Tehran (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Yasamin's Girl

What are you doing here?
Can I come in?


- Who is that?
- No one.

I'm going to take a little walk, okay?
Didn't you say we were eating now?
Just a few minutes.
It's so nice out.


What are you doing here?
How did you get to Iran?
You don't need to concern yourself
with that.

I'm sorry, but I can't.

You're a Jew, an Israeli.

I have a family, I have a daughter.

I'm sorry.

Arezoo, I'm begging you.

I have nowhere to go.

I'll only stay one night.

My daughter doesn't know.

I can't do this to them.

Lie to them, put their lives in danger.

Do you know what happens
if you aid an Israeli?
I won't say a thing.

It makes no difference.

I was in the room
when she talked to you.

She begged to see you,
just before she
You owe it to my mother.

She honored your request
to cut off contact, but
she never stopped thinking of you.

She loved you till her dying day.

You have to help me.

For her sake.

This was my sister's necklace.

You need to hide it.

Wait here.

Where were you? You said a few minutes.

I'm sorry, I ran a bit long.

Is everything okay?
Anything wrong?
Excuse me, who are you?

You must be Arezoo's daughter.

It's nice to meet you.

Make yourself at home.

- Hello.

- Hello.

This is Zahra, a former student of mine.

This is my dear husband, Dariush.

And this beautiful girl, the student,
that's Razieh, our daughter.

Nice to meet you.

Zahra's having problems
with her husband at home.

She asked me if she could spend the
night, until things settled down.

I promised we'd welcome her
with kindness and love.

Like she was family.

Our home is your home.

Thank you.

Your place is wonderful.

Much more beautiful than I imagined.

Thank you, that's kind of you.

These are Razieh's old clothes,
if you need anything.

You can put yours in the hamper,
I'll wash them.

Thank you so much for everything.

You need to know, this whole thing
wasn't easy for me either.

It tore me up inside.

I loved my sister very much.

But I made the decision to stay here
with my husband and my daughter.

I knew there would be a cost.

I understand.


Dariush's brother was killed in the war.

Dariush has a senior position
in the judiciary system.

We have deep roots here.

Do you understand?
How's your father? Is he all right?
He's fine.
Just fine.

His health? Work?
He had a very hard time
after Mom passed away.

You know how much he loved her.

But he managed
to pull himself together somehow.

For my sake.

Thank God.
I'm glad to hear that.

May we always stay healthy, God willing.

- Good night.

- Good night.

Hi, Mordechai.
I'm Noa, Tamar's CO.

Yes, hello.
Please, come in.

I called you earlier,
I'm here for Tamar's laptop.

I hope I'm not intruding.

No, it's fine.
I'll get the computer.

"One eye looks out to Jerusalem,
and the other to Isfahan.
I'll never forget that phrase.

My father, rest his soul,
used to say that all the time.

Are there more photos like these?
Maybe we can find my family.

Do I have photos from Iran? Of course.

Please, come.

They're good people, Iranians.


A wonderful people.

It's a tragedy, what happened to us.

You know, we should have resisted
those Muslim zealots back then,
when Khomeini was on the rise.

No one thought it would go this far.

This revolution changed people.

They used to be happy and kind,
now they live in fear, live a lie.

How long did you stay after?
15 years.

Did any of your family stay behind?
We all left together.

Me and my family
and Yasamin and her brother.

Who's this good-looking girl?
That's Arezoo.

My wife's sister.

And that's Dariush with her.

He's Muslim.

They went to school together.

Fell in love.

They got married,
and she converted to Islam.

So she stayed there?
They went to Tehran.

Nobody knew them there.

They changed their last name.

He's made a career for himself.

In the judiciary.

He's a big shot.

Dariush and Arezoo.

How romantic.

Dariush and Arezoo from Tehran.

Dariush has a senior position
in the judiciary.

Last name?
I don't know.
They changed it.

Someone named Dariush
who works in the judiciary
in a city of 10 million people.

That'll take time.

His wife's name is Arezoo,
they're in their 50s.

Originally from Isfahan.

You've got things to go on.

All right.
I'll keep you posted.

That was quick.


Do you prefer English?
English is better.

I was born here, but I grew up in Qatar
and I came back here two years ago.

You came back here?
- Why?
- It's a complicated story.

You'll tell me when we meet?

