Tehran (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

The Other Iran

Faraz Kamali.

Who is this?
Let's start with the fact
that your wife is all right.

You don't need to worry about her.

She's in good hands.

As you can see
from the message on your phone.

Let me talk to my wife.

We need you to follow some instructions.

She's just had brain surgery!
As I said, your wife's in good hands.

God willing,
you'll be able to speak to her soon.

Make sure Masoud Tabrizi gets
to Istanbul unharmed
within the next 24 hours.

In return, your wife will be
brought back to Iran, alive and well.

If you do not let him go, this is
the last time this phone will ring.

Hold on.

Hello? Hello?
- Hello.

- Good morning.

It's a nice day.

The sky is bright and clear.

Where are you?
Somewhere safe.

Still in Tehran?


Call in a few hours, I'll give you
details about the rescue.

I have a lead.

A contact for getting
into the substation.

We can try through there,
if it's not too late.

I've befriended a dissident.

He's reliable.

I checked him out before I left.

Are you at his place?
Are you, "Shakira"?
At "Sick-Boy's"?
What does he know about you?
Not a thing.

He thinks I'm also a dissident, but
he knows someone in the substation,
will it still help?
Can you get inside within 48 hours?


For starters,
track the hacker's phone
and send me all his info,
and the info for the substation contact.

His name and position.

I have to go.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Let's go.

Let's get packed,
we're leaving soon.

Where are we going, actually?
We're throwing a party out of town.

But don't worry, it's just our people.

And our contact is going to be there.

You're sure he's gonna be there?
Well, there's no "sure" with these things,
but let's just say that he's a regular.

When are we coming back?
I don't know.

We'll go with the flow.
Come on, let's get you some clothes
from Parisa.

This is gonna be wild.

I added this new feature
to the Gershad app.

Karim, I added
this new feature to Gershad,
like, whoever comes to the party
can update the group exclusively
if they see any roadblocks, okay?
Gershad is a piece of crap.

Government agents post false reports
that totally trip you up.

- What are you talking about?
- It leads you straight to them.

Your next destination:
- Hell.

- Hell.

Fucking son of a bitch!
Where is she?
Where is she?
Get up! Up!
Tell me where she is!
Tell me where she is!
Tell me where she is!
I don't know.
I swear to God.

Come on!
Come on!
Are you taking him, sir?
Do I answer to you?
I'm sorry, sir.

where are you taking me?
I swear, I don't know anything.

Lying dog.

Do you have children?
I have two little girls.

Masoud, shut your mouth!
This is Dr.
Ben Arzi, we landed,
we'll be at the inpatient facility
in 30 minutes.

How is she?
Her vitals are okay,
but she's been anesthetized.

I'll keep you posted.


Tell girls to come, not guys.

We need more girls to come!
Tell Parisa, Negar
I gotta go.
Call you later.

I told you this app sucks ass.

There was no way
to get around that checkpoint.

Good afternoon.
How are you, sir?
Where to?
We're going hiking in the mountains.

We're students on break.

Your papers.


There you go.

Why are you out like that, lady?
Fix your headdress.

Did you just give me the finger?
You're all in for it now!
Out of the car.

- Let's go!
- Officer
Come on! How dare you?
Officer, that's my stepsister.

She grew up abroad.

She doesn't know that gesture.

I don't care if she grew up abroad!
I'm sorry.
She was being polite.

She went to a school for foreigners.

That means "okay" there.

Where are her papers?
I'm sorry, Officer.

She came to visit her homeland.

We're going hiking.

You tell her
she can't make that gesture in Iran.


And the car? Anything in there?
We'll check just to make sure.

Is there a problem, sir?
Open the trunk.

It's jammed, but don't worry.

There's nothing there.

What about him?
Drive safe.

Thank you.

A month's pay! You just wasted
a month's pay, God damn it!
Did you want to get arrested
or are you just dumb?
- Lay off her.
These things happen.

- Shut up!
Why did you even bring her?
Did you think we were going to a picnic?
Where are we going?
You really don't know?
To a party?
Where? What are we going to do there?
Why is she here? Where did you
even find this piece of work?
Hey, watch it.

I could have left both of you
there and driven off.

How do you know each other?
From the Internet.

We met on the dark web.

The dark web?
- How long have you known each other?
- A year.

- How do you know she's the same person?
- I know.
Trust me.

Just what do you do on the dark web?
I'm a hacker.

I make money that way.

I needed his help.

We got to talking
I'm really sorry about what I did.

It was stupid.

Let's go.

You need to pay me back.

I blew a million tomans because of you.

Get the hell out.

Get over there.

On your knees.

On your knees!
You've sold out everything
you had to the Zionists.

You've betrayed your country.

A traitorous dog like you
doesn't deserve to live a day.

Not a single day!
You're leaving Iran tonight.

And you're never coming back.

If you do come back,
I'll pay a visit to your family myself.

And when I do
I'll have a full clip.

Your Zionist friends
are waiting for you in Istanbul.

