Tehran (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Tamar's Father

- Good morning.

- Morning.

How are things?
Good morning to you too.

Everything's fine.

Okay, you got the file?
- Yes.

- Hang on.

Hello, Amir.
How are you?
How are you, Ali?
You know Any news?
I went through the whole province.

There's only one more station
with a telemetry link to the military.

The secondary station.

I'm sending you the information
of several senior engineers there.

Talk to them.

Great work, Amir.

No! Don't touch him! Don't touch Milad.

Good morning.

Any news?
We wait.

What about him?
He's fine.

I want to talk to him.

That's not a good idea.

That wasn't a question.

I'm the only one who goes in to see him.

Those are the orders.

Who gave these orders?
My commanders, and yours.

Is he okay?
He's eating, drinking?
I'm talking to you!
We should have killed him
back at the apartment.

We have no need for him.

You should be grateful he's still alive.

Is it you saying that,
or our commanders?
I see.

So I'm telling you,
if anything happens to him, it's on you.

- Hello, Mohammad.

- Hello.

Good morning, Tamar.
How are you?
What are you doing here?
Come on, give me a hug.

Are we moving?
We'll talk about everything, okay?
God, I'm so glad you're here.

We got this image
from Faraz Kamali this morning.

This is Mordechai Rabinyan,
Tamar's father.

three hours and 40 minutes
before this was taken.

We're figuring out where he went,
presumably a hotel in Istanbul.

We can determine that based
on the carpet pattern.

It's from a distributor in the north
who works with many hotels in town.

This is our main target.

- And the wife?
- I spoke with Dr.
Ben Arzi,
Having her fly anytime soon
would be too dangerous.

All right, we'll talk to Faraz,
feel things out, see how we proceed.

I'll update Kadosh
about Mordechai's kidnapping.

Sir, my daughter,
she only works with computers.

She's a good girl, a bit skittish
A Mossad spy?
It's impossible!
It's a skill agents have,
not looking like they're agents.

That's how they pick them.

And what have I done?
Sir, I'm a stranger to the world
of espionage,
but I thought there were morals
and humanity in it too.

I see.

I forgot I was talking
to a Revolutionary Guard man.

You people lost your conscience
a long time ago.

How you destroyed our wonderful country.

Not another word out of you!
Not one!
Eat your food.

Blessed are you, Lord, who creates
the fruit of the earth.

Don't yell or make a fuss.

You got that?

You shouldn't have done that.

This is the only language
you people understand.

Faraz, we're giving your wife
the best medical care she can get.

We've no interest in hurting her.

We were going to release her
in the next few days.

I don't believe you.

You kidnapped my wife.

Let me talk to her.

I'm afraid that's not
possible right now.

Why not?
Something happened to her?
Nothing's happened to her.

She's getting tests done.

When she stabilizes we'll contact you.

In the meantime, we'd like to talk to
you about the terms of her release.

The terms are clear.

If my wife doesn't land in Istanbul
by midnight
I will execute Mordechai.

Please control your emotions.

You have till midnight.

Do not test me.

All right, he took care of our
cell phone, he jammed the signal,
he's connected through a remote
operator around Stockholm.

I want us to move on two fronts,
a prisoner exchange
and attempting to track him down.

Parham Kasrayi?
Nice to meet you.

May I have a few words with you?
I'm sorry, do you have an appointment?
These things are best
kept off the record.

May I?
All right, Mr.
how long have you worked at the station?
About 15 years.

- 15 years?
- Yes.

That's a long time.

You must know these systems
better than you know your wife.

Everything all right?

It's a busy day, I have
a meeting in a few minutes.

I apologize.
Let's get to the point.

We've recently discovered
a serious vulnerability in your servers.

It seems some of the station's servers
are connected to military systems.

Is that possible?
Yes, it's possible.

But it's not a vulnerability.

They're backup systems.

Can they be disconnected?
Not by me.
I'll give you
the number for the person in charge.

Does he even know which
servers these are?
I think he probably does.

This is something you
have to be sure about!
what I'm about to say stays between us.

