Tehran (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

The Engineer

Please leave a message after the tone.

I know you shot Masoud Tabrizi.

The deal was that I let him go.

You gave me your word.

Give her back to me.

Or I swear, one day
I look into your eye
and blow your head off.

I promise.

Nahid's surgery is expensive, no?
Especially abroad.

As the person paying your salary,
I imagine it's quite an expense.

Some things you don't skimp on.

But if you can't afford them?
Perhaps you get some assistance.

From outside sources that can offer
financial or medical aid.

I beg your pardon, sir,
but I hope you don't think that of me.

I gave my life for this country!
I know, I made a mistake,
a terrible mistake.

my wife's condition
affected my reasoning.

I hope for your sake that's all it was.

For now, you're suspended from
your duties until further notice.

I'll figure out what
really happened myself.

You may go.

As you say.

This is Tehran's electrical substation.

We tried going through it,
but we couldn't find a reliable contact.

This is Parham Kasrayi,
the head engineer.

And this is Milad Kahani, a dissident and
unwitting agent that Tamar is running.

Milad said he intends to stage
a protest action in the substation.

We have reason to believe
Parham is going to help him.

This way Tamar can introduce the virus
to the system and shut down the radar.

Same operation, different station,
a good cover.

Difference being
your agent's been burned, Yael.

- She's wanted.

- But
Plus I have a team in the field.

I can't put them at risk.

- Nevo's operation is already at risk.

- So is your agent.

We know Kamali's department
was searching for Tamar,
but there's been no formal APB
from the Revolutionary Guard,
no photo disseminated.

Plus we have direct links
to Tamar and Milad's phones,
and we know her condition
at any given moment.

Gorev, this is a real chance
to have a plan of action.

Thank you.

Next one's on me.
See you.


You think that's funny?
I think we are the only ones in here.

I have to take a shower.

Hey, come here.

No, no, no

we're meeting him in half an hour.

I have to take a shower.

You smell like a dog.
Stay! Stay.


- Good boy.

- Yeah?
You're cute.

And I'm going to take a shower.



We're proceeding.


It's essential we get
the engineer on board.

You think Milad will get it done?
Yes, I trust him.

Okay, find a way to go downstairs
in 20 minutes without Milad noticing.

A white van will be waiting.

We'll go from there.

How are you, boss?
I'm fine.

I just heard.
I'm sorry.

I did need some time off.

Did you want anything?
Just making sure you're okay.

Why did you let him go? I know you.

It's not like you to do that.

I had my reasons.

I made a mistake.

But why?
I hope they reinstate you soon.

Thank you.


Keep working the case.

Don't trust what they tell you.

The agent is still in Tehran.

She's still operating.

Talk to Cyber about the information
from the electric company.

We'll find her.

Assalamu alaikum.

Alaikum salaam.

Do you know how to wear it?


This is the plan.

The engineer must report a problem with
the air conditioning for you to enter.

Got it.

Let Milad do everything for you.

Mohammad won't be far,
and we'll be listening throughout.

Copy that.

Good luck, Tamar.

I'm counting on you.

Hello, Manouchehr, how are you?
How are you?
- What are you watching?
- The Esteghlal-Persepolis game.

I tell you
Esteghlal blew it this year.

That's what you
Persepolis fans always say.

Come on!
This year they really did blow it.

Anyway, thanks.

Don't mention it.

- Who is it?
- It's Karim.

Call him back later.

I can't.

Hey, man.

Where are you?
Are you back in town?
Zhila didn't feel well.
She crashed.

Zhila? What the hell's wrong with you?
You ruined our sales.

I didn't ruin anything.

I talked it over with Reza.

You need to be here and do it yourself.

Instead of letting that piece of work
lead you by the balls.

You know what, drink some water,
calm down and call me back.

What did he want?
Fuck him.

He thinks I work for him.

You know
we're doing something great.

I don't know.

Something this country
will never forget.

Come on.

What is it?
Did Milad say his girlfriend
worked at the electric company?
Dude, I don't even remember
my name right now.

Shahin, focus.

