Tehran (2020) s02e03 Episode Script


Are you going out?
- How did you sleep?
- I didn't.

Are you going to the gym?
Yeah, that's the plan.

I must get to Vahid as soon as possible.

There's no time.

What about what happened yesterday?
Don't worry.
We took care of everything.

We came out clean.

Tamar, we have to get out of here.

Okay? No Vahid, no Mossad.
We have to go.

- What?
- We just go back to our original plan.

Okay? We run away to Vancouver,
put all of this behind us.

- Milad, it doesn't work that way.

- Tamar, I killed a man.

And not just anyone, a friend.

Someone who helped us get by.

- You had no choice.

- What difference does that make?
He was alive, and now he's dead, and
I killed him with my own fucking hands!
With my own hands!
You're okay.

We'll talk about it, okay? Just calm down.

Let's talk about it later, okay?
Just stay here.

I have to go to the gym.

- Okay.

- Okay.

My dear…
Treat her well.

Enough already.

My love,
maybe this could help you.

It could help you, maybe.

Instead of staying here with me,
you're bringing someone to watch over me.

That must be her.

Don't you want to answer the door?
You invited her.
You answer the door.

- And you are?
- I'm Marjan Montazemi.

I'm here on behalf of
the Veterans' Mental Health Institute.

For your wife, Nahid.

- Please, come in.

- Thank you.

You have a lovely home.

It was Nahid's parents'.

We had to leave our previous apartment.

Well, thank God
you ended up here, at least.


You're uncomfortable
with the fact that I'm a foreigner.

We don't meet many British people here.


Iran and England
is not exactly a love story, is it?
Well, in my case, it was.

I met my husband, Hassan, in Paris.

I was studying there, and so was he.

After we married, we moved here,
and I fell in love again,
this time with Iran.

What did your husband do,
if you don't mind me asking?
He was a psychiatrist.

He passed 13 years ago.

My condolences.

Thank you.

He was a special man.

I'm sure.

And you decided to stay,
even after he passed?
Iran is my home.

You know,
Nahid is not very happy that you're here.

Yes, I read her file.

It's quite natural
for her to feel concerned
about a stranger coming into her house.

But I am convinced that
I will find a way to get through to her.

Actually, if I may be bold enough
to make a suggestion?
It's probably best
for you to leave us alone.

Your wife will be in very good hands,

Did you go over all his friends?
Peyman and Vahid.
Where was it taken?
It's a restaurant uptown.

Vahid is the owner.

Peyman usually spends the night there.

Good luck.

What a guest!
- I'm so glad you're here.

- I was invited, so I came.

Come, I'll give you a tour.

Offer you a shake?
I'm good, thank you.

Not only is she totally clean,
she actually established the Veterans'
Institute for PTSD after the war.

It says she's authorized to
treat high-ranking members of the Guard.

There are photos of her with the Minister
of Health, a few ayatollahs she's treated.

- Why are you suspicious of her?
- She's a Westerner.

And now she shows up at my house
right after I go back to work.

What did they say at the institute?
That I should be grateful that a
specialist of her caliber is treating her.

Don't know what to tell you, boss.

According to what I'm seeing here,
they're right.

What are you looking at?
The park across the street.
It's lovely.

I am very pleased to meet you, Nahid.

I am Marjan.

- Pleasure to meet you.

- Likewise.

Before we start, would it be
possible for me to use the loo?
It's at the end of the hallway
on the left.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Many years ago,
I treated a lovely little girl
who had lost her entire family
in a terrible accident.

They were driving to Lar,
and the car flipped over.

Everyone was killed.

All but her.

From that moment on, she stopped speaking.

I tried everything I could
to get through to her.

I read books that she loved, I played…
She still wouldn't speak,
no matter what therapy I tried on her.

Until one day, we walked into my office,
and right before I sat down,
she yelled out,
"Marjan, watch out!"
I'm sorry I startled you.

But you see, what had happened is
the chair I was about to sit on
was broken,
and the child had noticed it
and warned me.

From that day on,
something opened up in her.

Not immediately, but…
Bit by bit…
She started talking again.

Is there anything
you would like to share with me?
Of course.

I have no desire for you to be here.

All right.

Then why am I here?
Because my husband thought it was
a good idea for you to come watch over me.

That's how it usually works?
He makes decisions for you?
I have a feeling
it wasn't always that way.

Am I right?
It's been this way since what happened.

So now you have an opportunity
to make your own decision.

If you don't want me here,
just say the word.

I'm here for you, not for your husband.

