, Yoni, I know her.

On Independence Day she got an Outstanding
Officer award from the head of MID.

She's pretty,
I've seen her a million times.

- A million times
- Enough, I don't want to hear it.

- Yoni, just listen
- Stop it!
What do you think is gonna happen to us?
I don't know.

I don't know, Yoni.
Cut it out.

I knew it.

I knew we shouldn't have boarded
that plane.

Wait a minute.

It's so lovely.

What do you mean?
Can't you stop worrying for a minute?
It's okay, dear.

Everything will go well.

I'm not worried about you
I'm worried about the price
of that necklace you're checking out.

You want it?
Not anymore.

Come on try it on.

It's okay
Come on
Excuse me.
I need to take this.

Try it on.

I'm right here.
It'll take two minutes.

Yes, Ali.

Hello, sir.
How are you?
Sorry to bother you.

I know you're at the airport.

What's this about? Get to the point.

A flight from Jordan
made an emergency landing here.

There were two Israelis on board, they're
being held at the special section.

We'll be right there.

No, stay there.

It's not your job.

Yes, sir.

I'm on it.
Okay, okay.

Is there anything else I can do?
Very nice!
What is it? Who was that?
Nothing, just Ali.
I have to
There's something
I need to do here at the airport.

It won't be long.

I'll be back in time.
And if I said it wasn't?
I'll see you at the gate.

I won't be long.

Okay, go.

What do you think
about the nuclear deal?
Who needs atom bombs when money
loses a quarter of its value in one day?

I make more every month, but I'm left with
half of what I had the previous month.

But the people at the top
don't care whether we live or die.

Where are you from?
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Tehran.

At the Garden.

Oh, what a neighborhood
I have family there, the Azizi family.

Our neighbors were named Azizi.

Really? Well, it's a large clan
Khodadad's family.

Their son played soccer
for the national team.

No, not them.
A different Azizi family.

But you have a bit of an accent,
if you don't mind my saying so.

My father was in trade,
we went all over the world.

We finally settled in Qatar.

Well, well! Good for you!
What's going on?
They're hanging somebody.

What did he do?
He used to be a bank manager.

He was convicted of
embezzling oil funds.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Keep it, it's okay.

I can't believe people
come watch these atrocities.


Thank you.

How is Zhila?
She's okay.

And how did everything go?
There weren't any problems?
It was all very good.

No problems at all.

Could you please show me to my room?
Of course.

Follow me.

These are the clothes
Zhila wears to work.

Thank you.

You're welcome to eat.

I made dinner for us.

Thank you, I'm really not hungry.

Why? It is good.

Thank you.
I have to get ready now.

Of course.

Is that her?
Put it on speaker.


Good afternoon.


How's the weather?

Good, good.

You made it to the house?

Is the man there?
Yes, he's a bit nervous.

Do you think the Israeli at the airport
realized you switched?
I don't think so, she
Actually, she was a bit hysterical,
they took her for questioning.

Are we moving forward?
Zhila didn't give us the codes.

Do you have any way of bypassing them?
I need to check
Yes, maybe.

I've got this guy,
this Iranian hacker I know.

Who is he?
One of my contacts,
he won't ask questions, only
he'll want money.

Okay, good.
Keep us posted.

What's going on?
Are you ready for her to hack it?
Yes, sir.

Once she establishes communication
with the Iranian anti-aircraft system,
she only has to activate
the connection she created,
and I'll be able to control
Iranian radar around the reactor.

It will see what I tell it to see.

What time frame will the pilots have?
At least five minutes
for bombing with no anti-aircraft fire.

- Separate them.

- Yes, sir.



So I understand
that you got here by mistake.


That's okay.

Things like this happen.

We have no desire to keep you here
any longer than necessary.

But since you are a citizen
of an enemy country
I'm forced to have a brief conversation
with both of you.

But the Jordanian plane
will wait for us?
It's okay.
They'll wait.

What did you do in the Israeli army?
In Hebrew it calls mashakit tash.

I help soldiers that have problems
at home,
like if they don't have money or
one of the parents passed away.

Where were you based?
Near my home, in Tel Aviv.

Did you deal
with any classified information?
No, no, no.

Nothing more than knowing
whose parents were divorced.
You know?
And why did you fly through Jordan?
Because it's much cheaper,
it's half price.


They're closing the gate in 20 minutes.

Are you coming?
I'll be there in two minutes.

Hold them off, tell them who I am,
tell them there's a security issue.

I'll be right there.

They don't care who you are.

300 people want to get out of here!
I'll be there in two minutes.

Thank you.

Here is the translation
of what they were saying, sir.

Shira: I saw an officer from my base
in the restroom.

Yoni: Have you lost it completely?
Thank you.

What happened in the bathroom
with the flight attendant?
I understand that you had
a little incident earlier,
in the bathroom,
with a flight attendant.

The security guard saw you talking.

So, what were you talking about?
I was just curious about her uniform.

So you were arrested
in an enemy country
and a moment ago you were almost
fainting from fear,
and all of a sudden you were curious
about the uniform?
Yes, sir I was interested,
and she got a little stressed.

