Tehran (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Shakira and Sickboy

You stinking traitor!
- Razieh
- Ingrate!
What are you doing?
Don't touch her! Somebody help!
You got lucky this time, whore!
Help! Don't touch her! Let go of her!
Get up!
Hey, honey, come here.
C'mon, come here.

Forget it, man, keep going.

Come in.

God damn!
Everything is in place, I think.

Whoever did this should be killed.

Let it go.

Busting your face up like this?
Who was it, huh?
The passport.

Do you think it will work out tomorrow?
Yeah, it should be okay.

I have some money in my bag.

- Can I?
- Yeah.

Is this enough?
Yeah, it should be.

It should be good.

Hello, my dear.


How did it go?
The doctors say it went well.

I didn't feel a thing.

Did they treat everything?
I was out in half an hour.

So they did a great job.

If I have to spend another night
without you I'll hang myself.

Well, you'll just have to wait.

The doctors need to make sure
they got all the stuff out of my head,
make sure I can move around, that
I'm fit to get on a plane and go home.

Don't hang yourself just yet.

As long as you've still got
your sense of humor, I can relax.

I told you everything would work out.

God willing, we'll see and hold
each other the day after tomorrow.

God willing.

Take care.

- And Tamar?
- She's following protocol.

Joining a protest is
"following protocol"?
I don't know why she went,
I only know she saw Tabrizi
and he almost got her arrested.

- What about extracting her?
- It's too risky now.

Who knows what agents
Tabrizi might burn if interrogated.

I see.

Everyone cracks eventually.

I hope he'll make it.

A lot of Israelis owe him their lives.


Did you sleep well?
Thank you for asking.

Should we get started?
I'm at your disposal.

A few days ago,
a Mossad agent entered Iran.

Did you happen to see her?
No, I've never met that woman.

Look closely.

If you have, that would make
this whole situation much easier.

So there's a situation?
Nobody's even told me
why I'm even here so far.

Take another look, please.

Have you seen this woman?
I'm sorry.

She doesn't look familiar to me.

She impersonated an employee
at the electric company headquarters.

A woman named Zhila Ghorbanifar.

Does that name ring a bell?
It doesn't, in fact.

Maybe you knew her husband.

Gheysar Ghorbanifar.

Did you?
I don't know him.

How about Ashkan Sharifi?
Zhila's boss.

Are you accusing me of murder?
I have not accused you of anything.

I asked you, do you know him?
I don't know him.

Is this your car?
Yes, that's my company's car.

Explain to me.

What were you doing
at these two murder scenes,
on the same night,
two hours apart?
Near the electric company
on the night of Ashkan's murder,
and two blocks away from Gheysar's house
when he was murdered.

We're certain the agent
is connected to these murders.

What's your connection?
I told you.
I don't know her, let
alone have a connection with her, sir.

Perhaps one of my employees had a meeting
at the electric company that evening.

It makes sense.

Is this you?
What's the address?
Number five, Nastaran Street.

Number five Nastaran Street
Salome Soltani.

She's my client.

I was there to plan her trip.

At 1:30 a.
It was late, that's true
But she's an old client.



Can I use the restroom?

Torbati to pediatrics.

Torbati to pediatrics.

Want anything to drink?
I'm okay.
You don't have to play host.

Thank you.

How's your hand?
It doesn't hurt as much.

Have you considered reporting her?
She was our guest.

But your mother kicked her out once
she heard she was at the protest, right?
The way she fought,
you could tell she was a pro.

We have to report this.

Don't worry.
There's someone I know.

He's in Revolutionary Guard intelligence.

He'll take care of your parents.

But it's important that they catch her.

For our country's sake.

Give me your hand.

I want to sign it.

Careful, take it easy
Child of the revolution.

Brothers, please.

Have a seat.


You're to look only at me.

Tell me.

How do you know Mr.
Masoud Tabrizi?
He has a travel agency.

I booked a trip to Shiraz with him.

For which date?
Next month.

The 11th through the 15th, I believe.

Four days, anyway.

Please tell me,
what were you doing
on the 13th of November
at 1:30 a.
One thirty? I suppose I was home.

Were you home? Alone?
Eyes on me!
I'm sorry.
He was at my house.

Masoud was at your house.

He was helping me with
the hotel reservation and
At 1:30 a.
I I'm sorry, Masoud.

This is your last warning.

Eyes on me.

I'm sorry, this isn't easy for me.

