Tehran (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Change of Plan

The Revolutionary Guard
under General Mohammadi's command
will not allow the corrupt,
decadent capitalist West,
led by the United States and Israel,
to pollute the pure Iranian nation.

There will be no hope for the traitors.

Shame and disgrace
will be cast upon them for all eternity.

The people of Iran,
more unified than ever,
will close ranks against the Zionists'
miserable attempts to disrupt this unity.

The traitors were duly dealt with
harshly and decisively.

In his first speech as the Revolutionary
Guard's commander in chief,
General Mohammadi demonstrated
decisiveness, courage, and authority.

- Hello?
- I'm on my way back.

Come outside.
Meet me at the south end.


What's going on?
I'll explain later.
Just come now.

The death penalty awaits anyone who.

Yes, Mr.

Where are you?
There's movement in the house.

- Are you sure it's him, boss?
- Of course I am.
I followed him here.

Okay, I'll be there in five minutes.

Can you see him?
He's coming out now.

I'm on him.
Stay on the line.

Look, he's heading to
the market's south exit.

Surprise him.
Take the next turn.

Be careful.

Stop! Stop!
Get him!
Get him!
Stop, you bastard!
You'll only make things worse!
God damn you, you piece of shit!
Stop, traitor!
Khosro, go down and get him.

Son of a bitch!
Where is he?
Where's Milad?
Let's go around to the other side.

Stop, you piece of shit!
Yes, he went back
to the east side of the market.

I got him.

You goddamn mule!
Are you blind or what?
- Okay?
- Yeah.

What happened?

The drug units, sweeping for dealers.

Stay in the car.

Hello, how are you?
- All set? Is there room for everyone?
- Yes.

- There's nobody else here?
- There is, actually.

Why didn't you tell me about this?
I couldn't.

It was too big of an operation.

Tamar, we had a plan with Azizi.

It never would've worked.

The Guard is looking for us.

- So you went to work for them?
- Yes.

To get them to
To get them to extract you.

What are you talking about?
What about you?
I can't leave yet.

It's my fault.

I have to make it right.


Tamar, I am so sorry about what happened
to your uncle and auntie.

But this is not your fault.

All right, it's time to go.
Get out.

they know what they're doing.

They'll get you across.

I'll meet you in Canada.

What are you talking about?
- He's going alone.

- We're both staying!
- Not without you.

- Hurry up!
You are both leaving.

Then talk to whoever you have to!
Change of plans!
Do you understand?
My Nahid,
- sweetheart
- Mmm.

You fell asleep in front of the TV.

- Did I sleep long?
- Yes.

I wanted to see how the movie ended.

They probably lived happily ever after.

Let's get you to bed.


- Are you all right?
- Yes.

It was a very nice movie
about a Turkish girl who
Did you lock the door?
Don't open it.

People are knocking.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

Good evening, Mr.

We need to come in and do a quick sweep.

I'm sorry.
I can't let you in.

Sir, these are security protocols.

In this house,
there are different protocols.

- You better cooperate, otherwise
- It's all right.

Welcome, sir.

It's good to see you home, alive and well.

She is grateful to you for that, sir.

We both are.

General Mohammadi,
would you like something to drink?
No, thank you.
Don't trouble yourself.

Where can we speak in private?
Uh, this way, please.

What do you want me to do?
You can go.

I received reports that
you and your former deputy
pursued the Israeli agent tonight,
and that you saw her with your own eyes.

Is that true?
- Yes, sir.

- Despite being suspended?
It doesn't smell right, Faraz.

We've searched for two months,
and you of all people find them?
I only did it for my country.

I was thinking about my father
on the way over here,
what he'd been through.

I don't speak of him often.

He was kicked out of
every gambling establishment in town
and started going to dog fights.

One night, he saw this giant AmStaff
that was fighting
a skinny old Rottweiler named Ghoul.

It was the end of the night,
and my father had already lost most
of the money my brothers and I had earned.

When the fight started,
the large dog approached Ghoul.

For a moment, it seemed almost like
the AmStaff felt sorry
for the skinnier dog,
if such animals are even capable of pity.

Suddenly Ghoul gave one last jump
and grabbed the AmStaff's neck.

He bit into it and refused to let go.

It took ten people to pull him off.

