Tehran (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Blood on Her Hands

Tamar! Tamar, it's me, "the Eagle".

Are you okay?
This is her boss.

He tried to rape me.

He was harassing Zhila.

How could you not know about this?
Did anybody see the two of you?
No, I don't think so.

It's okay, there are no cameras.

Tamar, help me.

Tamar, get his legs.

Come here.

- Come.

- Right.

- Get your bag.

- Right, right.

Right, right.

The coast is clear.

So you don't have to worry about that.

My men are on their way,
we will take care of the package.

And what about her?
Is she fit to go back in?
It's hard to say.

How much time do we have?
A little under an hour.

It's your call, but if we don't
do it now, this place is burnt.

Let me talk to her.


She wants to talk to you.

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry,
you didn't have a choice.

I couldn't get away.

That doesn't matter now.

Do you think you can still go back in?

Here, catch your breath.

I can do it.

We have less than 50 minutes.

That's plenty.

We're moving forward.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

All right.

What just happened here,
you delete it from your mind.

- Understood?
- Yeah.

You have 47 minutes
to do what you have to do,
- then I'll get you out of here.

- All right.

- You will be home by tomorrow afternoon.

- All right.

- Stay in communication with me.

- All right.

Rashid, where are you?
We'll be there in three minutes.

- The connection to Tehran's restored.

- Status?
The radar system isn't ready yet.

20 minutes to the "H" hour.

What about your agent?
She needs time to go upstairs and connect
to the central terminal before she's done.

Hoshen, 20 minutes to departure,
check all your systems.

Mohsen! A body!
There's a lot of blood.

We're going inside.

No, no, no.
Stand down.
Go back.

But we're here.

Get out of here!
The whole thing's off, Rashid!
Get out of here!
Got it, Boss.

Get out of here, we're standing down.

- What?
- Someone found the body.

How much longer do you need?
I don't know exactly.

Fifteen minutes, 20 maybe.

That's too much.

Do it as fast as you can.

- Excellent.

- What is it?
She stabilized the connection.

She just has to copy the worm,
I'll do the rest.

I just need to update the authorizations
and I'm done.

The cops are here, you have to
get out through the back door.

This is it, I'm almost done.

Are you listening to me?
Five minutes.

We're not gonna get another chance.

Get the hell out of there now!
Attention please.

All employees report immediately
to the main hall.

Are you coming, Zhila?
Everyone's going downstairs.

Yeah, go ahead.
Don't wait for me.

What are you doing?
Turn that off.
You hear?
I'm just finishing.

I'll be done in a second.
Next one's going to be your head.

Get up and go, now.

Can I just take my bag?
Protocols are being deleted.

Check on your end.

Here too.

- What is it?
- She activated "Fox on the Run".

She's erasing everything she's done.

Sit here.

Sit here.

Nobody talk to the person next to them.

Or there will be consequences.

You'll be charged
with obstruction of justice.

Keep an eye on them.

The police is in the building.

She's not answering my calls.

I think we should be prepared
for the worst case.

Thank you.

- Keep me updated.

- Of course.


Have the pilots stand down.

Air Control, stand down.

Prime Minister.

We're canceling.

These are all the passengers
from the plane.

There are no Iranian citizens,
we checked twice.

These are the passengers
that boarded in Jordan?

We don't have the list
of those who are getting off in India.

The plane hasn't landed yet.

But I've got our best man
over there on it.

He will get us the passport scans
of the people who landed in India.

Go to the airport immediately,
see if you can find anything.

Where did the two of them come from?
Where were they headed?
Check the security tape too.

You have an ETA?
Two to three hours.

Go rest, if you like.

I'll keep you posted.

Thank you, Ali.

I told you to hold it in.

I can't, officer.

This isn't
the standard thing.

I need to change my
Make it quick.

Thank you, officer.
God bless you.

How are you?
Not good.

They're questioning everyone here.

And maybe someone heard us.

Tell me, did any of the employees there
know what he was doing?
At least one woman.

She cannot tell them
anything about it.

You have to talk to her.

Gheysar knew too.

Her husband.

Are you sure?
He told me Zhila wouldn't be coming back
to Iran.
Now I understand why.