Foreign elements might be trying
to hack into these servers
and access the military systems.

We can't let that happen, right?

Let's go talk to the security specialist.

Make sure he does his job right.

All right.

Let me just make a call
and postpone the meeting.

I'll join you in a moment.

I'll be outside.

So? His behavior's very strange, no?
Milad, it's Parham.
Where are you?
You can't go in.
It's dangerous now.

I canceled the report of the issue.

Don't spread that video.

Please, you're like a brother to me.

He did cancel it.

Can you try to submit a new one?
You have his information.

It'll take time to hack their system.

It's a classified area, you need a code.

And he'll get a notification.

He has to do it himself.

You were there with him.

You think we could push him again?
If one of us talks to Parham,
we'd scare him off.

I saw the way he looked at me,
he didn't exactly trust me.

Milad is our key to this.

Let me talk to Milad.

I can get him to do it, Kadosh.

All right.

How are you feeling?
Get out.

You should drink.

What's the point?
You're going to kill me
in a second anyway, right?
No one is gonna kill you.

So this is what you are?
An agent?
An Israeli?
I see.

For months you've been
setting me up for this.

All our chats on the dark net,
everything we did together
it was all an act.

That's irrelevant right now.

How could I not see it?
How could you do this to me?
I'm sorry.

It wasn't supposed to hurt you.

If Karim hadn't shown up,
if he hadn't threatened me,
- everything would have been all right.

- But that's not what happened, was it?

That's not what happened.

We have a problem.

Parham called off the malfunction.

We can't get in.

That sounds like your problem.

And yours.
And his.

Why? So you are going to kill us.

I'm out.

You can do whatever you want.

- Milad.

- Do you not hear what I'm saying?
I don't believe a single word
coming out of your mouth,
and there is no way I'm helping you
with anything anymore!
I'd rather die before I help you!
Get out!
You're making a mistake.

That felt so good.

That felt so fucking good.

My wife was my whole world too.


So Arezoo told you everything.

My wife's cancer was the symptom,
not the cause.

Her difficulties, our difficulties
away from our precious country,
living in a new country,
that was what killed her.

She died of grief, poor thing.

Why did you leave anyway?
You didn't have us to deal with.

It was my dream to
come to the Holy Land.

To go to Jerusalem,
pray at the Western Wall.

When I went to Jerusalem
for the first time
and saw the sacred wall
and the walls the Muslims built,
I burst into tears.

Well, then?
I'm like in exile there.

The longing for Iran
grows stronger every year.

You don't know how hard it was.

Then why did you even leave?
I only did it for my daughter.

And she did well, indeed.

Look what she's done to you.

How are you feeling?
When do I go home?
As soon as we know it's safe for you.

I want to talk to my husband.

In a minute.

I want to talk to you before that.

Your husband kidnapped
an innocent Israeli citizen,
and he's threatening to kill him
if we don't let you go.

I want this story to be over.

It's unpleasant for me too.

But you can't get on a plane in your
You have to believe me.

If you say so.

Nahid, you have to believe me
and explain to your husband.

I don't want him to do something
he'll regret later on.

Calm him down, make sure
he doesn't hurt anyone.

He's mentally unstable.

Mentally unstable?
What choice did you leave him?
What would you do
if your wife was kidnapped?
To tell you the truth
I don't know if I'd do what he did.

He loves you too much.

Don't tell your wife that.

No need to worry about that.

My wife passed away two years ago.

I don't think I can help you.

You don't know him.

When he sets his mind on something,
there's no talking to him.

I think you can.

He loves you, he will listen to you.

You know, many years ago,
when I was still working in the field
I was in a very bad situation.

I was sure that was it.

That my story was over.

I called my wife,
even though it goes against all orders.

I called her to say goodbye.

To say my last words.

I wrote a speech and everything,
but she wouldn't let me read it to her.

She stopped me.

Told me that she doesn't want to hear,
that there's no way that I'm gonna die.

I told her she didn't understand.

That was it.

It was over.