At the end of it all,
my father came home
with his pockets full of money.

That was the only time he ever got lucky.

Tomorrow morning,
you're going back to your department.

You've got a lot to atone for.

Thank you very much, General.

I am giving you
an opportunity here, Faraz.

Don't miss it.

Yes, sir.

Nahid, my sweet.


See the black car
on the other side of the road?
Go to it.

Don't take this the wrong way,
but I was hoping to never see you again.

I want to talk to Yulia Magen.

- I'll be sure to let her know.

- With her directly.

I've had bad experiences
with local agents.

And the local agent who just helped you
escape the Revolutionary Guard?
How was your experience with her?
Tamar, I too have lost people
that I care about.

Believe me.
I know how you're feeling.

What do you know? You don't even know me.

I know you're a good agent.

I know that because of you,
Ben Haim is on his way home
to his family as we speak.

You paid a terrible price,
but it wasn't for nothing.

Now, tell me why
you didn't get on that truck.

I know how to get to Qasem Mohammadi.

And I want to take him out.

I'm serious.

- How?
- His son, Peyman.

Milad sold drugs to one of his friends,
Vahid Nemati.

I'll make friends with Vahid.

I'll get into their group and meet Peyman.

Peyman is a path to Mohammadi.

You need Milad to make the connection.

We can trust him.

He's already proven that.

Yes, but can he handle it?
- Tactically, emotionally, he's not
- He can do it.

I'll pass this on.

My agent will take you somewhere safe.

Wait, how are we going to proceed with
I said I'll pass this on.

We'll be in touch.

Get some rest.

Did you hear all that?

I think it's reckless.

If she can get to Peyman Mohammadi,
it's worth looking into.

Yulia, the girl's traumatized
and not behaving rationally.

All she can see is the image of her aunt
hanging from the gallows.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing.

We like agents with a motive.

But they have to operate with
a cold, dispassionate judgment,
that Tamar is incapable of right now.

Mohammadi represents the greatest threat
facing the state of Israel.

I want to examine the possibility
of a mission like this before we give up.

Give Tamar the night
to get herself under control.

Let's see where we are tomorrow.

Tamar, you've got
some basic supplies here.

If there's any problem, you call me, okay?

We need to buy some new clothes.

And improve our cover story.

It has too many holes.

Tamar, what are you doing?
Hey, stop.

- I'm sorry.

- No.

I'm sorry.

Good morning, my dear.

How did you sleep?
Did you talk to Yulia?
Good morning, Milad.

We haven't been formally introduced.

My name is Marjan Montazemi.

- Nice to meet you.

- Likewise.

Has Tamar brought you up to speed
on her plan?
I can get to Peyman through Vahid.

Come have your tea.

A truck leaves for the border tonight.

So we have precious few hours
to prove that your plan is worth a damn.

Call Vahid.


Put it on speaker, dear.

Hello, Vahid.
How are you?
What do you want?
I just wanted to know if you liked
the stuff I brought you yesterday.

It was great stuff.

Why do you ask?
No reason.

Thought I'd drop by
and give you a little freebie.

Don't worry, man.
We're cool.

Vahid, are you sure?
I got some killer shit,
definitely worth a taste.

When are you at the gym?
I'll pop in for a minute
and make your day.

Forget it.

It's too early in the day for this stuff.

Thanks but no thanks.

Not so easy after all.

We'll go to his gym and try.

Never let them know
how much you need them.

The trick is to make them believe
that they need you.

Well, well,
who do we have here?
Faraz, welcome.

Hello, Hossein.

- Did they change our offices?
- No.

I run the department now,
so this is my office.

It's very comfortable here.

this is an uncomfortable situation
for the both of us.

But we have to work it out somehow,
don't we?
I expect us to work smoothly together.

You have the reputation of a solo act,
but that's not going to work here.

Do you understand?
- How's it going, Ali?
- Hello, boss.

Not the boss anymore, it seems.

Hello, how are you?
How are you? Everything all right?
- How are you all doing?
- Hello.

Why didn't you tell me they brought in
that idiot to replace me? Huh?
I didn't want to bring you down.

I'll sit with you here,
if that's all right.

You can have my desk.

No, no.
You stay at your desk.

No, I insist.

Hang on.