Don't say a word about the rape.

The most important thing
is that you stall as long as you can.

I will get you out of there.
Wrap it up in there!
I'm coming.

Sara Farahmand!
- Yes.

- Are you on your way?
Yes, I am.

So you know what to do?
Yes, ma'am.


I trust you to deliver her
to me personally.

I will do whatever it takes.


Hello, Gheysar.
Sorry to bother you.

Everything okay?

- Is there something wrong?
- No, my good man.

I just wanted a word with you.

May I come in?
Yes, go ahead.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Hello, Ali.

Hey, Boss.

What did you find?
I spoke with the cab driver
who picked her up.

He said her Farsi was very good.
almost sounded like a native speaker.

But also that she had
a bit of an accent.

The last thing he said was
that he took her to Revolution Street.

What else?
He also said
She was attractive.

All right.
We wait for info from India.

All right.
Have a good night.

Kamali speaking.

I forgot how serious you are.

Most people just say, "hello".

I'm a serious man.

Too serious.

Even when I'm with you?
Let's just say it wouldn't hurt you
to smile more often.

I have an ugly smile.

But my jokes are good.


How are you, my love?
I'm okay.
I'm at the hotel.

What did the doctor say?
He's optimistic.

Fortunately, he's optimistic.


Could you tell me one
of your good jokes?
I don't know.

You've heard them all before.

Come on, tell me a joke.


Here's a new one.

I just heard it today.

A young man tells his mother,
"Mom, I found a bride!"
She goes, "Really?" He says, "Really.

Tomorrow I'll bring
three girls over for dinner,
and you can guess which one she is.
The next day, the son brings three
girls over, lines them up,
and says, "Guess which one is my bride.
She looks them over and says,
"The one on the right!"
He says, "Wow, Mom, how'd you know?"
She says,
"Because I hate this one already!"
It's good, isn't it?
I'm getting a headache.

My love, I am so sorry
that I'm not there with you.

Forgive me.

The surgery will go well tomorrow,
God willing.

You're all I think about.

We don't have to talk about it.

It's fine.

My dear.
Take care of yourself,
get a good night's sleep.

All right.
You too.

Good night, sweetheart, good night.


Zhila Ghorbanifar!


Zhila Ghorbanifar, right?
Yes, officer.

Why did your boss, Ashkan,
scream at you and run out after you?
What did he want with you?
I went downstairs to work,
and then he came and screamed at me.

I was afraid of him, so I went outside.

Why did he scream at you?
I don't know.

Maybe he was upset because
he had to pull a night shift.

That's not what your
friend Sara told us.

She said he was angry with you.

He thought you were slacking,
making personal phone calls.

Is that what she said?
Are you saying she was lying?
She didn't seem like a liar to me.

She's not a liar,
she should just mind her own business.

Don't play games with me!
A man was murdered!
Now tell me,
did he normally behave this way
when he was simply upset?
Yes, officer.

That's the way he was.
With everyone.

When was your rhinoplasty operation?
Two days ago.

What accent is that?
I was born in Tehran,
but my father was a merchant.

He worked at the Emirates.

I grew up in Qatar.

That's where I met my husband.

We got married and decided
to move back to Tehran.

How long have you been living here?
We've been back almost two years.

So what happened outside?
Did your fight continue?
He kept screaming.
I didn't respond.

Then I found a quiet spot,
calmed down and went back inside.

What about him?
I don't know.

I think he went back inside.

Now tell me, is it possible
your fight became physical?
No, officer.

Can you explain to me how it's possible
that you had a fight,
he chased you outside, screamed at you,
you didn't respond, you left,
and then someone else
broke his neck and fled?
You think I could break a person's neck?
I'll tell you what I think.

I think you're lying.

Something's not right.
doesn't sound like a workplace argument.

Something was going on between you.

Either you tell us
or we find out ourselves!
I swear.
There was nothing between us.

You can check.
Ask anyone.

You've got time to think.

You'll remain in custody tonight.

You'll have plenty of time.

Take her out.

Get up.

Go sit down.

This is all in the record?
How is she?
Still being detained
with other employees.

