Tehran (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Five Hours Until the Bombing Run

Dorban One, this is Two.

I'm on the route behind you.

This is One.
Roger, out.

When's the drop-off?
They're 90 minutes away.

Drop-off 45 minutes.

They'll place the charges and disengage.

The pilots will cross the Alpha point
in five minutes.

Ready for action.

What was that?
What is this flash?
Dorban One, do you read me?
Are you going to kill him?
Kadosh, don't.

It's protocol.

He helped us.

He knows too much.
He's heard things.

He won't talk.
Not a word.

If you had succeeded,
we could discuss it.

But you didn't.

Pack things up.

Nevo's operation has been neutralized.

What happened?
Not important right now.

In any case, the planes are in the air.

I swore to the prime minister
we'd have clear skies, and we will.

- What are you suggesting?
- You need to contact your agent now,
and convince him to help us
enter the anti-aircraft base tonight.

Offer him anything he wants.

You have my okay.

I'll try.

We will not tolerate a nuclear Iran.

This operation and the pilots' lives
are in your hands, Yael.

You report directly to me.

They might have expected Nevo.

We might have a leak.

I understand.

Hello, dear.
How are you?
I'm all right.

Happy to hear your voice.

Me too.

We're going back to our original plan.

But we already agreed.

We can't.

People will start asking questions.

It's a strategic base.

Trust me, I tried every other way.

Let's figure something out together.

This is our last chance.

It will be very hard to do it
on such short notice.

Your girl will have to make an effort
to get in.

We can do it.

What are you doing here?
I came to buy a suit.

Any updates on the Israeli agent?
I can't discuss that with you.

Why not?
They say you're working
with the Israelis,
that they're the ones who paid
for Mrs.
Nahid's operation.

And you believe that?
How long have we known each other?
Why didn't you report
to Mohammadi sooner?
Because he won't let us work.

Every time we had solid material
for him, he blew us off.

I wanted to disseminate
the Israeli agent's photo,
he wouldn't do it.

He said we had to be "secretive.
Why would Mohammadi sabotage us?
Think about it, Ali.

Please get out.

Out of respect for you
I'll keep this conversation between us.

If there are any updates,
please keep me posted.

At all hours.

This is Khatam-al Anbiya,
the Iranian anti-aircraft command base.

We have papers and fake badges
to get you inside.

The problem is getting in the building.

There's a fingerprint
scanner at the gate.

The server farm is on the bottom floor.

The passcode for entry is changed
every 24 hours.

Suppose we get in,
how long will I have inside?
Not long.

It's manned 24/7.

There are technicians there.

I can connect a dongle and log in
and hack into the system from here.

But what about gaining entry?
Outside security systems
aren't really my field.

But the military
works with Iran Security, right?

Then we need Milad.

That's his specialty.

Are you only doing this
to have a reason to keep him alive?
I'm doing it because
we can't get in without him.

If he helps us,
we don't need to kill him.

Promise me.

Your piece.


Either way, it seems impossible to me.

Only the highest-ranking techs
were exposed to military projects.

And God knows what defense systems
they have set up there.

I was never exposed to those things.

Let's try.
I'll help you.

It's got nothing to do with that.

So, what?
I should tell them you can't do it?
Because if this is where we are,
it's the end.

I can try put the fingerprints
into the system
through the computer at the commune.


Just so you know,
I'm not working with the Israelis
because I like them, or for the money.

Only for our sake.

These clerics have ruined
the most beautiful country on Earth.

That's something we can agree on.

But you should know,
I won't take my eyes off you,
not for one second.

You make one mistake
and you'll end up like your friend.

Did you check his name and address?
We did.

I request permission
to investigate in the anarchist commune.

What kind of sense does that make?
Since when have the Israelis
worked with anarchists?
The engineer from the electric company
identified the girl.

That engineer made the whole thing up,
I tell you.

He got involved with some junkies
and tried to weasel out of it.

You know how many stories like that
I hear every day?
Send me a detailed report.

And transfer the case
to National Security.

Let them handle it.


Don't follow your old boss's lead.

Stick to the orders you're given.

Yes, sir.

There are people inside.


Give me access.

What are you writing there?
It's okay.
He's working.

I'm on him.

- Don't fan it.
It's burning.

- Turn it over.

I'm handling the kebabs.

I know what I'm doing.

- You forgot about this.

- I don't like them too well done.

- You want this medium?
- This is from Akbar's.
He's the best.

Where'd this guy come from?
- Hello, son.