And why would she get stressed?
I don't know, ask her.

You weren't talking about the uniform.

What were you talking about?
What didn't your friend want to know?
- What?
- What happened with the flight attendant?
What did you want to tell your friend
that he didn't want to hear?
I'm not from the Mossad or anything,
I was just flying to India.

You keep lying to me
you're not gonna make it home alive.

I thought I knew her.

How did you know her? What's her name?
I don't remember the name
I knew her from the base.

What base did you serve on?
What military unit?
It's 8200.

It's intelligence unit.

I know what the 8200 is.

What was her job at the 8200?
Why did she get an award
from the head of MID?
I don't know this stuff, 'cause
I only had to deal with soldiers'

Why would an officer with the 8200
be in a bathroom in Tehran's airport?
I don't know!
You answer me that
I will let you go.

I'm not even sure it was her,
'cause she answered in English,
and she said she don't know
who I was talking about.

So maybe I imagined.
I got mixed up.

He's so annoying.

The issues with the onboard computer
have been resolved.

We are boarding now,
please approach the gate.

Yes, Faraz.


I'm at the airport,
concerning the two Israelis
who came in on the Jordanian plane.

I have the details.

The woman thinks she saw
a female Israeli intelligence officer
in a stewardess uniform
for an Iranian airline.

Does that sound likely to you?
I don't know.

This Israeli, does she seem trustworthy?
Why would she make that up?
And assuming it's true,
do you think she had any part in it?
She wasn't supposed to be there.

But if it were up to me,
I'd keep her overnight at least.

She might remember something else.

All right.

I feel like she'll do us
more harm than good.

We don't want
an international incident right now.

Let them go.

Let them board the connecting flight.

You're at the airport with your wife,
heading to Paris, aren't you?

Well, go back to your wife
and let Ali take care of it.

Good luck.

I pray for her.

Thank you.


I need the security footage
from the women's restroom
from the moment
the Jordanian plane landed.

- Yes, sir.

- Where is it?
You look a little bit like her,
you know?
That's a compliment.

Your wife is very beautiful.

This was all her idea.

At first I wouldn't listen,
but she insisted.

I'm not doing it for money, you know.

I'm doing it because I love her.

And God willing,
tomorrow you'll see her again.

No, I won't.

She's not coming back, my Zhila.

What makes you say that?
Because I know
she's not coming back here anymore.

May God help you.

Thank you.


Rewind, rewind.


Play this.

Here she's using her left hand
and here her right hand.

Yes, sir.

Look, this is when she got in.

And this is 6:30 minutes later,
going out.

I think it's two different people.

I think it's the same person.

Zoom it.

It's two different people.

They switched.

Stop the Jordanian connecting flight
to New Delhi immediately!
At any cost!
Don't let the plane take off!
Yes, sir.

When will we fly?
I'm dying already.

We'll fly in a few minutes.

Stay calm, okay?
Where's your bag?
Are you finished?

There's been a serious incident here.

I have to stay.

Ma'am, ma'am
we have to close the gate,
the whole plane is waiting.

All right.
Just a minute, please.

I have to stay.

I'm sorry.

I'll take the first flight tomorrow.

I've arranged everything.

I'll stay in touch with you
the entire time.

You'll be treated like a queen,
I promise.

I'll join you tomorrow or the next day.

I'm sick of all these promises
you can never keep.

It's beautiful!
It looks so good on you.

God is watching over us.

You'll pull through, my dear.

God willing.

Please hurry.

- Excuse me.

- Thank you.

- Have a safe trip.

- Thank you.

I'm sorry, boss,
orders came in to let them leave.

It took off.

We've just received confirmation
that the plane has taken off.

The two Israelis are on it, as well
as Ashraf and the new woman passenger.

It is late.

Do you want me to take you there?
No, thank you.
I'll be fine.

- May God help you.

- And you.

I see you finally got the operation.

Congratulations! Did you use
the doctor I recommended?

Good, I'm sure he did an excellent job.

Are you going to work already?
This late?
- Well, have a good evening, sweetheart.

- Good evening.

I see you finally got the operation?
When can you take the bandage off
so we can see it?
In a few days.

Are you upset with me?
He's abusing you, Zhila.

And you're not the first woman
he's done this to.

Someone has to put
that bastard in his place.

If you don't do it, I will.

He's here.

He got called in
because of some problem.

He's pissed, watch out.

Our agent is in.
The estimated time
to access is 40 minutes.


Get pilots on standby.

Switch to propulsion mode.

Hoshen one through four,
clear to align on 1-8.

Hoshen one through four,
aligning and standing by on 1-8.

We have a location from Tehran.

Okay, she successfully used the backdoor
in the electric company's backup system
to enter the anti-aircraft system.

She's initiated the physical hack.

They told me you were here.

Hey! I'm talking to you!
Wait, what is this?
I don't understand, she's not
See what's going on with her.

Come here.

Zhila, wait!
There's no response.

- What's the matter, you whore?
- Hey!
Your husband found out,
so you got nervous?
Don't resist.

Come here, sweetheart.

Come here and take my cock.

What is this? Who are you?
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