Yes, darling.

Faraz, I don't feel well.

My heart is pounding.

Maybe you should take a pill?
I don't want to take a pill.

Those pills knock me out.

Come home, please.
I don't feel well.

Sweetheart, I just got to the office.

You just wanted to get away from me,
didn't you?
That's why you went back.

My dear, don't be silly.

I'll be home soon.

We'll eat, watch a movie.

Everything will be all right.

I have just the thing to cheer you up.

Guess who I've got in lockup.

Be careful.

What are you going to tell him?
Don't worry.

- He just blew you off.
You can't screw up.

- I'm not going to.

I know his type.
Just trust me.

Hey, man.
What's up?
I told you I'm not interested.

I know, but just give me one minute
of your time.
One minute.

Over here.

- So?
- Listen.

I'm working with a new source.

I've got some killer stuff for you.

I'm letting you have it first
because you know how to appreciate it.

On my honor,
this is the best shit in town.

Listen, I've already got a dealer.

Babak can be a pain in the ass,
but he's a friend.
I know him.

I trust him.

Now, you I don't know yet.

Which is why I have to refuse.


What I brought over yesterday,
Babak's stuff, you got any left?
Taste this one.

Vahid, ever ask yourself
why you order 30 grams
and you get it in these
ugly three-gram baggies?
Now taste this.

Son of a bitch.

That's your friend right there.

He's been putting this over you for years.

Stuff's 1.
7 million per gram.

Best price in town.

I can get it even lower
if you put in a big order.

There's no way he's not telling Babak.

Don't worry.

As long as Vahid comes over tonight,
we'll be fine.

I've never seen either of them.

You told me you had
two cancellations yesterday.

- Meaning two people didn't show up.

- Okay.

I talked to some guy on the phone.

He wanted transport
for him and his sister.

- How did he get to you?
- How does anyone?
- Someone must've told him about me.

- Who?
- How should I know?
- You're full of shit!
You ask everyone how they found you.

He doesn't look like a bad kid.

Poor guy.

What could he possibly have done?
None of your business.

Just tell us who vouched for them.

Yes, dear.

- Are you coming home or not?
- Later.

What are you doing? Probably
protecting Mohammadi, your master.


Walking in here like he owns the place.

And he expects me
to kiss his feet!
The most powerful man in Iran
came to my home
and demanded that I go back to work.

The most powerful man in Iran.

Don't start.

Why didn't you say anything
when he was here?
He just whistles and you come running back
with your tail between your legs!
I'm hanging up now.

We'll talk when I get home.
You hear me?
Azizi, this isn't your first time.

You know how this works.

Spill the beans
and you can go back to your stand.

But you know what happens
if you don't cooperate.

How's your wife?
She having trouble with the remote?
Who do you think you're talking to,
you scum?
- You dare mention my wife? Huh?
- But I didn't say anything.

Tell me what you know!
- I was just joking!
- Joking?
Tell me.
Who vouched for them? Who was it?
Who? Out of my way!
Start talking
or I put a bullet in your head! Talk!
Babak Maleki.

A drug dealer.

Don't tell him you got his name from me.

Get him out of here.

Hey, Vahid.
What's up?
Your goddamn delivery boy
told me everything.

What delivery boy?
What do you think?
This really does it for you?

When I was just starting out
with the service, things were rough.

I'd get panic attacks at night.

Eventually, I called health services,
and they referred me
to a mental health clinic.

Someone to talk to.

Forget it, Ali.

Forget it.

I can't even talk about this.

I meant for Mrs.
Nahid, not for you.

Go home if you'd like.
I'll go see Babak.

If there's any news, I'll keep you posted.

Thank you, Ali.

He's not supposed to be here for an hour.

Open the door
before I break it down.


Vahid said you were there.

Open the door before I break it down!
I'll have all the neighbors
running up here, you hear?
What is it, Babak?
Nice place.

Making good money, I see.

Are you kidding?
It's a friend's apartment.

He asked me to house-sit.

You're such a good friend.


What's the matter with you, Babak?
I don't know, Mehdi, you tell me.

- Forget it, brother, come sit down
- Brother?
I'm your brother now, you son of a bitch?
I give you a job, I pay you good money
And you talk shit about me?
Trying to cut me out,
you son of a bitch?
What's the matter, Mehdi?
Having trouble breathing?
Babak, get off him!
Get off and get away from him, now.