So, maybe tomorrow?
Let me check my calendar, okay?
No, tomorrow I'm busy.

I'm kidding.

You think I'd miss out on meeting
the mysterious Shakira?
How's 13:00?
Yeah, good.


I will send you the location.

See you soon.


I have a question.

I need your help.

What is it?
I need a passport.

Just tell me if you can get one or not.

I trust you to be discreet.

How about we make a deal, Shakira.

If you help me with something tomorrow,
I'll get you the passport.

What do you need?
Tomorrow, 13:00.

Good night, Shakira.

Are you with the police?
Excuse me?
I see you're looking for evidence.

Are you a policeman?
- What do you mean?
- I'm Salome, I live across the hall.

- I hope I'm not disturbing you.

- No, no.
Please come in.


Who would have thought Gheysar
would do something like this.

Poor Zhila.

Did you know them well?
As well as one could.

Gheysar was very devout, a quiet type.

Zhila's a kind soul.

She always smiles, she's nice.

Does Zhila have any friends?
Anyone who comes here often?
- No.

- No.

No friends or family.

Her whole family lives in Qatar.

Excuse me, where do you live, again?
Across the hall.

The apartment Zhila jumped out of?
That's right.

How did that even happen?
- She just walked in and jumped?
- Yes.

You didn't think
she was trying to kill herself?
Why didn't you try to stop her?
It all happened so fast,
I didn't have the chance to do anything.

I was in shock
from Gheysar's death as it was.

Excuse me.


All right, all right, I'm coming.

I'm coming.

I'll just wrap things up here.

Excuse me, ma'am.
I have to go.

Of course.

Sir, can I ask you something?
- Go ahead.

- Only, we already spoke with the police,
and now you're here
If anything happens,
who should we contact?
Call me directly.
Here's my card.

- Contact me.

- Thank you.

Thank you, ma'am.

Did you crack her laptop?
I've been at it all night.

You're the best, Omri.
What's this site?
Tamar used it several times
in the past few months.

It's offering hacking services in Iran.

They're using our chat software.

Here, conversations
with one of the hackers.

Shakira is Tamar?
When did they talk?
21:30, yesterday.

They're meeting by the university.

Iran's an hour and a half ahead of us,
so we have two hours and 15 minutes.

Be serious, I want to show him.

Here he comes.

- How are you, Ali?
- Hello, sir.

Good morning.

Find anything at the apartment?
It was perfectly clean.

Too clean.

So, did you find anything?
- If you will.

- Come.

May God grant us luck.

Hang on.


This is footage from the streets
by the entrance to the electric company.

Watch this car.

Look where he's going.

This is a different camera.

This is the alley
where they found the body
at the time of the murder.

Here he goes back to the car and waits.

Here he drives off
Now, watch this.

From a camera several blocks away from
Zhila and Gheysar Ghorbanifar's residence,
about 40 minutes later.

Hang on.

The plate can't be made out
in both videos.

What do you think?
Play it again.

- Pause.

- Pausing.

Now play the second video.

It's the same car.

See the logo on the side?
A black bird of some kind.

I saw that logo once
It's some kind of a bird of prey.

A vulture or an eagle.

It's a travel agency logo.

Search for travel
agency logos in Tehran.

"Tabrizi Tours.
A travel agency.

Masoud Tabrizi, the owner.

I'll bet the Zionists recruited him.

Don't be so sure.

He's got a lot to lose.

Have two teams follow him.

But don't come anywhere near him.


Good job.

It's leaving on the 15th,
it's 3 million toman.

Hello, ma'am.

- One second.

- Is Mr.
Tabrizi here?
He's inside, come in.

He's expecting you.

Thank you.

Amir Pourmand.

He said to contact him directly.

What else?
The apartment was empty, dark.

All right.
Try to lay low now.

Any news about Arezoo and Dariush?
Did you find them?
but we're narrowing down our options.

I'll have an answer today.

Thank you.


- Have a pleasant trip.

- Thank you.

Here you go, ma'am.

Thank you, Mr.

- You're welcome.

- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.
Have a pleasant trip.

- Thank you.

Did you find the house?
Not yet.

I wanted to let you know we weren't
the only ones looking for the princess.

That's one of Faraz Kamali's aliases.

I'm sending you a photo.

He was in Gheysar's apartment today.

Questioned the neighbors.

I saw him last night too,
chasing the princess.