And then, instead of arguing with me,
she just started singing me a song.

It was our song.

Sing it.

Better if I don't.

If I have strings in me
They play with a vibration
If there is worry in me
It is nearly exposed
If there is love in me
It will be spoken silently
If there are roots in me
They slowly grow
You have a terrible singing voice.

Thank you.

What does it mean?
It's about simple love.

Day-to-day love.

Regular things in life.

It's beautiful.


- How are things?
- How are you?
Praise God.
I'm all right.

I've been a little weak and they
didn't want to take any chances.

But I feel better now.

How about you?
I'm worried about you.

They're treating me well.

God willing, we'll see each other soon.

My dear
they told me you kidnapped a man,
an Israeli citizen,
and threatened you'd kill him.

Don't believe their lies.

So it's not true?
You're home right now, watching GEM TV?
You know I hate those shows.

See? There are upsides
to me not being there.

You don't have to sit there
and watch my Turkish shows with me.

My dear
do you promise that you haven't
gone too far for me?
God won't simply bring you back himself.

Let him go.

- Nahid
- Listen to me.

I'm in no state to get
on a plane right now.

His jammer's on,
we don't have his location yet.

It takes a few days.
Just be patient.

My dear, don't be cruel like them.

Don't hurt him.

I can't make that promise.

I swear I'll get you home.


My dear.

It hurts me that you speak
on their behalf.

Promise me you won't
talk to them anymore.

I'm serious.


I can't stand this kind of talk anymore.

I miss you.

Your voice, your embrace.

Let's talk, just the two of us.

Let them listen.
To hell with them.

I only want to hear your voice.

What do you want me to say?
I want you to sing.

Faraz, I'm so tired.

I just want to sleep.

Will you sing for me?
My dear, I'm in no state to sing.

If you still want
Us to be friends
And like in bygone days
Sit together and rise with the dawn
Your heart must freshen up
Adopt a new melody
Okay, he's using a scrambler
but the algorithm spots the song
among incoming calls to Istanbul.

If you want to stay with me
Come on while we're still young
Come on while we have skin
On our bones
Don't let my heart get left alone
Let my night take on a new color
Take on a new melody
Take on the color of the land
Where you don't leave me alone

Be strong, my love.

I love you.

I'll see you soon.

I promise.

Excuse me, may I?
Is she all right?
Did you talk to her?
Get back inside.

It's a bit hard, sitting there.

I told you to get back inside!
Inside, Zionist dog! Inside!


- So?
- Thanks.

You immigrated when you were six,
I did when I was 15.

I spent my childhood, my youth, here.

I went to a Muslim school.

But it was when I came to Israel
that I felt like a foreigner.

A few years ago
I went back here for the first time.

I was sent to contact
a senior officer, to seduce him,
so he'd let us into a secret base.

The anti-aircraft HQ.

I heard about that.

We were in a relationship
for a few months,
and it went
places it shouldn't have gone.

Whenever I looked at him,
I felt like I was looking
at a boy from my block.

I had a connection and a common tongue
with him that I never had with an Israeli.


I understand completely, I know how
easy it is to get swept up, get lost.

Don't make that mistake.

Don't forget your true identity.

Now go see him.

Speak to his heart,
not from your own heart.

Use your head.

that officer you mentioned
where is he now?
That doesn't matter.

He's dead to me.

You just don't understand
the situation you're in,
what the organization behind me
is capable of.

What is that supposed to mean?
You think you're the only one
they've got a target on?
They want to hurt your family.


You want me to show you
the background check they ran on you?
Don't let your ego cause you harm.

My friend was murdered
right in front of me.

And they will hurt the others.

Who are you protecting here anyway?
The regime you hate?
I'm trying to save you here.

How can you not see that?
If it was up to them, they would have
killed you back at the commune.

And if this mission is a success,
they'll let you go.

But you have to help us.

Call Parham.

Calm him down.

Tell him everything is gonna be okay,
because it really is gonna be okay.

How are you, my friend?
Why are you calling me?
You called off the report
of the malfunction.

I had no choice.

