Tehran (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

The Rich Kids



Good morning.
Did you sleep well?
Any special requests for breakfast, sir?
Just you.


What is it?
Mohammadi called me in for a meeting.

I have to go.

Target is on the move.

Goddamn him.

Hurry, he's coming.

- Hey, mister!
- I'm sorry.

Watch where you're going!
I was walking this way.

I didn't see you.
Are you okay?
- Let me help you.

- Never mind.

Get away! Get away, I said!
Once again, I apologize.

Have a nice day.


Same model as Peyman's.

Identical in every detail,
except of course for the 40 grams of C-4.

That is the case, right?
I took a picture of it
at the restaurant.

And here is the hardware you requested.

Peyman is playing tennis
with his father tomorrow.

If we don't make the switch today,
I doubt whether we'll have another chance
to get at Mohammadi.

Peyman will get a security detail
any day now.

How will your people make sure that
Peyman isn't in the room when it explodes?
Amir's downstairs.

Are you gonna tell me the story
about breaking eggs to make an omelet?
I have one about chopping down a big tree.

Little trees get crushed.

Not always.

Good luck.

Faraz Kamali left home
in a rush this morning.

Good thing we're tracking his car.

You took a big risk, Marjan.
Be careful.

I asked you for some rope, and you agreed.

Faraz's value as a potential asset
far outweighs any danger he may pose
to Tamar or today's operation.

Today's operation is our priority,
and it is not to be compromised.

Do we understand each other?
We do.

I hope so.

Wait for me here?
Good luck.


- Did you see Hamilton in Austria?
- Did he win?
No, Verstappen took it.

He's just letting him
have a bit of a lead.

Thirty points in a Grand Prix?
That's one hell of a lead.

He'll take it this year, too.

Mark my word.

Now that we're face-to-face, tell me…
what do you think
about the position at Khatam al-Anbiya?
They're eager for you to fill it.

Dad, we talked about this.

I have business ventures of my own.

What ventures, boy?
Now that I got the appointment, you can't
do business with the West anymore.

Forget it.

I don't understand.
Why can't I?
Of course you understand.

You're just not willing to accept it.

That chapter of your life is over.

You're here now.

To make the most of your potential,
you have to join the Guard.

That is the system.

I've got issues with that system.

- You're starting that again.

- No.

You talk about fulfilling my potential.

What can I even do?
Or let's not talk about me.

What can anyone in my generation do
in this corrupt, failing top-down economy?
I didn't send you to America
to be brainwashed
so I could listen to
your capitalist nonsense.

And you have a responsibility
to your family as well.

Society sees you differently now,
like it or not.

So what you do matters.


Good morning, General.

How are you, Peyman?
I'm sorry if I'm early.

Should I wait outside?
No, you're just in time.

- Peyman, you remember your uncle Faraz?
- Of course.

How is your wife?
Doing well, thank God.

It's good to see you back home.

You've become quite the man, haven't you?

Go on.

- Tennis tomorrow?
- Sure.

Dear boy.

Think about what we discussed.


His generation is hopeless.

They think they're the center
of the universe.
Were we like that?
You're right.

We were given weapons
and tossed into battle.

Best school I ever had.

All right, I'm listening.

We have an issue with one of
the young members of the Nemati family.

We suspect
he's involved with the Israelis.

The last thing I need right
now is trouble with the Nemati family.

I can't make waves.

You know this is a dispute
between ruling factions.

Things are in motion.

Big things, historic.

- You have to leave now.

- Thank you.

My friend, welcome.


Come, sit.
I hope you're hungry.

How'd it go?
We got the go-ahead.


But we need to keep things quiet.

You don't know what that means?
We have to be discrete, no arrests.

How are we supposed to work?
keep this in mind.

Mohammadi has a lot of irons
in the fire right now.

We can't rely on him.

So we're not officially sanctioned
to operate.

The North Korean ambassador went in there.


Seems like things are in motion.



- Leyla, you made it!
- Hey.

- Hey.

- How are you?
- You look gorgeous.

- Thank you.

Come, on, come on.
So, what do you think?
It looks amazing.

- Right?
- Yeah.

What can I get you?
Whatever you're having.

Yeah? All right, wait here.

You never know anything.

You have no answers.

Will you get off your phone?
I said I don't want to.

- All right.

- Thank you.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

It was a cold night.

I remember it was raining.

Try to stay in the present tense.

"It's raining.
It's raining.

But inside the ambulance, it's hot.

Where is the ambulance going?
To Faraz.

He's in the hospital
recovering from his second operation.

They let me into his room.

He looks so pitiful.


I barely recognize him.

I feel sick, so I go to the bathroom.

I hear knocking on the door.