We'll look into it.

But listen, I'm sending you coordinates,
a place near the university.

The princess will be there at 13:00.

You have the authorization to do whatever
it takes to get her to a safe house.

Copy that.



Good morning.

Are those my clothes?
Your mother let me have them, thank you.

She could have asked me first.

What's this? Is there a protest?

Against immodest dress
at the university.

Against all the anarchists.

Would you like to come?
I'm part of the student Basij.

We need every person we can get.

We can't give those
meddling lowlifes any slack.

I have a hard time at protests.

Too many people.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

Can you come help me in the kitchen?

Do you need my help too?
No, it's fine.
I'll call you
when it's ready.

Good luck at the protest.

I'm sorry about Razieh.

I don't know how she got
involved with this craziness
with the Muslim students.

It'll pass.

She's just at that age.

Let me help you.

No, I don't need any help.


Don't make me feel
like I'm only a guest.

All right, let me show you.

I can do it.

Go ahead.

Very nice.
Good job.

you're leaving today, right?

Like I promised.

I'll go out in a bit and come back
around evening time to get my things.

if you want to stay another night
Thank you so much, Auntie.

I'll figure something out.

Hello, how are you?
- How's it going?
- Hi, how are you?
- When are the rest coming?
- I don't know.
They're late.

Great look!

Yeah, Zahra.

It's nice to finally meet you in person.

You too.

I'm happy you came today.

I think it's going to get pretty wild.

So, what's going on?
Do we have a deal?

You do something for me,
I do something for you.

Come on.

So, this is the city's control systems
for all the cameras in the area.

I have to get control of it
and shut it down,
otherwise half the people here
will get arrested by tomorrow.

This is the wall that I can't bypass
for some reason, so
- over to you.

- Okay, let's see.

Heavy traffic reported ahead.

How much longer?
In ten minutes,
but the ETA keeps increasing.

Heavy traffic reported ahead.

Goddamn this thing.


We're stuck in traffic.

The subject is headed
towards the student protest.

Don't lose him.

He might meet the agent.

Don't worry.
We have all eyes on him.

Good job.

I'm on him, boss.

Thank you.

Damn it!
Hey, that's it.
It's working.

I found a way
into the traffic light system.

I'll take them out too.

Bonus, just for you.


Surveillance cameras
around the university aren't working.

Look into it immediately.


Shahin, Karim!
It's all set, man.

- All set?
- All set.

You're the best.

Come on, people, come on.
I need you.

Parviz was arrested a week ago.

Right, right.

And Pegah was sentenced to six years.

Six years!
This regime is shitting
all over the country.

We have no money, no work.

So many problems,
and they want people on campus
to check how modestly we dress.

This world is ours, enough is enough!
This is a world of love,
a world of freedom!
Freedom! Love!
Freedom and love!
Love you, Karim.

Let's show them what we can do.

Hand in hand.
Groups linked together.

Standing as one against oppression,
against lies, against degradation,
discrimination, against all of it.

That's right!
We'll show them!
The freedom of thought
is our fundamental right
- So, I'll stay here.

- What?
Don't worry, let's go.

We could get arrested.

You honestly want to go home?
Don't you see how great this is?
Where can I meet you after this?

Come on, Shakira,
don't be scared.
I'm here.

The freedom of thought
is our fundamental right
The freedom of thought
is our fundamental right
The freedom of thought
is our fundamental right
The freedom of thought
is our fundamental right
The freedom of thought
is our fundamental right
The freedom of thought
is our fundamental right
Stay here and make sure
I can reach you by phone.

Brothers and sisters.

We won't let anarchists, infidels,
traitors and nouveau riche drunks
enter our university.

Those who want to turn the university
into a lavatory for capitalists.

Those who serve
the Great Satan and the Little Satan,
America and the Zionists.

Basij out!
We will stand up to them and will not
let them defile Tehran's pure streets.

We will not let women walk around
the university without hijabs.

Basij out!
Basij out!
Basij out!
We won't let traitors
steal our revolution.

- Allahu Akbar!
- Basij out!
Allahu Akbar!
Women were made by God,
but not to hide away.

We're not only here because of hijabs.

There are bigger problems here.

workers whose salaries are delayed,
students who are imprisoned.