Didn't you hear my message?
Parham, you need to calm down.

I can't do this for you.

your video was only the beginning.

If you don't do this, we'll tell your
wife about all the women you've fondled.

And send our video of you
to the Revolutionary Guard.

Everything's been recorded.

Don't make a mistake here.

Don't mess around.

I'm begging you

Reopen the call for the malfunction.

I did it.

We have it.

don't worry, brother.

You did a good job.

Khosrow, take him in.

- What?
- Get up, traitor!
You promised me I'd be okay.

I didn't promise anything.

- Sir, we're not done here.

- Move it.

You did the smart thing.

You know, I feel sorry for you.

Although I am the one tied to this bed,
between the two of us,
I'm the free one.

You're the prisoner.

Your soul is black.

And I'm sure
that if you were in my position,
you'd give up your whole family,
wouldn't you?
Because that's how it works
in your world, right?
Anything you touch is doomed to die.

You're confident about your op?

We'll get it done.

The planes can take off.

All right.

Take care of yourselves.

Good luck.

We got the okay.

Go get ready.
We leave in 50 minutes.


Tamar, what is it?
Is this real?
- How did you get this?
- Answer me.

He's not held by the Guard
and he's not in Iran.

Where is he, what
It happened this morning.

We're taking care of it.

- How could you not tell me?
- Tamar
I know it's impossible, but I'm
asking you to set this aside for now.

Look at me.

Our best agents are on it.

- They'll get him back, I swear.

- They'll kill him
- He's going to die, I know how this goes.

- No.

They won't.

I'm asking you to put this aside.

He'll be in good hands
by the time we get back.

I can't do it.
I can't
What's the alternative? Waiting?
We made it this far,
it's time to do this.

Let's do it.

Let's go.

All right.

Let's do it.

Come on.

On my command.

- Hi.
Good evening.

- Hello, good evening.

We just called from the road,
we booked a room with a queen-size bed,
Tina and Paul Richardson.

Passport, please.

Okay, they connected to the
hotel's Wi-Fi, now find his room.

Team Three
what's going on at the rear entrance?
Nothing's going on at the rear entrance.

Where the hell are they?
Get into the system,
make sure the call's still open.

What is it?
I can't find it.

The call?
The system, I can't find it.

It's there, check again.

- I don't feel so good.

- Hey!
Ali, check over there.

There's a van that's
been waiting a long time.

Omid, we'll wait a couple of minutes,
and if it doesn't move,
we'll approach it.

- Thank you very much.

- You're welcome.


They are coming.

When did they arrive?
Just now.

They are on their way up.

Thank you.

Get up.

- What is it?
- Up.

- What?
- On your knees.

Get in.

Get in slowly.

Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God,
the Lord is one.

She knows about her father.

Must have had contacted him somehow.

She's out of it.

How did you not report this?
It's a one-time opportunity,
I thought she could do it.

Yael, you two are done.

Get her in the car and get out.

The planes leave soon,
I'm sending Nevo.


They drove off.
It's not them.


Find him.

Did you hear that?
Hoshen, Bareket,
Odem, Yarkan, Heaven's Gates is a go.

Roger, Hoshen aligning and taking off.

Odem and Bareket
aligning and taking off concurrently.

Permission to cross over you
after takeoff.

Odem and Bareket clear to take off
and cross over me to the left.

Yarkan aligning and taking off.

Yarkan clear.
Good luck, everybody.

Put Nevo on, please.

Nevo, do you read?
How are you doing, Nevo?
- Great.

- The planes just took off.

I want to tell the PM
the planes can complete
their mission tonight with no issue.

That the pilots are being looked after.

It's going to be fine, sir.

Team, move out.

How are things?
Let me talk to him, please.


I'm putting your dad on.

They just released him.

My precious
My sweetheart.

Why are you crying? Don't cry.

Don't cry.

My precious.
Don't cry.

My sweetheart
My precious Sali
- Hello.

- Get to the safe house,
initiate evacuation procedure, and
have Mohammad get rid of the Iranian.

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