Come on, get off my back.

Ask Mohsen, he used to work there.

He knows all the fine ladies there.

You're right.

Good luck.

There he is.


How you doing?
I've never seen you like a businessman.

How are you?
I'm okay.

So, what do you think?
This is Zahra, she's one of us.

Zahra, this is Parham.

- Lovely, hello.

- Nice to meet you.

So what's this secret favor you need?
If it's about the commune's power bill,
I'll take care of it.

Thanks, man.

These people use up electricity
like they're mining Bitcoin.

Listen, you're one of us.

Your heart's in the right place.

So we know we can count on you.


We have something planned.

We need you to let us
into your workplace.

We promise we'll cover you.

They won't trace it back to you.

- What do you need access to?
- The data center.

What for?
We want to cut all power
to the national broadcasting facility.

You're crazy.

If we want to be heard,
this is the only way to do it.

Heard by all of Iran.

On TV and on the radio.

That's the most high-security place there.

If we get caught, we'll all go to prison!
I promised, didn't I?
They won't trace it back to you.

All you have to do is report
a mechanical problem.

No, no.

This is a bad idea.
Forget it.


Trust us.

Trust Milad, he cares about you.

He would never let
anything happen to you.

He said you were one of us.

That you didn't want your kids
growing up in a country like this.

- You think this would make a difference?
- It will.

- Go set yourself on fire, then.

- Don't be sarcastic.

Protest works.
If we apply pressure,
things will change eventually.

All you need to do is report a problem
with the AC in the data center.

That's it.

It won't have anything
to do with you.

We can't just
work with some random company.

The Hava Pardaz company,
they work with you.

Come on, say you're in.

Parham, you'll be able to tell your kids
about this someday.
How about it?
- I love you.

- Cut the crap!
Report a problem when you get back.

I have to get there first.

I'll call you later.

Milad, are you ever going
to give me a break?
I love you.

You think he's gonna do it?
Yeah, he's in.


Who is this?
Who is this?
This is Arezoo.

Who is this?
It's really me, koloocheh.

How are you?
Things aren't good.

I need help.

Mordechai, can you hear me?
You need help?
How dare you?
Where were you before?
Your sister was dying of cancer,
and you wouldn't take her calls!
The cancer ate away
at her beautiful body for months.

And you didn't answer!
What is it? What do you want?
You have every right to be upset.

I'm sorry for what I did,
but you're the only person
who can help me.

I need to leave Iran.

If I don't
What is it?
I have to get out of here.

I want to go there, to Israel,
but they said I wasn't Jewish
at the embassy.

You have to go to Turkey
and confirm I'm a Jew,
or they won't let me enter Israel.

What about your family?
I have no family but you.

I'll explain everything
when we meet, okay?
You shouldn't have done this, Arezoo.

I'm in poor health.

Mordechai, I need you.

I have to go now,
but I'll send you the details later.

The documents I need.

I pray you'll be able
to forgive me and go.

One word to anyone,
and you'll never see sunlight again.

Is that clear?
Oh my God.

Have you cooked?

- Don't touch it.

- What?
Hey, whoa, whoa, don't touch it, stop.

Be patient.

Thank you.

Either you leave or you help.

I'll help.

Where'd you learn to cook like that?
From my mom.
She was an amazing cook.

She was?
She pass or something?
No, she just
doesn't cook as much anymore.

She'd think this was funny,
seeing me like this.

Funny? What do you mean?
I don't know.
Here, cooking
She'd laugh.

Was it weird for her that you came back?

No, she and my dad never
really settled in over there.

I mean, they're still totally Persian,
they just have a different passport.


It's not easy to be an immigrant,
and still, they did it for us
Yeah, leaving is hard.

You know, I consider it sometimes,
but I think I love
this country too much.

Hey, what's what's up?
Nothing, just
- What's wrong?
- I just miss them.

Hey, come here.
Come here.

- You'll see them soon.
- Yeah.

Hey, what's going on with Parham?
- I don't know.
I haven't heard from him.

- You should talk to him.