- Where'd he come from?
What can I do for you?
I'm looking for my daughter.

I heard she might be here.

No way.

Everyone knows each other here.

We don't let strangers in.

You got the wrong place.

Let me walk you out.

Her name's Zahra.

I've told you a thousand times
I haven't seen her.

Shahin, what is this?
- Hello, sweetheart.

- Hello.
Go on.

I'll talk to him.

How can I help you?
I'm looking for my daughter.

Her name's Zahra.

You'd know her as Zhila Ghorbanifar.

I just want to talk to her.

Make sure she's all right.

See how she's doing.

My life hasn't been the same
since she left.

I can't sleep.
I can't eat.

You can relax.

I met her.
She's fine.

She's seeing one of the guys here.

Really? She's here?
You've seen her?
I haven't seen her in two days.

They went on a trip.

One of our guys
has been gone since yesterday.

They might be together.

Try using the old version of the SSL.

It worked.

Now get the scanner out.

- Come.
It's not far.

- Thank you.

He's got her hooked.

So your crocodile tears
were only for the girl? Right?
Don't do it, man! Don't!
Here we are.


What's the matter with him?
He's so strange, like he's got
some great secret in his room.

Doesn't anyone have a key?
I just want to make sure she's safe.

- Maybe one of the guys has a key.

- Thank you.

Follow me.

Of course.

Does anyone in the commune
have a key to your room?
Go ahead.
Get this done.

I'm done.

- Let's go.

- I need one more second.

No time.
Run it.

God bless you for all your help.

It's nothing.

I wish my parents came to see me.

Why don't they?
They don't like seeing me like this.

They're uncomfortable talking to me.

They're very conservative.

A bit like you, maybe.

I'm really sorry.

The light's on.

It's Milad's.

His room is tidy for a change.

- Milad's thing is computers.

- Oh, yes?
He has a master's in computer science
from the University of Tehran.

He's incredible.

Did you see something?
No! It's nothing.

I thought I spotted her handwriting.

Okay, shall we?
After you.

Go on, after you.

How are we doing?
He did it.

All samples were added to the system.

Can he do it from the car? It's dangerous,
letting him into a military base.

It's the only way.

I need him in the server room.

He makes one mistake,
he gets a bullet in the head.

Give me an ETA.

In 42 minutes they'll reach
the Kurdish-Iranian border,
then they'll have 31 minutes
before release.

They'll make it.

We're here for an inspection
and a software update.

Let me see your ID.

All right, continue straight and then
make a left.
You can park there.

Thank you.

Iran Security, how may I help you?
I got an error message on my computer.

I'd like you to explain it to me.

Let me read you the number:

What does that mean?
One moment, I'm checking.

You're calling from
the Air Defense HQ in Tehran, right?
Of course.

Are you a system administrator?

Well, have one of the techs in Ababil
talk to me, all right?
Yes, sir.
This error code involves them.

Great game.

Liverpool's got a strong team this year.

So does Barcelona.

Go ahead.


Go ahead.


Now, your finger.

I have to get inside.

Sorry, you don't have clearance.

Cut me some slack.

There's an issue with my print.

- Sorry, I can't let you through.

- I was called in specially
I can't let you through.

- Please, sir
- I can't.

At the end of this hallway
there's an emergency exit.

Go there now
and leave.

What do you mean?
I mean you're free to go.

Use the emergency exit,
then take the back gate.

Keep your eyes open at all times.

I'm sorry for everything I did to you.

You didn't deserve it.

I hope you don't remember me as the
worst thing that ever happened to you.


Hey, wait.


The fact that we got in here so quickly
doesn't make any sense to me.

I wasn't going to say anything, but
there's no way I could have gotten
our fingerprints in so quickly.

What could it be?
I don't know, but it was too easy.

We're inside,
on our way to the server farm.

Mohammad isn't with us.

He had an issue with his print.

He let me know.

You think Milad set it up?
No chance.

Everything needs to be updated daily.

We're in.

Which column?

Proceed to R6 at the southern end.

Are you sure?
It should be in the northern area.

The servers are arranged geographically.

I'm sure.
Head there.

Kadosh, it looks like a row
of backup servers.

That's it.
Proceed to Y112.

Open the gate.

One moment, sir.
I'm sorry.

Sir, could you come here for a moment?
Come on.

Come on!
Open the gate.

Sir, what are you doing here?
That's classified.

Open up.

This time of night you need a pass.

Nobody's going to bother you about it.

Trust me.

Open the gate now.