Masoud and I we're in a relationship.

In a temporary marriage.

Are you a prostitute?
- Watch your mouth!
- Silence!
if you're not a prostitute,
then what are you?
We have a "temporary marriage.
You know very well what I am.

You men have a pretty nice
arrangement for yourselves.

Where are you taking me?
Let's go! Get a move on!

- Boss?
- I'm listening.
What is it?
I think we've made a breakthrough.

- What?
- There's a girl here who's seen the agent.

Don't proceed until I get there.

Thank you.

- Hi.

- Hey.

Where have you been?
I went to take care of your business.

Did you get the passport?
It's going to take some time.

- How long?
- I'm not sure.

- A few days.

- A few days?
Well, well! Mister Milad!
I just saw Bijan,
I heard you settled our debt.
Nice job.

This isn't a good time, man.


Just get me the supply
you bought for tomorrow.

Can't I give it to you later?
Come on, is it in here?
It's here.

You're the best.

Damn it!
You went to buy drugs?
It's the favor I had
to do for Karim, okay?
And what about the money I gave you?
Did you use it for that?
I'm sorry, okay?
I got caught up in something.

I'll give you the money back
in, like, one or two days.

I don't care about the money.

You promised me something.

- It was a mistake coming here.

- No, it wasn't, okay? Listen, listen.

- By tonight, you can have your passport.

- How?
What I need is a clean passport.

The packaging, the framework.

The rest I can take care of right here.

Do you have a clean passport?
Not yet.

What now?
- I'm going to get the passport.

- I'm coming with you.

- No.

- Okay?
I don't want you coming back here
all busted up again.

Don't worry about me.

Just stay here.
And don't disappear.

It's an honor, sir.

Nice work.

Wait outside, please.


You're Razieh, right?

Before we proceed,
I just want to make sure
you're absolutely certain this is
the woman that stayed at your house
and who later attacked you.

That's her.


I'll personally speak
with your superior, Hassan,
let him know about this,
and you'll get a promotion.

Thank you.

Many people couldn't have done
what you did.

You've proven that
you love your country.

Well done.

What? No!
Hassan said they won't be harmed.

- Shut up!
- They didn't do anything, please!
I said shut up!
I'm doing the talking here.

I want you to attest,
before your parents,
that the girl you pointed out
stayed with you.


If you want to help your parents
now is the time to tell the truth.


It was one night,
they kicked her out when
That'll do.

She's a foreign agent.

A foreign agent
you allowed inside your home.


You're an honorable man.

You're part of the judiciary.

You know what this is punishable by?


Hanging in prison,
in a miserable little room
at the end of the hall.


Let my family go.

They didn't know anything.

It's all my fault.

I let her into our home.

I knew her.

Get the father and daughter out.

Leave the wife.

- Khosrow.

- Yeah.

Tear the place apart.
Look everywhere,
even places you wouldn't suspect.

If Faraz searches the place and finds
anything, he'll have all of us hanged.

Go through these drawers.

And check out the balcony too.

Khosrow, come with me.

Wait here.

- Hello, sir.

- Yes?
My name is Ahmadi.
I'm a representative
from the Iran-Rent company.

What's this about?
We have an appointment.

You've offered to add your home
to the Iran-Rent database.

You can leave your information
and we'll call you.

I'm sorry, sir, it's not that simple.

It is my duty to appraise the home
for the company,
make sure the photos you've uploaded
are representative.

We're busy.

Thank you.
I won't take long.

Get the hell out before I arrest you!


How are you, criminal?
I was sure you got arrested.

Let's go.

Zahra, let's go.

I'm sure
Mossad applied a lot
of emotional and mental pressure on you.

I swear,
nobody contacted me from Mossad.

My niece just showed up at our house
and asked for my help.

Help with what?
Just a place to stay, to lay low.

That's all.

She said it was only for a night.

We kicked her out after the protest.

I had no idea at any point
she was a Mossad agent.

Who would have thought.

Arezoo, you're playing coy.

I made a huge mistake.

I'm terribly sorry.

What's your niece's name?

Sali is not an Israeli name.

What's her name now?
Her name is

Tamar Rabinyan.

And where is "Tamar Rabinyan" now?
I swear I don't know.

How can that be?
You told her to leave and she left?
She respected me.

How did she leave?
She walked.

Even though a cab driver
rang the doorbell and
he must have come to pick her up
but she had already left.

Did he tell you his name?