- I don't want to pressure him.

- So don't pressure
just ask him what's up.

Maybe even invite him over for dinner.

You said he's softer when he's high.

Yeah, he is.

All right.
I'll call him, okay?
Nevo's team is in a safe house here.

27 kilometers from the radar base,
which defends the Arak reactors.

There's a preliminary mission coming up
for shutting down the main radar.

Tonight's mission is a sweep
of final access routes to the target,
and deployment of equipment
for setting explosive devices tomorrow.


We have two security rings around
the facility, three shifts a day.

The dead zones match the terrain
and shift-change times.

- The charges?
- In order.

The transformers arrived.

We'll wire them before we go in.

Let's talk about the approach route.


We're using route A-301.

I have 110 minutes for a silent
Simple terrain.

What about 401?
What, the sewage pipe?
No, it's more complex and longer,
and the exit is more brightly lit.

That's why I'd use it.

It's less predictable, no?

I agree.
It's an option.

- The updates you wanted.

- Thank you.

Zoom in.

This seems better.

Wait, zoom in.

How are you, Amir?
Praise God.

What about those
electric company records?
This isn't easy, it's a skilled hacker.
managed to cover up much of what he did.

So well that an entire department
can't figure it out?
I understand it's urgent.

We don't have a clear answer,
but we have a hypothesis.

Which is?
The electric company has emergency
systems with old links to military units.

So there's a chance
He was trying to hack a military system?

Which one?
We have no way of knowing.

You're telling me if a hacker
gets into a civilian power station
they can access military systems?
Only from the main power plant.
I don't
think it's possible from the smaller ones.

- Are you sure?
- No.

Okay, okay.

Check every station in the province.

If there's an issue with any,
let me know.

- All right.

- This is urgent, Amir!

So what shall we drink to?
Our mission?
Let's drink to us.

- To us.

- Yeah.

Wait, wait.
I have a little surprise.

For you.

- Wow.

- Yeah?
Let me put it on.

- When did you buy it?
- I didn't.

It was my mother's.

Not exactly my mother's, she made it.

She came from a family of jewelers.

And I think she would have
wanted me to give this to you too.

- I'm sure there'll be someone
- No, look.

I know what you're going to say, I'm
I'm not trying to make you stay.

I understand your situation.

But I don't want you to forget me.

So you like it?
- Very much.

- Yeah?
- Thank you.

- All right.
let's eat before Parham comes.

Looks amazing!
You cook all this?
Karim, what are you doing here?
I thought you were at the rave.

I missed you guys.

Do you mind if I join? I'm so hungry.

You guys celebrating something?
Zhila is leaving tomorrow.

Leaving? Where to?
Back to her family in Qatar.

Why? But you only just got here.

Is everything okay between you two?
Everything's great.

Then why are you leaving?
It's none of your business.

It's very much my business.

There are no secrets in our commune.

Isn't that right, Milad?
Your name is Zhila Ghorbanifar, right?

Then how come I can't find you
on any social media?

I don't go on any of those.

But you're on the dark net.

- You're starting with that again?
- Milad, shut up.

You gave her the test.

She passed it, right?
- She passed it, right?
- Stop thinking with your cock!
I want to understand who this girl is.

What's her deal?
She seemed suspicious from the start.

Mohammad, approach the building.

Is this about the electric company?
We're all freedom fighters.

The regime is dying
to plant its agents in here.

I want answers now
or she's not going anywhere!
I'm not an agent.

I did work at the electric company,
but I quit.

And I'm leaving Iran, so
That's it.


Then who's this?
This is the real Zhila Ghorbanifar.

Her boss was murdered
and her husband killed himself.

But this isn't Zhila Ghorbanifar,
is it, you idiot?
Is this true?
Listen, I can explain
- Who sent you here? The Guard?
- Karim!
Engage, engage!
What is your name?
Can you explain
Where are you going?
Piece of shit!
Put the knife down.

No! Don't touch him!
Don't touch Milad, I need him.

Trust me.

Kadosh, we need him.

Mohammad, don't shoot.

