Tehran (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Double Fault

What's the matter with you?
Get back! Quiet!
Shut up!
Get lost!
Got him.


Now find us a way in.

What about the country club?
Stay on it.

We're running two horses today.

We're waiting for Mohammadi
to come to his tennis game with Peyman.

We found Milad.

North Tehran station.

Send your man.

I will find a way to get him in.

Are you sure there's not an option
for a rescue?
We don't have the resources for that.

Do I seriously have to remind you
what happens to you
and your team if he breaks?
He has to be disposed of.

And Tamar? We won't be able to keep it
from her for long.

Just get her to the country club.

We have a chance to poison Mohammadi.

Let's take it.

What did she say? Did they find him?

At the North Tehran police station.

We're working on a rescue plan.

What's the plan? What are we doing?
You're on Mohammadi.
That's the priority.

We can't jeopardize
the meeting with Peyman.

Leave Milad to me.

I know the Mossad.

They're not going to rescue a local agent.

They're going to order you to kill him.

I'm a local agent.

We'll get Milad out safely.

- Hi.

- Good morning.

How'd you sleep?
- Fine.

- Cool.

So did you still want to meet up today?
- Sure.

- We don't have to…
Are you kidding?
I want to.

I just I need my morning coffee.

How's noon? At the country club?
There's a lot of security,
but I can let them know you're coming.

Sounds great.
See you then.

See you.

They decided on poison
instead of the booby-trapped phone.

Less traces.

Everything you need is here.

I'll be in touch.

- Hello.

- Hello.

Keep the key.

Make sure she does not leave
this apartment.

Storming into a party where
half the Majles' kids are celebrating?
What were you thinking?
If we're right, and the Mossad has
already infiltrated Nemati's circle,
their agents could have been there
with the son of General Mohammadi.

But there's a way
to go about these things.

You don't jump
the second you have something.

You've really lost a step.

Excuse me.
I have to take this.

It's my wife.

Get back to her later.

You're aware of her condition, aren't you?
I am.

If your wife's condition prevents you
from doing your job, we have a problem.

There's no problem.

Then call her back later.

- Hello?
- Hang up!
Just a second.

Hang up!
I'm warning you.
If you leave this office,
you've got nothing to come back to!
He's gone crazy!
He should be sent to a nursing home.

- Hello?
- Marjan isn't coming.

She said she had an emergency.

Can you come home? Just this once.

It's hard for me
to spend the whole day alone.

Don't worry.

You won't be alone.
Thank you, Faraz.

Hello, Leyla.

Vahid, hi.

What's up? How's it going?

Actually, really bad.

Mehdi got arrested last night.

What happened? Do you know anything?
Do you have any details?
No, nothing.

And I'm really worried about him,
and I'm sorry for bothering you,
but just
I didn't know who else to call.

Don't worry.
I I can help.

I can get him out.

Really? How?
Just have to make a few phone calls,
that's all.

My family has strong connections
with the police.

Thank you so much, Vahid.

That would be amazing.

I'll call you back.

Shut up!
Shut up! Quiet!
I don't want to hear any of you!
I can't believe it.
Is that you?
What the fuck did you do?
Lower your voice, bro.

Lower my voice?
Do you have any idea
what they did to us because of you?
Animals! I told you to shut up!
Please, you'll get us both killed.

Mehdi Ansari?
Mehdi Ansari!
I'll be right back.

Arrested in Lavassan.

Pretty fancy neighborhood.

Sir, that stuff wasn't mine.

This is all a mistake.

It was on you.

Just over a gram.
That's five years.

Three if you could afford a lawyer,
but I'm guessing you can't.

What were you doing in Lavassan?
I was just riding through.

You don't want to lie to me, kid.

It's a gated community.

What were you doing there?
I heard about a party there.

Oh, a party.
That's better.

Whose party was it?
Honestly, I don't know.

I heard about it from some friends,
but they ended up
leaving before I got there.

You know,
I don't enjoy sending guys like you
to prison.

It doesn't give me anything but paperwork.

But if you were to give me some names,
then we could be onto something.

Mehdi, the kids at that party get more
for their weekly allowance
than guys like us make in two years.

We can help each other.

Give me some names, some good ones.

Who else was using at the party?
Sir, I got there too late.

You saw something, damn it.

You did.
I know you did.

Stop protecting them.
Talk to me.

I'm offering you a way out of this.

I'm sorry, Officer.

I just never made it to the party.

Very disappointing.

So you're not talking, huh?
Scum! Pig!
Idiot! Schmuck!

Let's go.

We found a way in.

A janitor who smuggles drugs to prisoners.

Send the info to Marjan.

Good talk?
What did they get you on, "Mehdi"?

I never meant for any of this to happen.

It doesn't matter.

They would have fucked us in the end
either way.

Tell me what happened.

They raided the commune.


They knew everything about us.

Tore the place up and arrested everyone.

Ervin's still in the hospital.

Reza got messed up pretty bad too.

Amin is still locked up somewhere.

What about Parissa?
You know how they do women.

Especially one like her.

The official story is that
she hanged herself in prison.

No way she hanged herself.

Parissa wasn't the sort of person
to give those bastards the satisfaction.

I'm telling you.

I don't know, man.

When you break a person like that,
they could do anything.

Before we go in, I want to know something.

Why did you ask me to help you?
You were the first person I thought of.