If Khamenei orders me to go on jihad
against our enemies, they'll be finished!
Allahu Akbar!
Reformists, conservatives,
it's all over for you!
Reformists, conservatives,
it's all over for you!
Khamenei is our leader,
he is the Prophet's successor.

Where's the oil money you promised?
Free water and electricity?
Where's the oil money you promised?
Anarchist traitors,
go back in your holes!
A student would rather die
than accept debasement.

A student would rather die
than accept debasement!
Traitor, get down! Get down!
Traitors! Infidels!
Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
Are you okay?
- I'm sorry!
- Get off me, damn it!
God damn it! Are you blind?
I'm sorry.

Your time will come.


What's the matter?
You're kicking that hypocrite out!
Today! You hear me?
- What's wrong?
- Get off my back!
I'm talking to you!
She was at the protest.

On the conspirators' side!
She's a traitor!
Watch your mouth!
What's going on?

Let me see.

She saw Zahra
at the riot in the university.

What was she doing there?
- I don't know.

- You know very well!
She's a dissident and you knew that!
Let me see.

You're crazy! You're out of your mind!
What were you thinking? She's Israeli!
Haven't you heard of the Mossad?
She would never put us at risk,
I know that.

Her hiding out here
is putting us at risk!
You know the kind of trouble I'll have
at work if anyone knew she was ever here?
She was more important to you
than our family.

That's what this is.

The day they left, you swore you'd
break contact with them forever.

- And I did.

- So how did she find us?
I swear, I don't know.

She's not staying here a minute longer!
Not one minute!
I hit him and he dropped.

Did you see the fat Basij guy
we got with the stick?
That was great.

- I said, "Stay down, Basij asshole.
- I hit him some more.

He didn't stand a chance.

"Brothers and sisters
we will not let
Tehran's pure streets be defiled.
Come on, let's go!
Go upstairs, tell them
to turn the music down.

Thank you.

What is this place?
It started off as an artists' commune,
but everybody just lives here now.

But they're great.

Look, we have parties, live shows.

That's my room, over there.

Come on.

To your health!
- I'm good.

- Oh, come on
For me you are the star of the day.

That thing with the cameras,
I was going crazy for it.

- Cheers.

- To your health.

Hope it's not denatured
and we don't go blind.

Milad, brother!
Let's dance.

- No.

- Come on.

- No, no, no
- Come on.

I have to get going.

Where you going?
I'll see you tomorrow.

It's your time to come through now.

Is it?
You promised me a passport.

I see.



This is how she keeps a low profile?
A student protest in
front of the police?
He was one meter away from her!
One meter!
- Tabrizi.

- I'm sick and tired of her!
She's irresponsible!
First she runs away from me,
and then she shows up
in the worst place possible!
Worst place!
What would have happened to her
if I hadn't been there?
Gorev, tell me.

What was she looking for out there?
It doesn't matter now.

Masoud, I'm asking this very carefully.

Is there a chance Faraz's men
were there because of you?
That you were followed?
What makes you think that?
You were in both places,
the power station and the apartment.

I don't know.
It's possible.

What about the aunt?
Do you have the address?

We have found them.
We have an address.

Then you have to take her out of there
with your people tonight!
But take into account that
they might be following you, okay?
I always take that into account.

I trust you.

Come in.

What were you thinking?
What if you had gotten arrested?
Where would you be?
What would have happened to my family?
Never mind me,
I would never put your family at risk.

My family's already at risk.

I'm going now.

I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry.

I never should have come here.

It's good that you came.

It was written in the heavens.

My sister sent you to me.

And I'm sure she was watching and saw
the great sacrifice you made for me.

Do you ever regret not going to Israel
with her and the family?
My father, your grandfather
there was something
he always used to say.

"One eye looks out to Jerusalem,
and the other to Isfahan.
I chose to keep one of them closed.

Go down here.

May God protect you.

Masoud Tabrizi,
come out with your hands up!
Or do I need to get you?
Hands on the car.

Out, you too!
Who is she?
A client of mine.

I'm here to give her plane tickets
and a hotel reservation.

Don't you have people
who do that for you?
I like to maintain a personal
relationship with my clients.

Arrest him.

Your hands.


Hello, ma'am.
You called a cab?
A cab? I think there's some mistake.

Isn't this the Nekoomard residence?

I got a call under your name.

Maybe you have a visitor?
She's gone.

She just left.

Okay, thank you.

Have a good night, ma'am.

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