Which is your weak leg?
This one.

Look, for your starting position,
put your weak leg forward.

- Okay.

- Then…
- Like that?
- Again.


- Thanks.

- No problem.

Hey there, girl.


What is it, girl? Come here.

Come eat.

I just got a call
from the dealer's neighbor.

Seems someone's in his apartment.

I'm nearby.

What's the neighbor's last name?

Thank you.

Come here.
Come here.

I'm from Investigations.

Excuse me, who are you?
Excuse me, sir.
The man who was
at the apartment just went downstairs.

We'll go for a drive, okay?
- Hello, Ali.

- Yes.

A car just left here.

Take down the plate number:
Iran 90.

Seventy-six… Iran 90.

Pass it on to the police as well.

Got it.

Regarding Mrs.

I did some more digging.

It might be nothing,
but she recently started consulting
on PTSD treatment at Ayandegan Hospital.

I'll send you the link.

Sure thing.

Good job, Ali.

It's not his fault.

He had to return to work.

It's bigger than him.

He could have said no, couldn't have he?
To Qasem Mohammadi?
Right to his face?
The day he was appointed,
right after what happened with that pilot…
…Mohammadi came here himself
and demanded Faraz return to work.

He couldn't have said no.

Certainly not to that man.

Talk to me more about that man.

I'd like for us to end for today.

Okay, of course.

You've done very well.

You're a strong woman, Nahid.

And it's important to remember
that whatever we say to each other
in this room stays between us.

I'm sorry.

Could I use the loo again before I leave?
Of course.

Thank you.

Your new friend
nearly broke the punching bag.

Thanks for the tips, sweetheart.

It was nice meeting you.

- Have fun.

- Later.

So you're hurting my precious Aqua bags?
What did they ever do to you?
A lady needs to know
how to protect herself.

I see.

So if I invite you for a bite right now,
I should be very careful?
- Definitely.

- I'll make a note of that.

After you.

Excuse me, sir, it's women's hours.

You can't come inside.

Sorry, ma'am.

I'm here to pick up my sister.

She won't answer her phone.

She had a kickboxing class.

That class ended half an hour ago.

Could you please check?
Leyla Ansari.
She was Vahid's guest.

I have no idea who that is.

Please leave before I call security.

What's this?
You know what we do with this?

This doesn't look like a restaurant.

Well, this is much better
than a restaurant.

After you.


Make yourself at home.

I'll get us something to eat.

I have Indian, Thai, Filipino.

I can do anything.


You know, the house is all my own design.

I'll show you the paintings
upstairs later.

What do you say? Shall we have a taste?

To you, Leyla.

Did you always want to own a gym?
No, no, no.

A gym is just a stop along the way for me.

I'm going into real estate.

I've got my eye on this spot downtown.

It's a real dump now…
But I'm going to make it into a gem,
like you.

You're not hungry?
- Did you make this?
- No, one of the women who work here did.

So do you always eat at home?
You never go out?
My family owns the restaurant.

I always go out.

- Yeah.
Yasaman told me.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- You want to go?
Come on.
Let's go.
We'll go tonight.

A lot of people are going.

It's gonna be fun.

- Okay, yeah.
Sounds nice.

- All right.

You're really beautiful when you smile.

I'll be right back.
You eat.

- Get Leyla!
- What are you doing here?
Leyla! Leyla!
- What are you doing here?
- Get Leyla.

Leyla! Leyla!
I'm taking her.

- What are you doing here?
- That's what I was asking.

You're not answering my calls.
Let's go.

Are you drunk or high or something?
Get the hell out of here.

- Let's go.
I need to talk to you.

- Talk?
Let's go.
- You're standing there like some
- Let's go!
Chica! Shit.

- What is this shit?
- Chica, come here.

Pick her up! These are Italian couches!
They cost twice what you're worth,
you asshole!
And you, get the hell out!
I'll explain in the car.
Come on.

- No.

- Leyla.

No, you can go with him.

You called him to come get you, right?
- Wait a second.
I didn't call him.

- How did he know you were here?
I invite you over, and I treat you right,
and you call your fucking brother?
You thought I was going to
do something to you?
He just asked me where I was.

Just go.

- Vahid
- Get the hell out!
Do you realize what you've just done?
What is wrong with you?
Whose dog is that?
It's Babak's.

Don't worry.
It's all sorted, okay?
What's sorted?
You messed everything up.

He invited me to meet his friends tonight.

You don't have to hang out with those guys
anymore, okay? It's over.
Get in.

