Tehran (2020) s02e01 Episode Script


What is that?
It's good for you.














Where were you? I called.

I just went to get us some food.

You should've just woken me up.

I would've gone.

I was going crazy.

I haven't been outside for days.

No one saw me.

Yes, but we can't take risks
like that, okay?
We're this close.

You've been saying that for two months.

Well, it's not that easy to get the money
when you're under the radar like us.
Do you have another way
to get us out of here?

Just promise me
you'll be extra careful today.

Yeah, of course.


Just imagine it.
Soon we'll be on our way to Vancouver.

Just you and me.

And the trees, the lakes.

Nice, easy coding jobs.

An apartment of ourselves.

I got this.

I know.


Thank you.

Please don't go anywhere.

Where would I go?


Who's this?
Babak's friend.

I went to see you a few days ago.

You were supposed to
pick me and my sister up tonight.

No, sweetheart.
You haven't paid yet.

Get this through your head,
I don't take anyone across for free.

Got that? You have to pay.

I'll pay you in a few hours.

I'll go on a drive and come see you.

You'll get the money by noon
at the latest.

-You're at the stand, right?
-Yes, I'm always here.

-Thank you.

-Sure thing.

Go, boy, get two cups of tea.

Tamar, are you ready?
"General Mohammadi,
we beg of you to do us this kindness.

Please recommend that
the supreme leader pardon us.

We would be eternally grateful
if we could live out the rest of our lives
as loyal subjects of the state.

Respectfully and gratefully,
Arezoo Raisi.

You think we have a chance?
I think he'll recommend you.
We must hope.

He knows we wouldn't have done anything.

He knows she's my niece.

He knows.

Visiting time is over.
Get up!
Be strong, Arezoo.

Trust in God.










Yulia, Tamar is ready.

Put her on, please.

Sit down, Tamar.

Hello, Tamar.

I'm happy to see you with us again.


Two months ago, 15 pilots were sent on
a mission to destroy the Iranian reactor.

Sadly, that mission failed.

But thanks to you,
14 of them made it home safely.

Today you have the chance
to save the 15th.

Milad Kahani doesn't know anything?
I want your word you'll extract
Milad and me after the operation,
like we agreed.

That's what you were promised, right?
I want to hear you say it.

It's going to happen
if the operation is successful.

You'll extract us
whether or not it's successful.

This is one of the most important
operations in Israel's history,
and that's the only thing on my mind.

Good luck, Tamar.

-What is this shit?
Tell Babak I want the good stuff,
not the rat poison
they sell at the intersections.

Man, this is the primo shit,
it just takes a while to kick in.

Don't you tell me what primo shit is.

I didn't mean that.

You're the only one
who'd say this is any good.

Take this, get the hell out
and stop wasting my time.




Can you show me what you have?
I'm on the electronic company's firewall.

I ran the exploit,
but I couldn't get the backdoor.

Can you send it to me?
Azizi, this is Mehdi.

Did you get the money?
I'm working on it.

It's going to take a bit longer, okay?
You're not the only one
waiting for those spots, sweetheart.

I don't know when we'll have
another chance to get you out.

I have another buyer here
just begging for them.

No, please, I'll be there.

I'll get you the money.

You better hurry, kid.

What are you staring at?
I'm going out back to take a piss.

What a waste of time.

General Mohammadi's inauguration
as Commander
of the Revolutionary Guard Corps
will commence in an hour.

There is no one more worthy
than General Mohammadi--
I've had it with you!
This is a restricted area!
This is my father's house.

I'm the general's son.

One moment, sir.

It's the general's son.

He wants to drive in.

The general just left for the ceremony.

Do you copy?
We've just received word that
General Qasem Mohammadi's motorcade
will arrive at the leader's
office in a few minutes.

By decree of the commander in chief
of the Iranian Armed Forces,
General Mohammadi was appointed Commander
of the Revolutionary Guards last week.

Today he will receive
his Major General insignia
from the glorious supreme leader.

We all remember that
as Head of Revolutionary Guards
General Mohammadi foiled the Zionist
regime's aerial assault on our homeland…
Hello, Ali! I'm glad you came.

How are you, boss?
You still call me that?
Come in.

An Israeli pilot was captured
during the operation,
-and the Zionist regime was humiliated.

-You watch the news?
Sort of.

Out of the corner of my eye.

Hello, Mrs.
How are you?
Are you alone?
Yes, same as always.

Would you like anything to drink?
Tea? Something cold?
Don't trouble yourself.

I'll make some tea.

Let's go to the other room.

So, what's new with our friend Azizi?
We've been staking out his stand
for the past two days.

No sign of our duo.

I don't understand.

When did Azizi last smuggle people out?
-Maybe we should drop it…
-Here it is.

About a week ago… my source saw Milad.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?
I think it would be best
if you left it alone.

Get some rest.

How can I rest
when she's out there?
It's been over two months.

I don't think it's likely
she's still in Iran.