All right, I just need to confirm.

I'm just following orders.

Can I see your ID?

No one must know I'm here.

Tell them I'm from
Revolutionary Guard Intelligence.

That'll do.
- Go.
That'll do.

- Wait here.

Lady! Stop!
Your bucket.

Where's Milad?
- Tower, do you copy?
- Copy.

The princess is out.
The hacker is gone.

Send her to the entrance and find him.

Check the base's back exit.

He didn't come through here.

Copy that.


Come on!
- Yes?
- We're done at the base.

Headed to the apartment.

- ETA?
- Five minutes.

Tamar will run the protocol from there
and hand over control to you.

I can't believe you let him go.

You let your emotions put
the entire operation at risk.

Haleli, tell the Air Force to proceed.

We'll make it on time.

You can proceed.

We're right on schedule.




I found Tamar.

She's with another agent in an apartment
in the north of Tehran.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.


Send your team.

We'll be there in 20.

Step on it.

We got a ping from Tehran.

Stabilize it.

- Status?
- Stabilizing the connection.

- Backing it up through satellites.

- How long until we control the radar?
Up to her.

She's rerouting it to us concurrently.

I'm done.

Do we have control?
It's loading.

We've got it!
On the left monitor you can see
our genuine radar image.

The right monitor is showing
the image from the Iranian radar.

The Iranian radar's blind.

Haleli, report to the Air Force.

Command, Iranian radar's been shut down.

Repeat, Iranian radar's been shut down.

You may proceed to a bombing pattern.

Hello, darling.

Bita, how's everything going?
Mission accomplished.

I'll see you later.

Take care of this.

Pass this on.

They've taken the bait.

The Israeli planes
are headed for the reactor.

Thank you.

The Israeli planes are approaching.

Be sure to monitor them.

We have a problem.

- What is it?
- Come, quick.

This is what's being broadcast
from the operations room in Israel.

Now look at this.

This is the Iranian radar image.

- They can see the planes.

- I thought you breached it.

I did.
You must have sent me
to the wrong server.

What makes you say that?
I also connected to tower B,
just in case.

I didn't have time to breach it.

I only have outgoing signals.

I ran a test.

We breached a dummy server.

They were expecting us, Kadosh.

- No way.

- That's the only explanation.

Your source directed us
to that server, right?
He directed you there?
He's double-crossing you.

I have to get Operations
to call off the planes.

Hands off the computer.

Not a word of this to anyone.

Kadosh, they'll shoot the planes down.

So be it.

Are you sure the Israelis don't know?
My agent is very reliable.

Don't worry.
It will work.

We're here.

Going in.

Drop the gun.
Hands on the desk.

Hands on the desk.

Mohammad, do you read?

Turn the planes around.
It's an ambush.

What's going on? Where's Kadosh?
She's down.
You have to send them back.

They're completely exposed.

How is that possible?
I'm sending you the actual radar image.

Sorry, sir, they knew we were coming.

Haleli, tell the Air Force
the planes are visible on Iranian radar.



I was in the same position
you're in now.

With a gun pointed
at your father's head.


But I didn't kill him.

He's a noble man.

A good man.
A good man.


My wife's life
is in your hands.



It's time.

One, this is Takif.

Almog One, this is Takif.

You've been exposed!
Cease radio silence.

It's a trap.

Abort mission.

Leader, this is Almog One.

Roger, we've been exposed.

Aborting mission.

Two, turn.
surface-to-air evasive maneuvers.

They're on to us!

- HQ, we're under attack.

- Roger, making a 180.

Battery 13, fire!
Battery 16, fire!
Battery 19
Hey, hey.
It's me.

- Are you okay?
- I'm good.

Who shot him?
Some old guy.
I don't know.

- Two.
Under attack.

- Three.
Under attack.

- I'm taking fire.

- Breaking left.

- Two, fire behind you, turn.

- They're locked on, performing maneuver.

- We have to get out of here.

- Yeah.

- Fast.

- Yeah.

Four, under attack.

Defending, breaking left.

- Three, breaking hard.

- Almog Three.

Almog Three, do you copy?
Fire behind you.

This is Almog Three, I'm hit.

Left wing, I think.

Losing altitude.

Preparing to eject.


Three ejected, Three ejected.

Anybody spot a parachute?
I see a parachute.

1,000 feet below.

Only one parachute.

Almog Three, do you read me?
Try giving me his coordinates.

Three, do you read me?
Three, this is Leader, do you read me?
Three, this is Leader, do you read me?
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