Open that.

Open the bag.
Go on.

- This is Babak's?
- No, it's our ticket out of here.

We're going to the border now,
and we find someone who can get us across.

You were supposed to stay at home.

What were you thinking?
I'm saving us! You idiot!
I'm saving us.
We're leaving.

Listen to me for a second.

It doesn't work that way.

We're working with an organization.

We can't decide we're leaving.

First of all,
I don't belong to no organization.

Secondly, we just go back to doing exactly
what we were planning in the first place,
before you dragged us back into this shit.

- I'm getting us out.

- There is no getting out!
If we screw this up, I might not
be able to protect you.
Do you understand?
We know too much.

Watch out!
Faraz, the car you were asking about
was spotted at the industrial park
at the northern part of the city.

I'll send its location to your phone.

Thank you.

Speed up, he's getting away.

Go on, step on it!
Out of the way!
Take the left here.

Chica! Chica.

Leave her.

We have to go.

There's nobody over here.

Shut up!
Get away, you nasty mutt!
Die! Get away!
Yeah, thank you.

How was the call?
I lied.

You never left the house today.

How are you feeling?
Like shit.

I just wanted to get us out of this.

I know.

But once we're in this, we can't get out.

Not like that.

Never knew it would go this far, you know?
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I got us into this again.

I shouldn't have let you stay.

- You wish I wasn't here?
- No.

No, I want you here.

I need you with me.

They fucking killed Chica.

You know…
All my life…
They've just taken whatever they want,
whenever they can.

Everything I cared about.

And you realize…
That you just never stood a chance.

This is your chance.

I have nothing left.

I have no one.

I only have you.

Smells wonderful!
Suddenly I don't feel tired anymore.

Welcome home, Mr.

Ash Reshteh? Are we celebrating something?
Nothing special.

- I just made this to apologize.

- For what, dear?
You were right.

Marjan was exactly what I needed.

Darling, you have nothing
to apologize for.

I do.

I was too hard on you, blaming you.

The truth is I'm happy I have you.

I'm famished.
I'll just go wash my hands.

Thank you, this is great.
It's great.

- Hello?
- Mr.

- I hope I'm not interrupting.

- Not at all.

I'm calling to see if you would still like
me to come and work with Nahid tomorrow.

Why wouldn't I?
Well, you were concerned
that I'm a foreigner.

Well, my worries went away tonight.

I came home,
and I found my wife happy and relaxed.

And it seems you two made a connection.

I'm glad to hear that.

Nevertheless, it seems you were afraid
that I can't be trusted.

Why would you say that?
My clinic was broken into today.

The cameras recorded the intruder,
who bears a striking resemblance to you.

Could it possibly be you?
It was me.

I understand.

Of course, I won't press charges.

But unfortunately,
under the circumstances,
- I don't see how I can possibly continue
- Wait.

Allow me to apologize.

What has happened to my wife
has affected me as well,
and when a foreign woman,
a Western woman, appears on my doorstep,
it raises questions.
You should have spoken to me directly.

You're right.
I'm sorry.

for your wife's therapy to work,
you and I must agree to trust each other.

Otherwise, I can't proceed.

Unless, of course, your discomfort with me
prevents you from agreeing.

- The soup's getting cold.

- I'm coming.
Just a second.

I'd like it if you could come tomorrow.

I'd be grateful.

Good night.

- Mehdi, Babak's friend.

- So?
You get 10% of anything I make tonight.

Twenty percent.



Stay here.

- What are you doing here?
- Hello, Vahid.

- Get the hell out.

- I'm here to apologize.

Either you leave on your own
or I'll have security throw you out.

They found Babak.

He's dead.

What do you mean, Babak's dead?
When did he die?
They found his body dumped in Shoush.

Probably a drug deal gone wrong.

But I know the area.

There's no way he worked down there.

I'm off.

Have fun, Leyla.


What about the car?
You're not going to believe this.

I have security camera footage.

Someone who looks a lot like Milad Kahani
was trying to get into some gym
called Niavaran Platinum.

The problem is I can't get any information
from the place itself.

Why not?
A lot of the clients there are connected.

And the owner is Vahid Nemati.

Part of the family?
We'll need approval from high up.

We'll take care of it tomorrow.

Excellent work.

Go to bed.

Thanks, boss.

Good night.

This is Leyla, our guest,
here all the way from Los Angeles!
Shervin, make room.

Get me a glass.

Put your phone away for a minute
and stop talking.

Well, sorry, sir.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!
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