Take care of the scene.

The contact will come in a few minutes.

Give me your phone.

Give me your phone.

When he gets here,
do exactly what I tell you.

Both your lives depend on it.

- Hey, brother.

- Hey, man.

How's everything going?
- Assalamu alaikum.

- Salaam.

Come here.

I see you started without me.

- Come, we left you some.

- Yeah?
Can I cut a line for myself?
Is everyone down?
I've had enough.

Put that here
what's with you, man?
What's the matter?
Okay, Mohammad, if Milad betrays us, you
go in and you do what you have to do.

What's with your friend?
I don't know.

I haven't slept in a couple of days.

You haven't slept?
Partying too much? Well, enjoy.

Have you thought about what we asked?
I have.

I love you guys.

How did you put it?
My heart is with you.

But it takes courage, you know?
I have a family.

Good standing.

I can't risk all that.

Listen, don't worry.
You'll be fine.

Honey, I don't know you.

You expect me to put
my life in your hands?
Milad, man.
Tell me
you understand, at least.

What's with him?
What have you done to him?
Parham Kasrayi
I'm telling you nicely.

Are you threatening me?
Milad, what's going on?
I hit "send" and this goes to your boss.

Don't mind if I do.

You're in on this?
We don't have a choice, Parham.

Do as we say.

Do it!
Submit a call.

Do it!
I don't have everything I need.

What do you need?
The unit's serial number.

Don't play dumb.

Fill out the rest.

I'll get the serial number.

I appreciate it, Parham.

Like I have a choice.

You pretend to care about the people,
call yourselves dissidents,
and then blackmail me?
You're just like the criminal
Revolutionary Guard.

Right here, at the edge of 401,
right before it reaches the fence,
the team identified an irregular
patrol, and was forced to retreat.

How did we not know about the patrol?
There's a black spot in the sewage canal.

Satellite imaging must have missed it.

The field equipment?
That too.

I take full responsibility.

Anyway, Nevo wasn't spotted.

The route is fitted with cameras now.

If we see this patrol again at night,
we'll use an alternate route.

Without checking it first?
The original route
we wanted to use is clean.

How can you be sure, Nevo?
You promised several entry routes,
they were all supposed to be clean!
We don't have time for mistakes.

Eran, I want a full
incident report tomorrow.

We'll figure out the rest then.

Thank you, all.

Yael, you stay.

- Hello.

- Are you there?

Are you all right?
You shouldn't have killed him.

He didn't harm me.

He knew too much, Tamar.

He was a threat.

We could have worked it out.

The decision was made, accept it.

Try to set that aside and rest.

We might get the okay tomorrow.

You have to be in good shape.

- What happened to plan A?
- Nothing.

We need to be ready to move
at any moment regardless.

All right?
- Okay.

- Good.

We'll talk in the morning.

She doesn't sound good.

She'll be fine in a few hours.

She's strong.

I gave you two a chance,
it was a disaster.

You saw Nevo's operation.

We need an alternative.

let me go there.

You'll have another option
by tomorrow night.

Zero anti-aircraft missiles, guaranteed.

Hello, honey.

I haven't heard from you in a few days.

I know you're very busy
at your new job in the army,
I'm so proud of you.

I just miss your voice, dear.

Call when you get the chance.

I love you, baby.

I miss you.

I've had a really long day
so I'll call tomorrow.

I want you to tell me everything.

Tell me how you feel.

I love you.

My Nahid
I miss you.

I hope you're well,
that they're taking care of you.

I'm sorry,
I have nothing else to give them.

I was suspended.

For this
ask them to let you go.

I'm begging you.

Thank you.

- Good morning, sir.

- Good morning.

I ordered a room.

I am Mordechai Rabinyan.


There you go, sir,
and I have a message for you as well.



I'M IN ROOM 114.

Mordechai? Hello.

And you are?
I'm Avraham, a friend of the family.

Nice to meet you.

Where's Arezoo?
You mean Koloocheh?
She's taking a walk, she'll be
right back.
Please, come in.

Shalom aleichem.


Thank you.

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