Go hug your family
because you're never going
to see them again.

You got that? You're never
going to see them again!

I got it.

What was Karim talking about?
What are we gonna do here?

It's just Karim and his bullshit.


You think your contact is here?
I don't know.
I've been
with you the whole time, no?
Hey! How are you?
You took the drugs and disappeared.

Come on.
We got a flat tire.

We busted our ass to get here.

Let's smoke up and get wasted.

You go, I'll be right there.

Milad, come on.


- Is she going to follow us all night?
- What's wrong?
What's wrong? What about that
situation with the police?
Let's talk inside.

- Hey! Hey.

- I'm sorry.

- Wow, my clothes really suit you.

- Thanks.

Do you want to go
and put your things down?
- Yeah.

- Come.

- You remember them, right?
- Hey.

Do you know, this is an old army base.

- Really?
- Yeah.

We were once walking in the mountains,
and we were hiking.

And we were completely lost, and
suddenly we found this place,
and we were like, "Wow!
This would be a great place
to have a party.

- No, thanks.
I don't smoke.

- Come on.

Don't be so uptight.

Keep it in.
Keep it in.

Keep it in.
Keep it in.

That was good.
See? You're talented
Can you come with me for a second?
- Where to?
- We just want to talk to you, okay?
- Who's "we"?
- Come on.

Have fun!
Hello, Zhila.


What happened earlier with the police
we were all very close
to ending up in prison for many years.

Because of this?

Because of this.

You know what this is?

The money that we used earlier
to get you off the hook with the cops,
this is where it comes from.

That means from today,
you're a part of this.

Isn't that right, Milad?
Each pill is 50,000.

Five for 200,000.
That's our special.

The important thing is to get rid of it
as fast as possible.

Make sure you hide that somewhere
on your body and keep this close to you.

This is how they'll spot you.
Good luck.


The Eagle's calling.

Put him through.

You can talk.

Hello, Masoud, how are you doing?
How did you do that?
That doesn't matter right now.

What do they know?
They know about Princess.

They have her picture and her name,
but they don't know where she is.

And neither do I.

When do you leave for Istanbul?
Gorev, he won't let my family go.

I cannot leave them here.

Masoud, I'm responsible
for Rozhan and the girls.

I will take them anywhere
in the world you want to live,
but you have to leave Iran
right now.

Within the next four hours.

Do you understand?

Stay strong.
I will see you soon.

I had no choice.

There's always a choice.

Listen, a few sales
and this will be behind us.

Break your stick and stay in there.

And, hey, if you suspect anything,
dump the pills and run.

Hey, girlfriend.

Have fun, honey.

- Hello.

- Hello.

Got a pick-me-up for me?
Hurry up!
You should have counted it before.

No rush, honey.

What's your name?

Who are you working for, Yasamin?
I want to make sure
you're not bullshitting me.

Can you point him out?
I'll take a million tomans' worth,
if it's good.

You know the sentence
for dealing drugs?
I wasn't dealing.

You have two options.

Go to prison,
or take me to your dealer.

There's no dealer.

Come with me.

What did she do?
Nothing, she just kicked me
in the balls.
No big deal.

- Did she say anything?
- No.

She didn't rat anybody out.


Good for you.

Keeping quiet and fighting back?
Milad, you found yourself a winner.

Don't be mad, sweetheart.

We had to make sure we could trust you.

What's that look?
You still owe me money.

Karim, that's enough.

Are you okay?
Hello, Nahid.

How are you feeling?
So you're in charge here.


Where am I?
Why did you kidnap me?
It's about your husband's work.

And my husband? Does he know already?

Wars have rules too.

And your husband never breaks the rules?
I know him.

The day he is asked to kidnap
his enemy's wife is the day he quits.


Calm him down,
tell him he did the right thing.

And if he keeps it up, you will be
seeing each other very soon.



Honey, how are you feeling?
Fine, praise God.

Where are you?
I don't know.

At a hospital,
I don't know what country this is.

But this is about your job,
so where do you think?
The Israelis kidnapped you, my dear.

That's what I thought.

I'm all right.
They're looking after me.

You can relax.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

It is my fault.

I should have gone with you,
I should have looked out for you.

Me and my damn job.

This is not the time.

They wanted me to tell you
you did the right thing
and that if you keep it up,
we'll see each other soon.

I have to go.

Stay strong.

I swear I'll get you back.

God willing.

- Hello, sir.

- Faraz, how are you?
Very good.

I was just about to update you.

Come to my office, please.

I'll be right there, sir.


Get inside.

Thank you.

Faraz, how are you?
It's good to see you.

You too.
Thank you.

Come, please sit down.

Thank you.

What did you want to update me on?
The investigation.

You got something out of Tabrizi?
Not yet.

But I let him go.

I heard.

I couldn't believe it at first.

Faraz Kamali making a sensitive
decision like that on his own?
There was a narrow
window of opportunity.

I've received information
stating he's meeting a senior Mossad
agent in Istanbul tomorrow morning.