They haven't made it out, I'm sure.

Sir, you might be right,
but I can't keep working under the radar.

I have a lot of work,
other targets to follow.


-Thank you.

-Thank you, Nahid, dear.

-Thank you.


Looks like she's feeling better.

No, she's not feeling better.









-What's the situation?
-Still waiting on the firewall backdoor.

The Iranians upgraded their security.

What's the time range on his count?
Three to five minutes.

This is the moment we've been waiting for.

General Mohammadi, who's served
the revolution for so many years,
is receiving his Major General insignia
from the glorious leader
of the revolution.

May God continue to aid him
in his mission of serving the government
and the Islamic nation, inshallah.

Get me Alpha.

Tamar, Glilot needs an estimate.

I don't know.

-Let me work.

Tamir, how are we doing?
She hasn't shut down power
in the area yet.




-No, dear.


-Don't worry.
I'll come see you soon.








Damn it, the power's out again.

At least the generator's working.

The power must be out everywhere.

We have to get him to the hospital.

-Go! Go!

power's out in the entire quarter.

-This is Alpha.

-The power's out.


Go, and be safe out there.
Good luck.


Guys, get ready.

Careful, careful!
Go to the Baqiyatallah Hospital.

The power's out there.
We'll have to
take him to a different hospital.

Only Baqiyatallah!
I'm telling you,
it's a mistake to take him there.

Prisoners are only taken to Baqiyatallah.

A whole secure wing's been prepared,
and the security forces are there.

Come on, take him to Ayandegan.

His blood pressure's 290 over 100.

He's dying.
We'll end up taking the blame.

The driver says the power's out
at Baqiyatallah.

Know anything about that?
I see.

Ma'am, the force is asking
if we have a go.

Not yet.

Attention, all forces!
The destination has been changed
to Ayandegan Hospital.

I repeat, the prisoner is being evacuated
to Ayandegan Hospital.

The ambulance is turning.

Send the force in.

Alpha, do you copy?
You're clear to go.

-Hello, hello.
Milad, brother!
-Hey brother.

-How are you?
-Come in.

How are you, Chica?
Come in, man.

What is this?
It was all fine, except for Vahid's crap.


Those rich kids are always trouble.

This is yours.

What? Did you expect money
for the stuff you didn't sell as well?
I promise I'll sell it by tomorrow.

If you take care of that thing
for me tonight…
No, it doesn't work that way.

-Hey, man.

Do you have any of the good stuff left?
But that bastard Vahid won't pay,
and I won't let
the son of a bitch even smell it.

Vahid wants a large amount,
and he doesn't check every bag.

We'll let him check one bag
with primo shit
and off-load the rest on him.

Listen, wise guy.

You think I'd fuck over
an old client like that?
Do you think I'm that stupid? Do you?
Hey, I didn't mean anything by it.

You should see the look on your face!
But it's a solid idea.

So you need money?
All units to Ayandegan Hospital.

I repeat: All units to Ayandegan Hospital.

According to Seph comms,
dozens of Guard soldiers
are headed to the hospital.


Just now?
The Israeli pilot's collapsed in his cell.

They're taking him to Ayandegan.

Ayandegan? Why not Baqiyatallah?
The power's out there.

it's them.

Have no doubt, it's them.

Think about it.

The power goes out
just as the pilot collapses.

What's the lady's specialty?
The power grid.

It's obvious.
Go to Ayandegan, quickly.

I know she's there.

Ali, find the pilot.



Alpha, patient one en route.

Alpha, patient two has just arrived.

On his way to intake.

Thank you, Hatef.

We're ready at our positions.

Get him out.

Looks like a hemorrhagic stroke.

High BP, convulsions,
loss of consciousness.

A ten on the Glasgow scale.

BP 290 over 100.

He was given 20cc hydralazine.

Unequal pupil size.
Do a head CT!
Take him.
Bring him in quickly.

I'm sorry, no one is allowed to enter.

You can't go in.
It's very dangerous.

You can watch him from here.

What's the matter? Is it broken?
I'm sorry.

-What is this? Open up.

-There you go.

Just as I thought, subdural hematoma.

Prep an OR and a team
for craniotomy and drain insertion.

I'll come with the patient
and operate myself.

They're taking him to the OR now.

Where's the prisoner?
-He was taken to an operating room.

-You two, come with me.

Let's go.

Prep him quickly.

-You'll have to wait here.

What do you mean, stop?
Take him to the OR, now!
I said stop!
I'm giving the instructions here.

Sir, we have to operate on him
Then I'm going in with him.

You can't.
It's a sterile environment.

You were just outside.

If I'm not going in, neither is he.

Based on the CT scan,
if we don't operate immediately--
What CT scan?
That's not him.

Everybody on the ground!
Where's the CT room?
The old west wing.

You two, come with me.

Notify all units the prisoner's escaped.

Take me there.



You've got incoming.
Head into X-ray.