I don't open it.

They break it open and drag me out.

Force me to take a pill.

I have your hand.

Put it on the couch.

This is your couch.

It's your house.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

It's just you and me.


When you feel safe, open your eyes.

I went to see
this awesome industrial complex today.

I could build 200 luxury apartments there.

In this economy, who's going to buy
a luxury apartment downtown?
- You're delusional.

- Totally.

Just wait and see
what I turn that place into.

You're all talk.

No, thanks.
I'm good.

- No?
- I'm good.
I'm good.

All right.

Why do you look so glum? What is it?
I saw you two arguing earlier.

Are you okay?
It's like my mother always says:
"There are girls you party with
and girls you marry.
What about the things
that are most important to you?
Would your mother also tell you
to give up on them?
Are you a kickboxer or a psychologist?

You could've ruined my phone.


You couldn't afford a waterproof one?
Are you drunk already?
Come on in.
No, he's afraid to drown.


- Keep it up and you'll drown yourself.

- Yeah?
Come and get me.

I'll show you.

Come on.

Ready or not, here I come!
I dare you!
What was that?
I can't hear you.
You're underwater.

What's wrong with you?
You afraid of swallowing a little water?
- Here, let me get you a drink.

- Get over here.

Peyman! Peyman! Peyman!
Peyman! Peyman! Peyman!
I'll be right out.

What's the rush, honey?
Last week, General Mohammadi was appointed
by decree of the Supreme Leader…
We're connected.

- Can you hear me?
- Yes.

I'm starting now.

Anyone else would be singing like a canary
in an interrogation room by now.

But because he's a Nemati,
we have to go over there in person
and not cause a fuss either.

That's the way it is.

We have to accept it.

You hate this as much as I do.

You can't fool me.


- What is it?
- We have trouble.

Faraz and his partner
are on their way here.

How long until he arrives?
Thirty minutes.
Maybe less.

We haven't even started the hack yet.

Keep going for now.
I'll be in touch.

It's working.

I've been thinking
about all you've told me
and the way you shared it.

I think the core of your trauma
is not the kidnapping itself,
but the return to Iran.

The system failed to protect you.

Your collapse was a physical reaction
to the feeling of having
the rug pulled out from under your feet.

But now you're in a safe environment.

Your husband is getting better.

I'm here with you.

I think this is the right time
for you to try to leave the house.

- No, no, no
- The more you put it off,
the harder it will be.

Trust me, I have done this many times.

We only have to go to the park
across the street.

- I won't make it.

- You will.

And we'll call Faraz to meet us there.

It's so slow!
Looks like it'll take an hour!
The signal in the house is weak.

It's too dangerous.

Faraz is on his way to the villa.

You need to go faster, Tamar.

Milad, turn on his Bluetooth
and set up a network.

It's on.
I sent you the name now.


Keep the phones next to each other.

We'll be done in about 15 minutes.

Copy that.

- Hey.

- Hey.

You want to get back in the water?
Yeah, sure.

Hey, bro.
Have you seen my phone?
Did you lose it?
Call me.

Shit, shit, shit!
The network I opened
put his phone out of silent mode.


Why'd you take it?
I was sure it was mine.


Let me see.

Shit, I need to change the screen saver.

Let me see.

We have the exact same case!
You know "If Only We Were"?
I love that song.

I've been to, like,
a hundred of his shows.

He's a friend, you know.

No way!
Who is this?
I've sent you his tracks.

Maybe you should tell the deejay
to put him on.

Great idea.
Go talk to him.

I'm sure he knows him.


Tamar, you need to stay close to him
so the data transfer is finished
before Faraz arrives.

- I'm going to get a drink.

- I'll go with you.

The first step is always the hardest.

Just think of
the look in your husband's eyes
when he sees you out there.

He'll like that.

I'm sure he will.

I'm okay.

You may proceed, sir.

So, most people
don't come back from America.

It tends to be a one-way ticket.

I hadn't been here in years.
I missed it.

Makes sense.

The clubs, the mixed dancing,
the legal alcohol.

No, it was more like
the place I grew up, the people, the food.

Coming back here
felt like coming back home.

In America,
I always felt like an immigrant.

Here, I'm just like everybody else.

That is definitely not true.

So, why did you come back?
I thought I was just coming back
for my dad's inauguration.

Turns out, when your father
becomes head of the Guard,
they're not really gonna let you
live in America.

- The Americans?
- My father.

They're here.

- How much longer?
- At least five minutes.

Tamar, the Guard is here.

Be ready to escape.

I have a business in LA.

It's a start-up.

It could change everything.

And this morning, he tells me
this also means I have to give up
on everything I built.

Hello, Nahid?
Where are you?
I left the house.