And were you thinking of me
when you left my party with Peyman?
I was just helping him with Yasaman,
and he gave me a ride.

It didn't mean anything.

That's not how it looked.

Vahid, there is nothing going on
between me and Peyman.

And what about
your little tennis match today?

Look, if you want to be with Peyman,
that is your business.

But don't come running to me asking
for my help when you need something.

He just invited me to play tennis.

It's not a date or anything.

So tell him you can't come.

Vahid, come on.

That would be rude.

Well, if it's not a date,
then it's not rude.

Besides, your brother's in jail, remember?
Put it on speaker.

- Leyla.

- Peyman, hi.

- What's up? Did you have your coffee yet?
- Yeah.

About later, I'm…
Come on, Leyla.

Don't worry so much.

Just wait here.
I'll be right back.

Excuse me, miss.
One moment.
I'm sorry.

Who is the boss here?
My uncle, General Nemati, has called.

I've come to take Mehdi Ansari.

Is it done?
Tamar's here.

She's here with Vahid.
What should I do?
Stick to the plan.
Don't let her see you.

That's the order.

Mehdi Ansari!
I'm talking to you.
You asleep?
Get going!
Move it!
Milad Kahani.

Who's Milad Kahani?
Officially speaking,
dissidents aren't my area.

I'm supposed to turn you over
to Sepah intelligence.

What's a dissident?
That guy's lying.

He'd say anything to save himself.

So you're Mehdi?
Not Milad the dissident,
Mehdi the party boy? Very well.

In that case,
you must have some names for me after all.

Names, Mehdi.

Mehdi, names.
I need names!
I swear I didn't sell anything.


So I'll hand you off
to Sepah intelligence after all.

Cuff him to the table.

If he's not back here in two minutes…
we'll call my uncle,
and he'll rain hell down on this place.

Why should I wait?
Don't you have computers?
Please wait here.

Wait for what? That's it?
We'll call your name.

Let's sit down for a minute.


What's the matter?
I thought your uncle called ahead of time.

It's all taken care of, okay? Don't worry.

General Nemati's nephew is here
to pick up a detainee, on his orders.

- Which one?
- Mehdi Ansari.

Can you run a name for me?
Milad Kahani.

Peyman Mohammadi
just arrived for his tennis game.

Tamir, any news from the police station?

Peyman is in the country club.

Is Tamar ready to leave?
Tamar is at the North Tehran
police station with Vahid Nemati.

I just found out.

Are you fucking with me, Marjan?
I'm not fucking with you, Yulia.

She surprised both of us.

We're dealing with it.

If anyone's being fucked with, it's me.

I'm listening.

Yes, sir.

We've been waiting for hours.

Where's Mehdi?
You're to come with me.

Can't you see we're still working here?

Go on.
Come back later.

What the hell have you done to him?
Are you his sister?
How are you?
Do you know who turned him in?
Warm regards to your uncle.

Leyla, I didn't know
If you have a shred of dignity left,
you'll walk away right now
and never call me again.

Get in.

What is it?
Why won't you answer me?
I didn't hear you.


You don't have to jump down my throat.

Sorry, I didn't mean to.

I was concentrating on work.

I think you should just go back to work.

Just go.
I don't need you here.

Not like this.

Just go, Faraz.
I'm fine.


Nahid, darling.

Fresh from the belly of the beast.

I must have gotten to him
just before you could rescue him.

Well, we both wanted the same thing.

I'm glad it worked out.

Like you always say, it's all about trust.

We do what we have to do, Tamar.

Even when we don't want to.

Did he talk?
Definitely not.

Are you able to carry on?
What's going on?
- I'm sorry, I
- What are you doing here?
I'm sorry about before
and for showing up like this.

I just I really wanted to see you.

- Look, I don't want to get in the middle
- I know I said
- No, wait.
I can explain everything.

- You and Vahid, you guys should
Vahid got my brother arrested.

Is there somewhere we can go to talk?
What are you doing here?
I wanted to get your advice
on a sensitive matter.

What did you want my advice about?
Peyman Mohammadi.

- Yulia.

- Yes?
What, Faraz Kamali?
Get me Marjan, now!
What an asshole.

I can't believe he did that.

Even for Vahid, that's a new low.

I could fucking kill him.


You think he planned the whole thing out?
No, he's not that smart.

He was just drunk and jealous,
'cause I left the party with you.

And he took it out on Mehdi.

Because of me.

- It's my fault.

- No.

You're the last person to blame.

That's not true.


You were there for him when it mattered.

You got him out.

That's the most important thing.

I'm such a mess.

You probably think I'm a crazy person.

A crazy thing happened
to you and your brother.

- We need to warn her.

- No.

I need her focused.
It's being handled.


Is Peyman Mohammadi inside?

You want me to get us something to drink?

I'll be right back.

Thank you.

Get ready to warn Tamar,
and have Amir prepare for extraction.

There, that's the one.

Darling, it's not a good time.

Is everything all right?
That depends on you.

What are you doing there?
Just thought I'd drop in on Nahid.

She tells me
you couldn't keep yourself from work,
but I think
you were hoping to see a tennis match.

Yulia, look.

Who else knows about this?
No one.

I'm here alone.

You know what will happen
if I find out you're lying.

I'm not.

I hope not.

If you love your wife,
you will come home now and stay here.

Let the game go on,
and let Mohammadi arrive as planned.

Am I making myself clear?
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