Check the exits.
Go, get a move on!

Alpha, two more incoming.

Stop! Put your hands up!
I found them.

-You okay?

Alpha, run to the big doors.

The emergency door, now!
Stand back!
I'm heading out.

Delete all the security camera footage
and follow the plan.

Alpha, at the end of the hall
make a right towards the exit.

-Are you sure?
-I'm sure.

Cover the left.

They went that way.

Hands up!
Khosro, shoot her!
-We have to go now.


We're missing one agent.

All forces to the southern exit.

Everyone's on evacuation protocol
except for Hatef.

-Get them out.

-Alpha leader, do you copy?
-You're clear to leave.

-What about Hatef?
Alpha, are you deaf? I told you to go!
Toss it!
Go, go, go!
Damn you!
Prepare for the charge.


We're headed home.

I feel closer to the Iranian public
and the government…
As you can see, some work
has come up again and I have to go.


Are you lost down the rabbit hole?
Don't be afraid.

Who are you?
Who sent you?
Mutual friends.

I'm watching this door.
You head that way.

Give me your hand.

Trust me.

Go! Watch that area!
Follow that hall
all the way down to the end.

Even if it looks like it leads to nowhere.

Look for a green light.

There'll be a door.

But where will it take me?
Wherever you want it to take you.

Good luck, Tamar.


All visitors are requested
to gather in the lobby.

I repeat: All visitors are requested…
Hospital ID!
I have a visitor pass.
Here you go.

-Come with me.

-Sir, let her go, please.

That's Dr.
Marjan Montazemi.

She's a specialist.

She came on my invitation.

Listen, sir, I'm the hospital director.

I'm telling you, Dr.
is one of Iran's top psychoanalysts.

I'm sorry, Doctor.

It's all right, my dear Kourosh.

I understand.

You can go.

Need a taxi?
-No, thank you.

I'll take you wherever you want.

It's okay now.
I only want this much.

And tell Babak this is the last time
he pulls this crap on me.

I will.

Hello, welcome! What an honor!
General Mohammadi's son at my gym,
and on a day like this.
Way to go.


-Thank you.

What's new? Are you pleased?
I'm very pleased.

Maybe we should go.

The car's not ready yet.

We have a long trip ahead of us.

Get up.

-Don't talk.
Give me your hands.

-My child!
-Stay away from each other!
What are you doing here?
They called
and said I could come visit you.

They just called for no reason?
No, it means Mohammadi
recommended you and Dad.

I knew all along
everything would work out.

I knew they'd understand
it wasn't our fault.

It was that Zionist whore.
That it was all
my whore Zionist cousin's fault--
Enough, Razieh.
It's all behind us.

I miss you so much, Mom.

Me too, sweetheart.
Me too.

Medical personnel present at the scene
reported a massive gathering
of security forces
and sounds of gunfire and explosions
that were heard
for a period of some minutes.

Actually I was busy treating
one of the patients…
Then the Revolutionary Guard forces
arrived, but…
I'm in the market.

I got all the money.

I have a surprise.

I'm gonna pay Azizi,
and we're getting out of here tonight.

What? Tonight? What are you talking about?
Milad, listen to me.

Don't go to Azizi.
It's dangerous.

My love, I've prepared everything, okay?
Okay? I'm right by his stand.

We don't have a choice.

Yes, we do.
We do.

I took care of it.
Trust me.

What are you talking about?
Who was that?
Tamar, where are you?
Why aren't you at home?
I'll explain everything later.

Just go home.

I'll be there soon and pick you up.

Tamar, did you go back to them?
Please, trust me.
Go home.

Visiting time is over!
Tell Dad I love him.

-You can tell him yourself soon.

-No physical contact! Come with me.

Our live broadcast
of General Qasem Mohammadi's speech
as Commander of the Revolutionary Guard
will begin shortly.

Peace and prayer be upon
the Prophet Mohammed and his household.

Two months ago,
the Zionist regime sent its pilots
towards our Islamic homeland…
Get me a translation.

And kill tens of thousands
of innocent people.

By the grace of Allah,
this mission was a resounding failure
and a slap in the face for Israel.

Today the Zionists carried out
another terrorist action on Iranian soil.

The attack took place in a hospital.

This is further proof of our enemies'
devilish nature and sinister intentions.

The great leader of the revolution stated
that if the Zionists make a mistake,
Tel Aviv and Haifa will be wiped
off the face of the earth.

-Where are we going?
-Don't talk.
Keep walking.

As a faithful servant of the government,
I hereby state
that I will do everything,
with God's help, praised may He be,
to make sure those efforts
bear fruit soon.

-Get going!
-I'm begging you!

-Get out.

Bring her here.

Have him stand here.

I must add that the Zionist regime's
spy network
has recently been exposed and thwarted.

This is awful.

I wish we could stop it.

Its members were prosecuted
and duly punished.

This is the lot of traitors.

Always has been, always will be.

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