Why didn't you fill me in?
Would you have authorized it?
I wanted to come to you with results.

How do you know he won't flee?
He won't leave a wife and two daughters.

Traitors like him would sell out
their family to escape the noose.

His family means more to him
than his fear of dying.

I let him go to see
if he makes some mistake.

We tried every approach,
but he denied having
any connection with Mossad.

Still, you should have filled me in!
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.

How's your wife?
She's okay.

Recovering after the surgery.

Is she still in France?

When is she due back?
In a few days.

Maybe your wife's condition
has affected your judgment.



I haven't smoked in five years.

This is my tenth cigarette today.

Nahid, my wife, she made me quit.

This one time I was getting
a cigarette out of the pack.

I saw she replaced them all
with rolled-up pieces of paper.

Pictures of me, of her, of the kids,
all of us on holiday.

She told me
"I can handle the risks
you face at your job
but I don't want you dying
of some disease.

Your death must have a purpose.
Why are you telling me this?
Nahid flew to France a week ago
to undergo brain surgery.

The operation went well.

Last night she got on a flight back.

And I
You had no idea, did you?
No, I'm sorry.

Is she okay?
God knows where those Israeli bastards
took her.

They want you in return.

But I can't let you leave.

This situation is too complicated
to just cover it up.

But you said I had to go.

Everything's changed.

What do you want me to do?
You have to stay.

Everything will remain the same.

Your beautiful house, your business,
your wife and daughters
won't know a thing.

But from now on, you're working for me.

You're thinking it over?
You don't have a choice.

But I don't have
anything I can give you.

You know what I want from you.

What about your wife?
They wouldn't dare touch her.

Your name has been sent
to every border checkpoint,
and even if you did make it out,
as soon as you set foot outside Iran,
the first thing I'll do
is come visit this place.

You catch my drift?
What do you think?
Being a refugee's fun?
It's all fun and games?
I love my country more than you realize.

I'm willing to die for my country.

You understand?
Very well.


But, you idiot!
You have a great life here.

And if you do your job right,
you'll keep it that way.

until I get a bullet in the head.

Get me Tamar Rabinyan
and nobody will lay a finger on you.

Tomorrow at noon,
meeting with the chief of staff
Did you kidnap his wife?
You need to promise me, Gorev,
that you will protect my wife
and my children.

Swear on your grandchildren's lives.

He's going to kill my wife
and my children.

You're all toying with me!
He's toying with me.

You are toying with me.

I don't even know what's real
and what's not!
Take a deep breath and follow protocol.

I am responsible to your family's life.

How much do you hate me,
from one to ten?


You have to understand something.

After what happened at the roadblock,
Karim demanded answers.
He was nervous.

And we both know how the Guard
loves to use undercovers
to bring down opponents.

You know, Karim has a degree
in sociopolitical science.

Parisa is a graduate from Iran's
biggest university.

But we're unemployed,
and these degrees are worth shit.

And the money from the ecstasy
keeps us from sinking.

And it helps them forget
their fucking lives for one night.

That's it.
It's a service.

- What else did you tell them about me?
- Nothing.

Just that you recently worked
at the electric company,
and you were let go of.

Just to ease their minds.

- That's it?
- That's it, yes.

What about your contact?
He didn't come.

If he's just some junkie,
he can't help us anyway.

He's not some junkie.

He's a big shot who likes to get high.

He's the station's head engineer.

What's his name?
Parham Kasrayi.

Let's go meet him tomorrow.

I can't tomorrow.

Come on.

Let's go back together tomorrow
meet your guy and make it happen.

Look at the city lights.

Think how amazing
it's gonna be to black it out.

You know where we can start?

Jam-e-Jam and Valiasr Street.

Where the TV and radio station is.

It's where the politicians
spread their lies and disinformation.

I wanna black out their lives.

Like they did to us.

But if we're leaving tomorrow
we have fun tonight.

I want you to see our world.

And it's a beautiful world, I promise.

It's not for me.

I hate losing control.

I know.
That's your problem.

And I'm your solution.

We're going back tomorrow.


Milad Kahani, 25 years old,
originally from Shiraz.

He's been in Tehran for five years,
arrested at protests twice, in 2011 and
in 2014, released after several days.

No criminal record other than that.

Do we know where they are now?
The mountains outside Tehran.

Probably at an illegal rave.

Stay on him from now on.


Am I speaking to Mr.
Masoud Tabrizi?
Who's asking?
I'm Eli, from Turkish Airlines.

Regarding the flight this morning,
I take it you missed it?
That's right.
I'm sorry
I didn't let you know sooner.

That's all right.
Do you plan on taking
a different flight today?
If so, you're eligible for a rebate of
up to 50% of the original ticket.

I didn't know that.

How about that.

Twenty years in the business and I'm
still learning new things every day.

Would you like to book
a different flight today, sir?
No, thank you.
I'll go another time.

No problem.

Have a nice day, sir.

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