Well, well.

Tough girl you got here.

Son of a bitch!
Get something to tie his hands.

You're a dead man.

I'm going to fuck you up, you hear?
- Shut up!
- Fuck off, you whore!
It's Vahid.

Pick up.

- Mehdi.

- Hey, man.

I'm on my way.
Are you home?
Yes, the address I gave you.

I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Sure, come by.
I'm home.

See you then.

He's on his way.

I've given up all hope.

Sometimes I feel like
he's not even my son.

That's why I feel guilty,
most of the time
Excuse me, I need to take this.

- Hello?
- Help.

We got mixed up with a dealer.

He's half awake.

I need you to get him out.

- Vahid will be here any second.

- I can't.

Send someone over.

If we screw things up with Vahid
Seems you already screwed up.

Call Vahid, tell him not to come over.

You've got ten minutes to get here.

I'm gonna get ready.

- Finish this?
- Yeah.


You must be looking for Mehdi.

- Mehdi, your friend's here!
- Hey, man.

- Hey.

- How are you?
Anything to drink?
I'm good, man.
Don't worry.

- What's the matter with your neck?
- What?
Over there?
Why didn't you say
we were expecting company?
I opened the door half-naked.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Leyla, Mehdi's sister.

I'm Vahid.

How is it that you live together?
- Just worked out that way.

- No kidding.

I'll fucking kill you!
The neighbors' boys,
they're so annoying.

I hope I only have girls.

- How many grams should I get you?
- Ten.

- Ten grams coming up.

- Thanks.

- Want to go out to the balcony?
- After you.

Thank you.

You and Mehdi,
you're really brother and sister?
Why do you ask?
You know
That's disgusting.

Why would you say that?
You have an accent.
He doesn't.

We didn't grow up together.

I grew up in Qatar,
but I've been living in LA
for the past few years.

We can talk English.

Sure, whatever.

So, you work out?
Some spinning, Pilates.

Mostly kickboxing.

Kickboxing? You know I own a gym?
How would I know that?
Niavaran Platinum.
Best club in Niavaran.

If you say so yourself.

I wouldn't, if it wasn't true.

Vahid, come here.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah, man, come on.

I'll go take care of some things.

- It was nice to meet you.

- Same here.

- Ten grams.

- Thanks.

- Thanks.

- Mmm.

Thank you.

She's cute, your sister.

How come you never brought her by the gym?
I don't know.
It's members only.

I'll set her up with a guest membership.

You too.

Wouldn't hurt to put some work
into those shoulders, right?
Anyway, see you.

Did Vahid suspect anything?

No, it all went according to plan.

He invited me to his gym as we wanted.

I'd hardly say "according to plan".

This was poor judgment.

- I never should've
- Wait.
We got the actual
You shut up!
It could've been Milad dead on this floor.

Have you thought of that?
What else do I need to know?


When we picked up Milad, he was there.

You should have told me immediately.

If I had, you never would've let me stay.

We're playing a long game here.

Not just one operation
but dozens, hundreds of them.

Now that we're working together,
my life depends on the decisions you make.

If we're not completely transparent
with each other,
it will end very badly for both of us.

Do you understand?


I won't mention it again.

Is the van here?
Come on up, then.

Nahid? Sweetheart.

My Nahid.
Please open the door.

Breaking news:
Pilot It.
Barak Ben Haim
has returned to Israel.

We could only report this,
after the conclusion
of a daring rescue today,
details had been withheld
fearing for the safety of Ben Haim
Patching you through.

I read your report.

Judging by today,
I'm willing to proceed with her.

She's more driven
than anyone I've ever seen.

I'm glad to hear that.

We're keeping this highly classified.

Only a handful of people here
know about it,
and I hope to keep it that way.

Of course.

Moving on.

The two immediate problems
you highlighted.

First, Faraz Kamali.

It's no coincidence
Faraz was reinstated today.

He knows Tamar better than anyone in Iran.

We need to stop him cold.

As for our second problem
Milad Kahani.

As long as he's there,
he's putting us all at risk.

Marjan, these problems
need immediate attention.

I trust you to take care of them
as you see fit.

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