Eagle is coordinating a rescue.

Don't extract her
until the planes get back to Israel.

Is the attack still on?
When plan A fails,
we move on to plan B, Kadosh.

We've been over it,
and concluded it was too dangerous.

I went along with you and your agent.

You convinced me it would be
quieter and cheaper.

But it just fell apart.

The PM won't bomb the reactors
if our pilots might get shot down.

I promised him clear skies,
which means we're
going back to Eran's plan.

This is Kamali.

Sorry to wake you.
Zhila Ghorbanifar.

- What?
- The Jordanian plane landed in New Delhi.

You were right, Boss,
there was a switch.

A passenger with a Jordanian passport,
Ibtisam Badran,
landed in Tehran with one photo,
and in Delhi with a different photo.

But I already checked her face
in our database.

The one who landed in India
is an Iranian citizen named
Zhila Ghorbanifar.

What do we know about her?
She works at the electric company.

The other woman is probably
the agent we're looking for.

Send me everything!
I've emailed it already.

Thank you.

Get up.

Get up, we're going.



Samad, you take the stairs.
You, inside.

What is it?
- My dear
- Please.

I'll leave my door open
in case you need anything.

Zhila, dear, come with me.

How are you feeling?
Come, dear, sit down.

Why are the police here?
Sit, dear.

Where's Gheysar?
Have a seat.

Zhila, my name is Mozhgan.

I'm a social worker.

It's about your husband.

What? Is he all right?
Your husband passed away an hour ago.

How? What happened?
He took his own life.

Zhila, take a second to breathe
and process this.

- Would you like a glass of water?
- Why?
Why would he do that?
He left you a note,
he explained everything.

He killed a man
and the sin weighed too heavy on him.

Gheysar knew too.
Her husband.

Gheysar? Are you sure?
Zhila, my dear
- Close the door!
- Zhila, look at me.

Zhila, my dear, look at me.

- Hello.

- Boss, where are you?
On my way to her address.

I'll be there soon.

The police took her to her apartment.

Her husband killed himself.

What? What did he do?
He left a note,
he confessed to killing her boss.

All right.
I'm on my way.

- All right, Boss.

- Bye.

Stay with me.

Zhila, my dear
Come, sit down.

Look at me, stay with me.

Sit down.

Come here.

Stop, my dear.
Hold on.

Hold on.

Zhila, wait.

The neighbors are out here.
Zhila, stop!
Don't do it!
Don't jump!
Don't jump! Zhila!
Why did you do that? Zhila, stop!
- She must be dead.

- She escaped.

- What's going on here?
- A woman jumped off the balcony.

What are you doing?
Help me.

Get her!

It's me.
The weather
The weather's fine.

I'm so happy to hear your voice.

Where are you?
I'm okay, I'm
I'm on my way somewhere safe.

With the Eagle.

I broke contact with him.

He screwed up, I don't trust him.

I'll get back home on my own.

Tamar, you have to lie low.

The Eagle will take you to a safe house
until you can cross
the border safely, okay?
No, Kadosh, it's not okay.

He had bad info, he got exposed
and embroiled in murder.

He's putting me at risk.

Leave those decisions to us.


I'm breaking contact.

You taught me to do this
in these situations.

Is this her?

You're a real pro, Faraz.

Thank you, sir.


Loyalty to your people
always comes first for you.

Even before your family.

How is your wife?
The operation's in two hours.

So you won't make it.

May all-merciful God protect her.

She'll be all right.
I know it.

All right.
What next?
I want this photo distributed widely.

I want her in custody today.

Keep looking for her,
but don't send out the photo.

Let the police look for her, she's a
person of interest in the murder-suicide.

But they're looking for
Zhila Ghorbanifar, not her.

The Israelis have eyes
and ears in Tehran.

I don't want them to know
we're looking for their agent.

Let them think we're looking
for an Iranian citizen.

The Zionists must be
up to something big.

I want to strike a blow against them,
have them down on all fours.

Something for the whole world to see.

So we can't be too obvious.

Just the opposite.

I want the water to remain still.

Let the fish come near the bait.

Can I help you?

I'm your sister Yasamin's daughter.

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