Marjan and I went outside.

How do you feel? Was it hard?
Yes, but Marjan wouldn't let me give up.

Faraz, maybe you could come sit with me?
It's Peyman Mohammadi's car.

We'll have ice cream at the park
and walk home together.

Are you sure?
I saw him at the country club
this morning.

Nahid, honey,
I'll call you back.

Tamar, they're going inside.

You have to get out now.

Stay right here!
She can only help herself now.

The Guards!
There are agents here.

Stay here a minute.

Take your clothes.

Call your colleague over.

How are you, Peyman?
Did you hear me?
Ali, come here.

- Is the phone ready?
- Tamar, where are you?
- Why aren't you getting out of there?
- Answer me.

It's almost there, but now it stopped.

Let me guess, my father sent you.

We're here to see Vahid Nemati.

Who do you think you're kidding?
Tell my father if he's got anything to say
to me, he should say it to my face,
not send his thugs around.

Peyman, we're here on an investigation.

And frankly if you're here,
that means it's much worse
than we thought.

these people are my friends,
and you're ruining our day.

So I'm asking nicely,
please leave, now.

Just let us have a look around.

Are you playing deaf, or what?
I asked you to leave!
Peyman, I'm trying to protect you.

You want to protect me?
You can't even protect your own wife!
Hey, hey!
We'll do this through the proper channels.

Let's go.

That little shit.

Him and his faggoty friends.

Ali, that's enough!
Get in.

Rozhin, we have to go.

It's late.
My boyfriend's waiting.

Honey, I have to go.

I hope you feel better.

- Thank you.
Come on.

- I don't feel well.

- Come on, come on.

- Slowly.

Straight and… right, left.

Right, left.
Good job.

Is she okay?
She'll be fine.

Come on, I'll help you.

Thank you.

You're leaving?

You should take better care of her.

- Let me help you.

- It's fine.

- It's okay.
Come on, I got her.

- I told you it's fine.

We'll be right back.

Let's keep going.

Thanks, bro.


The phone's ready!
Now all she has to do is swap his phone
with the booby-trapped phone.

- Do you mind getting the door?
- Yeah, sure.

Hey, is there any chance you could get me
a little closer to the center?
Of course.
Where do you
Where am I taking you?
Amir Abad.

But you can just drop me off on the way.

Cut it out.
Come on.
Get in.

Head straight to the apartment.

I'll follow them.


Why are you following her around
like a shadow?
I said, why are you following her around
like a shadow?
I'm just… looking out for her.

I know what goes on at these parties.

I don't want her to get in trouble.

Sure, you need to look out for her.

Listen, your sister is a real flower.

Would you like to sit up front?
Yeah, sure.

Check this out.

Did she do it?
Not yet.

If Faraz were dead,
Tamar would have already made the switch.

An asset like Faraz Kamali
comes along once in 20 years.

Enough with Faraz.

- I am focused on Mohammadi.

- Well, that's your problem.

You kill Mohammadi,
you'll get a commendation.

They'll just replace him with
someone else, and we'll still be here.

With all due respect, Marjan,
long-term planning
for the Mossad is not your job.

No, I'm just a local agent.

One of the very few you have left,
if I may add.

It's no longer up to your discretion.

Faraz is finished.
That's an order.

As for our mission, if Tamar fails,
you get them out tonight.

Have I made myself clear?

Thank you.

Well, I'll get going.
It's been great.


- What?
- Bring it in.

And put in a good word for me with Leyla.

I really am one of the good guys.

You got it.

Drive safe.


You really didn't have to.

I wanted to.

Good night.

I'd love to do something tomorrow
if you're up for it.

What were you thinking?
I don't know.
We could grab a bite to eat.

I have plans tomorrow night.

Can we do something earlier?
I have meetings in the morning,
and then in the afternoon
I'm supposed to play tennis, but…
You play tennis?
Don't tell me you play tennis too.

Who are you?
No, no, no.

I'm not good, just
- I always wanted to learn.

- Perfect.

We can meet at the club and hit around.


- Good night.

- Good night.

Forgive me.

I should have come today.
I'm sorry.

I wasted my time protecting this bastard,
Mohammadi's boy.

That little dandy parasite.

I wish I knew what his father said
about it in their house.


I'll never forgive Mohammadi
for what he did to us, so long as I live.

And I'm supposed to go out there
every morning and protect his life.

How can I keep doing that, Nahid?
Let him die.

Let him die.



- You swapped the phones?
- Where's Milad?
Here you go.

What's this?
Well, well.

Look what I just found.

Get him in the car.

I swear, Officer, that's not mine.

That's not mine.

I swear
I have no idea how that got there!

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