Do you remember his face?
Could you describe it?
I think so.

PASSPORT: 03426144
So the good news is the passport you
took from your friend's house is clean.

But who is Zhila?
Your name isn't Zahra, is it?
- No.

- Okay.
Then, Zhila,
what's your story?
I was working at the electric company
since we got back from Qatar.

I'm married.

I was married.

My boss was harassing me.


I was looking
for a way to get revenge, I
I thought if the electricity
went down somewhere
he'd get blamed for
it and he'd be fired.

That's why I contacted you.

But before I had the chance
to do anything
my husband found out.

The police think my
husband killed my boss
and then ran off to
his family in Shiraz.

Before he left,
he kicked me out of the house.

Couldn't take the blow to his honor.

Who hit you?
My husband's brothers.

They found me where I was staying,
at a friend's house.

The police are looking for me.

They think I might know
what happened to my boss,
but I had nothing to do with it.

- I can leave.

- No.

You can You can stay here.

Plus, you're probably safer here.

Thank you.

Let him in.

The sketch artist
used Arezoo's description
to create this sketch.

Rashid is using his head.

He realized
loyalty to his people is more important
than the Zionists' money.

He worked at my company.

I fired him.

Because he's a thief.

A lousy little thief.

Give him a few tomans and he'd
tell you his own mother was a Zionist.

Take him out.

You know this is finished.

Why keep this up?
For the sake of your own life,
and your wife and children's lives
find her.

Find me Tamar Rabinyan.

you can take the shit
I'm sitting in and make me eat it.

You can kill my wife
and daughters in front of me.

I'll still tell you the same thing.

I don't know her.

Why can't you get it through your head?
Milad, what do you think?

- Yeah.

- Sexy.

Parisa, you're a genius.

Ready? Into the camera.

One more.

- Done.

- All right.

Can I take this stuff off?
No, of course not.
You have
to stay that way until the flight.

Make sure you take a good look.

- 'Cause I'm not doing that again.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Thank you.

My dear,
I'm begging you, give me some good news.

Three out of three.

What? They removed all three?
There's nothing left.

Thank God.

So that's it, no more seizures?
God willing.

Does that mean you're clear to fly?

Thank God.

I hope you'll meet me
at the airport, at least.

I'll even sleep there if I have to.

Trust me.
I promise.

I'll turn my phone off and take
the day off.
I swear on my life.

Well, I'll keep packing here.



I'll see you.
I'll see you, my dear.

Was that Nahid? Is she all right?
Everything went well.

Thank God.
I'm happy for you.

All right.

Ali, what do you have for us?
This is from the electric company.

I wonder what she was doing there.

These are records from their servers.

It's all gibberish to us.

But I sent a copy to our cyber division.

In a few hours we'll figure out
what she was doing.

Good work.
Thank you.

You know,
I think the people at the apartment
were high-ranking police officers
or something.

Intelligence, maybe.

You know, if I were you
before I leave,
I'd get my revenge on all of them.

The police, the guards,
the electric company.

I'd black out the whole city.

You really think I can ever show my face
at the electric company again?
What if I told you I could get you
into the secondary power station?
I have a friend who works there.

And I trust him.
He can get us in.

With his abilities and yours,
we can turn the lights off
in all of Tehran.

What do you say?
I don't know.


Maybe one day I'll do it for you.

And send you the pictures.


That could be nice.

Do you wanna switch?
Of course not.

But I'd love to join you.

Much better.

Oh, yes.

You know, I think you're very beautiful.

I just wanted to feel your body.


I'm glad I got to meet you,

Me too.


Sometimes leaders of the Zionist regime
threaten us with military intervention.

I believe they know full well,
and if they don't know,
they ought to know,
that if they make
even the slightest mistake,
the Islamic Republic
will reduce Tel Aviv
and Haifa to rubble.

Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
Here, Madame Kamali,
your chariot has arrived.

A whole ambulance at your disposal.

What luxury.

If this wasn't a hospital,
I'd promise I'd come back next year.

You must promise me
you'll never come back here.

Hello, Mrs.
My name is Salim.

I've been tasked
with taking you to the airport.

How are you feeling?
- Fine, praise God.

- Wonderful.

So long, have a safe trip.

Goodbye, and thank you
for everything, again.

Good morning, ma'am.

Good morning.

I got the patient.

So, that's it?
You're leaving?
I've decided to stay for a few days.

Let's black out this city.

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